Weekly Totals 8/28 – Share Your Savings

Football JebHappy Friday everyone!

It's been a very busy week once again! I am so happy that it's finally Friday! Though, this weekend is going to be crazy busy too. Tomorrow will be quite insane as we are finally doing Jeb's birthday party.

Since his birthday is right before school starts I always wait a couple of weeks to let everything slow down a bit. That first week of school is so hectic, I couldn't imagine trying to add in a party that week too. So I find it's just easier to wait about two weeks and then have the party. Jeb is cool with it. He ends up having two special days.

Tomorrow just happens to be a little extra chaotic. You see he also happens to have a football jamboree tomorrow. So we will have to get up and get him to the games. My husband and I will have to drive separately as my older kiddo also has a birthday party to attend at noon so I will have to run him to that then rush back home to meet the guests that will be arriving for Jeb's party at 3. Never a dull moment!

But I am excited as we will have a blast with lots of friend and family here visiting this weekend.

I actually have to get going as I have some shopping to do tonight. I will not have time to do it tomorrow so I am going to do all my running tonight. The boys can hang out with my husband and I will go pick up all the last minute items that I need and then finish cleaning up a little later. Wish me luck that I'll get everything done!

I did get a little shopping done on Wednesday. With the boys in school I might be able to do a little more shopping once I grab my pictures for the Happy Report. Though I do find that it's often better for me to shop on Saturday on gas card weekends. I knew this weekend would be a little hectic so I went ahead and grabbed a few things while I was at the store.

Fresh Express x 3 = $7.5
Grapes = $3.62
Bananas = $1.65
Apples = $3.99
Broccoli - $1.39
Steak Umms x 2 = $8.49 (two $0.50/1 IP)
Steak Umm Chicken = $2.99 ($0.50/1 IP)
Treasure Cave Cheese Wedge $1.50 ($0.50/1 IP)
Milk -$3.79
ICBINB = $1.20 ($0.55 IP)
Smithfield Pork x 2 = $7.98 (tw0 $2/1 IP)
Mama Lucia Meatballs = $2 ($1 IP)

I was right over $40 this week after my gas card - but I am not quite done...so we'll call this a work in progress.

How did you guys do this week? Share your savings in the comments or link up! Also a little note--please only link to your weekly totals. Please don't abuse the linky. This is not a place to drop your affiliate links and/or random links that go to oddball sites. It's not appropriate and I will take them off if I see them - please play nicely!!

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Weekly Totals 8/21 – Share Your Savings

fridayHappy Friday everyone!

This was our first full week back to school. It was a good one but it's going to take some time to adjust to the new schedule. I know I say this every year...but there just isn't enough time in the day to fit everything in! We haven't quite got into our groove yet and the boys are going to bed a little later than I'd like!

We will get it all worked out and hopefully everyone will get back on a good sleep schedule. Life wouldn't be interesting without a little chaos every day, right? 😉

I didn't shop much this week...we are pretty stocked up since I did most of my shopping last weekend in order to get my gas cards. Plus, I am still adjusting to the new schedule myself. I am so used to rushing through the store getting my pictures and prices for the Happy Report and then hurrying out to get back home. Now that the boys are in school I don't have to be in such a hurry.

I was able to slow down a bit this week and do a more leisurely walk through the store. I even ran into two readers. I told you guys that if you saw a crazy person with a laptop open in the front of the cart...to stop and say hello 😉 This week Mary and Jess decided to say "Hi!" It's always fun to chat with fellow savers!

We have some football tomorrow but that's really all that's on the agenda for the weekend. I think I'll keep it that way. We probably all need some time to relax a bit. We have been very scheduled all week and I bet everyone could use some down time!

Hopefully you guys got some great deals this week. Share your weekly totals in the comment or feel free to link up!

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Weekly Totals 8/14 – Share Your Savings

Jake & Jeb 1st day of school 2015Happy Friday everyone!

It's been a big week...my baby turned eight this week and the boys started back to school yesterday! In addition we had registration, football practice, tutoring, and tonight Jake is testing for another karate belt. We have had something every night this week and tomorrow Jeb has a couple of scrimmage games. Phew...I've decided that I am going to nap at some point on Sunday!

It will take us some time to get into our new routine but I am so excited get a few hours each day where I can work around the house and run errands solo. I love my boys dearly but I am so much more productive when they are in school!

My shopping trip was small on Wednesday. I have found that on gas card weeks, it's better for me to wait until the weekend to shop. I am in the store for several hours getting prices and by the time I am done I can't really focus on shopping. Plus, often deals pop up that will help me get my total up. Right now I am looking at grabbing two gas card and should score some pretty nice deals.

So far this week I spent $11.45 but that will jump up after Saturday. I should have a good bit of groceries to show for my spending so I am excited to shop.

Ok--gotta go watch Jake earn that belt. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up!

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Weekly Totals 8/7 – Share Your Savings

fridayHappy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week...it's been another busy one at my house (as usual.)

I am actually typing this early as today I am out and about spending the day with my parents. They came up yesterday and we decided to take today to have fun running around Chattanooga. They have never done some of the touristy-type things so we are showing them some of the fun activities that Chattanooga has to offer.

They wanted to come up before the boys head back to school and also to celebrate Jeb's birthday which is next week. So we are having a big fun-filled weekend!

I spent a good chunk of the week trying to get ready for their visit and getting ready for the start of school next week. Never a dull moment!

I hope you guys have had a great week and saved lots of moolah. Share your savings in the comments or link up!

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Weekly Totals 7/31 – Share Your Savings

9e085464754a4183eab242379e90017dHappy Friday guys!

I am not leaving myself enough time on Friday to detail my lists. It's been a long week and today we are out and about doing some shopping. I waited until the last minute to shop for Jeb's football gear and his first practice is tomorrow!

We decided to take half a day to knock out a whole bunch of shopping while we were at it. So I have been with all my guys shopping for school clothes, school supplies and football gear and we still aren't done. On a good note, they have promised to take me out to dinner tonight as a treat! I might need it as it's been a very long day. Let's just say that I am the ONLY one in the family who enjoys shopping 😉 They have been troopers and there haven't been too many complaints. BUT...we aren't quite done yet so hopefully I can keep them going a bit longer.

I might cry when I look at all the receipts though. While I do budget for back to school it still doesn't make it any easier to thrown down that big chunk of moolah all at once. Being the frugal gal that I am, I cringe when I see those super specific school supply lists. I love the boys' school and the teacher are fantastic. I absolutely know why they request those specific items but dang it...I have a ton of GREEN folders---why did they need red, blue and yellow 😉 Oh well, it's all good.

Anywho, the guys are waiting for me in Kohl's so I am going to let you guys share your totals. I will try to come back at some point tonight when I can find my receipt and drop in my spending this week. I hope you guys saved lots of moolah. Share you totals in the comments or link up!

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Weekly Totals 7/24 – Share Your Savings!

fridayWell guys...I almost totally forgot about totals this week. You see I am currently in the car traveling to visit my husband's brother. I looked at the clock and it struck me...it's Friday at 5pm...OOPS!!

I'll make this one short and sweet as I know you guys like to get those links up. This was a busy week at my house. We ran around like crazy as it was my birthday week...woo hoo! I turned 34 ...ok so maybe you have to reverse those numbers but we can pretend right 😉 I still feel like a young chickadee most days! My husband took me out to dinner on Wednesday night and grilled for me last night so I have really had it easy this week. Since we will be visiting relatives for a couple of days, I really should have it pretty easy for at least 2 more days. Birthday weeks are the best!!

I didn't do much shopping but will have to hit the store when we get back. But I am not even going to think about that right now. I am going to sit back and play more silly games on my phone while my husband deals with the crazy drivers.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you found lots of great deals. Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up!

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Weekly Totals 7/17 – Share Your Savings

0c2c4eb398ca2a8e294fdf6bdbbebb16Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you have all had a great week. Another fairly normal week in my neck of the woods. We did have a little excitement this week. I think I have mentioned before that my oldest kiddo is allergic to bees. I am not sure if my little guy has any issues because he has never been stung. Well...he was finally stung this week while outside playing. The good news is - he doesn't seem to have the same issues like my other kiddo!  But Jeb being my funny guy neglected to tell me that he was stung more than once so I only treated the one sting on his hand.

He was in such a hurry to get back outside that he showed me his hand. I doctored him up and made him drink some water and have a snack (a little ploy to keep him inside so I could watch for a reaction) then he was off again.

Later that evening, he was complaining that "bees are mean!" We went through the whole discussion about bees being scared and that he looked like a big giant to them. I looked at his hand and told him that it was looking much better and that it would be fine by tomorrow. That's when he raised his shirt and said...yeah, but my belly really hurts! Oh guys--his poor side was swollen and red hot to the touch. Those wasps had really got him good. He had a welt about 6 - 8 inches in diameter and at first I kinda flipped out. I grabbed the Benadryl and some hydrocortisone cream and started doctoring his side. I used a pen to circle the area just to make sure it would go down.

Well the next morning I check his side and sure enough, the welt had spread about 3 -4 inches all around. I called the doc and he said I shouldn't flip out quite yet. I continued to give him Benadryl and put cream on it and it finally started going down a bit. Anywho...that was my big excitement this week. Well, that and I finally got a chance to get to the salon this week to get rid of my big grey skunk stripe. That's always cause for a celebration in my world --tee hee!!

I did a little shopping on Wednesday...not a ton as I am hoping to go this weekend. I have some fun recipes planned and I need to sit down tonight and make a list of the things I'll need. I want to go without the boys so my goal is to get up in the morning so I can go SOLO! I am going to try to get up early and go before it gets too crowded. The weekends can be a little hectic and I really prefer to walk the aisles and leisurely shop. So I have to set an alarm and go early or suck it up and shop with the masses. I guess it will depend on how I feel once the alarm goes off tomorrow 😉

Dairy Pure Milk - $3.49 ($1 IP)
Bananas - $1.71
Apples - $2.49
Blueberries - $1.67
Tomatoes - 96¢
Zucchini - $1.54
Squash - $1.36
Avocados x 3 = $3
Ken's Dressing = $1.55
Smithfield Ham x 2 = 58¢ (two 74¢ blinkies & two 75¢ PQ)
Lay's Chips Multipack = $4.99 ($1 Dig Q)
Ready To Go Crackers = 39¢ ($2 peelie wyb Lays)
Powerade x 2 = $4.85 ($1/2 PQ)
Coffee-Mate x 2 = $5 (raincheck)

I was under $40 for our groceries this week but I do need to go grab some All Detergent...I forgot my coupons! I figured I could also hit some of the other good deals that start up in the Advantage Buy flyers tomorrow when I shop too.

I hope you guys got some great deals. Share your savings in the comments or link up!

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Weekly Totals 7/10 – Share Your Savings


Happy Friday everyone!

Well this week we got back to normal - well...as normal as my house gets 😉 Our guest all went home on Sunday and so I tried to focus on getting everything everything cleaned up and back on track. I'm not completely done but I always consider my house a work in progress!

The new thing we have going this week is that Jeb is in a research study where he uses an iPad each day with special glasses to play a Tetris-type game. I guess they have seen some nice improvements in vision so we were excited that he was chosen for the study. The only problem is - he has to play an hour every day and let's just say, it's not the most exciting thing in the world. Jeb is not my game geek....that's my other kid. So, it's not his idea of a good time and I have to admit...it's pretty boring. So, we set a timer and keep giving him tons of encouragement and we eventually get through it!

Beyond that we are trucking along just trying to enjoy the summer. It's flying by really fast. I looked at the calendar and can you believe that my boys only have about a month before they are going to be back in school? They say the aren't ready to go back but I some days I think they miss the structure and I know that they miss their friends. My boys are social butterflies and would have a 10 kids over here every day if they could. I'd be insane but they'd be happy!!

For now we are just going to enjoy the summer break and not think about school quite yet.

As for shopping...I did a little trip on Wednesday. Nothing major. We had guests last weekend and a little shindig for the 4th so we had stocked up in preparation for the extra folks. You know there are always leftovers so my main goal was to plan my meals/snacks so that I could use those up before they went bad. People always show up with food so you often have to get creative with how to make them work as leftovers. Beyond that I just grabbed a few things that we needed and will start again next week!

Fresh Express x 2 = $3.99
Grapes - $3.48
Cauliflower = $2.50
Green Beans - 99¢
Squash - $1.29
Ready Pac Salads x 2 = $5.98 (two $0.50 IP)
Shrimp - $8.35
Smithfield Pork Sirloin - $2.99 ($2 IP)
Mrs. Meyers Cleaner x 2 = 2.16 (two $1 PQ & two $1 IP)
Sriracha - $3.49

I was right under $45 for the week...not too bad especially since I had to have my beloved sriracha. How on earth could I have let myself run out and not notice?

I hope you guys found some nice deals this week. Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up.

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Weekly Totals 7/3 – Share Your Savings


e959c328c4cfaf2668d4a406f171537dHappy Friday everyone!

Well it's been a busy week trying to get back into our routine. We got back from the beach and I have to admit I was spoiled not having to cook for a while. We stayed with my husband's family so we didn't go out to eat every meal but we certainly went out much more than usual. While I wouldn't exactly call it a "vacation" it was still a very nice break from our typical routine!

I have spent the past few days trying to wash all the clothes and get rid of all the sand. I loved the responses you guys left me last week. I agree that sand is part of the fun but boy it's amazing how much of it sticks everywhere. I think I'd probably get used to it if I dealt with it more often. For now, my goal is to try to get rid of it as it's still everywhere. I think having two little messy boys doesn't help the situation. I can't tell you how many shells I have dug out of pockets. I think maybe they were trying to bring their sandcastles home with them 😉

We had hoped to have a little get together for the Fourth of July and enjoy some time by the pool. I am not sure how much time will be spent outside with the weather being so dreary. I might have to come up with indoor ideas now. A Fourth of July movie night just doesn't sound quite as fun. But...we'll come up with something and maybe we can sneak out here and there for some pool time?!

Hopefully you guys are able to enjoy the holiday weekend too. Maybe the rain will hold off and we can all enjoy some fun in the sun. Here's hoping the fireworks shows aren't cancelled and there are lots of celebrations! Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

As for my shopping this week...I did OK. Some of the items will be coming from my entertainment budget for the party but I also stocked up on some good deals like the Birds Eye veggies and had to get some necessities (milk, eggs, cheese, veggies and fruit). I am just estimating this week because honestly I don't feel like breaking out the calculator right now. My family is here and I will have time to be all geeky with my Quickbooks entries later. I am going to estimate $75 for my weekly grocery expenditure this week. A little high but since I didn't really shop last week since we were out of town hopefully it will even out!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up.

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Weekly Totals 6/26 – Share Your Savings

boys at beach

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you all have had a great week. We are currently in the Gulf Shores area for our annual visit to see my husband's family. We usually visit this time of the year since Father's Day and his dad's birthday fall around the same time. We can kills two birds with one stone and hit the beach too.

I like to visit but I am not sure I could live here...how do you guys in Florida deal with all of that sand? I am not sure I could deal with it on a weekly basis. My car is a mess and it's in every bag that I own--tee hee! You guys need to give me some tips so that I don't end up coming home with a pound of sand every time we get back in the car!

I am loving all the seafood though! We don't have too many seafood places in Tennessee and I am a huge fan so I have been enjoying all kinds of shrimp, crab and fish that I don't get to enjoy too often.

Since we were not going to be home this week I didn't bother to do much shopping. I got a few things I needed for a recipe. Speaking of that have you entered my giveaway? Remember one of you guys is going to get a $100 Visa gift card AND a big box of Sabra goodies. Be sure to enter HERE. I was under $15 this week for everything I needed for the recipe and a few odds and ends.

I hope you guys got lots of great deals this week. Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up.

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