New Publix Coupon To Save On McCormick Spices (Pair With Big $2 Printable!)

September 10, 2013 

spices mccormick New Publix Coupon To Save On McCormick Spices (Pair With Big $2 Printable!)The new Publix Advantage Buy flyer will be posted shortly but I wanted to make sure you guys see this next deal. We have a big $2 printable McCormick’s coupon and starting Saturday we will have a Publix coupon too! Put them together for some awesome deals.

I shared some pricing the other day but I thought I’d let you know to hold off until you can use the Publix coupon (starts Saturday!)

McCormick Spices
-$1.50/2 McCormick Spices Grocery Advantage Buy Flyer In-Ad Publix Coupon
-$2/1 McCormick Gourmet® Spice or Herb (zip 33033)
With the new Publix coupon you can really score a fabulous deal!

As a reminder here are just a few of the low prices I found. Get spices as low as 44¢ after coupons!

Parsley Flakes, $3.19
Cayenne Pepper, $3.79
Oregano, $3.29
Onion Powder, $3.99
Rosemary, $3.79
Spiced Sea Salt, $3.79
Toasted Sesame Seeds, $3.59
Thyme, $3.89
Fennel Seed, $3.99
Coriander, $3.99

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5 Responses to “New Publix Coupon To Save On McCormick Spices (Pair With Big $2 Printable!)”
  1. abby says:

    Well, isn’t that fantastic? Glad I held onto the printables!

  2. Jeanne T. says:

    Thanx for heads up-you’re the best!

  3. Cindy says:

    Thanks! Going to stock up on spices/herbs before the holidays!

  4. Samantha says:

    Darn I just used both my coupons this past week….had a huge wakeup when I purchased ground cardamom as was $9+ thought for a second it was a price mistake but then found out it’s one of the most expensive spices. At least I saved $2 on it :)

  5. Malissa says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! Kicking myself that I used two of these just yesterday! Still have 2 left so that’s good.

(All posts may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.)

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