Giveaway – Win A Green Giant Prize Pack

May 2, 2012 

 Giveaway   Win A Green Giant Prize PackI know lots of you guys follow Weight Watchers. My husband and I are working to drop some weight and also have been using Weight Watchers to help us.

Whether you’re striving to watch your weight or simply helping your family to add more vegetables in their meals, with a little help from Green Giant finding a delicious way to mix up your diet routine can be easy and convenient! Available in a wide variety of flavors, there are nearly 30 varieties of Green Giant frozen boxed vegetables endorsed by Weight Watchers, including offering that feature decadent sauces and tasty seasonings.

Green Giant is the only frozen vegetable brand to be endorsed by Weight Watchers, and nearly all endorsed varieties have a 1 or 2 PointsPlus value per serving. I love being able to pull out a box and have a great side dish that is portion controlled.

If you prefer a smaller serving size, try Green Giant Just for One vegetable trays which are also endorsed by Weight Watchers. These are perfect for a quick and easy lunch side!

To help you save a little green head over and print a coupon for $0.60/2 boxes of Green Giant Boxed Vegetables.

Green Giant Weight Watchers Publix prizepack Giveaway   Win A Green Giant Prize PackHow about a little giveaway? One I Heart Publix reader will get a Green Giant prize pack that includes the following:

  • (1) VIP coupon for a free box of Weight Watchers® endorsed Green Giant Boxed Vegetables any variety
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch Bag
  • Mini Nutrition Tracker
  • Lunch to Go Kit
  • Solar Powered Pedometer
  • Mini Ice Pack

Entry is simple! You just need to complete the task below! As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.  I will choose the winner on Monday 5/7 at 11 pm.


  • Tell me the Green Giant boxed vegetable your family likes best.

Disclosure:  The coupons, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Green Giant® and Weight Watchers® through MyBlogSpark.

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419 Responses to “Giveaway – Win A Green Giant Prize Pack”
  1. Christie says:

    We love the Simply Lima Beans at our house! YUM!

  2. ali says:

    Our favorite is probably the broccoli and cheese… the only way my son will eat broccoli – covered in cheese! We also like the sweet peas and lima beans!

  3. Rosie says:

    Our favorite is the sugar snap peas! They are so sweet and yummy!

  4. Jenny Hodges says:

    We love the broccoli with cheese!! I lost over 200 POUNDS following Weight Watchers. Keep up the good work, track and it WILL come off!!!

  5. Allison says:

    The broccoli and cheese is definitely our favorite!

  6. Damian says:

    I think it’s called Baby Spring Vegetables. Can’t remember the name because I just used the last one on Monday. Time to go to Publix for more! :)

  7. jacquy says:

    We love the sugar snaps i love to toss them in a lil butter and salt and pepper. The kids love the corn too,and brusel spouts.

  8. Jodi Harriss says:

    We like the heart healthy variety

  9. Sheri says:

    All of my kids love broccoli @ the green peas !!

  10. Brenda McAlister says:

    We love the Broccoli and Cheese! So good!

  11. Megan says:

    I love the broc and cheese

  12. Tammy says:

    My family as a whole aren’t big vegetable eaters, but if I get the broccoli with cheese sauce they will clean their plates.

  13. Jennifer Harling says:

    the broccoli and cheese

  14. Pam Baird says:

    Green bean cassarole.. Yum,

  15. Jen says:

    Our family loves the Niblets Corn and Butter Sauce boxed vegetable. Corn is our favorite veggie and Green Giant gets it perfect!!

  16. CT says:

    Corn niblets in butter sauce!

  17. nikki says:

    Broc, rice and cheese. My kids eat this just as a meal alone! Love it!!

  18. Doreen says:

    Sweet Peas and Pearl Onions is our fav! A couple boxes as an accompaniment to any entree is simple, quick and easy.

  19. Kristin says:

    We like green peas!

  20. Jennifer says:

    I live the broccoli cheese for a quick side dish and the spinach is a great addition to many things.

  21. Kirsten H. says:

    My son’s favorite is peas and carrots, so thats what we eat the most :)

  22. Pat Wike says:

    Brussel sprouts and steamed broccoli are the tastiest.

  23. Mendy says:

    we like the lima beans best

  24. Jamie says:

    The broccoli with cheese is great! Thanks for hosting! :-)

  25. Nicole Campbell says:

    We love the cheesy broccoli and rice!

  26. Faye says:

    Broccoli for sure!

  27. Candace says:

    We like the broccoli and cheese

  28. Lisa says:

    Their green peas. They are great to put in just about any dish. My husband even put them in our salad the other night. Surprisingly, they weren’t half bad, but don’t tell him I said so.

  29. Tab says:

    brussel sprouts mmmm

  30. Kellie says:

    We love the Simply Steam Shoepeg White Corn!!!!! I think we have one every night!

  31. Marie says:


  32. nana m says:

    we love the spinach

  33. Maggie says:

    Creamed spinach.. It is wonderful :)

  34. Jennifer says:

    Our family love the Green Giant Broccoli and Cheese and the Corn with butter sauce!! :) I think I will go buy some tomorrow now that its on my mind.

  35. J says:

    We love the corn with butter sauce!!

  36. Zahida says:

    We love French cut beans with Almond, Lima beans as well heart healthy. They are easy to prepare and taste so good.

  37. Elena says:

    My family loves corn!

  38. Carol says:

    Corn niblets in butter sauce is the best :)

  39. Andy says:

    The creamed spinach is the best! I have tried other brands and they do not compare.

  40. Karynne says:

    Our family loves so many of them but some of my son’s and my favorites are creamed spinach (he adores it), brussel sprouts, cauliflower with cheese, and sugar snap peas. My husband’s favorite is lima beans in butter sauce.

  41. Amy says:

    We love the green beans with almonds!

  42. Zahida says:

    We use spinach a lot too. Make dip, use in Lagsana, other pasta dishes.

  43. Jennifer D. says:

    My family loves the “healthy weight” boxed veggies. My husband likes the black beans and I just discovered that my 9 year old loves edamame. It’s the only veggie I can really get her too eat! Plus, I love the butter flavor without the guilt of real butter. I’ve tried the other varieties like healthy vision and healthy digest, but they are not as good as this one.

  44. amy says:


  45. Elizabeth says:

    Creamed spinach is the best!!! Love it! :)

  46. Danielle says:

    we like the brussels sprouts, believe it or not!

  47. Angela says:

    Broccoli and cheese sauce… Yummmm-o

  48. Nikki says:

    Chessy potatoes.

  49. Krystal says:


  50. Lee Ann says:

    My husband, children, and grandchildren love it all – probably the lima beans the best!

  51. Dianne says:

    We love the brussels sprouts, especially my 6yr old son!

  52. Kristin T says:

    Favorite at our house is corn in butter sauce

  53. Michelle says:

    I love the broccoli varities.

  54. Carly says:

    We love broccoli! I can’t tell you how much frozen broccoli we go through :)

  55. Gina says:

    The corn is so yummy…never taste frozen!

  56. Jackie says:

    I can’t pick a favorite because I like so many because they all have different uses!
    Broc & cheese to add to a baked potatoe, to puree and make a nice broc cheese soup
    Green beans with almond! Yum
    Cauliflower to make “fake” mashed potatoes
    Cream of spinach, to use in dip and for a quick no hassle soup
    Brussels sprouts!!!

  57. Cheryl says:

    Our favorite is broccoli. My kids called it “eating trees” until about a year ago. They are getting so big:(

  58. Jessica says:

    Our favorite is broccoli too. We always have some on hand.

  59. Abby says:

    Brocolli & cheese my fave & my son will eat always a plus:)

  60. Pamela Johnson says:

    Broccoli. My kids love it and call it little trees too!

  61. SISSY816 says:



  62. Ashley says:


  63. Beth says:

    Toss up between the Broccoli and the corn

  64. Melissa says:

    I personally love the Roasted Potatoes with Garlic and Herbs.

  65. Crystal says:

    I love the broccoli and cheese.

  66. Denice says:


  67. April Mann says:

    I love the cream spinach…yum! It makes a great, low fat dip. :)

  68. helen says:

    shoepeg whiite corn!!

  69. Jennifer S. says:

    Broccoli for sure!!!!

  70. yadira pelkey says:

    Me corn, my hubby brocoli and cheese

  71. Monique Steiner says:

    Brocoli and cheese!!

  72. Maui says:


  73. tampatwinmom says:

    hands down the french cut green beans with almonds, makes frozen fancy!

  74. Amanda says:

    We love the green beans with almonds!

  75. Shari says:

    Snap peas

  76. Linda Burgoyne says:

    Being that I am a family of one, my favorite Green Giant frozen veggie is Broccoli in cheese sauce. I like it by itself, but also for a quick lunch over a baked potato.

  77. latasha says:

    I love the corn!

  78. Niki F. says:

    Definitely the corn!

  79. Susan Edmonds says:

    broccoli and cheese sauce

  80. Gladys says:

    We like them all…but our favorite is Broccoli and Cheese!!

  81. Maureen says:

    Shoe peg corn with butter!

  82. Debbie B says:

    Corn, definitely corn. Thanks!!

  83. Betty says:

    Brocoli and cheese!! ;)

  84. Patty D says:

    Cauliflower and cheese :-)

  85. Laura H says:

    The family loves the corn.

  86. Ashley says:

    sugar snap peas

  87. Christie says:

    We enjoy the brussel sprouts the most.

  88. Stacey says:

    My favorite is peas with butter.

  89. Christi C says:

    I LOVE Broccoli/cheese AND corn :)

  90. Jazzmyn says:

    broccoli and cheeeeeese!!!!!

  91. dostermom says:

    The broccoli and cheese is our fav!! I couldn’t believe how BIG the pieces were the first time I fixed it for our supper!! Love the flavor! :)))

  92. broccoli in cheese sauce

  93. odessa says:

    My husband & I really like the lima beans whereas our kids like the corn niblets

  94. Trung Nguyen says:

    I love broccoli

  95. Crystal says:

    Oh.. we love the Corn Niblets …yummm

  96. AngelFabs says:

    We love the brocc with cheese sauce! Yum!

  97. Rita Marullo says:

    We love the broccoli

  98. Kim says:

    I love the corn nibbles!

  99. Christie says:

    My family’s favorite is actually the one that you have pictured above! :) The broccoli and cheese is delicious! I am hoping to win! I take me lunch to work everyday, but in a plastic Publix bag, a new LUNCH bag would be AWESOME! haha!

  100. Donna says:

    Broccoli & Cheese and the Peas are our faves!

  101. Beth says:

    We love frozen peas to make pea salad.

  102. Lauren B says:

    My family likes the baby peas. My fave is the brown rice. So convenient!

  103. Susan says:

    Corn, YUM!

  104. Sheena says:

    My baby loves broccoli!

  105. Lauren G says:

    Cauliflower is a favorite in our house!

  106. Amy says:

    I like Broccoli with Zesty Cheese Sauce.

  107. lauren says:

    Broccoli with carrots…yummy!!

  108. Cecilia says:

    Broccoli or cauliflower rock.

  109. Marsha R says:

    Our favorite is the Simply Steam® Baby Lima Beans.

  110. Ashlyn T says:

    My favorite is the Antioxidant Blend – Olive Oil Seasoning – yum!

  111. Vera S says:

    We like the Teriyaki Vegetables best. :)


  112. John Joseph says:

    my favorite is the green peas

  113. Carolyn says:

    We love Green Giant Broccoli with Cheese Sauce. I would love this gift box because I am a member of Weight Watchers and could use all of the contents.
    Thanks for the chance to win! Love this site. :)

  114. Helen says:

    Our favorite is the simply steam broccoli cuts. They have no fat, are low in sodium, are healthy for you and they taste great!!

  115. Kendra says:

    Our favorite is the broccoli with cheese!!! Yumm!!!

  116. Oni says:

    Spinach – you can thaw it and put it in a million recipes

  117. Tammy says:

    Ohhh my family loves the teriyaki vegetables but my very favortie one is simply steam lima beans. Sadly, I am the onlyone in my home of 5 taht likes lima beans =(.

  118. Amy says:

    I love the cheesy rice, or the corn and butter sauce! yummy no im craving some!

  119. Cindy Bowling says:

    Our favorite is the sweet corn

  120. Natasha Hudnall says:

    Broccoli with cheese sauce for sure!

  121. Karen Cupstid says:

    Our family loves the broccoli and cheese the best!

  122. Valley says:

    I love the broccoli and cheese sauce.

  123. Kami says:

    Brussel sprouts!!!!! They’re so yummy!

  124. Ann Y. says:

    It’s only me (and my dogs, but they don’t eat my human food lol) and I am working very hard to lose about 50 pounds, so I’m eating more veggies.

    My favorite is definitely the broccoli and cheese!

  125. Bridget says:

    My daughter’s favorite is the peas in butter sauce.

  126. Patricia L. says:

    Our family really likes the corn in butter sauce, Yum!

  127. Broccoli with cheese sauce! Yum!!

  128. Sleepy says:

    I like “Healthy Weight” best since it has “edamame”.

  129. Chris B says:

    the kids like broccoli and cheese… i like spinach and brussel sprouts…

  130. Michele says:

    Green Beans with Almonds

  131. Julia Swarner says:

    I like broccoli and cheese.

  132. Lee says:

    Creamed spinach

  133. Alycia M says:

    My fave is the corn in light sauce, yum!

  134. Pizza Pro says:

    Bring on the Sugar Snap Peas Please…:)

  135. Mary says:

    It’s a toss up here, either brussel sprouts or sugar snap peas (I have also been known to mix them together when I can’t decide)

  136. Courtney D says:

    I would have to say the broc and cheese! its amazing!!!!!!

  137. Patty says:

    My favorite is the creamed spinach. So creamy, so yummy!!

  138. Margaret says:

    Spinach cuts in Butter sauce is my favorite from GG. Sometimes I just get the plain ole spinach and make a low fat Spinach & Artichoke dip!!!

  139. Nicole says:

    I have bene known to finish off a whole box of the Baby lima beans and call it supper. Sometimes it oays to live alone so you can do things like that. lol

  140. May says:

    Brussel sprouts are our favorite.

  141. Grace says:

    We love the white shoepeg corn in butter sauce.

  142. Terri D says:

    Corn on on the cob

  143. Topper says:

    I love the Healthy Weight Health Blend. The mix of vegetables with black beans and edamame is just so good!

  144. Nancy N. says:

    love the brocolli cheese mix

  145. Denise says:

    My family loves the broccoli with cheese.

  146. Annie says:

    I love all of the green giant veggies. If I had to say my favorite I would say the spinach because you can add that to almost any dish to bulk it up and you didnt add many if any calorie’s. Happy Shopping.xo

  147. Judi says:

    I really love their peas

  148. lisa simmons says:

    I love the broccoli/cauliflower mix thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful giveaway package

  149. Eliza says:

    I love the Green Giant Cauliflower and Cheese Sauce only ONE WW point per serving. Green Giant Vegetables have been a delicious and convenient staple to my WW plan everyday since September 1, 2011. By the way, I have lost 40 lbs. Thank you Green Giant for your help.

  150. Lori M says:

    Nothing like plain old brocolli spears. Could eat them every day. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats to all how have/are/will lose those extra pounds!

  151. Mary says:

    We love the sweet corn.

  152. Deborah says:

    We love the broccoli with cheese sauce!

  153. Carol says:

    Broccoli and cheese

  154. Marcie says:

    The spinach is great!

  155. Sharon says:

    We like the broccoli.

  156. Bernie Young says:

    Honey glazed carrots. Yummmm

  157. carrie says:

    We luv the broccoli and cheese

  158. Sharon says:

    I like the weight management blend the best

  159. connie Enderle says:

    We really love the white corn in butter sauce mmm good.

  160. Amy says:

    I love the Green Giant Cauliflower and Cheese Sauce but have not found one that i do not like yet!!

  161. Erin says:

    I love the Healthy Weight: carrots, sugar snap peas, edamame, black beans in butter sauce!

  162. Corin says:

    Spinach is my favorite but there is also a rice & mushroom that is great, but hard to find.

  163. Sharon R says:

    We like the green bean casserole best! Yum!

  164. Sharon R. says:

    Broccoli is the veggie that is most liked in the family!

  165. Ashley says:

    Broccoli and cheese is the best!

  166. Cristina P says:

    we love everyone, spinach and light sauce, Brussels sprouts, garden peas and mixed vegetables!

  167. Lisa says:

    Mmmmm, spinach!

  168. Will says:

    I like their Teriyaki blend

  169. Jennifer says:

    Broccoli and cheese and the cheesy rice!!!

  170. Kellie says:

    Broccoli and cheese!

  171. Marnie says:

    green peas with mushrooms

  172. neely says:

    My kids love the broccoli and cheese! I like the roasted potatoes!

  173. Jennifer says:

    Broccoli and cheese for our family!

  174. Theresa N says:

    The broccoli and cheese sauce it’s the only way my husband will eat this food.

  175. valorie gomes says:

    Nutter beans and aldo love the roasted potatoes

  176. kate m says:

    my daughter loves the broccoli and cheese

  177. laurie says:

    We love the brussel sprouts

  178. cynthia says:

    My kids love the broccoli and cheese.

  179. Marcia Goss says:

    Our favorite is the broccoli and cheese.

  180. I like them all. When they go on sale, I buy lots of boxes, all different varieties, and eat all of them. Yum!

  181. Tracy says:

    My Mom moved out of assisted living and back into her own home in October. She has a lot of weight to lose to be 100% independent but she is on her way. She eats a lot of the Green Giant vegetables to help her reach her goal. She hasn’t found one that she doesn’t like but she prefers the roasted potatoes!

  182. Donna says:

    cheesy broccoli with rice

  183. Dawn says:

    We love the sugar snap peas

  184. shannon says:

    cauliflower in cheese sauce

  185. Cheryl says:

    We love the cauliflower and cheese, simple to fix and taste great

  186. shannon sullivan says:


  187. Lori Lucius says:

    My family (even my 2 teenaged boys) love Green Giant’s broccoli with cheese sauce. It’s my go to vegetable that everyone will eat. It’s the perfect side dish to almost everything.

  188. Kristie o'keefe says:

    We love the shoepeg corn with butter and the broc and cheese

  189. Mary S says:

    Cauliflower and cheese, yummy, sorta taste like mac n cheese!

  190. Michelle M. says:

    Broccoli and cheese is awesome!

  191. LisaR says:

    Our Family loves the broccoli and Cheese!! Yummy

  192. Kristin H says:

    My fave is the brussel sprouts . . . But, the fam fave is the corn in butter sauce. Yum!

  193. Lisa Gray says:

    I love the teriyaki blend, also the broccoli and cheese

  194. lunise says:

    buttered corn

  195. Anne S says:

    Broccoli and cheese, niblet corn

  196. dave says:

    Broccoli or spinach are my favorites.

  197. stephanie maddox says:

    Broccoli and cheese!

  198. Jade says:

    We love the creamed spinach! My 6-year-old always askes for seconds and says, “I LOVE spinach!”

  199. Mama Mia says:

    My kids LOVE the broccoli with cheese boxes from Green Giant. They would each eat an entire box at one sitting if I’d let them.

  200. vergin says:

    Our family likes corn.

  201. Kime' says:

    cream corn. :)

  202. Karen Moore says:

    Love the Simply Steam Sugar Snap Peas. So versitile – defrost and add to a mixed veggie salad, eat as a snack with some lowfat balsamic dressing as a dip or toss into a stirfry for some added texture and crunch. Yum!

  203. Ginger says:

    We use the chopped spinach on homemade pizza.

  204. Jeremy says:

    broc and cheese

  205. melissa says:

    Broccoli and cheese!

  206. Melissa Dingerson says:

    The fresh taste is amazing in our recipes. I personally love the chopped spinach in pasta (and dips). . .

  207. Lucy says:

    Love their boxed spinach

  208. Amy says:

    Our NEW favorite is Green Beans with Almonds. For years, our “go to” has been the corn, but recently I decided to branch out and try a couple of new varieties. It was my teenage daughter who first asked me to get this more often, and my husband and I agreed.

  209. We all love the extra sweet corn on the cob. Sometimes it is hard to find, so when I do find it I stock up.

  210. Betty Pierson says:

    My favorite is buttered corn or broccoli & cheese! It’s a tie!

  211. Jennifer Jackson says:

    My favorite is the Garden Vegetable Medley!

  212. Alexa R. says:

    That would have to be the sugar snap peas.

  213. Rachel says:

    My favorite is the buttered corn.

  214. Sandy Poppell says:

    My kids love the broccoli and cheese sauce!

  215. Jennifer H says:

    broccoli and cauliflower blend

  216. Jennifer says:

    My family loves the buttered corn!! Mmmm good!!

  217. waldessa says:

    We love sugar snap peas

  218. Angela says:

    My favorite is the potatoes with the herb seasoning. I can heat those things up and eat them by themselves as a snack! so delicious! Yum yum! :-)

  219. Michelle says:

    Brussel sprouts!!!!!!!!!!

  220. amanda d says:

    sugar snap peas!! They are great in everything – and defrost fresh and crisp tasting

  221. Janie says:

    Love sugar snap peas!

  222. Kristin Dutt says:

    My husband and daughter love the broccoli and cheese sauce bags :)

  223. AnointedSaver says:

    I buy the glazed carrots all the time. My husband could literally eat them every day!

  224. Ubiquitous says:

    I like them all, but I guess the green peas and mushrooms are my fav.

  225. Sue says:

    The broccoli and cheese is really good! Nice to pour over a baked potato.

  226. G says:


  227. Jessica Long says:

    the buttery spinich is so good, and so is the one with cranberries

  228. Rhonda says:

    My favorite is the buttered corn. THANKS!

  229. Dorothy says:

    I like the baby lima beans. Thanks for the giveaway.

  230. Candace says:

    sweet peas are yummy!

  231. Ann-Marie says:

    How can you choose just one, Green Giant has so many? We love the buttered corn and the broccoli/cauliflower blend.

  232. BillM says:

    Tough choice! It’s between the creamed spinach and the Brussels Sprouts……….

  233. Tori says:

    Believe it or not, we love the brussel sprouts!

  234. Tina Brown says:

    Our family loves the brussel sprouts.

  235. Diana Chastain says:

    My family’s favorite is the broccoli and cheese. I have a 16 month old and take care of my friends 15 month old daughter so these are an easy, quick, yummy, and nutritious meal option. :)

  236. Heather says:

    We are broccoli eaters!

  237. lizel says:

    Chopped Spinach

  238. Sam says:

    The sweet corn niblets are AMAZING!!

  239. COURTNIE says:


  240. Kaylee says:

    We love the shoepeg corn!

  241. Pat Snyder says:

    My family and I just love the baby brussell sprouts in butter sauce. They may not be advertised as baby brussell sprouts but they are all so small and uniform in size they cook up wonderfully and are delicious.

  242. Morganne Langer says:

    We love the one you have pictures, Broccoli and cheese sauce :-) Yum!

  243. Janice says:

    Our family favorite Is the Sweet Kernel Corn. Love it.

  244. April M. says:

    I love the shoepeg corn.

  245. Peggy says:

    We love the broccoli in butter and we add some garlic butter to it. Yummy!!!

  246. Cathy B says:

    So hard to choose – probably the Green peas and mushrooms

  247. Kristin Miller says:

    We like the green beans with almonds.

  248. Melissa says:

    We use the Green Giant boxed shoepeg white corn on a weekly basis!

  249. Valerie Brenner says:

    We like broc and cheese.

  250. Joy says:

    We LOVE the Brussel Sprouts!

  251. Keri S says:

    Yum – chopped spinach. I add it to everything from meatloaf to lasagne to squeeze in that extra serving of veggies:)

  252. Sonya says:

    Our favorite is the Brocolli & Cheese Sauce

  253. lori says:

    Broccoli with cheese sauce

  254. Catherine says:

    Yay Brussel Sprouts!!!

  255. sara says:

    The broccoli with cheese sauce is the most popular at my house

  256. michael m says:

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the brussel sprouts. And the best part is that I get them all to myself because no one else likes them…They love the broccoli and cheese sauce.

  257. Leanna says:

    chopped spinach… so versatile!

  258. Jillian Tyre says:

    The rest of my family could care less about veggies, but I have liked the teriyaki veggies and green bean casserole for a long time!

  259. Lora Page says:

    I love the broccoli and cheese!!

  260. Amber C says:

    sweet corn is the winner @ our house!

  261. Sheila K. says:

    We like the broccoli and cheese!

  262. cher miller says:

    we love the brussel sprouts

  263. cheryl says:

    the brocolli and sauce. My 2 year old asks for it!!! TY for all you do!

  264. Jennifer Davis says:

    Definitely the broccoli and cheese! Delish! :)

  265. Brandi C. says:

    Broccoli spears and broccoli with cheese!! Yumm!!

  266. Teresa says:

    chopped spiniach

  267. Abby says:

    Chopped spinach!!

  268. kathleen says:

    the roasted poatatoes :)

  269. Aimee Donato says:

    LOVE the Spinach!

  270. Larissa B says:

    We love the broccoli and cheese!!!

  271. Tracey says:

    We love the broccoli and chees sauce……

  272. Wendy B. says:

    Honey Glazed Carrots for the whole family!

  273. Diana says:

    Broccoli and cheese sauce. Delish!

  274. Michele Yonash says:

    I LOVE the creamed spinach. MMMMMMMMMM

  275. LindaG says:

    The Healty Weight veggies are wonderful!

  276. Carrie says:

    We love the broccoli and cheese!!! This is the only broccoli I can get my son to eat and it’s a-ok with me!

  277. Kim says:

    Buttered lima beans. The portion is perfect for two.

  278. cheryl says:

    My daughter would have the broccoli with cheese sauce every night as our side veggie if I would let her!

  279. Stacie says:

    We like the Lima beans

  280. Tonya Caywood says:

    We love most all of them but to say one was our favorite, the broccoli and cheese!

  281. Jen says:

    My husband loves the broccoli and cheddar cheese but i love the corn nibblets :)

  282. Tiffiney says:

    Broccoli and cheese

  283. Donna Turner says:

    We could eat the chopped spinach every day.

  284. Dawn says:

    Sweet Corn!!! Yum!

  285. Dianne Super Saver says:

    I eat the broccoli a lot, but I LOVE the Green Giant green beans with almonds. Somehow it seems to dress up any meal, and I feel so fancy putting the almonds on top!

  286. SUNNY says:

    I love the Cauliflower & Cheese Sauce.

  287. Kira says:

    I think the broccoli and cheddar would have to be my favorite. Broccoli is the one vegetable my whole family can agree on!

  288. Mrs Mc says:

    I love the small boxes of Garden Vegetable medley. It has potatoes, red peppers, and green beans. Yummy.

  289. Debbie H. says:

    The asparagus is great and it tastes so fresh!

  290. Shawn says:

    Broccoli with cheese sauce by far. You get your veggies, you get the treat on top, you only have to heat it up, and it all tastes great!

  291. Kristian says:


  292. Ashley says:

    My favorite is the Antioxidant Blend with Olive Oil Seasoning. :)

  293. Lisa Allsop says:

    i want to tell you ur sight is fantastic and i love to win with you

  294. judith chandler says:

    love your website it is so great

  295. Amanda says:

    Sugar Snap Peas!!

  296. Michelle says:

    I love the spinach.

  297. Liz Scales says:

    lightly sauced brussel sprouts

  298. Lisa says:

    I love the broccoli and cheese it is great!

  299. Colleen says:

    I absolutely love the creamed spinach. I eat 2-3 boxes a week!

  300. Amanda says:

    We like the Simply Steam broccoli and carrots

  301. Billie jo says:

    My family likes the broccoli and cheese and my daughter always says, “Mom can we have the trees for dinner.”

  302. Jamie P. says:

    I love the Healthy Weight one that has the Edamame in it! The Lima Beans are also excellent.

  303. Dena says:

    The Brussel sprouts in butter sauce are the best!

  304. dany says:

    I would say the brocoli and cheese, who does not like this combination?

  305. Michele says:

    My 4 year old son Loves the sweet baby peas! He would eat them everyday! And he loves them cold. He has loved them since he was a baby! I love the broccoli and cheese! Yum!!

  306. Andrea says:

    Brocolli with zesty cheese sauce

  307. April says:

    The Spinach is my favorite. We mix it into all kinds of meals to make them just a little healthier for you!

  308. Tricia says:

    We Love them all But Healthy Vision is my favorite by far 3 or 4 times a week for lunch. I keep them in the freezer at work for those hectic mornings and don’t have time to pack something….

  309. Alexi says:

    I’m a big fan of their corn!


  311. Jaclyn says:

    Everyone in the Fam loves the broccloi and cheese sauce!!

  312. Erin R. says:

    Creamed Spinach is awesome!

  313. Kristen says:

    My favorite would have to be broccoli in cheese sauce! It’s so yummy!

  314. Mandi S says:

    My family LOVES Green Giant Brussle Sprouts with a lil bit of pepper and butter!! They are SO GOOD!!!!

  315. Marianne says:

    We really like the Brussels sprouts! I like to roast them in the oven.

  316. Tiffany says:

    My boys love the broccoli and cheese and my favorite is the brussel sprouts

  317. Amanda Smith says:

    My family loves the sweet peas.

  318. Nathalie Gill says:

    I love the Broccoli with Cheese Sauce. YUM!

  319. Sherry says:

    We like the broccoli with cheese sauce and the petite green peas.

  320. jennifer holley says:

    2 of us like broccoli with cheese, the other 2 likes the potatoes!!

  321. Jodi Webb says:

    We like Broccoli and cheese the best. Although since my little angel would rather have raw broccoli – mom and dad get to portion out the rest :0)

  322. sheila says:

    we really do enjoy all of the varieties. however the fav is broccoli and cheese.
    thank you.

  323. Laura says:

    My daughter is a picky eater. When it came time for kindergarten last fall she just hated to eat a sandwich at lunch. (Rough life isn’t it?;)) I compromised with her and every couple of days I send her with the Rice and Broccoli with cheese in a little thermos. The sandwiches are always half eaten but the brocolli rice and cheese is always licked clean. This would be perfect for her Green Giant days!:)

  324. Faye says:

    We love the Roasted Potatoes with Garlic and Herbs…the best!

  325. Deidre F says:

    Our favorite is asparagus.

  326. Angela says:

    My family won’t admit it but their favorite is Green Giant’s boxed spinach. Everything I cook with this veggie for my non-veggie eaters is loved. Spinach and cheese stuffed pasta, hot spinach dip, sauteed spinach with roasted garlic and a splash of lemon juice etc. They are eating health and don’t even now it. Thanks Green Giant!

  327. Love all of them especially Asparagus!

  328. Brandy says:

    We love the corn, potatoes, broccoli and cheese! :)

  329. jennifer says:

    broccoli, broccoli, and more broccoli. They would eat it for every meal if I didn’t get other veggie choices.

  330. Angela B says:

    Got two to list: The Baby Lima Beans in butter sauce (weight watcher endorced)and for a little something different – a Green Giant Health Blends variety – especially Antioxidant Blend: Butter Sauce. It has cauliflower florets, sliced orange and yellow carrots, and dried cranberries tossed in a butter sauce (this one doesn’t say weight watchers tho). But both are Yummy!!

  331. tammi says:

    any one with broccoli and cheese!

  332. Janice says:

    I love the baby lima beans in butter sauce! My kids love the potatoes.

  333. Eileen Butler says:

    Definitely Broccoli and Cheese!

  334. Olga Gimbel says:

    I love the spinach most!

  335. Betty says:

    Broccoli and cheese sause and spinach

  336. CarolH says:

    We love the frozen white corn. Won’t buy any other brand.

  337. Deb says:

    We love the brussel sprouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  338. Lori Williams says:

    Brussel Sprouts would have to be our favorite, but then again we do crave the broccoli with cheese sauce…..not wait, the white corn is really delish when we have mashed potatoes….oh but the sweet peas….they are awesome with some angel hair pasta and onions and butter….oh, I just can’t decide!! We love them all, it really just depends what we are having with the veggie!! Thanks!!

  339. Ami says:

    Broccoli and cheddar for sure!

  340. Christina says:

    We Love the Peas :)

  341. Amy says:

    My kids love the broccoli and cheese the best!!

  342. Mary says:

    We love the broccoli and cheese

  343. Margaret says:

    White corn!

  344. Carey says:

    We love the spinach and the broccoli spears.

  345. Dianne says:

    Love the greenbeans with almonds

  346. terri says:

    My family loves the broccoli and cheese.

  347. Teresa says:

    Cauliflower and Cheese is our favorite!

  348. pamela james says:

    It’s always been the broccoli and cheese sauce-it’s just so good.

    pjames330 at aol dot com

  349. Coretta says:

    Broccoli and cheese sauce…yum!

  350. Lori G says:

    I personally like the Brussel Sprouts and since no one else in my family does, I always get them all to myself!

  351. Marty says:

    They have a really good mix with red peppers in sauce. A nice change from typical one-veg-mixes. :)

  352. Jen says:

    I love the spinach- so easy to add to my favorite recipes!

  353. mbates says:

    I love the buttered brussel sprouts

  354. Amy says:

    broccoli and cheese is my family’s favorite!

  355. Maggie Mason says:

    creamed spinach

  356. Brandi says:

    I like the rice pilaf and broccoli/cheese in the GG boxes. :)

  357. Rachel says:

    we like the frozen when fresh is too much money

  358. Kim says:

    My family likes the broccoli in cheese sauce but I like the brussle sprouts.

  359. Karen N says:

    My husband and I enjoy the teriyaki vegetables. Thank you for this opportunity to win the gift package.

  360. Charity L. says:

    I like the peas in butter sauce.

  361. Eva says:

    My family likes the corn on the cob, Mixed vegtables, or brocoli

  362. Heather says:

    I love the Lima Beans!!!! So many stores only carry the buttered ones though. I like the plain ones.

  363. Alison Gilmore says:

    While I personally love brussel sprouts, I often get the broccoli with cheese. Two of my kids will eat it, and it’s the only way I can get them to eat broccoli!

  364. Donna Shah says:

    Love the green beans with sauce – also green beans with almonds

  365. Jeanne Terio says:

    My family and I agree that cream style corn is the best. Yum, yum!

  366. Melanie Q says:

    Love the teriyaki vegetables!! Actually just had them for lunch today! :)

  367. Mia says:

    broccoli and cheese is my fav.

  368. dawn says:

    baby lima beans!

  369. Leslie says:

    Definitely Broccoli and Cheese! YUM

  370. Patricia Hollie says:

    Broccoli & Cheese is our fav! Its so yummy :)

  371. Amanda says:

    Love the antioxidant blend with the cranberries!!

  372. Sandy says:

    Broccoli and Cheese for me!!!!!!!

  373. Rachel Lowrance says:

    my kids love the potato, red pepper, and pea mixture in sauce. YUM!

  374. stacy says:

    the shoepeg corn in butter sauce is the best

  375. christie says:

    We like any of the spinach. Plus I love to bake with the chopped spinach.

  376. Marija says:

    Baby vegetables in sauce! Favorite :)

  377. Ingrid says:

    Corn and sauce…yum!

  378. Julie says:

    My family loves them all! I have lost 35lb counting calories and these great lil side dishes were a staple in my eating healthy!!

  379. Riese Carden says:

    I love the white shoepeg corn!

  380. Nicholle says:

    Chopped spinach for my quiche and spinach dip

  381. Valerie LaKemper says:

    I love Green Giant’s chopped spinach for my famous spinach dip!!

  382. Diane Brown says:

    We love ShoePeg Corn

  383. jessica says:

    The Butter/Lima beans with no sauce. I add just a teaspoon of butter after cooking. So instead of the high fat in there sauce we get a yummy vegie and not a lot of calories.

  384. Holly W says:

    We love the one pictured. Broccoli & cheese sauce. the kids can’t get enough of it.

  385. christine marie says:

    I enjoy the teriyaki vegetables

  386. raymond masse says:

    broccoli and cheese sauce

  387. jackie says:

    Our favorite is: The antioxidant blend! (cauliflower florets, sliced orange & yellow carrots, and dried cranberries lightly tossed with a flavorful butter sauce….UMMMM

  388. Gabbrielle says:

    WE like broccoli here. the only vegetable my 3 year old will eat cooked.

  389. Miriam says:

    The broccoli with cheese sauce is all I ate when pregnant with my now three-year-old son! Needless to say, he loves this as well! My husband is more of a teriyaki kind-of guy.

  390. Cheri Allen says:

    Love the brussel sprouts and broccoli with cheese!!

  391. Margaret says:

    The corn, red potatoes & the broccoli & cheese are our favorites!!

  392. Felicia says:

    Broccoli & Cheese plus the sweet corn in buttered sauce are must haves in our family.

  393. Jessica C says:

    We count points at my house too! I love the baby limas with butter sauce

  394. Stephanie H says:

    Spinach! My two girls – now 11 & 13 – love the stuff so much that they even ask for it.

  395. Bonnie L. says:

    I like the broccoli with cheese sauce. :)

  396. bridget says:

    Well, we use these a lot maybe the brussle sprouts or the spinach!

  397. Joy says:

    We love broccoli & cheese, we buy it monthly

  398. Kathy S says:


  399. Billy Beyer says:


  400. Sheryl says:

    The Brocolli & cheese is the very best

  401. Done says:

    The Brocolli & cheese is our favorite.

  402. julie says:

    Ilike boxed spinach, I use it to make spinach dip and mix it in things like pasta and meatloaf

  403. Meghan says:

    My family loves the broccoli and cheese!

  404. ashley says:

    My 5yo son LOVES the Healthy Weight of the “Health Blends” line. He has no problem with his weight, but he likes to open the sugar snap peas to find the peas inside. He will ask for seconds of this stuff… and so do I. :)

  405. Alycia E says:

    We loved the boxed spinach I use it in a lot of recipes to add nutrition.

  406. Tami says:

    We LOVE the Broccoli and cheese! So easy to make and healthy too!

  407. Patricia Frenton says:

    My family really loves the Asparagus! We use it as a side to most of our dishes!

  408. kathleen houston says:

    I love the green beans with almonds! I love them even more when they are BOGO at publix! On a second note the broc and zesty cheese is a good one!

  409. Tiger says:

    The Brocolli & cheese is our favorite.

  410. dst says:

    I like the Brussel Sprouts .

  411. Barb says:

    I would have to say Brussel Sprouts, nice to have them ready in the freezer.

  412. Priscila says:

    We love the frozen chopped spinach. I use it in a family recipe and it’s always DELISH!

  413. alh1203 says:

    I like the healthy vision box mix

  414. Nancy says:

    We like their Sugar Snap Peas!

  415. Beth B says:

    my **Absolute** fave is called Healthy Weight, it’s sugar snap peas, carrots, edamame & black beans in a delicious butter sauce. It goes perfectly with grilled fish, chicken, any meat. You have to try it you’ll Love it!

  416. Shannon Coupas says:

    Broccoli and Cheese all the way!