Kraft Foods Comida y Familia Booklet

April 3, 2012 

kraft comida Kraft Foods Comida y Familia Booklet

Kelly emailed with a booklet find. Now she did not find this booklet at Publix. Instead she found it at her Sedano’s store in Miami. This is likely a booklet that will be at surrounding stores as well, so you guys in the area might want to be on the lookout.

Kraft Foods Comida y Familia Booklet contains the following manufacturer’s coupons that expire 9/30/2012:

  • $1/2 Kraft Singles OR Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese
  • $1/1 Philadelphia Cooking Creme
  • $1/1 Maxwell House Coffee
  • $1/3 Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
  • $.55/2 Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding
  • $1/2 Kool-Aid Soft Drink Mix or Jammers Juice Drink
  • $1/2 Nabisco Crackers 9.6 oz or larger
  • $1/2 Oscar Mayer Lunchables or Deli Fresh Meats
  • $.55/1 Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise
  • $1/2 Nabisco Cookies, 9.6oz or larger
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9 Responses to “Kraft Foods Comida y Familia Booklet”
  1. Jennifer says:

    I found a “100 Years of Sweetness” booklet in my Publix today. It has a lot of yummy recipes for Oreo Cookies, but no coupons are in it.

  2. l says:

    If anyone can mail me maybe 2 or 3 of these booklets contact me at Thank you

  3. katie clark says:

    i would love to have someone mail me a few as well…anyone please. thanks-

  4. John says:

    Found in WPalm too…last week.

  5. Marie says:

    If anyone finds the booklet in Tallahassee, Fl Publix location please advise. As I will also.

    • John says:

      same here only recipes no q’s…wonder why? ODD and typical for us too..finally a booklet…was excited at first. LOL

  6. kiran says:

    question….does sedano accept coupons???/ i have shopped there twice and the cashier said no to coupons….i was new there so i said ok..

  7. Melissa says:

    Every Sedanos I’ve ever been to (several in Miami) accepts manufacturers coupons. As a matter of fact, in the Sedanos advertisement that I received in the mail today for this upcoming weeks specials there is a manufacturers coupon in the ad for Pepsi products. If they didn’t take coupons, why would they have a manufacturers coupon in their ad this week? Sedanos does accept coupons. :-)

  8. Cheryce says:

    I live in Oklahoma and would LOVE to have this booklet! If someone would kindly mail me one, I will gladly pay the shipping! :)

(All posts may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.)

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