Small Publix Ad Valid Through 8/1 (7/31 For Some)

July 29, 2012 

smacl 1 Small Publix Ad Valid Through 8/1 (7/31 For Some)There was a little Publix ad with a few additional sale items as a wrap on the Publix ad in my paper this morning. It included a few additional BOGOs…so I figured I would type up the small ad for you guys. No coupons to match as it is all Publix products. Maybe you will see something you need. They are also advertising the Buy Their Get Ours promotion that I told you guys about last week.

There is a “Snack and Save” promotion where you get the following for $4.99 (must purchase all products:

  • Publix Thick & Chunky Salsa 16 oz
  • Publix Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips 14.5 oz
  • Publix Soft Drink or Selzer 2L

I actually am happy to see spinach for $2 per bag. I think that will go on my list this coming week!

Publix Microwave Popcorn, 6 pk BOGO $3.59
Publix Ibuprofen Pain Reliever 50 ct, BOGO $4.59

Deorated Cupckaes 6 ct, $3.99
Italian Bread 16 oz, $2.29

Publix Yogurt, 20/$5
Publix GreenWise Organic Soymilk, 64 oz, $2.39

Publix Black Tea with Mango half gal, 99¢
Publix Deli American Cheese, $4.99/lb

Publix GreenWise Ice Cream half gal, 2/$7

12 pk Publix Soft Drinks, 4/$10
Publix Non Dairy Coffee Creamer 35.3 oz, $3.99
Publix GreenWise Organic Cereal 14 oz, $2.99
Publix Special Roast Coffee 11.5 oz, $2.99
Publix Grape Juice 64 oz, 2/$5
Publix Club Soda or Tonic Water or Ginger Ale, 2/$5
Publix Vanilla Wafers 12 oz. 2/$3
Publix GreenWise Organic Salsa 15.5 oz, 2/$5
Publix GreenWise Tomato Ketchup 20 oz, 2/$4

Publix Triple Blade Razors 3 or 4 ct, $3.99

Publix Aluminum Foil 200 sq ft, $5.99
Publix Disinfecting Wipes 75 ct, 2/$6
Publix Automatic Dishwashing Detergent, 75 pz, $3.39
Publix GreenWise Paper Towels 3 roll, 2/$4
Publix GreenWise Bleach 90 oz, 3/$5

Publix GreenWise Whole Chicken, $1.99/lb

Publix Fresh & Tender Spinach 9 oz, 2/$4

Publix Premium Salmon 12 oz, $6.99

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13 Responses to “Small Publix Ad Valid Through 8/1 (7/31 For Some)”
  1. Erica says:

    Nice deal on yogurt too :)

  2. melissa says:

    I wish I could find where I read it…I thought on Publix website…but I dont see any of their coupon policy. If I am correct you can use a competitor store coupon on Publix store item. For example, Target is my store competitor and if they have a coupon for their own store brand (called Market Pantry) item then I can use it on Publix’s store brand item.

    • Shawn says:

      Yes, that is correct. Private label brand coupons from competitors are accepted on identical Publix brand items.

    • kk says:

      Per Publix’s own Corporate policy on coupons, DO accept Target’s inhouse label brands – Market Pantry/Archer Farms — as long as Target is considered a competitor at your store. Here it is:

      Q: Will Publix accept a competitor’s coupon for a private label item?

      A: Yes, this is an opportunity for us to introduce our customer to Publix brand products.

  3. Shawn says:

    Publix Deli American Cheese, $4.99/lb
    $1/1lb any brand cheese (valid in FL only) on . :)

  4. Shawn says:

    Publix Thick & Chunky Salsa 16 oz
    Publix Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips 14.5 oz
    Publix Soft Drink or Selzer 2L

    There is a Target coupon that may be a match (haven’t printed it). Says save $1 with purchase of both Archer Farms (private label brand) items…shows salsa and chips.

  5. Deana Stinson says:

    Target Market Pantry Ice Cream coupon may be a match for the Publix Ice Cream.

  6. Rebrekkable says:

    There is also a Market Pantry coupon for juice.

  7. Laura says:

    And the cereal :)

  8. claudia says:

    will u be putting up a printable version?

  9. chelle says:

    The $1 off a pound of cheese florida coupon is for shredded and chunk cheese only not for sliced!

    • chelle says:

      oh and on cube I forgot that…Its been like that for awhile, a cashier pointed it out to me a few months back. I know lots of people have done it before the print is so tiny and hard to see.

  10. Amanda says:

    Dont forget the frozen seafood Target coupon is good with the Salmon.

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