Perdue Chicken Coupon To Print

January 8, 2013 

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A new Perdue Chicken coupon has popped up.

My guys love those little dinosaur shaped nuggets. If we can get a sale, I will definitely grab them now that we have a coupon!

UPDATE: Jordan commented that there is a $1/1 PERDUE® Refrigerated Breaded Chicken for Savings Club Members!

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3 Responses to “Perdue Chicken Coupon To Print”
  1. Jordan says:

    Savings Club members can get both the .75/1 and a $1/1. Print limit is 2 on the $1/1 (tied to your account – not per computer).

  2. Roxie says:

    I signed up for savings club and i’m not seeing the $1/1. I see a $1/1 bag of simply smart frozen chicken. I dont think you can use it with the refrigerated nugets that are listed. Am i missing it or is that the one you are talking about?

    • Jordan says:

      No – there was definitely a $1/1 Perdue refrigerated nuggets. They are not the coupons for the Simply Smart variety. They were there two days ago but may be gone by now.

(All posts may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.)

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