Wednesday Is Senior Discount Day

February 10, 2010 

senior day Wednesday Is Senior Discount Day

Sorry guys –this may be a promo only available in Georgia!

I got an email the other day asking me if Publix offered a Senior Citizen’s discount and it made me think that I have never posted that they do indeed give folks 60+ a 5% discount every Wednesday for Senior Discount Day!

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39 Responses to “Wednesday Is Senior Discount Day”
    • Donna says:

      When we called the corporate office in FL we were told that this is not available in Fl. The discount that FL residents are offered, is a 10% discount if we purchase 8 or more bottles of wine at one checkout. The Senior Discount is for people in GA.

  1. Janell says:

    Probably not in Florida :) We don’t get any of the extra deals here!

  2. Karen says:

    I would agree and venture they would not have that here in FL :(

  3. Cathy says:

    My mom called our store today and they said only available in Georgia.

  4. Penny Pincher says:

    NOt int he Jacksonville, FL area or surrounding areas.

  5. Brandi says:

    They have this in my area in SC. I always make sure to take my mother-in-law with me on Wednesdays. :-)

  6. Taylor says:

    They offer this at my store in North Alabama

  7. Dan says:

    Yes, I too can confirm this is available in Alabama as well. I’ll qualify for the 5% discount in 24 more years. :)

  8. Leah says:

    Good in SC…IF you ASK for it!!!

  9. cennaka says:

    I have been able to do this at my Publix in Tennessee.

  10. Ann Templet says:

    The senior discount is offered in both Antioh, Tn as well as Goodlettsville, TN, but you do have to ask for it.

  11. A says:

    Publix offers the 5% off for their “Senior Discount” days in all states located with the exception of Florida. Apparently there are to many Senior citizens living there… Publix is changing to many things lately. Enough for me to about quit shopping there. The employees are rude, they don’t smile anymore, and when given coupons they try to argue with you about the policy saying that I’m wrong when I go by the rules. It’s getting crazy just to get a deal there anymore and too much of a hassle as well.

    • Linda Stewart Wells says:

      I don’t know where you are shopping but I have shopped Publix in South Carolina, Georgia, and most here in Florida where we live. They have be best, most courteous employees I have ever seen. They go out of their way to make sure you are happy. In 38 years of shopping at Publix I have had one woman in the Deli two years ago give me a problem. Once time in 38 years.

  12. BrandyK says:

    All Publix stores in TN offer a senior discount

  13. Emily says:

    We have the discount in SC, what a great discount that will be…too bad I have to wait 38 years…

  14. genebob says:

    All of Tenn. publix offers 5% Wed. discount days for seniors to compete with Krogers who has 10% discount on the first Wed. of the month.

  15. Arsenal F.C. says:

    The Atlanta division of Publix does the senior discount

  16. Dot DeCaro says:

    I just got an email mentioning a senior discount. None here in FL. Also NOT in FL is the half off for one on buy one get one specials. They give one for half price in GA. Not fair for FL customers PUBIX!!! There are a lot of seniors that do not need two of something.

  17. Connie says:

    Why is it that Publix does not offer a discount for seniors on Wed like all other states? I would really like to know, they also double coupons where my Mother lives in SC, it is also not the only store that treats all customers in Fl differently. Is there some kind of Florida law on all of this?

  18. Judy Amend says:

    It does seem very rude of Pubix to not offer the same 5% Wednesday-senior discount to Floridans as it does to senior folks in other states in the South.

    Publix has already just become very strict about accepting various competitive merchants’coupons; and this is just one more way of insulting seniors here. As a heretofore very loyal Publix customer of 35 years, I find it really offensive for Publix to deal with Florida seniors this way.


  19. M Walker says:

    Why doesn’t Publix offer Senior Discount Days in Florida?

  20. Diane Raftery says:

    I have not noticed any kind of Senior Discount Day at Publix in Florida. I would think Publix could afford to offer a senior discount.

  21. Linda says:

    Kroger’s senior discount begins at age 55.

  22. Beth says:

    Publix in South Alabama do not have the senior discount program either. What a disappointment!

  23. lynne says:

    Seniors do have power. Just shop elsewhere. It WILL NOT make any difference unless the mass agrees to a slight inconvence and chooses to support another chain. Every individual together with other individuals CAN make a change. Besides IWill have the satisfaction of knowing i’m not contributing to this unfair greedy practice.

    • Staci W says:

      It’s a discount, a perk not a required offer. So if you do not like it stop shopping and complaining about it and it will just make it that much nicer for customers like us who love Publix. Go shop at Walmart and wait in an hour long checkout line with a rude cashier and horrible un ripe vegetables to choose from if you want a discount, oh wait a minute even Walmart doesn’t offer a discount!

  24. Brenda says:

    I am only 51 and I was asked by my cashier today if I want it! I was pretty upset. I left weights three to four times a week, weigh 105 like I did when I was 20. I guess I need the lifestyle lift. I actually came on here hoping that the discount was for people 50 or 55 and over so the remark would not be so far off my chronological age, sigh.

  25. Cammie says:

    I use to work as a cashier at Publix in Florida. We never gave any senior discounts nor did the employees receive any discounts.

  26. Sue says:

    Have you Florida people checked out Aldi – I rarely go to Publix anymore. Smaller store, smaller selection, but they have what I buy – much much cheaper. For meats, I go to our local Doris, Penn Dutch or Costco. I am saving tons!

  27. eric belden says:

    Guess I won’t be shopping Publix in Florida anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! Too many old people in Florida for the execs to offer a discount apparently!!!

  28. Barbara Johnson says:

    I do think that Publix should respond and let us know the reasoning behind their no discount policy in Florida. Meanwhile I am telling all my friends in other states to be sure to ASK for their discount!

  29. Banuchi says:

    Publix s prices are too high ! Not even worth the discount they give. Wait till trader joes comes in . Publix will be starving for customers

  30. Lisa says:

    I worked for Publix for many years, they were a great company to work for, they are not what they were when Mr. Jenkins was alive but it is still by far my store of choice. Friendly service, Clean store, nice BOGO deals, decent customers and very helpful when you are looking for something special.
    So if your not happy with not getting YOUR 5-10% SENIOR DISCOUNT (which by the way I am of the age to receive also, but I live in FL) go shop at the disgusting, filthy, China supporting, see any and everything when it comes to customers, and wait in line for every WAL-MART. Which by the way, they are the ones who have moved in to our small towns and closed up the good ol Mom and Pop stores.
    As for me I will pay the extra to be a happy satisfied PUBLIX shopper!

    • Staci W says:

      Great post Lisa. I agree! And Walmart doesn’t offer a discount either. You get what you pay for. These are the same people that will drive 20 miles to save 1 cent per gallon on gas then complain about it.

      Publix has superior service and the stores are clean. You never see people that are shopping barefoot or in their pajamas like at Winn Dixie or Walmart. For me it’s worth every cent to have an excellent selection, excellent service and excellent quality.

      • Mrs. P says:

        Whaaaat, Staci! It was in Publix that a woman in Ocala FL was videoed walking in WITHOUT PANTS to steal wine. Look here [youtube

        The Walmarts in my town are clean and nicely stocked, especially with local produce. They charge $2.00 for the Quaker Rice Cakes my husband loves and they stock them in more flavors than Publix, which charges $2.99 for the same product.

  31. Ralph Romero says:

    I asked for a senior discount at the Publix on Perimeter Rd., Valdosta GA their response was absolutely not!!!

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