Weekly Totals 11/21 – Share Your Savings + Update On Happy

bc66b814d8d9105f2f4ef8d104eeb7b2Happy Friday everyone!

It’s been a busy week and the weekend will be super busy too. My mom and my aunt are here right now and my dad and brother will be here tomorrow. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving…well at least here at my house :-) I can’t wait for the turkey, dressing, mac & cheese and more! My mouth is watering thinking about it!

You know that means I had to do some shopping this week! Now, I wish I could blame my dinner on my shopping extravaganza but…as you’ll see I bought much more than I’d use for just one dinner. The sales this week are amazing. Should I admit that I shopped three days this week–tee hee!

I always look forward to the sales this time of the year. It’s when I do a stockup on many items…some things for the whole year! Other things I grab enough to hold me through Easter. The past couple of weeks I have been able to really fill my pantry with lots of stuff at some amazing prices! I am up 6 turkeys in my fridge and freezer. We will cook two this weekend…one fried and one roasted –YUM!

Also, so many of you have emailed wanting to know how Happy is doing. I don’t have a ton of new info to share but I do have some good news. Happy has made some progress…it’s not huge but it’s the best news I have received so far. It will be a long and slow recovery but there are some improvements including movement of toes and fingers, as well as following small commands (squeezing hand, and shaking head a little).

Please keep Happy in your thoughts and prayers. I know we all wish Happy was back and I have my fingers crossed that will be soon. I hope to hear more news of increased progress and I will keep you guys updated as I get any news!!

So here’s what I bought this week. I know it looks like I spent a ton of money but I was able to get things at a super price and I’d rather spend a little money now instead of having to pay full price later!

Thomas’ English Muffins x 4 = $8.38
Publix Water x 2 = $6
Orville Redenbacher = 40¢ ($2 IP)
Pioneer Gravy x 4 = 90¢ (two $0.55/2 IP)
Swanson Broth x 6 = $5.07 (three $1/2 IP)
Lipton Tea x 2 = $1.65 ($3/2 IP)
Lindsay Olives x 2 = $1.19 ($1/2 IP)
South Beach Bars = $0 ($2 IP + $2 PQ)
Carnation Evap Milk x 10 = $4.75 (five $0.55/2)
Mueller’s Pasta x 6 = $2.07 (three $1/2 Insert)
Regina Vinegar = 65¢ ($0.50 hangtag)
Pam x 2 = $1.69 (twp $0.50 IP)
Cajun Injector = $4.99
Peanut Oil = $12.99
Domino Sugar x 2 = $2.64 ($0.75/2 IP)
Prizmie Pita = $1.75 ($0.75 peelie)
Sargento Cheese x 4 = $5.80
Publix Deli Meat = $3
Alouette = $3
Gouda = $6.28
Goat Cheese = $2
Philly Cream Cheese x 3 = $3.50 ($1/3 PQ)
Publix Butter x 10 = $21.50
Milk = $4.13
Simply Orange = $3
Sabra Hummus x 3 = $0 (three $1/1 IP + three PQ)
Sargento Tastings x 6 = $5 (four $0.75 IP)
Jimmy Dean Crumbles = $3.50
Farmland Bacon x 2 = $3.98 ( two $1 IP & PQ)
Turkey x 4 = $22.21
De Wafelbakkers – $2.89 ($1 IP)
Bridgford Rolls = $1.74 ($0.55 IP)
Birds Eye veggies x4 = $3.96
Green Onion 50¢
Green Beans = $2.94
Kale = $1.50
Mushrooms = $1.99
Carrots = $2.49
Onions = $2.69
Cranberries = $1.50
Red Potatoes = $3.99
Fresh Express Spinach x 2 = $4
Sweet Potatoes = $1.84
Tomatoes = $2.83
Bananas = $1.13
Apples = $3.99
Brussel Sprouts = $1.99
Garlic = 79¢
Celery = $1.10
Eggs = $0 (free wyb OJ)
Vanity Fair x 2 = 35¢ ($1/2 tearpad + $1/2 TQ)

I am not sure of my exact to the penny total but I am marking it as $200 from my grocery budget. I shopped three times and had a few items that were for my mom and/or coming out of my entertainment budget. My store is also doing a promotion where you donate money for the community food bank and I did that a couple of times too. So I just did some quick estimations rather than pulling out the calculator.

I know that sounds crazy high but I saved massive moolah with the sales and coupons. If you look at what all I got for that money, I think you will agree that is was a very successful week!

So any of you guys have as much fun as me? How did you do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 11/14 – Share Your Savings

friday cold

Happy COLD Friday!

I hope you guys are staying warm! I am not a big fan of this kind of weather. My husband just laughs at me and reminds me that, “it is winter after all”. Yeah…I live in the South for a reason ;-)

Well, it’s been another pretty standard week here at my house. I am gearing up for next week when my family comes to visit. We will do Thanksgiving early with them here and then spend Thanksgiving day with my husband’s family. Maybe at some point in my life I can finagle it so that everyone comes to my house on Thanksgiving day and we can all enjoy the day together! In talking with my friends I know I am not the only one who deals with family and holiday schedules. Do you guys have horror stories? I have heard some doozies here lately of family chaos around the holidays–yikes!

I guess the perk is that I get two Thanksgiving dinners. Plus this year we get to visit Jim’s brother rather than having to make that long trip down to Mobile. That makes me a very happy gal!!

Well, I grabbed some turkeys in preparation for the dinner and am actually planning to go back tomorrow to grab a couple more. Turkeys are not difficult to cook and you get so many meals from them. It really is a great thing to have a few tucked away for meals throughout the year. I typically grab the smaller birds and still get 3 – 4 meals from them. With the price at Publix, I can pick up a bird for $8 – $10. That means I have meat at around $3  per meal…now that’s my kind of deal!

My totals are high again this week but I did another stock up. In all honestly my totals will be likely be high several times until the end of the year. This is a big stock up time for me. I am A-OK spending my budget on these items that I will use later. Stocking up now while the price is super low, allows me to save more of my 2015 budget!

White Lily Flour x 4 = $9.95
Dixie Crystal Sugar x 4 = $5.36 (two $0.75/1 & two $0.55/1 IP)
Quaker Oats = $3 ($1/2 PQ)
Bumblebee Clams = $2 ($1/2 IP)
Lipton Tea x 2 = 80¢ ($3/2 IP)
Pepperidge Farm Stuffing = $2.50
Sweet Potatoes = $1.45
Apples = $3.99
Spinach x 2 = $3
Brussel Sprouts = $1.96
Onions = 88¢
Pineapple = $1.80
Bananas = $1.46
Frozen Spinach =$1.29
Pepperidge Farm Pastry Sheets = $3.59 ($1 PQ)
ICBINB x 2 = $2.19 (two $0.55/1 IP)
Milk $4.13
Publix Blue Cheese = $2
Pillsbury Pie Crust x 2 = $4 ($0.50/2 IP)
Farmland Bacon = $2.99 ($1/1 IP)
International Delight x 2 = $1.85 (two $0.50/1 IP)
Publix Turkey x 2 = $15.79
Salmon = $10.45
Ground Chicken x 2 = $7.98

So this week I was right over $100. Yep…it’s a bit more than I like to spend but I stocked up on baking essentials, got some meat for my freezer and all the fresh ingredients that I needed for our meals this week. The turkeys that I grab tomorrow will go on next week’s totals.

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up below.

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Weekly Totals 11/7 – Share Your Savings

thanksgiving mantleHappy Friday everyone!

Last week was crazy hectic so I was happy for a fairly quiet week. We’ve just been chugging along with our normal routine this week. I did get a chance to put up the Halloween stuff and set up for fall/Thanksgiving. I need to find some fun rustic-type things to add to my fireplace but I thought it was a nice start.

In a couple of weeks things will get crazy again. We have my family Thanksgiving then we will head out of town to visit my husband’s family and do Thanksgiving with them. I am going to take this opportunity to relax a bit this weekend. My pansies are planted and the house is in decent shape. I might do a few loads of laundry just to get ahead of the game but that’s about it ;-)

Many of you have emailed asking for an update on Happy and I am afraid I haven’t heard anything in a week…so I have no news to report. I emailed the family again today so I am hoping that I might hear something soon. I promise to update you guys as soon as I know anything!

As for shopping this week…I did a little baking stock up! This is one of my favorite times of year as we see some great prices on baking supplies. I need a butter deal to come along as my freezer stash is almost gone! I can’t decide but I just might go back for a little more sugar and flour. I need to take a peek at my pantry to double check but I think I need about 3 – 4 more bags of each to get me through to the Easter sales!

Oh and you will notice that I grabbed a couple of pound cakes. I got an email from Publix basically calling for me to do it as my Try Me Tuesday…so that’s the plan for next week! I also went ahead and grabbed the following week’s items too…can you spot them in the list? Lots of yummy treats in my freezer right now!

I pick up my Zaycon order tomorrow but I was out of chicken breast so I took advantage of the BOGO sale and grabbed two packs while I could get them on sale. I also had a Publix gift card that I have been holding in anticipation of this baking sale. I know my total is still kind of high but the deals were worth it!

Sara Lee Pound Cake, $4.99
Publix Pound Cake, $3.99
Tyson Chicken x 2 = $8.99
Mayfield Fudge Bars, $2.99
Publix Fudge Bars, $2.99
Toaster Strudel x 2 = $3 ($0.50/1 insert)
Publix Chicken x 2 = $20.68
Ritz Toasted Chips x 2 = $3.69
Fiber One Cookies x 4 = $2.40 (four $0.50/1 insert)
Keebler 100 calorie boxes x 4 = $6.38
Kikkoman Hoisin Sauce = $3.65
Stove Top x 4 = $3.58
White Lily Flour x 5 = $9.95
Dixie Crystal Sugar x 5 = $6.60 (three $0.75/1 & two $0.55/1 IP)
Domino Brown Sugar x 6 = $2.94 (three $0.50/2 insert)
Mrs Butterworth’s Syrup x 6 = $7.44 (three $1/2 insert)
Progresso Broth x 8 = $8.32
OJ = $3.69
Eggs = $0 (free wyb OJ)
Milk = $4.13
Mushrooms = $1.50
Apples = $3.99
Squash = $1.97
Oranges = $2.57
Kale = $1.99
Brussel Sprouts = $1.52
Clementines = $5.99

Even after gift card, I paid right over $80 for everything. If you had seen my kitchen counter when I unloaded all of this you’d realize I still scored big time!! I’ll be enjoying that savings as I whip up a few loaves of bread this weekend ;-)

How did you guys do this week? Share your savings in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 10/31 – Happy Halloween

busy week

Happy Halloween everyone!!

It’s been a crazy busy week at my house and I have a feeling it’s just the beginning. Halloween signals the beginning of the holiday season – so now through January will be chaotic. It’s the fun kind of chaos though!

As you can see by my pictures…we have been having fun in the kitchen. I was snack mom for the last baseball game of the season so I decided to surprise the boys with some fun cupcakes. The other snacks you see were made for the kids’ school treats and the Halloween party we are headed to tonight.

puking pumpkinI’ll also bring a puking pumpkin–tee hee. We had fun carving him. A little guacamole spilling out of the mouth with some chips and it’s a big party pleaser!

I will try to snap a picture of the boys once they get in their costumes and share it if I get a chance with the craziness going on here. We have the baseball team here tomorrow so I have been busy getting all that stuff together too. Tomorrow I will spend the day getting my house cleaned up–yippee!

I did a big shopping trip this week but haven’t had a chance to separate everything out yet. You guys know that I divide up my budget by categories. Many of the items I bought are coming from my entertainment budget. My receipt says $120.62 and I am estimating that half will go towards my grocery budget and the other half is party items (fingers crossed). I will try to update later if I get a chance but for now we are headed out to the party soon!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 10/24 – Share Your Savings

weekly totalsHappy Friday everyone! The weather here in Chattanooga has been just fabulous! It’s supposed to be sunny and in the mid 70’s this weekend. Now that’s my kind of fall weekend–tee hee!

Next week will be busy as we are wrapping up the final baseball games plus an end of the year party at my house where we’ll cookout and do S’mores! Of course Halloween is next week too. Lots of fun happenings next week so I think we will take it easy this weekend. We have no definite plans so we might just relax a bit. I am thinking that I might spend a little time digging in the dirt. It’s about time to put out some pansies!

I told you guys last week that I was somewhat trapped in my house because of our driveway pour. It’s been so nice coming home via a super smooth path. We endured that bumpy gravel driveway for over a year so I am now a very happy gal! I was able to go to Publix last weekend and finally shop. You will see that my totals are a bit high – even with a small gift card. The trip was necessary as I was overdue for a stock up on several things. We also needed fruits and veggies.

Have you guys noticed what hasn’t been on my totals for a very long time now? There’s no soda on my list anymore! I am so proud of my hubby. He has been drinking water instead of soda for months now! Now, he may get a Diet Coke when we go out to dinner but I no longer have to buy it to have on hand here at the house. Gotta love those fun changes that also help the ol’ budget too!

The only thing I missed last week was picking up my Scotties tissues. I have a pretty good stockpile but I had printed a bunch of coupons but left them in my printer when I left. Oh well…hopefully no one gets the sniffles too bad this season. And yes…that looks like a bunch of english muffins but they are so easy to do for breakfast with the Laughing Cow that I stocked up on a few weeks ago. The muffins freeze great so they won’t go bad!

Thomas’ English Muffins x 8 = $16.96
Dominex x 3 = $0 (free product coupons)
Mayfield Fudge Bars = $2
Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage = $5.19
Musselman’s x 2 = $2.29
Mt Olive Pickles x 2 = $1.30 (two $0.55 hangtags)
Publix Maple Syrup = $6.69
Swan’s Down Cake Flour = $2.89
Ritz Toasted Chips x 2 = $3.69
Maple Grove Farms Maple Syrup = $7.49
Sargento Cheese x2 = $5 ($1/2 PQ)
Goat Cheese = $2.59
Farmland Bacon = $3.24 ($0.75 PQ)
Publix Deli Meat = $3.34
Eckrich Sausage = $2 ($1/1 IP)
Whipping Cream = $2
Milk = $4.13
Publix Hummus = $4.99
Minute Maid OJ = $2 ($1/1 IP)
Marzetti Dressing x 2 = $2.50 (two $0.75/1 IP)
Oranges – $1.35
Plums = $3.65
Bananas = $1.78
Lettuce = $1.99
Grapes = $4.45
Sweet Potatoes = $2.77
Kale = $1.29
Squash = $3.39
Brussel Sprouts = $3.17
Onions = $2.99
Cabbage = $1.88

After a small Publix gift card, I was still at almost $95 this week. I needed some maple syrup for a recipe so I figured I’d knock out a Try Me Tuesday while I was at it. Some weeks are better than others I suppose. This one is a bit of a hit…but I got everything we needed and was able to add to my pantry. It will all work out in the end :-)

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up!

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Weekly Totals 10/17 – Share Your Savings

Happy Friday everyone!

Well this week I have been trying to get back into the swing of things a bit. I told you that last week we spent Fall Break in Gatlinburg. We did that to get a little break but mainly because we were having our driveway done and wouldn’t be able to get a vehicle down to our house while the concrete was being poured (and while it was curing). While we were in Gatlinburg there were several days where the weather wasn’t ideal. I assumed that Chattanooga was experiencing similar weather. I was right! Guess what you can’t do while it’s raining…yep–pour concrete!

So we got home and the driveway wasn’t finished. That meant we couldn’t drive down to our house. Now typically that wouldn’t be the end of the world, but you see we live on what is called a flagpole lot. So our driveway is over quarter mile long. The only option we had was to park on our neighbor’s property and walk through the woods to our house. Not exactly the thing you want to do when it’s raining and you have a ton of luggage to unpack.

After a couple of days my husband and the workers created a “bridge” from the neighbor’s property get my car over to the part of the driveway that had cured enough to be driven on. Let’s just say that the weather this week hasn’t done us any favors. The little bridge hasn’t been great and we have tried to use it as little as possible. One of my visitors who attempted the “bridge” got stuck and my husband ended up having to drive his truck up and pull her out. Oh boy!

The good news is…they were able to finish pouring on Monday and this morning we were finally able to use our driveway–WOO HOO! It’s been a rough week but it’s finally done and I am a VERY happy camper!

barn -(

In addition to the driveway fun, there was that big storm system that hit on Tuesday morning. We had a tree in our backyard that recently died. It was alive in July but by August all of the leaves had browned out. We think it might have got hit by borer worms (it that what they are called?) My husband had planned to have it taken down but never thought that it would give us issues this quickly. We were very sad to watch as huge branches fell from the tree onto my husband’s barn and our fence.

Oh well…it can be fixed but I wish that it didn’t happen after we had to fork out a ton of money for that dang driveway!

Since I really couldn’t get to the store I used what we had here for most of the week. I did have Jim run and grab some milk and fruit for the boys and will do my big shopping trip this weekend. I will just share that trip next week.

Tonight is karate and then I am headed out to get some dinner. I am craving a grilled salmon and hummus salad from Big River Grill…mmmm! I need the night off ;-)

I hope you guys had a great week and hopefully you saved a ton. While I did save on my groceries…the other expenses kinda bit me in the hiney–tee hee.

Share your weekly savings in the comments or link up below.

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Weekly Totals 10/10 – Share Your Savings

gatlinburg jake & jeb

Happy Friday everyone. Well as you can see by the pictures above…we have been enjoying Fall Break in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge this week.

While we have been having a good time, this was a forced break. We have lived in our home over a year now and were able to FINALLY get our driveway paved. Concrete has to cure for several days and we just never had the opportunity to stay out of our house for long enough to actually get it done. I can’t wait to get home to a smooth path rather than a bumpy, rocky road!!

Besides the fact that we weren’t able to find time to leave the house for a week, we also had to save up the money to have it done. It’s insane how much concrete costs! Never in my life could I have imagined what I’d have to pay for a driveway. In addition to cost of the driveway, we also had to save enough to stay away from home too. I had wanted to go some place tropical and relaxing but the budget just wouldn’t allow it. Instead we opted to drive a few hours up the road. Oh well, I guess I will have to keep saving for that luxury tropical retreat…ah–some year I hope!

Well, I spent a ton of money this week but nothing at the grocery store. I take that back…I had to stop at a store and pick up some Carmex. While we brought a bunch of stuff with us, somehow I forgot lip “stuff” and just couldn’t do without it!

How did you guys do this week? Share your totals in the comments or link up below –

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Weekly Totals 10/3 – Share Your Savings!

farm funHappy Friday everyone!

It’s been a crazy busy week here…again! I have had multiple to-do’s almost every single day. Let’s see yesterday…I went on a field trip with my youngest son to a local farm. As you can see by the picture…he was so happy to be there with his friends! I just love that picture of him and his best buddy holding hands – sweetest thing EVER! Then I had my oldest son’s conference and finally a baseball game at 7:30. Of course I had to fit in work on the sites, dinner, laundry and baths in there too. It was quite a long day. That was just one of my crazy days…honestly, the whole week was just as crazy!

On a good note, we are heading out for some fun this weekend with friends. I am so ready for a little break. The boys have Fall Break next week and I am determined to have some fun!

My totals this week are very low…I just didn’t have time to plan or shop. Luckily we are pretty stocked so I didn’t stress. My husband got a few things when he picked up his meds and then I just made do with what I had on hand. I have learned to pick my battles and this week there was just way too much to do. Some milk and a few fruits and veggies was enough to get us through the week. My husband spent $17.44 which was plenty since no one went hungry :-)

I have to go finish up laundry and then start dinner so you guys can share your weekly totals in the comments or link up! I hope you guys got some great deals!

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Weekly Totals 9/26 – Share Your Savings

fridayHappy Friday everyone!

I am ready for the weekend. It’s been a pretty typical week at my house. We have been enjoying this weather though! Mother Nature has been so kind to give us a little break in the heat. I can dig these temps in the 80’s and it looks like that’s the forecast for the weekend here in my neck of the woods.

My husband told me that Alabama has the weekend off and said that if I had anything I wanted to do…this was the weekend to do it – tee hee. Am I the only one who has to plan our weekend events around college football? I guess I better take him up on his offer and come up with something to do. Guess I need to put on my thinking cap tonight!

I ran to Publix yesterday to check some price and pick up some things that we needed. I didn’t have a ton of coupons but had 6 small gift card that I earned that helped me take a nice little chunk from of my out of pocket spending. I knew I’d have that $70 so I really didn’t mind filling my cart with a few requests from my guys. I even got a couple of Try Me Tuesday options so I will be ahead of the game!

Pork – $12.89
Turkey -$4.29
Milk $4.13
Sorrento Ricotta – $2.99 ($1 IP)
Eggs – $1.89
Gogurt x 2 = $2.55
Mozzarella Cheese x 2 = $5
Grands Biscuits x 4 = $6.40 (two $0.40/2 IP)
Baileys Creamer = $1 ($1.50 IP)
Danimals – $4.99
Publix Juice Pouches – $2
Capri Sun Juice – $2.50
Spinach – $2
Garlic – 39¢
Tomatoes – $4.19
Lemon – 67¢
Orange -65¢
Avocado x 2 = $3
Lettuce – $1.99
Sabra Guac = $1 ($1 IP)
Asparagus = $3.21
Blueberries -$3.99
Mushrooms – $1.99
Bananas – $1.76
Dominex x 2 = $0 (free prod q)
Ronzoni Shells = $2.19
Dole Squishems x 2 = $1.32 (two $1/1 insert)
Cheezits x 2 = $4
Publix All Purpose Baking Mix – $2.79
Disposal Cleaner = $2.99

I spend a little over $25 from my grocery budget this week. I got enough to get us through to the next shopping trip and even managed to grab a few extras too.

How did you guys do this week? Share you weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 9/19 – Share Your Savings

weekly totalsHappy Friday everyone!

I am very happy that it’s Friday. It’s been another hectic week with homework, dinner then off to one of the boys’ extracurricular activities. Tonight we have karate. I decided that it would just make me happy to go out to eat after karate tonight. I just don’t feel like coming home and cooking. Tomorrow is a bust since the Alabama game is at 3:30 so my only option would be going out to lunch  so my husband would be home for the game. I think I’d rather just toss something in the crockpot tomorrow and take tonight off instead. So that is the plan!

One thing that I am looking forward to this weekend is that it is kinda feeling like Fall here in Chattanooga. The temperatures have been in the 80’s this week and I am loving it. Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I think tomorrow I might start pulling out my harvest/fall decor and do something fun with my mantle.  I have been semi-addicted to looking at ideas on Pinterest. I am not a crafty person AT ALL…but I have to tell you some of those pictures make me want to find my inner Martha Stewart. Though I think she is really hiding as typically my creative attempts don’t quite turn out like those Pinterest pictures? Am I the only one who is a Pinterest loser–tee hee!

Well I did shop once this week. Nothing spectacular but I really needed some produce and decided to do a little stock up. I added more broth to my pantry and went ahead and grabbed two big bottles of olive oil as I was down to just two bottles. I use it quite a bit so 4 should last me a while…at least until the next deal.

I also grabbed extra pork tenderloin to toss in my freezer. I don’t keep a lot of pork on hand so it will come in handy when I need a change of pace. I was also able to grab more creamer for my husband. He should be set for a while now!

Bananas – $1.56
Grapes = $1.82
Crunch Pac Apple Slices = $0 (free prod q)
Lemon = 67¢
Limes x 3 = $1
Avocados x 2 = $3.38
Tomatoes = $1.05
Lettuce = $1.99
Shallots = $1.89
Cilantro = $1.29
Pork Tenderloin – $14.87 (PQ)
Baileys x 3 = $2.25 (three $1.50/1 insert & TQ)
Pillsbury crescent x 2 = $3.20 ($0.40/2 IP)
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls x 2 = $3.20 ($0.40/2 IP)
Pillsbury load x 2 = $4
Heavy Cream = $3.59
Milk = $4.13
Progresso Broth x 4 = $5.90 ($1/4 IP = two $0.55/1 PQ)
Pompeian Olive Oil x 2 = $11.95 (two $1/1 IP)
Eggo Waffles x 2 = $0 (free prod q)

Well I was over $70 this week but I was able to stock up on some thing while they were on sale. It’s always good to get things on sale with a coupon rather than having to pay full price when you need it!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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