Running Out Run In Promotion – Earn $10 Publix Gift Card (+ $25 Publix Gift Card Giveaway)

October 9, 2013 

RORI Running Out Run In Promotion   Earn $10 Publix Gift Card (+ $25 Publix Gift Card Giveaway)In the sneak peek earlier this week I mentioned that a new Running Out Run In promotion was starting up. I thought that I would give you guys the scoop on the rebate.

From October 9th through October 25th you can take advantage of great savings on some of your favorite brands from General Mills and Procter & Gamble, like Yoplait, Totino’s, Charmin and Crest. What’s great is that when you buy $30 of participating items in one shopping trip you can mail in to receive a $10 Publix gift card to use on your next shopping trip!

Here’s a list of participating products:

Immaculate Baking® Honestly Delicious; Yoplait® Go-GURT® (8ct, assorted varieties); Gain Laundry Detergent (100oz, assorted varieties); Old El Paso® Dinner Kits (assorted varieties); Totino’s® Party Pizza® (assorted varieties); Dawn® Dish Detergent (20-24oz bottle, assorted varieties); Betty Crocker® Hamburger Helper® (assorted varieties); Suddenly Pasta Salad® (assorted varieties); Charmin® Basic Bathroom Tissue (12 double roll pkg, assorted varieties); Pampers® Diapers (Jumbo, assorted varieties); Green Giant® Canned Vegetables (4pk, assorted varieties); Crest® Toothpaste (8.2oz, assorted varieties); Herbal Essences® (6.0 -11.7oz, assorted varieties) and Vidal Sassoon® Shampoo/Conditioner (12oz, assorted varieties); Tide® Pods (18ct, assorted varieties)

Head over to the Running Out? Run In. page to download your rebate form.

How about a giveaway? One I Heart Publix reader will win a $25 Publix® Gift Card.

Entry is simple! You just need to complete the task below. As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.  I will choose the winner on  Thursday, October 17 at 11 pm.


  • Leave a comment telling me some of the participating items you plan on grabbing for your rebate.

Be sure and like Publix on Facebook. While you are there, head over and like I Heart Publix on Facebook too!

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”

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685 Responses to “Running Out Run In Promotion – Earn $10 Publix Gift Card (+ $25 Publix Gift Card Giveaway)”
  1. Shauna James says:

    Gogurts, gogurts, gogurts! Probably some Pampers too ;-)

  2. Teresa F says:

    Grabbing Yoplait Go-Gurt for my sons lunch box and some Herbal Essence because I have some coupons to use. Thank you.

  3. Kim says:

    I’ve already been shopping today! I picked up Pampers, GoGurt, Suddenly Salad and Crest Toothpaste!

  4. Amber says:

    Gah, Tide pods only? This would have been a great deal with The $2/1 Tide coupons.

  5. sarah says:

    Definitely lots of go-gurt

  6. Christine says:

    I will be grabbing some Hamburger Helper, Dawn, and possibly Pampers and Herbal Essences. Thanks!

  7. Natalie Matthews says:

    I’ll be getting the Yoplait Gogurt, Crest Toothpaste, Herbal Essences Shampoo, Pampers, Green Giant 4pk canned green beans, & Old Elpaso Dinner Kits.
    Thanks for entering me into the contest! :)

  8. alicia says:

    Got to stock my freezer up with some Totino’s pizza!

  9. Mendy says:

    pampers! (:

  10. Amber says:

    I will do the rebate with Old El Paso dinner kits, Charmin and maybe some green giant veggies. The DH loves french cut canned green beans. (Ick, I know) and he keeps asking for them.

  11. Melissa says:

    I’ll be getting some Old El Paso kits, Crest toothpaste, and some Tide :)

  12. Melissa B. says:

    I bought 30 boxes of go-gurt last time, and we JUST finished the last box last week!! The kids were begging for more, so BAM! Here we go!! LOL!!

  13. Janalyn says:

    I am buying Charmin, Gaid, Crest and Herbal Essence.

  14. momof2girls33 says:

    I plan on getting go-gurt and suddenly salad… all for free and enough to get the mail-in-rebate of $10. So excited! :)

  15. SheilaM says:

    Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, Suddenly Pasta Salad, Crest, Dawn & Gain. Thanks for the giveaway & all you do! :)

  16. Jay says:

    Almost every participating product. This is my fave Publix Promotion!

  17. dawson says:

    Vidal Sassoon® Shampoo/Conditioner,Charmin® Basic

  18. kevin says:

    tony’s party pizzas, charmin, and go-gurt

  19. Kim R. says:

    Gogurts and Tide!

  20. Hannah F. says:

    Well, I may be “only” 11 weeks (tomorrow) pregnant. But I should start getting a stockpile of diapers together. There’s some decent deals made better with the running out deal! So excited for my first baby!

  21. Patti Dacosta says:

    Thank you for explaining the $10 Publix gift card opportunity! Will be picking up Dawn, Gain laundry detergent, Green Giant canned veggies, and the Old El Paso dinner kits. Clipping and getting those coupons ready now! Thanks Bunches for all the savings help!

  22. heather cook says:

    dawn, tide charmin tostinos those are all things that i normally buy.

  23. susana says:

    where can I find these? u would buy yoplait gogurt

  24. Melissa says:

    GoGurts! My kids love those!

  25. Leah says:

    Immaculate Baking Cookie Dough

  26. Candace says:

    Tide Pods!

  27. Debbie says:

    Gogurt, charmin and canned veggies.

  28. Krystin says:

    Pampers diapers and charmin.

  29. Verna says:

    I plan on buying: Dawn Dish detergent; Charmin Bathroon Tissue; Crest Toothpaste; Vidal Sassoon Shampoo; and Gain Laundry Detergent

  30. Tabitha says:

    Old El Paso dinner kits and Crest toothpaste! Thanks!!

  31. lauren says:

    I am definately getting taco kits!

  32. Marleana H. says:

    I plan to buy Gogurt and Pampers!

  33. susana says:

    sorry, I would buy gogurt

  34. Laura says:

    I am grabbing herbal essence, go gurt and suddenly salad. I love this promotion!

  35. Diapers… maybe go-gurts.

  36. LaToya says:

    Go gurt, veggies, pizza and Pampers. Thanks!

  37. Melissa says:

    I will be getting diapers!

  38. KN says:

    I think I’ll stock up on Charmin.

  39. alfreda ray says:

    My kids will be out for fall break and I am going to need those pizzas. Im also purchasing the Hamburger Helper. What better sides than the Green Giant veggies.

  40. Meghan says:

    With a new baby on the way – I will be grabbing diapers! Thanks for the head’s up!

  41. Monique says:

    gogurt and charmin, I think!

  42. SuZ says:

    Definitely go-gurt. My kids slurp that stuff up like crazy!!

  43. Maranda says:

    I’ll be stocking up on Green Giant canned veggies and Herbal Essences.

  44. Tracy says:

    Love the Old El Paso kits…also Pampers, GG vegetables, Suddenly Salad and Totino’s pizza! Thanks!

  45. Stacie says:

    I am grabbing go gurt and charmin.

  46. Amanda says:

    I am buying herbal essence, toilet paper(one roll left!:)) and pizzas!

  47. caryn anderson says:

    Just the Green Giant Veggies 14 of the 4 packs that will be on BOGO. With the .55 coupon, 5.00 win dixie and rebate they will come out to .87 for each 4 pack, that’s .21 cents a can. Great stock up price. YAY Me!!!

  48. Amanda says:

    Gogurt,gogurt, and more gogurt! And some suddenly salad :)

  49. tammy shelton says:

    Lots & lots of Totinos Pizzas.

  50. Allison King says:

    Def diapers, diapers and diapers! and some Gogurt!

  51. Liz Creamer says:

    Hopefully Tide, Charmin, Dawn. My family is gluten intolerant so we avoid processed foods as much as possible!

  52. Chrissy walker says:

    With the kids it’s go gurts all the way :)

  53. Amanda says:

    I’m needing some laundry detergent, dish soap, Go-gurt, and shampoo!!

  54. Katie says:

    So many! Pampers, Herbal Essences, GoGurt, Crest,and possibly Charmin.

  55. Keith says:

    Old El Paso, Charmin and Pampers.

  56. Sarah says:

    I will be picking up some Go-Gurt and Crest toothpaste.

  57. angela says:

    Totinos Pizzas, old el paso!

  58. Connie says:

    lots of crest toothpaste to put in my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!

  59. Sandy says:

    Taco Dinner Kits, Herbal Essence, Crest, Suddenly Salad, Cookie Dough, Pizza Rolls and maybe more if I have coupons to match :)

  60. cyn davis says:

    Socking up on Charmin and El Paso dinner kits…

  61. Jennifer M says:

    Oooh let’s see I’ll probably get pampers, pasta salad, go-gurts, totinos pizzas, and probably lots with two little kids, birthday parties coming up, and working with one income – I have to stock up when I can!! :) Publix always have awesome deals so I can’t wait to save!! (fingers cross..please pick me) :D

  62. abby says:

    pampers,toothpaste, toilet paper

  63. felicia m says:

    kids loves Yoplait® Go-GURT, mommy loves Suddenly Pasta Salad, and everybody needs Crest® Toothpaste

  64. Holly Oswald says:

    Charmin, Dawn and hamburger helper

  65. Marla says:

    I’ll stock up on Dawn dish liquid and maybe some Herbal Essences shampoo (my preferred brand).

  66. Tina says:

    I definitely will be getting Go-gurt because they are a great snack for my son after school. Also, will get the totinos, hamburger helper, and Green giant canned vegetables.

  67. Rachel says:

    Gogurt and Suddenly Salad!

  68. greta says:

    Gonna pickup some Go Gurt, Totinos, Hamburger Helper, Green Giant veges :)
    Thanks for the chance :)

  69. kate m says:

    go gurts, suddenly salad and taco kits

  70. Lana says:

    TP, Totino’s and Suddenly Salad.

  71. Carolann says:

    I’m getting the Vidal Sassoon, Suddenly Salad, and the Go-Gurt. I just finished adding up what it will come to, and it’s well over the $30.00 requirement! Yay!

  72. Leslie says:

    Go-Gurt, Old El Paso Dinner Kits, Totino’s, Hamburger Helper, Suddenly Pasta Salad, Green Giant Canned Vegetables and Crest Toothpaste

  73. rana durham says:

    The GoGurts, herbal essences, crest toothpaste, green giant vegetables

  74. tanyalulu says:

    Old El Paso dinner kits and Crest toothpaste! Thanks!

  75. Angela says:

    Suddenly salad charmin and herbal essence!

  76. Stephanie says:

    I plan on grabbing Go-Gurt and Suddenly Salad

  77. Farah Halford says:

    I am buying 12 of the Herbal Essences and using 6 $3.00 off 2. They are on sale for 2 for 5. I will use one 5 off 30 Winn Dixie coupon. My total will be $30 (not including tax). I will pay $7.00 for 12 bottles and then submit for the $10 back!

  78. Rebecca says:

    Pampers, Go-gurt, and Herbal Essence hairspray

  79. Nicole says:

    Charmin, Tide and Cookie dough for me.

  80. Dan says:

    El paso Dinner Kits, Herbal Essence, Crest, Suddenly Salad, Cookie Dough, Pizza Rolls

  81. Fort Myers says:

    Yoplait Go-Gurt, Green Giant, Dawn, Hamburger Helper & Suddenly Salad. UPromise has offers in my area this month on Hamburger Helper, Immaculate Baking biscuits or crescents (if those count)and the Go-Gurt, so that will make a nice ‘extra dip’ on coupon items.

  82. Dan says:

    Dinner Kits, Herbal Essence, Crest, Suddenly Salad, Cookie Dough, Pizza Rolls

  83. Gail says:

    I love all of the products on the list. It should be no problem reaching the $30 limit!

  84. CJ says:

    I want some Gain and maybe a filler item or two.

  85. susan marichal says:

    Taco dinner kits, Dawn, Suddenly Salad,Charmin,and if I find some good diaper coupons some of those to help out some new moms ( my baby days are done and no more grandbabies either.)

  86. Vanessa says:

    Pampers, Go-Gurt, Dawn & Charmin…all the things I already need to buy anyways! :0)

  87. rachel says:

    Charmin, suddenly salad, and hamburger helper

  88. crystal says:

    I plan on grabbing some gogurts, suddenly salad, charmin, and herbal essence.

  89. Bridget says:

    Charmin, Crest and Pampers.

  90. abby says:

    Need diapers, go-gurt and gain! :)

  91. Shari Tremba says:

    HMMMMM…. I will get charmin, crest toothpaste and herbal essence! I LOVE Publix and would love to win a gift card :)))))

  92. Erin says:

    I bought 4 Green Giant veggies, 8 Go gurts, 1 Charmin and 4 Old El Paso kits

  93. Emily says:

    Lots of diapers!! I have a 6-month old in the house. :)

  94. Barbara says:

    The green giant vegetables.

  95. maddison says:

    Gogurt!!!! old el passo dinner kits, and suddenly salad! :)

  96. Lisa says:

    Gogurt and Pampers!

  97. taryn says:

    Pampers jumbo packs, Gogurt, Betty Crocker Potatoes, and Old El Paso dinner kits. This time i seemed to be buying all of those things regardless of the rebate, so it was a great deal :)

  98. Myllena G says:

    Herbel essence, crest and charmin

  99. Elizabeth Brown says:


  100. Agnes says:

    Herbal Essence!

  101. Toni Wallers says:

    I will definitely be picking up some pampers :)

  102. Anne says:

    I will definitely be purchasing some Green Giant canned veggies. Possibly Suddenly Salad, Immaculate Baking cookie dough, and toothpaste too! Looking forward to hitting the store tomorrow! :)

  103. Pat says:

    I will purchase Charmin and Dawn.

  104. Courtney says:

    Charmin Basic and Crest toothpaste are on my list this weekend. Thanks for your posts!

  105. tana says:

    Go-Gurt, Charmin, Green Giant veggies, Crest, & Immaculate Baking =)

  106. John Page says:

    Immaculate Baking® Honestly Delicious™; Yoplait® Go-GURT® (8ct, assorted varieties); Gain Laundry Detergent (100oz, assorted varieties); Old El Paso® Dinner Kits (assorted varieties); Totino’s® Party Pizza® (assorted varieties); Dawn® Dish Detergent (20-24oz bottle, assorted varieties); Betty Crocker® Hamburger Helper® (assorted varieties); Suddenly Pasta Salad® (assorted varieties); Charmin® Basic Bathroom Tissue (12 double roll pkg, assorted varieties); Pampers® Diapers (Jumbo, assorted varieties); Green Giant® Canned Vegetables (4pk, assorted varieties); Crest® Toothpaste (8.2oz, assorted varieties); Herbal Essences® (6.0 -11.7oz, assorted varieties) and Vidal Sassoon® Shampoo/Conditioner (12oz, assorted varieties); Tide® Pods (18ct, assorted varieties)

  107. michelle says:

    Old El Paso and some Charmin toilet paper. LOL

  108. Denice says:

    Yoplait, Totino’s Pizza, Old El Paso Dinner kits

  109. Wendi says:

    Gogurt and Suddenly Pasta Salad

  110. Nikki says:

    Go-Gurt and Charmin!

  111. Sarah O'K says:

    I’m pretty sure I can cover that amount in diapers, gain, and charmin without a problem!

  112. Kristin Dutt says:


  113. klori says:

    Got to get those taco dinner kits! and, maybe some yogurt for dessert.

  114. Shannon says:

    Go-gurt/ Pampers/ Herbal Essences

  115. JV says:

    Herbal essence

  116. wendy gallien says:

    i am buying yoplait gogurt for my kids!!! its always so expensive and i have 5 kids, now that it is on sale i am gonna stock up!!!!, also gonna get betty crocker suddenly salad,herbal essence shampoo and charmin!!!

  117. Kim says:

    Picking up gogurt, totinos, hamburger helper, canned veggies, toothpaste. A great week for stocking up! Also I’ve like iheartpublix and publix on facebook!! Fingers crossed!! :)

  118. AnointedSaver says:

    Gain, Charmin and Immaculate

  119. Melissa says:

    Pampers!! And gogurt.

  120. Dawn Carroll says:

    I am getting the Go-Gurts, Pizza, Charmin Hamburger Helper, toothpaste.

  121. Jackie Gainous says:

    I personally will buy Charmin. If the kids are with me I know one will add El Paso kits to my cart and the other will go bananas for the Go-gurt.

  122. Laurie says:

    Probably Pampers for a baby shower gift for a friend!
    Are you going to post coupon scenarios for this promotion?
    I love it when you do!

  123. Jeanne says:

    I will be returning the Pampers I bought yesterday thinking the promotion I’m trying to take some of the burden off the kids : )

  124. Krysten Burlage says:

    Herbal Essences, GoGurt, Old el paso

  125. dee says:

    Crest toothpaste.

  126. Vickie says:

    Hopefully Gogurts, Immaculate Baking (THE VERY BEST), El Paso, and not sure what else yet…maybe Charmin?

  127. mary beth robinson says:

    almost everything…
    Immaculate Baking® Honestly Delicious™; Gain Laundry Detergent (100oz, assorted varieties); Old El Paso® Dinner Kits (assorted varieties); Dawn® Dish Detergent (20-24oz bottle, assorted varieties); Charmin® Basic Bathroom Tissue (12 double roll pkg, assorted varieties); Green Giant® Canned Vegetables (4pk, assorted varieties); Tide® Pods (18ct, assorted varieties)

  128. tara says:

    I will be picking up go yogurt and hamburger helper. Go yogurt is a favorite at our house

  129. Nicole says:

    Pampers, Green giant veggies, Old El Paso kits, and maybe some Herbal Essence

  130. Michelle says:

    A whole bunch of Immaculate cookies to save for my daughters 2nd birthday next month… and some Old el paso taco kits! :)

  131. tammy says:

    Bought 8 herbal essence, 2 hamburger helper,4 suddenly salad,4 gogurt.

  132. Shawn says:

    Charmin, Herbal Essence & Tide pods.

  133. Ragan J says:

    2 Crest toothpastes and 3 packs of Pampers.

  134. Stacey says:

    I will be buying some of just about everything on the list. Especially the Tide, Hamburger Helper and Suddenly Salad. We go through that stuff quicker than I can buy it! lol

  135. Roxana Barriere says:

    I plan on grabbing Gain, Pampers, and Old El Paso dinner kits to satisfy my taco cravings. :)

  136. Pamela C says:

    Dawn, Old El Paso, you have great giveaways.

  137. Meg says:

    I’m getting 6 gogurt, 5 pizzas, 4 hamburger helper, 2 conditioner, and 6 dinner kits.

  138. Beth J says:

    I’ll be getting the Go-gurts, Totinos pizza, and probably the Green Giant veggies! My kiddos love the Go-gurts and the hubby loves the pizzas!

  139. Gina Krebs says:

    I will be getting gogurt, Totinos pizzas, Suddenly Salad, and Hamburger Helper.

  140. Ashley says:

    So many things …
    Go-gurts, cookie dough, pizzas, taco kits, diapers!

  141. Beth S says:

    Go gurts, Green Giant and Old El Paso…Love these rebates! Would love to win your $25 Publix card. Thanks for I <3 Publix…I visit often.

  142. Carol says:

    Pampers diapers ofcourse! :)

  143. Sharon Schwartz says:

    Immaculate Baking, Totinos, Tide Pods & Old El Paso Dinner Kits.

  144. john berger says:

    charmin and crest

  145. brooke says:

    Lots of suddenly salad and yoplait!

  146. raluca berger says:

    I will stock up on Charmin and Crest.

  147. Alyson says:

    Go gurts and pampers

  148. lisa says:

    yoplait & suddenly salad….awsome!!!!

  149. Heather says:

    I will be stocking up on GoGurts!!!

  150. Georgia says:

    Planning on getting Hamburger Helper, Gogurts, Herbal Essences and Charmin!

  151. Jenny says:

    Charmin, Herbal Essence, and Dawn

  152. cher R says:

    Charmin and Crest. Totally sticking to the basics right now.

  153. Valencia says:

    I already grabbed the Suddenly Salads. I may also get some Hamburger Helper.

  154. Betty says:

    Old El Paso dinner kits for me!!!

  155. Yen says:

    GO-gurt and some suddenly salad!

  156. Cassie says:

    Go gurt, suddenly salad, and herbal essences moroccan my shine!! it smells so good….

  157. Andrea says:

    We grabbed up a ton of items and… Saved even more money with the help of your site!
    We picked up Go-Gurts, Totinos Pizzas, Old El Paso dinner kits, Vidal Sassoon, Hamburger Helper, Charming, Pampers… I guess almost one or more of everything listed! So excited to save so much money thanks to your site!!!

  158. Jostlen says:

    Go gurts and Pampers!!!!

  159. Sherry Scheurer says:

    Maybe a mix of just about all of it except the Pampers. Pampers and I are old friends from way back but we lost contact over 20 years ago….I don’t miss my friend. LOL!

  160. Kristen says:

    Gogurt, Pampers, Tide and Charmin

  161. melanie says:

    I plan to get Dawn, Crest, Totinos, and Herbal Essence.

  162. ukg says:

    yoplait and suddenly salad

  163. Le Anne says:

    Some Charmin and Crest toothpaste

  164. Kathleen says:

    some totinos and the betty crocker suddenly salad pasta salad mixes.. i’ve been craving those lately for some reason :)

  165. Natalie says:

    I will be getting charmin and yoplait yogurt.

  166. Carol says:

    Lots of gogurts

  167. Andrea says:

    shampoo and suddenly salad

  168. Sherri says:

    I definitely plan on stocking up on Hamburger Helper and the Old El Paso dinner kits!

  169. wendy says:

    Gogurt and herbal essences

  170. renae says:

    Shampoo and yogurt

  171. Jenny says:

    Lots of gogurt for my 5 year old since he requires yogurt in every lunchbox! I wish they would limit the Charmin to the Basic kind, we don’t like the single-ply . Thankfully the timing is PERFECT for two babyshowers I have coming up, so I’ll be getting the Pampers x2.

  172. Erika says:

    I’ll be picking up Gogurt & Pampers!

  173. Jenny S. says:

    Herbal Essences and Crest! Thanks for the giveaway!

  174. Judy says:

    Yoplait Go-Gurt, Totino’s Party Pizza, Green Giant Vegetables, Immaculate Baking Honestly Delicious, and Old El Paso Dinner Kits… so far. ;)

  175. Gail M says:

    Pampers!!! going through so many of those right now.

  176. Rita says:

    I will be getting Dawn and Charmin. This is such a great rebate and giveaway.

  177. Pamela Wanamaker says:

    Gogurt, herbal essence, and Charmin

  178. verabradley says:

    Gogurt and Pampers

  179. Rachel says:

    I’m planning on getting Immaculate bqaking company

  180. rachel p says:

    Cookie dough and herbal essence.

  181. Tiffany says:

    Go-gurt, suddenly salad and possibly old El Paso dinner kits are my plan for the rebate!!

  182. tracy says:

    I plan on grabbing Old El Paso, Dinner Kits, Totino’s, Party Pizza, Betty Crocker, Hamburger Helper, Suddenly Pasta Salad, Charmin Basic Bathroom Tissue, Green Giant Canned Vegetables, Crest Toothpaste, Herbal Essences

  183. Jill says:

    I definitely want to try Immaculate Baking. Will get some Old El Paso Dinner Kits and some Totino’s Pizza, Dawn Dish Detergent and some Green Giant Canned Green Beans.

  184. Erin says:

    Pampers! Lots of Pampers!

  185. Elizabeth says:

    I’ll be picking up Charmin and Totino’s Pizza

  186. Marija says:

    I’ll be stocking up on suddenly pasta salad!

  187. angela says:

    pampers, pampers, pampers

  188. Amy L says:

    I am working on a list of Old El Paso, desperately needed Dawn, Charmin bath tissue, Green Giant veggies, Crest Toothpaste for donation boxes and Yoplait Gogurts for my little guy!!

  189. Brittani says:

    Gogurts, Dawn, pampers, and Hamburger Helper!

  190. Laurel says:

    I will be picking up several items.Gain, Old El Paso Dinner Kits, Totino’s Pizza, Hamburger Helper and Charmin Basic. Thank you :) I have been wondering what items were included.

  191. TLS says:

    I think the Old El Paso, Dawn and Gain look good!

  192. Tonya says:

    I am planning to grab the Go-gurt, Crest Toothpaste, and Gain Detergent.

  193. Brandi says:

    I will be getting Charmin toilet paper, Suddenly Salad pasta salads, Pampers wipes, Totino’s pizza’s and Go-Gurts!!

  194. Kim says:

    The Gain. I love washing my sheets in the Mango Scent.

  195. Jessie C. says:

    I would get Charmin and Tide

  196. Jennifer says:

    Go-gurts & Totinos!

  197. Marge says:

    Dawn and pampers for me.

  198. Jaclyn says:

    I will be loading up on Go-gurt and Imac. cookie dough!

  199. Debie Wiggins says:

    Yoplait Gogurt, Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad, Hamburger Helper< Green Giant Canned Vegetables

  200. Melissa R says:

    Herbal Essences and Tide.

  201. Renee J. says:

    Go gurt, old el paso dinner kits, and green giant veggies :-)

  202. beckie says:

    Go gurt and suddenly salad!!!

  203. susan says:

    Go-Gurt, Suddenly Salad and Dawn

  204. Carrie Corbin says:

    i will be buying Gain, Pampers, El Paso dinner kits and Dawn. God blessed me with the love of couponing and i love being able to bless others with well needed items. I will be giving each of these items away to a young mother that needs them.

  205. JENNFL says:


  206. Cindy says:

    Gain detergent and Dawn dish liquid.

  207. Ashley C says:

    It’s time to restock the Go-Gurt. And the Suddenly Salad will also be a good cheapie.

  208. Ash says:

    Dawn® Dish Detergent; Charmin; Crest Toothpaste; Herbal Essences

  209. Tonya says:

    Green Giant veggies, Charmin, Suddenly Salads, Old El Paso kits, Cookie dough and Gogurt (It’s ok for adults to eat gogurt too if it’s free, right?) :) THANK YOU for your website! You help our family stay on budget!

  210. NOel says:

    Totinos for after school snacks

  211. JENNFL says:

    Gogurt, probibly as many as I can fit in fridge/freezer. Son is very picky and he loves these!

  212. Mary Bedard says:

    Charmin for me. Large family means you can never have enough

  213. Melia says:

    Definitely yogurt! And I’m tempted to try out some of that cookie dough.

  214. Josh says:

    Green Giant Vegtables and Creat Toothpaste!!!

  215. Rebecca C says:

    Diapers, Cookie Dough, Go Gurt, Suddenly Salad, and Dawn :)!

  216. Nicole says:

    Going to stock up on my favorite hair product, Herbal Essence!! And some Tide Pods that I can never seem to get a deal on.

  217. Amy says:

    Go-gurt, herbal essence, dawn.

  218. renea says:

    Charmin Basic, Vidal Sassoon & Totino’s Pizza! :)

  219. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would get the Gain and the Dawn in the Running Out? Run In!

  220. Roxanne says:

    Planning on getting 2 GG Veggie 4 packs, 2 Go-Gurts, 1 Pampers, 10 Totinos and 4 Suddenly Salads.

  221. Alicia H says:

    Dawn & pasta salad!

  222. Kathy says:

    Cookies! Old El Paso Dinner kits! and Pizzas! All my boys favorites!

  223. nicole says:

    herbal shampoo and conditioner and dawn!!

  224. Lisa says:

    Definitely gogurts. Probably charmin too.

  225. Cheryl says:

    Old El Paso, Hamburger Helper, Suddenly Salad, Green Giant Vegetables

  226. ROMY says:

    pampers and charmin, thanks

  227. Jennifer says:

    old El Paso dinner kits for sure!!

  228. Heather Larkin says:

    Immaculate baking cookies (naturally delicious),Old El Paso Dinner kits, going to get the party started with Totino’s Party Pizza, Go Gurts for this kiddos, and Vidal Sassoon items. Love Publix – Makes me Happy, Happy, Happy! :)

  229. Faye says:

    I have two teenage boys, it will be Totino’s pizzas for me.

  230. Cindy says:

    Immaculate Baking cookies, Gain, Old El Paso, Green Giant veggies!

  231. Junior says:

    Immaculate Baking Cookies & Totino’s Party Pizzas, I love ‘em!

  232. Susan says:

    I plan on picking up herbal essence and Suddenly Salad

  233. Emilia says:

    Pampers, Green Giant and Gogurt

  234. Pat Snyder says:

    I WILL DEFINITELY BE GRABBING Dawn, and all Betty Crocker items that apply. Plus I love the Immaculate Baking items.

  235. Kim Karl says:

    Crest, charmin basic and pampers!

  236. Marie says:

    Diapers and Charmin for sure!

  237. Darla says:

    I’m stocking up on the Herbal Essences shampoos and Totino’s pizzas! :)

  238. Melanie K says:

    Charmin! And El Paso.

  239. Tina says:

    Charmin of course! and some cookie dough. Thanks for all you’ve done. You’ve been a huge help in saving grocery money. God bless

  240. carmen says:

    Go-gurt, Immaculate Baking, Dawn and charmin for sure! Thanks for all that you do!

  241. Janet W. says:

    I plan on getting Totino’s Pizza and Old El Paso Dinner Kits!

  242. cher miler says:

    charmin and pampers

  243. Tiffany Rodi says:

    Immaculate Baking, Dawn, Old El Paso

  244. Tracey says:

    An Old El Paso Dinner Kit and Green Giant Veggies!

  245. Valerie Way says:

    Totino’s for my DH since I can get a great deal on them with this promotion and the coupons. Also pick up the Green Giant vegetables.

  246. Hether says:

    I Plan on running in and picking up some Herbal Essences shampoo,Immaculate Baking cookie dough with some Totino’s pizza for a quick weekend lunch!!!

  247. nick says:

    Prob grab some Charmin, can never use enough t.p.!

  248. Courtnie says:

    I plan on grabbing quite a few bags of pampers diapers. I have 2 in diapers right now.

  249. Ann Brown says:

    I plan on getting some of the green giant Veg. and the suddenly salad. Those are always needed here

  250. Jodi says:

    I usually only buy gogurt with this promotion, but there’s a lot of other great stuff included this time! Probably some canned corn, diapers for friends, and Herbal Essences. Awesome that some of the same stuff qualifies for the P&G cookware rebate!

  251. Tj says:

    Totinos for sure, my stockpile is gone and they are a staple for my college boy. Also cookie dough.

  252. Jessica Gilbert says:

    The Crest Toothpaste for .49 after coupons were on my list. Herbal Essence for $1 ea after coupons. Green Giant 4pks were applicable for the Running Out coupon. Grab a set of three Old El Paso, too.

  253. Cheryl Nash says:

    I have been wanting to try the Tide pods and I can always stock up on toilet tissue.

  254. Shawnee says:

    Pampers for sure!

  255. Rachel says:

    Old El Paso dinner kits and Tide

  256. Debbie says:

    Pampers to use as baby shower gifts. I am the gift getter for the teachers that I work with.

  257. stacy says:

    I plan to get the crest and some Vidal Sassoon shampoo and conditioner

  258. Barb says:

    Go Gurt and Green Giant

  259. Rhonda says:

    Charmin and Pizza

  260. Ashley B says:

    I plan on grabbing some of the Totino’s Pizzas and Go Gurt for sure!

  261. Dorothy says:

    I’m getting Yoplait and Green Giant veggies. Thanks

  262. I plan on purchasing Totino’s pizzas and Green Giant veggies!

  263. Gene Gionti says:

    Go Gurt!

  264. Angel says:

    I plan on purchasing probably all of the items at one point or another. I am most excited about purchasing & trying for the first time Immaculate Baking products.

  265. Thuy says:

    Just pampers and go-gurt :)

  266. Tracey says:

    I plan on buying Gogurt and Charmin.

  267. monique s says:

    Definitely diapers!!!

  268. Allison says:

    Gain and Green Giant Veggies!

  269. donna demaya says:

    going to be grabbing quite at few items on this one…gain, pampers, totinos,yoplait go-gurt,charmin….THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR US.

  270. Tina Le says:

    The Gain, for sure, and then some Old El Paso dinner kits too!

  271. kathy Evans says:

    Gain gain gain

  272. TanyaW says:

    Definitely will be grabbing GoGurt for my son and some Old El Paso kits for those busy soccer nights!

  273. Jeanette says:

    Old el paso

  274. Debbie B. says:

    Haven’t had a chance to do the whole preview but definitely getting the Go-gurts for my 3 boys (who by the way are all in high school but still love yogurt). Thanks for the give away!!!

  275. Brandy says:

    The Old El Paso Dinner Kits for SURE!

  276. Bebe says:

    There are lots of good items in this promotion ~ I’m going to get some of the Green Giant items, especially! :)

  277. Jennifer R. says:

    Pampers for my 12 week old twins!

  278. Beth says:

    Gogurt- definite stock up price, and it keeps in the freezer, plus the kids love them frozen! Also, need some Totino’s pizza rolls for the kids… and husband. ;) Throw in some bath tissue and diapers and I’m set for my $30 purchase!

  279. I may just get yhem all !!!

    Yoplait® Go-GURT® (8ct, assorted varieties); Gain Laundry Detergent (100oz, assorted varieties); Old El Paso® Dinner Kits (assorted varieties); Totino’s® Party Pizza® (assorted varieties); Dawn® Dish Detergent (20-24oz bottle, assorted varieties); Betty Crocker® Hamburger Helper® (assorted varieties); Suddenly Pasta Salad® (assorted varieties); Charmin® Basic Bathroom Tissue (12 double roll pkg, assorted varieties); Pampers® Diapers (Jumbo, assorted varieties); Green Giant® Canned Vegetables (4pk, assorted varieties); Crest® Toothpaste (8.2oz, assorted varieties); Herbal Essences® (6.0 -11.7oz, assorted varieties) and Vidal Sassoon® Shampoo/Conditioner (12oz, assorted varieties); Tide® Pods

  280. Melina B says:

    Yum Yumm Yummy Immaculate Cookie Dough!!! Can’t wait!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  281. Carrie says:

    Charmin, green giant, and lots of gogurt!

  282. Mari says:

    Pampers, pampers and pampers!

  283. Kathi Spence says:

    I plan on buying: Gain, Suddenly Salad Pasta, Hamburger Helper, Herbal Essence Hair Products :)

  284. Amy says:

    will be getting herbal essence with the $3/2 coupons and Green Giant veggies.

  285. Sarah says:

    I’m getting Pampers diapers and Go-Gurt

  286. Jenna J. says:

    I am definitely buying a bunch of Hamburger Helper, Green Giant veggies, and Suddenly Salad to donate to our local food bank!

  287. Melissa Kallman says:

    Pampers,cookies,dawn,and Crest!!

  288. Lisa says:

    Old El Paso and crest

  289. AM says:

    The Totinos and Go Gurt is a must!

  290. Mary says:

    Old el paso dinner kits,green giant veggies,cookie dough, and Herbal essence shampoo

  291. kathy says:

    The Charmin makes it easy to get $30 in one trip, but Yoplait is a very popular item at my house. I would have to include some yogurt in $30.

  292. Sue G says:

    The go-gurt and Suddenly Salad are such great deals but I’ll be getting Charmin also.

  293. Shelby says:

    I’ll buy Immaculate Baking® Honestly Delicious™; and Yoplait® Go-GURT®!!

  294. Michelle says:

    Some Green Giant Veggies, Crest, & Charmin

  295. RachelWales says:

    Im getting Totino’s party pizzas, Yoplait go-gurt, Old El Paso dinner kits, and Hamburger Helpers.

  296. Kelly says:

    green giant, old el paso, crest

  297. Elena says:

    I’ll buy Immaculate cookies and Charmin.

  298. Ashley says:

    I will definitely be buying Pampers diapers to get this rebate! !

  299. Lilly Vinzant says:

    We will be buying Totinos, Hamburger Helper, Green Giant Veggies and Pampers!

  300. carrie c says:

    Suddenly Salad, Old Elpaso

  301. Allqdup says:

    I plan on getting some go-gurt for my boys

  302. Susanna says:

    I am going to pick-up some Yoplait Go-Gurts, Tide Pods, & some Crest toothpaste!!!

  303. Allie says:

    I’ll be stocking up on Immaculate Baking and Charmin!

  304. Cheryl Wynn says:

    Totinos and Tide….. oh my!

  305. Marsha says:

    I’m getting lots of totino’s!

  306. Cheryl says:

    Gain Laundry Detergent, charmin, and dawn

  307. Damian says:

    Hamburger Helper, Crest & Charmin :)

  308. Donna says:

    Old El Paso, Dawn, Immaculate Baking, maybe charmin – that’s what we’ll do here.

  309. Sarah says:

    Lots of pampers…we can never have enough!

  310. Ashton says:

    I plan on getting Dawn, toothpaste and Hamburger Helper! Just starting out so I’m trying to build a stock pile :) AND TIDE!!!

  311. Marcie says:

    Definitely gogurts, my kids LOVE those!

  312. Maggie M says:


  313. Andy says:

    Sunddenly salad, green giant, old el paso, and some Go-Gurts.

  314. dawn says:

    Immaculate Baking® Honestly Delicious, Old el Paso, Green Giant to start.

  315. Amy says:

    Suddenly Salad, Herbal Essence, and Go-Gurts for us!

  316. Angela says:

    Definitely Charmin and Dawn, as I’m out of dish washing liquid! (How’d that happen? hehe) and probably a few Totino’s Party Pizzas for my son – he loves these as a snack between afternoon classes!

  317. Brandy says:

    I plan to get PAMPERS, PAMPERS, and more PAMPERS…. can’t get enough of them.

  318. Cathy B says:

    I’ll be buying tomorrow: Crest, Charmin, suddenly pasta salad, and green giant vegetables.

  319. Patty says:

    Immaculate cookies herbal essence and gogurts!!

  320. Ellen S says:

    Herbal Essences Shampoo!

  321. Marlana says:

    Pampers! This rebate makes for an awesome deal on the Pampers diapers when you stack the Publix and manufacturer’s coupons as well. Makes a jumbo pack only $3.49 when you buy four.

  322. Vicki says:

    totinos and gogurt for sure

  323. Ann says:

    Vegetables gogurts and crest to start.

  324. Ann says:

    Vegetables gogurts and crest to start.

  325. Cindy says:

    Tide and Charmin :-)

  326. Anita says:

    Go-gurts and Charmin

  327. swissmiss says:

    I’ll stock up on Charmin.

  328. Edie says:

    old el paso and tostinos pizzas!

  329. Deena says:

    Tostinos (possibly, wish pizza rolls were part of the deal), gogurts (kids have been asking for these), green giant (if good q is out) and Pampers.

  330. melisa says:

    gogurt……for my son

  331. Veronica R says:

    I am so excited to stock up on Gogurt this week! What an awesome sale!

  332. Kelley says:

    Green Giant veggies and crest

  333. Lisa says:

    GG Canned Vegetables

  334. Donna says:

    I am going to stock up on Pampers before baby is born!

  335. Erin Kurbec says:

    Pampers and go-gurts. With one 2 year old and one 6 year old those are staples in my house.

  336. wanda says:

    Herbel Essence, Gain, Charmin and Suddenly Salad

  337. Lynn C. says:

    Charmin and Immaculate baking chocolate chip cookie dough

  338. Juliaba DeMello says:

    I plan on buying Yoplait go-gurt, suddenly pasta, totino’s pizza party, crest toothpaste

  339. Christy Denton says:

    Some combination of Gogurt, Pampers and Old El Paso :) Maybe I’ll get lucky and I’ll get an old el paso deal before my pampers and gogurt rainchecks expire!

  340. Robert says:

    Hamburger Helper is a must

  341. Theresa W says:

    Totinos pizza and Pampers for sure & Tide ~~

  342. Kristian W says:

    Charmin Basic Bathroom Tissue, Pampers Diapers, and Crest Toothpaste. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  343. Annie says:

    Charmin, tide pods for sure.

  344. Carrie says:

    herbal essence, gain, crest, and immaculate cookies

  345. Viviana Perez says:

    Of course im getting the Go-Gurt ( my girls love them), Totino’s Pizza, Pampers, Yoplait smoothie and Herbal Essences…. Cant wait and hopeully I can win a publix Gift Card that would be great!!!

  346. Wanda T says:

    Totino’s Pizza, Old El Paso taco kits, Charmin,

  347. leslie says:

    Go-GURT, Dawn, Suddenly Pasta Salad and Green Giant veggies :-)

  348. Tammy Brooks says:

    Charmin Bath Tissue and Pampers Diapers…You see what I have a lot of at my house with 2 boys! : p

  349. Karen says:

    Herbal Essence, Dawn, and Go-Gurt!

  350. vi says:

    Tide, Herbal essence and crest tooth paste.

  351. Candice says:

    Diapers! Go Gurt! Suddenly salad! And more diapers! With a baby on the way, I need all the help I can get!

  352. Suzie says:

    go-gurt, totino’s pizza, and crest

  353. Jennifer Brown says:

    I’ll be buying Old El Paso, Charmin and Crest.

  354. Pam says:

    I will be buying Gain, Charmin, Crest and Herbal Essences!

  355. Beth says:

    I will be picking up some GoGurt, Totinos Pizza, Hamburger Helper, Charmin Basic Bath Tissue and Green Giant Vegetables to go toward my Running Out? Run in trip!!!

  356. Catherine says:

    Go-Gurt, Charmin, and Pampers!! :))

  357. Christy Anderson says:

    Green Giant and Totinos.

  358. Lindy says:

    Pampers, gain, and dawn

  359. Mike says:

    Dawn and Tide Pods for us!

  360. julie says:

    I will be getting charmin and tide pods

  361. Tonya says:

    I’m grabbing Charmin, Tide Pods and Dawn. I love these rebates and they help justify my preference for the brands I love!

  362. Marcy says:

    I will be buying Tide Pods, GoGurt, Charmin and Crest!!!!

  363. Karen Lindsey says:

    going after stuff that was on my list…..old el paso, totino’s, hamburger helper, crest, herbal essences

  364. Melissa says:

    Immaculate Baking cookie dough, for sure! And, Crest toothpaste.

  365. Lawanda Edwards says:

    The things on my list would be Old Elpaso dinner kits, Totino’s party pizza, Dawn detergent, Hamburger helper and Crest toothpaste…hope I can find good deals with BOGO’s !

  366. Amy says:

    Crest, pampers, herbal essence, etc….

  367. Terri says:

    gogurt, old el paso, suddenly pasta salad, pizza :)

  368. Stacey W says:

    I’ve definitely have to stock up on the Totino’s and Go-gurt. The kids will be very happy!!

  369. Mrs. Dowdy says:

    We could definitely use some Charmin, Pampers, and Green Giant veggies here! Thank you for all your helpful info!

  370. melissa says:

    Crest, pampers, herbal essence, Tide Pods, GoGurt:)

  371. Kd says:

    Toilet paper

  372. Sammie says:

    Charming, Tide Pods and some Dawn for me.

  373. Lee says:

    Shampoo, hamburger helper, el paso dinner kits and go gurts.

  374. Elizabeth says:

    Tide! :-) plus some go gurt and hamburger helper.

  375. Stacey says:

    I will be purchasing Pamper diapers for several baby Totino’s pizza, and Go-Gurts.

  376. Jessica Twitty says:

    GAIN, Charmin, & Crest :)

  377. Kelly P says:

    Go-gurts are great for the kids. Green Giant veggies are great for donation. And I am thinking of trying out the Tide pods (for me ;)

  378. Mercy says:

    Yogurt & charmin

  379. geni says:

    Old El Paso® Dinner Kits, Yoplait® Go-GURT®, and Crest® Toothpaste.

  380. Shera says:


  381. DAWN says:

    Old El Paso, Pampers, Hamburger Helper, Suddenly Pasta Salad, Crest

  382. Ericka says:

    I already did my run this morning but didn’t realize that all had to be in one transaction so I’ll probably miss this great deal :( I did get lots of Gogurt since my kids love them so much and other items also on sale this week :)

    • Allysia M says:

      Publix is usually nice and understanding about these things. Just take the items and the receipts and explain that you need to return and then repurchase the same items on a single receipt for a rebate submission. I know people who did it all the time for the same reason!

  383. Mardi Rosenfeld says:

    I will pick up Tide and Yo-gurt Go-gurt. Thanks :)

  384. Christy C says:

    Pampers and Charmin for sure.

  385. Lisa says:

    Tide Pods – I love those things!

  386. Jennifer says:

    Pampers, maybe Crest

  387. Krystal Killough says:

    I am definitely buying: Pampers diapers (4 packs of those), Green Giant vegetables, Yoplait Go Gurt, El Paso Dinner Kits, Hamburger Helper, & Charmin Toilet Paper!!!

  388. Marcia Goss says:

    I’ll be getting Pampers for my grandson, along with Dawn and Charmin.

  389. Cindy says:

    Old El Paso dinner kits, hamburger helper, yoplait, and veggies :)

  390. Jennifer J. says:

    old el paso dinner kits! these are great for nights when my kids have sports.

  391. Robyn says:

    GoGurt, pizza, and maybe pasta salad :)

  392. Kerry Holmes says:

    Pampers and cookies! Something for both my kid and I.

  393. Martina says:

    I am runningo out on Charmin,so I will get Charmin and also I want to try the Vidal Sasson shampoo and conditioner.

  394. Kendra says:

    Gogurt, HB helper and old el paso kits are must haves!!

  395. Hannah Butler says:

    Dawn Dish Detergent, Hamburger Helper, Charmin, and Pampers.

  396. Danielle says:

    Definitely going to grab Pampers, Hamburger Helper, Suddenly Salad, & Charmin!

  397. Lisa says:

    Pampers, go-gurts & crest! Can’t wait!!!

  398. Michelle says:

    Go gurt, suddenly salad and pampers

  399. Joanna says:

    Go-gurts for my husband’s lunchbox, totino’s for a quick supper and Herbal Essence.

  400. Kime' says:

    Pampers, go-gurts, old el paso dinner kits, tostino’s pizzas

  401. daisy says:

    goyogurt diaper

  402. Chandra Campbell says:

    Go gurt because we freeze it for when our son is sick and he can’t keep anything else down. Then vegetables because my daughter eats a whole can all by herself after

  403. lisa says:

    I am on my last bit of dawn, gotta get that for sure.

  404. sandra gallway says:

    i will be grabbing hamburger helper and some cookies to bake with my son, I am excited to see veggies too and my son keeps getting mad when we don’t have them with dinner, he says mom don’t you know how important it is to eat your veggies,thank you for this great offer

  405. Jill Andersen says:


  406. lisa b says:

    pampers for sure! and go-gurts too :)

  407. CW says:

    I got Pampers & Old El Paso Kits today! :)

  408. Tracy T says:


  409. Chelsea says:

    Herbal Essences, Charmin, and maybe some Immaculate Baking treats!

  410. Barbie says:

    Gogurt, totinos, & pampers!

  411. Alicia Flores says:

    Suddenly Pasta Salad! I’ve never tried it before but sounds delish!

  412. Talia says:

    Yoplait go-gurt, Vidal Sassoon, & Suddenly pasta salad!!!

  413. Lori says:


  414. Hannah B. says:

    I will definitely be grabbing the Charmin!!

  415. Patricia says:

    Definitely getting some gogurt and taco kits!

  416. Laura says:

    Lots of Pampers

  417. tara odom says:

    Charmin, Pampers, Taco Kits and much more!!!

  418. Tonya says:

    Go-gurts for my daughter, Pampers for my son

  419. Amy Orvin says:

    Gain, Crest and Old El Paso

  420. Leslie garner says:

    I hope to get Go-gurt and Totino’s pizza….

  421. liz anderson says:

    Old El Paso kits and Immaculate Baking!

  422. alison michaud says:

    I’ll stock up on my favorite: Charmin Basic. Probably add some GO-Gurts and Old El Paso products to my list as well.

  423. lanny says:

    I’m getting charmin bath tissues and some go gurt :)

  424. Kristen Logan says:

    gogurts, tide, herbal essence and totinos. :)

  425. Sabrina D says:

    With my growing(eating) boys I’m clearing out space in the freezer for Totini’s Party Pizza’s!! They won’t last long around here!! I love these great deals!

  426. Tomoko says:

    I’m planning to get Go-gurt, Old El Paso, Immaculate Cookie, Suddenly salad and Green Giant.

  427. Maggie says:

    Go-gurt, Herbal Essence, Betty Crocker Helper and potatoes, Suddenly Salad, Tide Pods, Charmin, Green Giant canned vegetables, and Pampers!

  428. Sharon Rawls says:

    I am going to get a lot of Yoplait Go-Gurt for my son. (He loves them and I love the price. I am also going to get some Old El Paso Dinner Kits, Totino’s pizza, Suddenly pasta salad, Charmin, Pampers, Green Giant vegetables, Crest, Herbal Essences and Vidal Sassoon shampoo/conditioner.

    Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep us updated.

  429. Lisa says:

    I’ll be picking up the Hamburger Helper, Tide, Herbal Essance, Green Giant Veggies & Charmin. :)

  430. Doris Boyd says:

    Gogurt, Charmin and Green Giant vegetables

  431. Tanya says:

    Gogurt, Gain, Dawn, & Pampers.

  432. Savannah says:

    Thanks so much for posting all of these wonderful deals! I plan on getting some go-gurt, tide, immaculate baking goods. I just love p&g products! ;)

  433. Debbie says:

    Charmin, gain and pampers, I plan on using the rebate for and to use the rebate savings to mail items to my grandchildren in Ohio, my son and his wife have 4 children ages 5 under and they can use the little bit of help I can give by clipping and using coupons.

  434. Telisha says:

    Definately the yoplait!

  435. Telisha says:

    I like you on FB!

  436. Stacey says:

    Hi there! I plan on buying Gain laundry detergent, Old El Paso dinner kits, Suddenly Pasta, and Charmin. Have a great day everyone!

  437. Denise says:

    Yoplait items!

  438. Kelster says:

    Toothpaste and go-gurt.

  439. Dan H says:

    Tide Pods & Totino’s pizzas

  440. Susan Cataldo says:

    Cookie dough, gain, stock up on the green giant veggis

  441. Pampers for sure. My sisters both have babies in diapers and I like to help out when I can!

  442. jessica jones says:

    Go-GURT and pampers!

  443. Inez says:

    Go-gurt, Old del Paso, Hamburger helper, Totino’s

  444. amanda says:

    I plan on go gurt and green giant.

  445. Kelly says:

    I’ll pick up a few other things, but first on the list is pampers!

  446. Angie says:

    Pampers diapers, Crest TP and Herbal Essences – already in the mail! :-)

  447. shawn says:

    herbal essences, and go-gurt!

  448. rachel says:

    go gurts and diapers!

  449. Ann Y. says:

    I will get Dawn, Green Giant veggies, Crest and Herbal Essences!

  450. Definitely Charmin! …GoGurt..Dawn

  451. Laci says:

    As a college student, I love this so I will be grabbing Totino’s Party Pizzas :)

  452. Jeanette Ford says:

    gogurt and maybe pizza rolls

  453. Kathy says:

    Go-Gurt, Herbal Essences, Crest & Pampers for my grandson!

  454. I would buy 6 Charmin and 1 Crest.

  455. Kim Baenen says:

    Gogurt and Charmin on the list for me!

  456. LINDA H says:


  457. Monica Steele says:

    I am purchasing Gogurt, Hamburger Helper, Charmin, Old El Paso kits, Crest, Dawn and Green Giant veggies.

  458. Beth says:

    Totinos for sure!

  459. Angel Jones says:

    Crest n diapers for sure

  460. Paula says:

    Gain, Dawn, Old El Paso

  461. Gena Walker says:

    Go Gurts and Diapers!

  462. siobhan says:

    Go gurt and pampers.

  463. Lynn Lester says:

    Dawn, Pampers, Green Giant veggies, Immaculate Baking

  464. Nancy says:

    I’ll probably get Crest and Gain!

  465. sharie says:

    Gogurts and suddenly salad

  466. Tia McDaniel says:

    Old El Paso Taco Kits & Hamburger Helper

  467. nancy says:

    Ole El Paso and Charmin

  468. Donna says:

    Green Giant!

  469. Lisa Baldauf says:

    Gogurt…Gain…Dawn…Tostinos….woo hoo!

  470. trish B says:

    Green Giant and Crest

  471. Suzanna says:

    Great way to get a discount on Pampers!

  472. teresa martinez says:

    tide charmin go gurt

  473. Amanda says:

    Immaculate Baking and Green Giant.

  474. Carolyn says:

    Green Giant veggies are on my list.

  475. Jennifer S. says:

    Pampers for my little one and Crest for my Dad.

  476. Rebrekkable says:

    Definitely laundry detergent and Dawn. And some cookie dough!

  477. Tiffany says:

    Gogurt and dawn dish soap

  478. Jennifer m says:

    Betty Crocker hamburger helper and gogurts. I’m low on both, so time to stock up!

  479. Nicole says:


  480. Nicole says:


  481. Lindy says:

    go-gurt and I may splurge on Tide

  482. Robbi says:

    Have to stock up on Gain

  483. Nan says:

    My favorite is Tide

  484. Lana says:

    I plan on getting Old El Paso Kits and Green Giant veggies. There are so many dinners that can be made with these. One of our favorites is to make a casserole with the Old El Paso Kit, Green Giant corn, black beans, and whatever else you want (cheese, black olives, salsa, cream of mushroom soup, jalapenos,sour cream, etc.) So many easy combinations to be made.

  485. Beckie Carpenter says:

    I would grab gain, crest toothpaste and veggies :)

  486. kelly says:

    gogurt and charmin!

  487. Misty says:

    Toilet Paper always seems to be on my list!

  488. Anne S says:

    Definitely the Go-gurt! After that we’ll see what the coupons/sales are….I want to try the Old El Paso kits!

  489. Malissa says:

    Haven’t decided yet, but if I do it probably some gogurt, old el paso and ???

  490. Mike K says:

    Herbal Essence and some Go Gurt for the kids!

  491. Phyllis says:

    Will grab some Totinos pizza & Old El Pasp dinner kits.

  492. Darla says:

    The two things I need most are Tide Pods and Charmin.

  493. Darlene says:

    I am getting Old el Pasco Dinner Immaculate bake (love me some chocolate chip cookies) crest tooth paste, Vidal Sassoon, and Green Giant vegetables.

  494. Patricia H says:

    Plannig to buy , Go-gurt , Herbal Essence and dawn :)

  495. Mia F says:

    Gain & Charmin

  496. Rachel says:

    Charmin, Pampers, and Immaculate Baking!

  497. Barbara says:

    Yoplait go-gurt and Totinos party pizza

  498. June says:

    Hamburger Helper, Old El Paso, Totino’s time to stock up!!!

  499. Amy says:

    Go-gurts and old el paso dinner kits.

  500. Julie says:

    go gurt, herbal essences, cookie dough!!

  501. April says:

    It’s not as fun as some of the other entries, but I plan on getting Pampers diapers. Gotta keep those in stock :)

  502. Pat says:

    Looks like I will get the Crest, Immaculate baking, the Tide pods, Old El Paso,and newborn Pampers to take to my granddaughter born yesterday in PA!!

  503. Alice says:


  504. nicole says:

    Will be grabbing hamburger helper for sure (it is free after coupons at my store), gogurt since they are my kids favorite things, and some pampers.

  505. Julie Vallies says:

    Gain, Dawn, Suddenly Salad, Herbal Essences

  506. Alicia says:


  507. april says:

    Lots of Totino’s!

  508. Eric says:

    Tide and Totinos

  509. Jennifer Engle says:

    Pampers and herbal essence

  510. Michele says:

    Go-Gurt and Charmin!

  511. Kristen says:

    I am going for the Charmin and Totinos pizza!

  512. Emily says:

    I will be getting diapers and a few go-gurts.

  513. Beth B. says:

    Totino’s, Charmin and Herbal Essences!

  514. Angie says:

    I did mine last night and got 2 bags of pampers and 3 Charmin basic TP – with coupons and after rebate it will be $9 for all 5 items, cant go wrong with that at all

  515. CARMEN says:

    i plan on getting the yogurt for the rebate! :)

  516. Carly says:

    Immaculate Baking Company Cookie Dough (to put in the freezer for my “homemade” Christmas cookies), Pampers (for the little one in the family), and Hamburger Helper (for the nights I’m too exhausted to cook).


  517. SHANNON says:


  518. Charmin, Gain and Dawn (maybe some cookies too) :)

  519. Jessica says:

    I plan on getiing the go-gurt , totinos pizza and some vidal sasoon shampoos .

  520. Linda says:

    El Paso Taco kits and Totino pizzas for sure!

  521. janina munoz says:

    Go-gurt, charmin and vidal Sassoon shampoo.

  522. Sarah says:

    I’m definitely going to grab some Old El Paso Dinner Kits and Totino’s Party Pizzas for quick meals!

  523. stacey says:

    charmin & tide!

  524. maribel santiago says:

    I actually plan on getting gain, old el paso, totinos, dawn, charmin, pampers, green giant corn, crest, herbal essence, vidal sasson and tide pods; have mq & store coupons for all.

  525. Susan Wright says:

    Immaculate Baking, Old El Paso Dinner Kits and Gogurts

  526. Heather says:

    GoGurt is a staple at our house. Just pop in the freezer and it stays good well past the use by date. Old el Paso dinner kits and Charmin Toilet paper.

  527. mary says:

    To start some Charmin Basic, Crest, Green Giant and some Phillsbury cookie dough!

  528. Tonya C says:

    Gotta have some Go-gurt/ Pampers/ Herbal Essences/ and cookie dough!

  529. Felicia says:

    I went last night and was thrilled to grab ten bucks worth of free Suddenly Salads! This got me 1/3 of the way there. The rest of the requirement was met by getting the 4 packs of Green Giant Veggies. What a deal!

  530. Trish says:

    Lots of Charmin, Green Giant 4 packs, and Go-Gurt!

  531. eric says:

    tide charmin baby food

  532. eric says:

    tide charmin baby foods

  533. Doug says:

    Charmin and Crest for us.

  534. Kim C says:

    Charmin, pampers, immaculate baking co.

  535. Malaika B says:

    We are always in need of diapers so I’ll be grabbing some Pampers, along with Totino’s for my husband, and Go-GURT for the older kids.

  536. Dara Freeman says:

    Tide, crest, Charmin, go-gurts, old el paso

  537. Jenna A says:

    I plan on purchasing some immaculate baking cookie dough, go gurt, totinos, charmin, pampers and green giant veggies!

  538. Wade says:

    I plan on getting Pampers, Charmin, Hamburger Helper, and other items

  539. Melissa says:

    I am stocking up on Go Gurt, Hamburger Helper, and Charmin

  540. Sharon R says:

    Stocking up on Tide, also Old El Paso. Thanks!

  541. Nicole Brown says:

    I would stock up on Totino’s, Dawn, Hamburger Helper, Green Giant, Crest and Vidal Sassoon :)

  542. Melanie says:

    Diapers! My neighbor is expecting soon and her family is going through some hard times financially with illnesses, medical bills, etc. I know she could definitely use some extra Pampers real soon.

  543. AR says:

    Charmin and diapers… or any other good deal with this promotion would be great… tehee :) Thank you for sharing!!

  544. Sharon says:

    On the list: Green Giant Vegetables for a food drive!

  545. Darlene A says:

    I’ll get some Green Giant veggies, Immaculate Baking, Tide and most likely more when I get there.

  546. Heather says:

    Go-gurt,suddenly salads.

  547. Debbi M says:

    Gain, old El Paso, dawn and hamburger helper.

  548. Smellyann says:

    Green Giant vegies, yogurt, and Suddenly Salads – yum!

  549. Tonya S says:

    Tide Pods and Gogurt for sure :)

  550. Angelita says:

    (4) Pampers wipes
    (2-4) gogurts
    (2) herbal essences
    (2) charmin
    (2) Dawn

    • Allysia M says:

      Just a head’s up, from my understanding of the fine print, Pampers wipes are NOT included in this rebate promotion. The wipes were my plan too until I read the rules. Sorry :^(

  551. Kristan Riley says:

    Totinoes , Old el paso, and go gurt!

  552. Meagan says:

    I’ll be getting everything except the Pampers, Vidal Sassoon, and Tide Pods!

  553. Wendy B. says:

    I will be buying Gain & Charmin.

  554. deb says:

    herbal essence shampoo, and party pizza.

  555. Chandra says:

    I will be buying gogurt and green giant vegetables.

  556. Genine betchley says:

    This will be my first time participating in a rebate! Yay! I’m a total coupon newbie, so here goes!
    Go gurtts
    Suddenly salad
    And crest
    Can’t wait to get my first gift card! thank you for you incredible website! LOVE it!

  557. JILL PORTER says:

    yogurt, old elpaso, crest thanks

  558. Reyna says:

    Go Gurt and Pizza and Go Gurt and more Pizza!

  559. Reyna says:

    Go Gurt and Pizza and Go Gurt and more Pizza!

  560. Cathy says:

    Go Gurt and Old El Paso Dinner Kits

  561. Shayelyn says:

    I’m planning on grabbing the Suddenly Salad. I haven’t had pasta salad in forever!

  562. MB says:

    Definitely Old El Paso

  563. Mel P says:

    I will get as much yoplait go gurt as possible.. its almost free! I just need more computers.. !

  564. maritza says:

    Yogurt for the kiddos, Cookies, veggies, and more yogurt!

  565. Sara says:

    I am planning to purchase Pampers diapers.

  566. Shelby says:

    I plan on grabbing two items from that list!! Since I am in college I love Yoplait yogurt because its a fast and easy breakfast and its perfect for when you are rushed when going to class! I also love Hamburger helper because its such an easy and delicious dinner!!!

  567. Aggie says:

    Charmin for sure. Houshold of all boys we go through TP like water!!

  568. April M. says:

    I will be stocking up on Old El Paso!

  569. Trista says:

    Diapers, Suddenly Pasta Salad, Old El Paso Dinner Kits, and Go-Gurt!

  570. Karin says:

    I always use this promo to stock up on Go-Gurt, Totino’s and Green Giant!

  571. Nicole-Lynn says:

    I’ll be stocking up on Yoplait Go-Gurt! I’m expecting my first baby in November and have really enjoyed yogurt during my pregnancy! Thanks for the opportunity!

  572. Victoria says:

    Charmin and dawn because you can store these easily.

  573. Christie Strickland says:

    How about some Suddenly Salad, Yoplait Gogurt, Totinos Party Pizza, Gain laundry soap just to name a few. Thanks!!

  574. Donna Evans says:

    Definitely Gogurt and Suddenly Salad. Also will pick up the Gain and my family of 6 is extremely dirty or extremely clean, not sure which.

  575. Shirley L says:

    I am going to do the Pampers diapers for the deal. I help out my daughters friend with diapers because she is a single parent

  576. Definitely Tontinos, probably Charmin, and maybe Green Giant and/or Old El Paso.

  577. Alicia says:

    Go-Gurt, Gain, and Hamburger Helper. Thanks a lot for the info and for your site!

  578. Charity L. says:

    I will grab the pampers, green giant vegetables and the charmin.

  579. Marlana says:

    I was just in my store and they didn’t have any coupons associated with the Running Out/Run In deal. They only had the rebate form. Has anyone else had that problem? I was hoping to use the Pampers coupons. TIA!

  580. Stephanie says:

    I’ll be stocking up on yoplait, general mills cereals, and totinos pizzas. Plus, el paso for my taco nights!

  581. Nikki F. says:

    I love to keep the Tostinos pizzas on hand in the freezer for a quick and easy dinner for a busy night. We also enjoy the Old El Paso kits for Mexican night. :)

  582. valorie gomes says:

    gain, dawn and tostinos pizzas

  583. Laurie says:

    I will pick up Pampers, Dawn, Charmin, Go-gurt and Herbal Essences. Thank you for a chance to win!

  584. Christy Anderson says:

    I plan on getting Green Giant vegetables and Totinos pizza rolls.

  585. I am getting me some Charmin Basic, Totino’s party pizza, Yoplait Go-Gurt and Crest toothpaste. ;-}

  586. Angelie Rodriguez says:

    I will be buying Yoplait Go-Gurt, Cahrmin Basic, Totino’s party pizza and Crest.

  587. angie cannon says:

    Time for me to stock up on Gain and Charmin.

  588. Debra R says:

    GoGurt,Hamburger Helper, Suddenly Salad

  589. Mstaye says:

    Charmin and gain detergent

  590. Mary says:

    Charmin toilet papaer

  591. Clare says:

    My boys like the Ole El Paso dinner kits, Tortinos and Yoplait Go Gurts… so i can stock up and get a great deal!

  592. Brenda C says:

    I got gogurts, and lots of them. As well has pasta salad, and the green giant veggies!

  593. Crystal says:

    Ooh, I’d like to grab some Totino’s Pizza and Old El Paso Dinner Kits !

  594. Kimberly says:

    Go-Gurt, Suddenly Salad, Charmin and Herbal Essence!!

  595. Gheri H says:

    pampers and maybe gogurt.

  596. stephanie says:

    For the Running In program I will pick up tons of the Go-Gurt which my daughter loves in her lunch box and love to freeze them. I will also get the Herbal Essences shampoo.

  597. susan says:

    I plan on loading up on Vidal shampoo and conditioner and Immaculate Baking cookies..Yum!

  598. jo says:

    I’ll be buying the Charmin basic (always!), the Hamburger Helper (food pantry donation) Yoplait Go-Gurt (for hubby)– Publix $10 gift card –for ME!! Ha Ha!

  599. Michelle says:

    Im thinking the shampoo n conditioner. My stock pile is empty lol

  600. Mary Mayhall says:

    I plan on getting Dawn Dish Detergent, hamburger helper, suddenly pasta salad, pampers diapers, crest toothpaste, and herbal essences shampoo!

  601. Linda says:

    Diapers, diapers, and dipaers!!! I have 3 litle ones still wearing diapers so there is never enough.

  602. LindaB says:

    My plan is to buy 2 of the Charmin toilet paper and 5 Tide Pods.

  603. Deb says:

    My plan starts just to run in for the Totino’s Pizza, Tide Pods & Charmin, but ‘I heart Publix’ and will probably be running out with a whole lot more!

  604. Sarah Brown says:

    I plan on getting the pampers, toothpaste, and suddenly salad… however if better deals become available I probably will purchase those! :)

  605. Sherry J. says:

    Gain Detergent definitely!

  606. Maboo says:

    I will be getting the Charmin and pizza… :)

  607. Debbie H says:

    Charmin, Old El Paso, Crest and Tide.

  608. Magda says:

    gogurts, gogurts, gogurts…for my 3 boys

  609. Elaine says:

    $30 worth of totinos.

  610. Vicky says:

    Hamburger Helper and Immaculate Baking Cookie Dough

  611. John says:

    Always can use Charmin Basic Bathroom Tissue

  612. Karen says:

    I will be getting the GoGurts, Totinos Pizza, Crest, Charmin, Old El Paso kits and Herbal Essences

  613. Kirstyn says:

    Gain and Herbal Essences are on my list!

  614. Simone says:

    Charmin, Old El Paso, Crest and Diapers !!

  615. Billie Jo Bedgood says:

    Such a challenge… wanted to combine the pink cookware with this rebate!!So, for this one…Herbal Essence, Gain, Tide, & Dawn…because I have coupons for them, and then there’s the other rebate! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  616. Teresa D says:

    pampers and totinos

  617. kdress says:

    I picked up a bunch of canned veggies — I figure it is better to pop open a can of green beans than a bag of chips, if we are making a quick lunch. And I also got a few boxes of the suddenly pasta salad because I have never tried it before.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  618. Nicole Melichar says:

    2 charman, 2 crest, 2 herbal essences, 2 gogert, 5 totinos pizza, 6 hamburger helper witch should be 21.04 plus tax and if I throw in 3 downey I have my running in running out rebate and my p and g rebate for a total of 30.01 plus tax

  619. Linda says:

    I just bought the go-gurts, toothpaste,hamburger helper and 2 dawn liquid.

  620. Amie says:

    I picked up 8 Suddenly Salad, 6 Gogurt, and 2 Pampers. What a great deal for a mother of a five year old, three year old and 2 month old. I only spent $12.76 oop and will submit for the rebate!

  621. Lisa says:

    Run In Run Out Scenario
    4 Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (24fl oz) 2 for $5.00= $10.00
    8 Herbal Essences Shampoo/ Conditioner (10.1fl oz) 2 for $5.00 = $20.00

    Manufacturer Coupons used:
    4 $.25/1 Dawn (exludes travel size) expires 10/31/13
    4 $3.00/2 Herbal Essences expires (excludes Color, Body Wash, and trial/travel size) 10/31/13

    total for Run Out Run In $30.00
    total out of pocket 19.10 (after tax)

  622. Grant says:

    Old El Paso, YoPlait GoGurt, and Dawn. Thank you for this giveaway!

  623. Haely says:

    I’m buying 7 packages of Charmin!

  624. george hutton says:

    run in run out scenario
    2 charmin basic 12pk $4.99×2
    4 herbal essences $2.50×4
    1 Tids pods $5.29
    6 suddenly salads 2x$1.99×3
    as well ase
    4 pantene at $3.61
    2 puffs at 2x$1.50
    then used 2 bogo coupons on pantene and $21.00 in other coupons
    this qualifies me for the breakfast for mom giftset
    thank you iheart publix

  625. cherie says:

    Already purchased:
    8 Gogurts, 4 Old El Paso Taco shells, 2 Charmin & 1 Pampers.
    This is a lifesaver as the gogurts are the only healthy thing my son will eat. :)

  626. Marie says:

    shampoo! My stock is running low!

  627. Kendra says:

    Pampers for my 1 year old and baby on the way(#3)

  628. Beth Dunlavy Hoppe says:

    Totino’s® Party Pizza is what I’ll be buying

  629. Toni says:

    Gogurts and Totinos

  630. Paula Davis says:

    Gogurt, Taco kits and Green Giant Veggies, Charmin….a little of everything really!!

  631. Anne says:

    I’m getting Pampers for the next baby shower comming up.
    Go-Gurt for my two kids and
    Totions Pizza for myself.

  632. Krista says:

    I’ll be picking up Old El Paso Dinner Kits, Yoplait GoGurt, Totino’s Party Pizza and the very yummy Immaculate Baking cookie dough.

  633. susan marichal says:

    I will do the rebate with Old El Paso dinner kits, Charmin and maybe some green giant veggies. The DH loves french cut canned green beans. Maybe some pizza too. Oh and Charmin and dawn,can never have to much of those

  634. Hilda says:

    Go-gurt, my grand daughter loves these things and suddenly salad, but I also like the idea of Green Giant veggies someone posted about.

  635. Linda Buchanan says:

    I plan on buying: Dawn Dish detergent,Charmin Bathroom Tissue,Crest Toothpaste, Totinos Pizza, Vidal Sassoon Shampoo, and Gain Laundry Detergent

  636. Mae says:

    Yoplait Go-gurt, Immaculate Baking Ref Cookies, Suddenly Salad, Vidal Sassoon Shampoo, Crest Toothpaste!

  637. Thrisha says:

    Go-gurts and Immaculate Cookies for sure!

  638. Stephanie B. says:

    Gogurt, Immaculate Cookies, and Hamburger Helper!

  639. liza selby says:

    Gogurt & Immaculate Baking!!

  640. theresa n says:

    The Dawn dish detergent is one of the things on my list.

  641. Arrianne says:

    Yogurt, charmin, dawn!!!!

  642. Carolin says:

    Immaculate Cookies

  643. SISSY says:

    I’m a copycat…!!

    I plan on buying: Dawn Dish detergent; Charmin Bathroom Tissue; Crest Toothpaste; Vidal Sassoon Shampoo; and Gain Laundry Detergent


  644. Laura Dunzweiler says:

    Betty Crocker box dinner & pasta mixes, Go-Gurt (if there is any left when I finally get to shop tomorrow), Tide Pods, Totinos, Green Giant Canned Veggies, Herbal Essences…but really who knows! I rarely plan these particular transactions perfectly so I’m not disappointed if a certain item is there! Since I generally don’t get to shop until Sunday most wks…it generally happens that way! :(


  645. Cynthia says:

    Can I do the running in running out rebate and the breakfast for mom promo together?

    • Angela says:

      I am. The breakfast for mom promo you can take a picture of the receipt and the running in running out one you have to mail in the receipt. so I am doing both. Lets see what happens!

  646. Angela says:

    I bought Pampers, Charmin and herbal essence hair products.

  647. Sara says:

    I plan on grabbing some immaculate baking company cookie dough, the gogurts, totinos, Old El Paso, and Hamburger Helper.

  648. Leah U says:

    I will be grabbing Charmin and Dawn.

  649. Anita says:

    GoGurt, Veggies, and Totinos!

  650. Sherri says:

    Pampers, Tide, and Crest are some of the things on my list.

  651. Alana says:

    GoGurt, Charmin, Old El Paso kits and Green Giant canned Veggies.

  652. Jill S. says:

    Immaculate Baking Cookie Dough

  653. Sara says:

    diapers, crest and dawn for me.

  654. Kristin says:

    I bought Immaculate Baking Cookie Dough and Suddenly Salad

  655. Kristin says:

    PAMPERS !!!!!! Gotta love the diaper deals !! : )

  656. zoe says:

    I got 4 Yoplait, 6 Old El Paso 2) 4packs of GG veggies and 4 Herbal Essense.
    I used $13 in coupons

  657. Alba says:

    Pampers Jumbo 3 packages, one Charmin 12 double roll and one crest toothpaste. Crossing fingers :)

  658. chrissy says:

    Gain Laundry Detergent, Totino’s Party Pizza, Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, Green Giant Canned Vegetables, Crest Toothpaste

  659. Alicia Salagubang says:

    Grabbing some suddenly pasta, Gain and Yolplait!

  660. Nikki says:

    I bought lots of green giant veggies, taco shells, and completely free immaculate baking cookies! All were bogo!

  661. smith says:

    Gogurt, Immaculate cookie dough, vidal sassoon and if needed Herbal Essence as filler.

  662. Jessica says:

    Charmin bathroom tissue!

  663. Amy L says:

    Cookie dough and go-gurt!

  664. Sam says:

    I’ll be getting pampers, herbal essences and immaculate baking co. cookie dough!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  665. Heather says:

    going right after this post – LOL always last minute! I’m buying the Immaculate Cookie Dough, Green Giant Vegs BOGO, Crest and Charmin.

  666. Kristin says:

    Go-gurts were top of my list, along with the Jose ole taco kits

  667. Anuja says:

    I bought 3 Pampers Jumbo Packs, 2 Go Gurts, 1 Crest Toothpaste and 1 Immaculate Cookie Dough, and I had 12 coupons between store, target, and manuf! :)

  668. Chelsea says:

    immaculate cookies sound good :-)

  669. Robin says:

    Herbal Essences

  670. Jerri Davis says:

    I purchased 12 Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioners. Thank you very much, Jerri Davis

  671. David S. says:

    Gain, Old El Paso, & Charmin.

  672. Tara says:

    I had to get the Immaculate cookie dough! My 2 year old loves to help me make cookies. He had so much fun dipping the ginger cookies in the sugar.

  673. Jan says:

    This Grandma will be buying 4 pkgs. of Pampers for her twin grandsons, Garrett and Grayson.