Nice Deal On AJC Subscription

August 9, 2013 

UPDATE: Read the comments before you go to do this deal!! Nice Deal On AJC SubscriptionI am happy to report that there is actually a decent deal for an AJC subscription for folks in Atlanta. Naturally they wait until I move –tee hee!

Here is the deal that Heather sent in -

Head over to or 404-526-7988 and mention the offer code 3664. You will get your choice of the following

  • 7 day delivery at $3.23/week PLUS comes with $20 gift card
  • Thursday -Sunday delivery at $2.66 PLUS week comes with $10 gift card
  • Sunday delivery at $1.85 PLUS week comes with $10 gift card

Heather notes that she opted out of the digital access and saved 46¢ per week. She will pay $1.39 per week for her 8 weeks ($11.12) plus they are sending her a $10 American Express gift card. Not too shabby!

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14 Responses to “Nice Deal On AJC Subscription”
  1. Diamond says:

    Is this just for subscribers in Atlanta? I buy the AJC at the grocery store here in Macon, because they always have all the coupons. But it’s $3 each. Yes it’s worth it to get all the coupons , but if I could subscribe to it and pay less that would be better.

  2. Vicky says:

    The fine print on that offer says, you get the introductory rate for the first 8 weeks, and only get the gift card if you agree to auto-pay at the full rate for the rest of your subscription.

  3. Abi R. says:

    I was charged $14 for the Sunday only (opted out for digital copy) so I emailed them. Not holding my breath though – they are world’s worst at customer service. Either way, that equates to $4 for 8 weeks delivered, I’ll take that! Also, I had to sign up for EZ Pay which continues after 8 weeks at the retail rate so make sure you cancel in time!

  4. betsy says:

    You get charged a little extra because you have to pay for tax. I paid around $40 for 13 weeks of Thurs-Sun (because I only coupon so I don’t feel guilty about indulging my love for the paper). With the 13 week deal, I got a $20 gift card, so dig around on the site to see if there is a better deal.

  5. Michelle says:

    I just called to try to get the deal and they said its expired :(

  6. Carter says:

    be sure to get the Thursday paper. We’ve been getting $5/$30 or $5/$40 Publix coupons in the delivered thurs paper every couple weeks for the past 3 months or so.

    • Debbie says:

      Where are you finding the Thursday paper coupons? I haven’t seen those in myj paper.

      • Lisa says:

        I don’t subscribe to the Thursday paper; but I receive the free “Evening Edge” paper; sometimes, there are the Publix $x off $xx coupons.

  7. Lisa says:

    Like Abi R stated my situation was similar: I live in Marietta. I signed up for the Sunday only w/out digital access (savings of $.46/week). That should have equated to $1.85 less $.46 = $1.39 / week * 8 weeks = $11.12 plus tax. My total should have been $11.12 plus tax. But, I was charged $14 plus tax for a total of $14.84. I immediately called Customer Service. At first, the Rep couldn’t see the deal showing the rates I was talking about. Then, she transferred the call to a Manager. He was of no help – said nothing could be done as I had just placed the order online. I needed to call back in a week and at that point, I could cancel or question the charges. I plan on calling back. Also, if you go to This deal is for 13 weeks. Sunday only is $1.99/week less digital of $.46/week should equate to $1.53/week. And, I think this offer includes a $10 GC. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks AJC sux!!

    • Lisa says:

      Follow-up from original post on 8/9/2013: I called AJC to determine the variance between what I was charged ($14+tax) vs. what I thought I should have been charged (about $11). I got transferred to a Tier 2 supervisor, Tracy. She was very helpful. Tracy said that instead of 8 weeks, I will receive 10 weeks. I asked her about cancelling the auto-pay. She said if I did that now, I wouldn’t receive the $10 Gift Card (which she says it usually takes a few months to receive). Tracy said that I should cancel the auto-pay closer to the end of the subscription term. So, $1.39/week * 10 weeks comes out to about $14. So, I am currently satisfied. I slightly rescind my comment about AJC sux. But I do think it is strange that the promo was for 8 weeks but actually for 10 weeks. I will confirm I receive 10 weeks! I don’t trust them! When in doubt – call them! Trust – yet verify! You can always dispute a charge…

  8. Ngoc says:

    I am on the same boat with you Lisa. I just called and cancelled my subcription last Saturday after realizing that they charged me $14.84 a month and they could not give me a break out of the charge. I bought the subcription from at $11.99 a month for Sunday and Thursday plus digital access. They confirmed with me that the fee stayed the same the following months. As always, I am looking forward to better deal.

  9. Flea says:

    Atlanta: WAIT! You’re MOVING?!?! Awe man.

  10. Jessica says:

    ugh, i miss the groupon’s that were coming around every 6 months, it was perfect! ajc cs is terrible…i had to keep asking to talk to different ppl before i finally got a charge taken off that wasn’t my fault. put a sour taste in my mouth for the future.

  11. Kayla says:

    I will never get a subscription from the AJC again. My phone received 2 phone calls everyday for about a month in the morning (8/9 am) and evening (5/6 pm) asking if I would like to restart a subscription. My subscription ended in February, and I started receiving phone calls in May. They have recently started up again calling me after 5 pm for the past week.

    So ***********BEWARE*********** They will put you on a calling list no matter how many times you tell them you are moving, don’t want the paper, and you don’t want them to call you anymore.

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