Coupons To Print For Upcoming Publix Deals

July 13, 2013 

 Coupons To Print For Upcoming Publix DealsI thought I’d do a little roundup of coupons that I think will come in handy soon at Publix icon wink Coupons To Print For Upcoming Publix Deals Grab your coupons and you will be ready to grab some great Publix deals next week.

I grabbed these too based on deals from last week that should be still available -

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24 Responses to “Coupons To Print For Upcoming Publix Deals”
  1. marla says:

    Does anyone know if the Classic Hummus can be frozen? Thanks.
    And thank you, Michelle.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I can not find the Sabra Guacamole coupon. Anyone else find it?

  3. Victor says:

    FYI… There’s also a 50 cent off PQ for the herbal essences body wash which can be paired with the 5/2 Clairol Q. Just bought 20 and made 10 dollars!

    • tammi says:

      Does the $5/2 coupon beep on the body washes? The UPCs on the body wash don’t match the first five digits on the coupon. I only saw that the shampoo/conditioners had the matching codes.

      • Victor says:

        They had to put them in manually but I saw on clairol’s Facebook page that they were gonna honor the purchase since they didn’t specify on the coupon.

        • tammi says:

          Yeah I figured they would beep. I don’t feel OK using them if the coupon isn’t even coded for that product. It’s one thing if the codes match, but I’m not going to force my publix I have a good relationship with to push these ones through.

          • Victor says:

            I think I had a new cashier though because I got some at cvs and they went right through

    • Neysa says:

      What is PQ?? Trying to find 0.50 off!

  4. tammi says:

    I’m not seeing the 1.50 sabra guac coupon? I just saw a 1.25, but for the Hummus…..

  5. Jenn says:

    Both the Sabra hummus & guacamole were there for me. Since I printed the hummus Q’s before, it would not print again. I was able to print 2 guac Q’s for the first time.

  6. Cristy says:

    I found the q by going to coupon network website- search guacamole- it will pop right up! I got two! Thanks, Michelle! You make my life so much easier!

  7. Sarah says:

    Are the GoGo squeeze on sale? They are normally 2.99 a box some curious how they are .40 after coupon.

  8. Annie says:

    I bet GoGo Squeez deal better for those with $2 off

(All posts may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.)

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