Share Your Deal Scenarios For the Breakfast For Mom Pink Cookware Offer

October 2, 2013 

pink cookware Share Your Deal Scenarios For the Breakfast For Mom Pink Cookware OfferI shared the details on the new P&G/Good Cook pink cookware promotion last weekend.

As a reminder, when you purchase $30 of P&G products in one transaction you’ll get a Pink pancake breakfast set from Good Cook’s® Hope Line that includes the following:

  • 11” square griddle
  • pancake heart mold
  • 3 quart batter mixing bowl
  • pancake turner
  • spatula

You can check out the details on my post HERE or head over to the promotion page to get the scoop on the dates, participating products and such.

Ok…I know lots of you have already made your purchases and submitted your rebate. There are lots of other folks looking for scenarios. So…if you have a deal idea – share it in the comments. I will put up requests every week or so so we can all get our cookware and a great deal!

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57 Responses to “Share Your Deal Scenarios For the Breakfast For Mom Pink Cookware Offer”
  1. Amy says:

    I had mine already purchased when you ran the post. It just so happened I had bought six of the Gain Fireworks on the 26th which is my favorite scent booster and used the $2 off two coupon. It wasn’t a knock em dead deal but I use the product so I did save because of the sale and coupons!! Now I will get free cookware!!

  2. taryn says:

    I will be getting 2 pampers jumbo packs (10.99? not sure exactly of price) and 8 pampers wipes packs (2.99) should total about $38 (don’t need to do 8 wipes for the rebate but i have 2 babies in diapers so the more the better!) I’ll use 2 1.50/1 Pampers baby dry from, 4x .50/1 Pampers wipes from P&G 9/29, and 2x .50/1 Pampers wipes from Then 1 5/30 Winn Dixie coupon. Total about $13.

    sorry, just doing this math in my head :)
    But i figured why not do this deal for stuff we need most! Diapers and wipes are gold in this house!

  3. Wade says:

    I bought 8 of the $2.99 Pampers wipes, used 8 of the $2 pampers product coupon, and had 2 of the 50 cent manufacturer coupons. I also bought Pantene conditioner and shampoo and used a b1g1 coupon from SS 9/15 and the $1.50 pantene digital coupon came off as well. I spent $7.91 out of pocket.

  4. Sher says:

    I am going to wait until Friday to do this deal in combination with the gas card deal. I’ll add a few things to get to $50.00, get a gas card, $10.00 more off my order plus my other coupons and $5 off $30.00 from W/D. Then I’ll tun in the receipt for my free cookware.

    • Chantelle says:

      I work for Publix and I wanted to let you know that the ten dollars off when it comes to the gas card applies to groceries. So in order to use the Winn Dixie coupon and the ten off of fifty (gas card) you must spend the total of the coupons which would be eighty dollars. Just wanted to let you know before you get to the register.

      • Britt says:

        Well she’ll have to spend $50 in groceries to get the gas card anyways! so it would actually be $100 before coupons! You just cant use a WD coupon on the gas card… So why not get your total to $60 before the Gas card the you can use 2 5/30! Just a recommendation!;)

      • Sha says:

        I don’t understand why you would have to spend $80 to use both coupons? If you bought $50 in groceries and a $50 gas card why can’t you do this: The Publix coupon requires you to spend $50 on groceries and once that has been met you get $10 off of a gas card. The W/D coupon requires that you buy $30 in groceries (which has been met) and then you receive $5 off. They are 2 different things and are not $dollar off the total order (as stated in the coupon policy).

        • Chantelle Martinez says:

          Our coupon policy does state that you can use a store (the gas coupon from our ad)and a competitor coupon (W/D $5 off). These are both off the order. You must add the total off coupons to use both. For example, if you were to use both then you’d have to reach fifty to qualify for the publix coupon then another thirty dollars because the total is thirty from the W/D coupon. It can’t be fifty then the thirty from the fifty. Also the gas card is a form of tender and the total off coupons applies to groceries so the eighty has to be met before purchasing the gas gift card.

          • Sha says:

            Thanks for the explanation but I am still unsure? The Publix coupon actually states “$10 OFF THE PURCHASE OF A $50 GAS CARD with a $50 grocery purchase”. That is not off the TOTAL order, it is off the GAS CARD PRICE as it says. It may come off at the end when the coupon is input but you are getting money off of an item not money off your total order like the W/D $5 off of $30 coupon. They are 2 different things entirely and there should be no reason that they cant both be used when you purchase $50 worth of groceries? In my scenario above both individual coupon requirements have been met.

    • Linda says:

      It will depend on your store and the person checking you out. Technically neither of you are wrong. Just go to the store with your coupons ready to do your deal but make sure you have a back up plan in case they give you trouble. Its also always good to have a recent print out of the coupon policy with you so you can use that that back up your understanding of what is and is not allowed.

      • Sha says:

        Unfortunately, that is true and it shouldn’t be that way. It should be the same at every store no matter who checks you out or what store you are at. I agree with you though, I go to several different stores in my area depending on where else I am going and what I am doing. Each store has different “rules” no matter how many times you show them their store policy! I would like a straight answer to this question. I have emailed Publix about it and still get a general unclear answer. When I question them about it, I don’t receive any further response, best customer service my eye!
        Here is a good example that is fairly clear and straight forward to help explain the gas card scenario. Say I have a…
        -W/D cpn. $1 off my order total when I buy a box of Cheerios (i.e. W/D $5/$30 cpn) and a
        -Publix $2 off of milk when I buy a box of Cheerios cpn. (i.e.Publix gas cpn)
        If I purchase a gallon of milk and a box of Cheerios I should be able to use both coupons and did not need to purchase 2 boxes of Cheerios because each individual coupon requirement has been met just like the gas card deal. One cpn is off the total order and the other is off a particular item when the purchase requirement has been met.

  5. Marcia says:

    I bought(2)Bounty Paper Towels $12.99, used two each $1.00/1 mfr. &
    $1.00/1 publix cpn, I also bought (5)Puffs and 1 Downy Unstoppables & used (1)2.50 off when you buy 2-Puffs and 1-Tide product)and (1) 25/1.00 Puffs
    All told I bought 8 items and saved $17.45 in coupons and paid $32.72

  6. Mendy says:

    I have three four and under (one still in diapers) so I’m planning to stock up on baby wipes

  7. nasha says:

    where to you get the rebate form?

  8. nasha says:

    where do you get the rebate form?

  9. susan says:

    does anyone have an idea if you have to total $30 after coupons?

  10. Tracy T says:

    Here’s my scenario:
    2 Pampers wipes – $5.99 = )11.98
    2 Pantene $3.49 x 2=$6.98
    2 Clairol hair color – $5.99 = $11.98
    Total before coupons – $30.94
    Use $5/$30 W/D, two $2/1 Pampers pq, two $.50/1 Pampers MQ, BOGO Pantene q, $5/2 Clairol. After coupons I will pay about $12.45 before tax!

  11. Kim says:

    Here is what I did.

    8 Pampers wipes – $2.99 = $23.92
    2 Always Radiant Pads – $3.99 = $7.98

    Total before coupons = $31.90


    $5/30 WD
    4 printed .50 cents off one pampers wipes
    4 newspaper .50 cents off one pampers wipes
    8 $2/1 publix pamper coupon
    1 $1/2 publix always/tampax coupon
    2 $2/1 tampax pad coupon

    Total paid $3.64!!!

  12. Jonathan says:

    I will get 11 pampers at $2.99 = 32.89

    Minus (11) $2.00/1 pampers from stocking booklet
    Minus (11) $0.50/1 pampers wipes 56ct and up P&G and
    ( I live in pb county so no doubling :/ )
    Oop = $5.39

    Wish I had the $5.00/$30.00 Winn Dixie coupon :/.

  13. ukg says:

    Here is what I got on 9/30

    6 Gillette shaving crèmes 2.29×6=13.74
    1 Swiffer refill(I needed) 1×4=4
    5 pampers wipes 5×2.99=14.95
    total 32.39

    coupons used
    winn Dixie 5/30=5
    Gillette 6off 3 x2=12
    Swiffer 1×1=1
    pampers publix coupons 5×2=10
    and 5×0.50=2.50

    total coupons used 30.50
    paid 1.89

  14. Tracey says:

    I would love to hear anyone else’s scenarios that exclude diapers and feminine hygiene products. I’m having trouble coming up with any good deals.

    • Jessica Twitty says:

      Following this post…I would love to hear ideas as well. Trying to work up my own but not sure if it’s that great… ;-)

  15. Gail M says:

    13 Pampers wipes at 2.99 each = $38.87. (We have a newborn at home) Then I used 1 manufacturer coupon for each package of wipes and 1 Publix store coupon for each package of wipes. So the whole transaction was free, with the exception of paying for tax.
    I submitted my receipt today and it was accepted.

  16. Iris says:

    Off the topic.Can someone explain me how to login in in the forum. It does not let me login.Thanks

  17. Andrea says:

    So I get so excited when I go into publix and see that wonderful publix shopping spree sheet. Yes I was specifically after that pampers Q…. Only to find every single sheet had the bottom Q ripped off of it… Of course that was the pampers Q! That ticked me off… Just take the entire sheet darn it!!! Just wanted to vent!

    • Katie says:

      My store keeps them behind the counter. I stop by there on my way home from work and get two at a time, takes some time, but atleast they are there :).

      I’ll be buying an 8 pack of duracell batteries ($8..$10??)and then the rest in pampers wipes. I have a free battery 8 pack coupon, so should be better than free after a 5/30 WD and the publix 2 pampers and mq pampers.

    • shannon says:

      I read somewhere there was a printing mistake and that the pampers Q was suppose to be for diapers only. Some of the Publix were ripping off that coupon so it could not be used. Maybe that’s what happened.

  18. Kristin says:

    I am hoping Dawn, Tide and Cascade go on sale. I need those items soon – so my scenario will include those.

  19. Keirstin says:

    Where was the $5/$30 WD coupon at? Thanks!

  20. LHArtz says:

    If you buy Bogo items, do you count each item at regular price?

  21. Angie says:

    I realized I had done a transaction on 9/30 the included 3 downy unstoppables and 6 pampers wipes so before coupons it was $36.21
    after mnft/store/and competitors coupon it was %11.21 plus tax.

    Now, im trying to go on the site to print out the form and last night I was able to locate nearby stores that participated but was having printer issues, and now any sipcode i enter comes back as no search found even using zipcodes I find participating stores using the retailers name – there are a bunch of publix stores and Im trying to locate my stores that name search but its taking me too long to find the one I need that way. Any one else having that issue this morning?

  22. Stephanie says:

    Just did my deal! Paired it with the $10/50 gas card to get the most for my money! (Atlanta, GA if anyone needs a local price comparison)

    P&G Items:
    4 Herbal Essence Shampoo/Condition- 2.49×4=9.96, 4 Pantene Shampoo/conditioner- 3.49×4=13.96, 1 Gilette Fusion Shaving Cream- 4.29
    1 Olay 2pk bars- 2.79
    Total: $31

    P&G coupons:
    2 $3/2 Pantene, 2 $3/2 Herbal Essence, 1 $2/1 Gilette, 1 $1/1 Olay body bars/soap
    = -$15

    Additional items to meet the $50 price:
    5 Muir Glen organic tomato sauce- 0.89×5=4.45
    6 liberte yogurt- 1×6=$6
    2 Lindt chocolate bars- 2×2=4
    1 Luna bar- 0.99
    1 Vitamelts- 4.00 (BOGO, my store cuts price half)
    1 20pk carefree liners- 1
    1 dozen eggs- 1.50
    1 El-monterey burrito- 1.00
    2 $2/1 Lindt, 5 .50/1 Muir Glen (doubled), 6 .50/1 Liberte (doubled), 1 $3/1 vitamelts (coupon from sample), 1 .50/1 Lunabar (doubled, coupon from sample), $1/1 monterey burrito/chimichanga, .50/1 carefree product (doubles)

    $31 P&G products -$15 in coupons= $16
    $22.94 in miscellanous products -21 coupons= $1.94
    $50 gift card- $10 coupon = $40
    Total OOP including tax: 59.43

  23. I got the following:
    2 Pantene at $3.49 each (used $3/2 MQ)
    1 Swiffer starter at 10.99
    1 Swiffer refill at 4.79 (used Free WYB starter MQ)
    1 Downy Unstoppables at 7.99 (used $1/1 MQ)
    1 Cover Girl makeup remover at $3.69 (used $1.50/1 MQ)

    Paid $24.15 and could have done it without the makeup remover ($30.75 without it). But it is all stuff I need.

    I will work out at least two more scenario for my sister and best friend, both of whom have infants and toddlers in diapers, so I appreciate seeing all the other scenarios!

  24. LisaM says:

    I need to rework a scenario with out Wipes or Always, all my stores are wiped clean and according to one Publix employee (who’s a couponer) the Warehouse is wiped out. Which means don’t expect to see shelves stocked till Oct 10 after coupons expires. :-(

    • Rachel says:

      If you get rain check on items they will honor your expired coupons as long as they were good when you got the rain check!

  25. Nancy Hartford says:

    I went to my Publix link and submitted the info. Imagine my surprise when it came back for a $10 Visa prepaid card. So, I did another deal to get that too.

  26. Nancy says:

    Can you please remove my last name from above comment. Thanks!

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