Easter Breakfast Ideas For The Kids

March 28, 2013 

eggs chicks Easter Breakfast Ideas For The KidsI think you guy know that I love the holidays. I just love any excuse to celebrate. My boys have my love for holidays as well. I have fun plates, molds, platters and pretty much anything else to make meals a little more festive.

When I asked my guys if they wanted to try out a couple of Easter breakfast options – they jumped at the chance to be my taste testers.

I have a few more surprises for them including bunny biscuits and I might try my hand at some “Cinabunny” Rolls too!

If you are looking for something fun for Easter morning try out those Eggs & Chicks (adapted from JustJenn Recipes). All you need are hardboiled eggs, some creative cuts of a carrot a bit of an olive and some black sesame seeds. The kids will have a great time putting them together!

bunny pancakes Easter Breakfast Ideas For The KidsMy boys loved the Bunny Pancakes. I threw out a bunch of ingredients and let them make their own bunny. We settled on bananas, yogurt, cereal, yogurt covered raisins and a little chocolate syrup to make our bunny delicious. The original pin I got the idea from used cantaloupe for the ears but my boys just are not fans of that particular melon.

What’s on your Easter Breakfast menu? I’d love to hear any fun ideas you guys have planned!!

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2 Responses to “Easter Breakfast Ideas For The Kids”
  1. DontMisuseQs says:

    So cute.

  2. Shannon G says:

    Hehe… The eggs and chicks are adorable! LOL… If only I liked hardboiled eggs!

(All posts may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.)

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