Great Deal On Campbell’s Slow Cooked Kettle Style Soups At Publix

December 29, 2012 

 Great Deal On Campbells Slow Cooked Kettle Style Soups At PublixIn addition to the super cheap Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolate we can pick up with the Savings Club coupon, you can also grab an incredible deal on Campbell’s Slow Cooked Kettle Soup.

Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soups, 15.3 to 15.5 oz, Gourmet Bisques, 18.3 oz, or Go Soups, 14 oz, 2/$4
-$1/2 Campbell’s Slow Kettle Style soups 
-$0.75/1 Campbell’s® Slow Kettle® Style soup Savings Club Members
-$2/2 Campbell’s® Slow Kettle® Style Soups PUBLIX coupon Best Meals Happen At Home Email
As low as 25¢ each after coupons! 

Any of you have any recommendations on which ones are the best? That crab and corn chowder sounds so good right now! It’s so cold!!

Thanks Marnie!

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12 Responses to “Great Deal On Campbell’s Slow Cooked Kettle Style Soups At Publix”
  1. melissa says:

    The only one I dislike is the tomato.

  2. Samantha says:

    I just got back from getting this deal and picked up the Crab and Corn Chowder, couldn’t wait so ate it straight away….it was delicious. Thanks for posting the offers….I also got the Gourmet Bisques and Go Soups 2 days ago and picked up another 2 Go soups today….I’m all set for the cold weather now :)

  3. vickie says:

    I don’t see this coupon when I log in, what zipcode did you use?

    • Doug says:

      I found it in mine, 34685. It was way down on page 6.

    • Linda says:

      The 0.75 on 1 coupon is a savings club coupon. You can only get it of your a member. The savings club coupons are always at the top of the list once you log on. There is only about 2 pages of them.

  4. vickie says:

    Ok, I’ve logged in on two different computers using 34685 as my zipcode and I still only see the $1.00 off two kettle soups. The only .75 cent coupon I see is for the skillet sauces. I think I will give up, .50 cent soup is good enough I suppose! Lol.

  5. Lisa says:

    The Publix coupon has reached its print limit

    • Contessa says:

      It said that for me tooand I was quite puzzled as I hadn’t printed anything from that email. Luckily I was doing something else at the time and didn’t close the window right away, then the little window “checking availability” came up and my coupon printed but it took about 10 minutes until it did.

      This has happened before for me with these Best Meals coupons so sometimes I just go away from the computer for a few minutes to see if it will eventually print out. I also have this same problem with the Redplum coupons.

  6. Shaundra says:

    I was only able to print 1 coupon and it was for $1 off of 2 soups not $2 off of 2. Anybody else have that problem ?

  7. Penny says:

    So I signed up for the Savings Club to access the .75 coupon but every time I try to unlock it I get taken to a page where I have to login again. To unlock the coupon it seems I have to give up credit card information which I’m reluctant to do. Is there no way around this?? The Campbell’s soups have been eagerly consumed by my family this week and I wanted to pick up a load of these for them :(

  8. elizabeth says:

    Did this 2/$4 end? I went today and it’s 3.69

(All posts may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.)

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