New Oscar Mayer Selects Coupon To Pair With Publix Coupon

June 25, 2012 

 New Oscar Mayer Selects Coupon To Pair With Publix CouponWe have a new Oscar Mayer Selects coupon to pair with the Publix coupon we got this weekend.

Head over and grab the Oscar Mayer coupon then leave a Taste-a-monial. Plus, you can share to help increase the value of the coupon. You may get a coupon for a FREEBIE once the progressive coupon program ends on July 22.

$1/2 Oscar Mayer SELECTS Beef Franks (includes Angus) and SELECTS Turkey Franks Publix Coupon or in 6/24 RP Insert
$1/1 Package of any Oscar Mayer Oscar Mayer Selects Hot Dogs or Cold Cuts 

That’s a total of $1.50 off a pack of hot dogs.

You could also use the manufacturer’s coupon in the upcoming Publix sale: Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Meats or Selects or Carving Board, 2/$6.

Thanks to Steph at Printable Coupons and Deals

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26 Responses to “New Oscar Mayer Selects Coupon To Pair With Publix Coupon”
  1. Martina says:

    There is also a Sweetbay coupon $1/1. Using 2 store coupons and 2 mfr will be only $1.59 for 2 packages!!

  2. Hannah Fortune says:

    I have a REALLY aggrivating problem. It started on Saturday, or maybe it was Friday. Doesn’t matter. When I go to print ANYTHING from redplum, it just sits there,for hours if I let it ( I did too, hoping it’d get over it’s issue), saying it’s getting ready to print but it NEVER does. Anybody else have the same problem? Any suggestions? I asked Redplum on FB but they have yet to answer my post. I need these coupons! The selects are BOGO at my store this week!

    • emily says:

      My computer did this if I clicked more than 6 at one time, so I just printed a few at a time.

      • Hannah Fortune says:

        Thanks, I tried that, no luck. Sigh. Thanks though!

        • jessica says:

          i emailed red plum and they told me that it is either busy when this happens or what I think the most likly of the two is they have updated their system and my desktop is no longer compatible meaning I need an update that I cant get.

      • Kathy says:

        Emily…thank you SO much! I was having problems, too…but followed your advice and only selected three at a time…and no problems printing!!!

    • Brigitte says:

      Mine does it because some security box keeps popping up. If I click always trust the site or something like that it will not print. If I un-check the box it will print. Do you get a security box that pops up?

      • Hannah Fortune says:

        No, I don’t. Nothing happens. It just sits there doing nothing. Then says I already printed the coupons if I try again. Thanks for your comment though!

        • Melanie K says:

          Maybe try a different browser?

          • Hannah Fortune says:

            How do you do that?

          • Melanie K says:

            If you use Explorer, you could try using Firefox, or vice versa. You probably already have Explorer on your computer (unless you have a Mac.) You can download Firefox for free — just google it and you’ll find their website.

  3. Maureen says:

    Was I supposed to print a coupon first? Because, if so, now it won’t let me get to it! Arghhh! Anyone know how to do that?

    • Melanie K says:

      Yikes! Me too! I did the testimonial first, and now I can’t get to the coupon. I tried “unliking” and re-liking but that didn’t help. Anyone know what to do now?

    • Melanie K says:

      Ok, I just logged into hubby’s facebook page, did NOT do the testimonial first and was able to print two coupons.

  4. mons says:

    i have a concern about these coupons for the hotdog sale this week..the one on sale for bogo are classics and both these publix and manu qs are for hotdog selects….does anybody notice this? do you think it will work? i am voicing out this concern coz i want to ask my husband to take me to publix tonight to grab some of the bogo hotdog but i wanna make sure that my coupons will be accepted…be glad to hear anybody`s opinion and thanks..

    • Melanie K says:

      The Classics and the Selects are two different products. Rats. I love the Selects and was hoping to see them BOGO for July 4th.

    • Michelle says:

      According to the Happy Report for this week, the Selects ARE on BOGO, just at a higher price point. You should be able to use the coupons if your store indeed has the Selects on unadvertised BOGO.

  5. Cora says:

    The Oscar Mayer page just keeps going in a loop, no coupon for me :(

  6. mandapandamoon says:

    Thank you soo much :) this makes me sooo happy : )

    • mandapandamoon says:

      dont forget your sweetbay coupons. : ) I just got 8 packs and a bunch of other stuff for 8.14 : ) minus this coupon 4.14 : ) Yay

  7. Mons says:

    Just went to publix and I’m happy to tell everybody that hotdog selects are included in the bogo….

  8. Michelle says:

    Ichad the same problem with red plum yesterday. I figured it was just a site problem and went back today. Still not working. I googled the problem and came up with an answer directly from red plum ( it came up as an answer on google through their site, but I couldn’t find a FAQ or search on their homepage…). Java needs to be updated.
    Start > control panel > Programs > java > update
    It works fine now :)

    • sue says:

      I had the newest java, but had to uninstall the older java for it to work.
      Just to let people know to try doing both.

  9. liz b says:

    I thought Turkey were BOGO, but I didn’t see a sign for it at my store…. bummer.

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