Weekly Totals 3/27 – Share Your Savings

fridayHappy Friday guys!

The week started off with wonderful Spring weather but today is chilly and we are supposed to get more freezing temps this weekend. Of course I grabbed some flowers last weekend so they are sitting in the garage now. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get them in the ground soon! Have I told you guys lately that I really wish the warm weather would stick around for good?! I am just not a cold weather kind of gal!!

It’s been a super busy week for us but we get to slow down a bit next week…it’s Spring Break! We will have a baseball game tomorrow but then we’ll get the week off. We are staying in town so we’ll still have to make time for tutoring and karate. Part of me wanted to go somewhere but with Easter next weekend, we’d really only have a few days away before family started heading our way.

Now, I say that we’ll slow down but with the boys home from school I tend to be less productive. I figure my best bet is to get the boys out and about. We are going to try to do a few things around Chattanooga…try and make it a mini staycation. The boys haven’t been to Rock City or Ruby Falls so hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can go there. My goal is to have one fun thing planned every day.

While I went to the store to look for the unadvertised deals on Wednesday, I did very little shopping. I had an appointment and wasn’t sure how long I’d be away from home so I decided to wait and do my big shopping trip. With the ad running for 10 days, I figure I’d have plenty of time  to shop. My goal is to go tomorrow and get it done before the baseball game. I think it will actually work better because so often I find great deals but don’t have my coupons ready when I shop on Wednesday.

I ended up spending a little over $12 this week….almost half of that was just one tub of Ovaltine. Did I tell you guys that I managed to allow my stock to run out?! I knew we were low and I kept looking for coupons and sales but NADA! I really stocked up a long time ago and haven’t seen any good deals since then. Now I am to the point where I actually had to pay full price. That’s something that the frugal gal in my REALLY dislikes! So if any of you guys find a good deal on Ovaltine…please let me know :-)

Now it’s your turn! How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up below.

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Weekly Totals 3/20 – Share Your Savings

fridayHappy Friday!

I hope you guys have had a great week! It’s been a busy one for me but nothing really overly exciting. I am very glad it’s Friday and am looking forward to hopefully getting to sleep in a little bit tomorrow.

I am not sure what our plans are this weekend. We have baseball practice tonight and I think there was talk of a game tomorrow. I guess I will find out more tonight and make plans from there.

With that in mind…I am running out of time. I have to get these boys a snack and get them ready to get back in the car. So this week is short and sweet.

Green Onion 85¢
Grape Tomatoes = $1.50
Mushrooms = $2.50
Apples = $3.99
Watrmelon = $2.38
Red Onion = $1.12
Brussels Sprouts = $2.49
Carrots = $1.69
Tomatoes = $1.38
Lettuce = $1.99
Hillshire Farm Naturals = $4
Eggo Waffles x 4 = $9.56 (two $1/1 IP)
Palermo’s Pizza x 2 = $5 (two $1/1 IP)
M&M’s x2 = $1.79 (IP + TQ)
Milk = $0 (free wyb Eggo PQ)
Boursin = $1.65 ($1.50 IP)
Land O Lakes Butter = $1.50 ($0.50 IP)
Yoplait Whips = $0 (Free Digital Q)
Purina Dog Treats = 15¢ ($1.50 Dig Q)

I was right under $50 this week. Not too bad since I got a ton of things for our meals and even stocked up on a few not so necessary items. I think I might break in to the M&M’s later tonight ;-)

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Weekly Totals 3/13 – Share Your Savings

friday-13Happy Friday everyone.

Oh my…it has been a long week! I am so tired and so very glad that it’s Friday. The time change always messes with me the first week. I’ll get over it…I love that it stays light so much later each day. I am more productive and I really think it improves my mood!

It’s been a good week just an insanely busy week. I mentioned last week that this is the busiest time of the year at my house. I managed to get most everything done and survived…so we’ll call it a successful week. This was the first full week of school for the boys in quite a while. That was a nice change of pace. The temperatures have been wonderful and if the rain would just go away, we’d be set!

I have to brag on my boys a bit. You guys might remember that Jake is my advanced kiddo, he’s in the gifted program at his school. The kids have been working on an egg drop project and Jake’s team won yesterday. He was so thrilled. Then he comes home today with a paper that he was selected to participate in the Math & Science Olympiad at Chattanooga State. He proclaimed this week to be the “best week ever!”

Then of course there is my little Jeb-a-doo. He is my guy who has to work a little bit harder than some of the other kids. We have been working hard at home and even added tutoring to our week to try to help him even more. Well, he came home earlier this week and he was chosen as one of two kids in his class who have improved the most. He gets to represent his school at a Lookouts game in a few weeks! He also just came home with his work from the week showing that he had met his math goal and got a 12/14 on his spelling test (difficult words we worked very hard on all week!) It’s the little things that really just mean so much :-)

I am very thankful that is it Friday as I do desperately need a break. Once I finish this up I am going to go veg on the couch for a while and I might see if I can catch a nap before it’s time to start dinner.

I did shop this week but I can’t find my receipt. I am guessing that’s it’s probably in the car somewhere  but I just don’t have the energy to look for it right now. I haven’t even put it into Quickbooks yet. I know it was a little over $50 but I don’t know the exact amount. I really just grabbed produce, milk and the various things we needed for the week…nothing overly exciting ;-)

I hope you guys were able to pick up some good deals. Share your savings in the comments or link up below.

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Weekly Totals 3/6 – Share Your Savings

baseballHappy Friday everyone!

Another week is done and I am ready for the weekend! I bet I am not the only one yelling TGIF!

This is one of the busiest times of year at my house. Once baseball starts my few hours of free time dwindles to almost nothing. I am sure there are tons of you guys in the same boat. Each week we will now find a way to fit in my little one’s tutoring (3x per week), art class, karate, school functions and baseball (practice and games). So what will have to happen is that my husband and I will have to come up with a very detailed schedule. Many times the activities overlap and since I can’t be in two places at once, he’ll have to adjust so he can be a taxi as well.

From now until the end of school it will be likely that we have one or more activities each school night. That doesn’t sound too bad until you factor in the need to fit in homework, dinner and bath too. That’s a whole lot to try to accomplish in just a couple of hours. Not being a morning person, I love the fact that my boys don’t have to be to school until 8:30 each day but it bites me in the hiney this time of year with the boys not getting home until 4 pm each day. Getting everything accomplished in 4 – 5 hours is almost impossible.

What is amazing to me is that you guys who work outside of the home are able to get it all done and still maintain your sanity. Often you all complete as many tasks in an even shorter time frame! I am typically a worn out mess by Friday night! Here’s hoping we all have a very relaxing weekend.

I am sitting in carpool typing at the moment and will need to keep it short and sweet this week. By the time you guys are reading his we will be headed to baseball practice. So I have to pick up the pace so I can run the boys home for a snack before we have to get back in the car ;-)

This is what I grabbed this week –

Strawberries x 2 – $3.32
Garlic -43¢
Onions – $2.99
Mushrooms – $2.99
Jalapeño – 25¢
Bananas – $1.34
Oranges – 92¢
Kiwi – 65¢
Tomatoes – $1.69
Cilantro – 99¢
Green Beans – $1.69
Publix Salad – $2
Asparagus – $2.91
Capri Sun x 2 – 50¢ (two DQ)
Quaker Chewy x 2 = $2.79
Bush’s Beans x 4 = $3.16
Publix Black Beans = 85¢
Lindsay Peppers x 2 = $2 ($1/2 IP)
Onion Powder – $1.34
Garlic Powder – $1.33
Farmland Sausage – $2.50 ($1 DQ)
Kraft Cheese x 4 – $5.58 (two DQ + one $1/2 IP)
Voskos Yogurt x 2 = $0 (PQ + DQ)
Milk – $3.79

I was right at $50 this week. I got everything we needed and I even have a couple of recipes that I will be sharing soon…so stay tuned!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up.

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Weekly Totals 2/27 – Share Your Savings

Snow Day Jake & Jeb 2015Happy Friday everyone!

Well it’s been another week where the weather is the big news. We got something like 7 – 8 inches of snow on Wednesday night. My boys were elated and spent a good chunk of time outside sledding and building snowmen. Contrary to the picture above, they really did have gloves on at some point. Though, Jake did not wear his heavy jacket to play in the snow. You see he left BOTH of his coats at school. So he has something like 6 shirts on instead–hahaha!

I was happy to finally see some snow too. I figured it was time that there was actually a reason school was canceled–tee hee. My boys have only gone to school 1.5 days in the past TWO WEEKS!! While they love it now, I am not sure what the plan will be as far as making up all those missed days.

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that this is the last of the snow. I am going to attempt to try to get caught up on housecleaning and laundry this weekend. Not sure if I can get it all done but maybe I can start to get back on track.

Luckily I did get a chance to go to the store before the snow hit. I went right after I got the boys off to school. It’s a good thing that I went immediately as I was texted while I was shopping that they had decided to let the kids out early. If I had waited I would have had to take the boys with me – yikes! I try very hard to avoid shopping with them now if possible. They can kill my budget faster than anything. They alway seem to “need” so many things that they see. Plus, it’s next to impossible to look for deals when I am trying to make sure they haven’t wandered off to the toy aisle.

So, I did manage to get a few things this week. With the gas card coupon I was right about on track for the week.

Squash – $1.37
Broccoli – $1.59
Avocados x 4 = $4
Cauliflower = $2.50
Potatoes = $3.79
Bananas = $1.26
Mushrooms = $2.50
Spinach = $2
Celery = $1.99
Grapes = $3.50
Milk = $3.79
Sargento Tastings x 3 = $4
Publix String Cheese = $3.50 ($1 DQ)
Smithfield Bacon = $4.99
Eggs = $3.79
Publix Creamer = $1.99
Half & Half = $2.69
Stevia in the Raw x 2 = $4 (two $1/1 IP)
Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits x 2 = 69¢ ($2/2 PQ + $0.50/2 IP)
Lucky Charms x 2 = $2.39 ($1/2 IP)
Sparkle Paper Towels = $3.99 ($1/1 IP)

I was right at $50 this week. With the boys home plus some extra kids visiting (so their parents could work) everything is already just about wiped out. I am not sure if I will make it to Wednesday. I might end up having to grab a few things this weekend to hold us. It’s amazing how many snacks those kids need while they are home!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up!

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Weekly Totals 2/20 – Share Your Savings

friday snowHappy Friday everyone – I hope you have all stayed warm!

Boy, what a week! My kids were out Monday for President’s Day and then there were a bunch of weather scares and somehow my boys were out of school EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK! As you can imagine, my hopes for a productive week were shot.

I didn’t have time to shop and ended up having to reschedule a couple of my appointments. Now, the weather folks are saying something about snow tonight. I guess we’ll see if my weekend is shot too–tee hee!

My husband stopped by the store and grabbed us a few things but that was it for shopping this week. He was a trooper to brave the store as you know folks in the South have a tendency to flip out when there are threats of bad weather! He said it was a bit of a madhouse ;-)

He spent $38.28 for milk, fruits and veggies and a few other things to get us through the week. My little one has a birthday party tomorrow so he and I may shop afterward (as long as the weather cooperates!)

Hopefully some of you guys were able to get out and about. If you shopped, share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 2/13 – Share Your Savings

friday-13Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I hope you all have some fun planned! Nothing big planned for us as we will be headed to Atlanta on Sunday for my niece’s birthday. Luckily the boys are off school on Monday so I won’t have to deal with the typical stressors of Sunday night and getting ready for the week.

This weekend should be a little more low key than last weekend….it was a doozie. Jake’s birthday party was great and I think all the boys had a blast! I think we had a total of 12 boys who ending up spending the night. Hearing all those boys chatter all day (and into the night) was quite comical. Some of the conversations I overheard were just hysterical!

The kids did great but I found myself so tired on Sunday. I soon found that I wasn’t feeling bad because of the boys…I got hit with a stomach bug and spent most of the day just miserable. Unfortunately my oldest kiddo got sick on Wednesday night and ended up home yesterday. He was so sad because he had perfect attendance. He’s bummed that his chance to get that certificate is now shot. There’s always next year ;-)

Somehow I managed to pick up a cold too. I am thinking that maybe all those boys brought in a whole bunch of germs and my tired self just couldn’t deal. I’ll be fine and I guess it was worth it a Jake deemed his party the best ever!

I did do a little shopping when I went in to look for the unadvertised deals. I grabbed a couple of items for the boys’ Valentine’s Day parties but those come out of a different budget.

Craisins x 2 = $2.59
Quaker Chewy Bars x 2 = $2.79
Blue Diamond Almonds = $1.90
Limes x 2 = $1
Avocados x 3 = $2.50 ($1/3 printable)
Cilantro = 99¢
Potatoes = $2.99
Jalapeño = 35¢
Salad = $2.69
Cabbage = $1.69
Mushrooms – $2.50
Bananas – $1.31
Mission Tortillas = $1.09 ($0.50/1 printable)
Toufayan Pita = $1.39
Morningstar Farms x 2 = $2.35
Al Fresco Sausage x 2 = $3.50 (two $1.50 printable)
Liberte Yogurt x 4 = $1.80 (four $0.20/1 printable)
Kraft Cheese x 2 = $3.50 (two 0.75 printable)
Eggs = $3.79
Milk = $3.79

I was right around $50 this week. Since I had a few Valentine’s Day party items..I am estimating my tax.

How did you guys do this week? Share your savings in the comments below or link up.

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Weekly Totals 2/6 – Share Your Savings

Happy Friday everyone!

It a big weekend at my house…my oldest kiddo is turning 9 tomorrow. Jake is so excited and we have a big day planned. His friends will join him to watch the new SpongeBob movie then the boys will come back for pizza, cake and a sleepover. So at this time tomorrow I will have 10+ little boys running all over the house – YIKES! I am sure it will be fine but my mom is here to give me a hand just in case.

I am hoping that the boys don’t stay up all night. We have had 5  boys stay overnight before but this will be the largest group yet. Keep your fingers crossed that they all play nicely and we all get some sleep – tee hee.

The hardest part is trying to figure out what to feed them. I have never had to feed that many boys at once. My husband will pick up some $5 pizzas from Little Caesars for the party and right now I am thinking that I will do spaghetti or a baked pasta for dinner. Breakfast is tough…I think that I will make a big batch of biscuits and some sausage with a bowl of fruit. Maybe some muffins? I just don’t see myself cooking pancakes or eggs to order for that many boys. Any of you guys have ideas to feed a big group of boys?

I did a little shopping for things we needed as well as a few party supplies. The party items will come from a different budget so they are not included here. I did take advantage of that Capri Sun deal which came at a great time. 100% juice for $1.33 per box worked out great for the party! I should have picked up some of the cheap Pillsbury cookies for the boys but I totally forgot. I’ll pop some popcorn for the kids as a snack…maybe I can talk them into watching a movie at some point Saturday night to help them wind down.

The nice thing is that the party extras allowed me to get up to $50 and grab a gas card. I am taking the $10 savings off my grocery budget rather than my entertainment budget – nice perk!

Bananas – $1.73
Spinach – $2.49
Strawberries – $2.50
Grapes – $4.28
Blueberries – $3.50
Zucchini – $2.96
Plum Tomatoes – 68¢
Rold Gold Pretzels – $2.50
Celery – $1.50
Publix Party Peanuts – $2.99
Milk – $3.79
Eggs – $3.99

I am calling it $25 as I don’t feel like calculating tax to see the exact amount that was party vs grocery.

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 1/30 – Share Your Savings

il_570xN.355860002_cq0aHappy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week.

Nothing too exciting this week for us. It’s been a pretty typical week which is nice! There’s been so many interruptions to my schedule lately, I am happy that I was finally able to get a few things accomplished this week.

Jeb-a-doo has a birthday party to attend tomorrow and then Jake’s birthday party is next weekend. I can’t believe he will soon be 9 years old!! He’s getting so big…I can still remember him as my tiny little baby–sniff, sniff!

How cute is that spoon from Etsy? If you are like me you’ll probably be singing that song all night now. Sorry–tee hee! Did I tell you guys that I decided to go a month without sugar, most carbs and avoiding processed foods. Holy moly it has been a LONG month! I have to admit that I really do feel better plus I have lost weight! It hasn’t been the most fun and I wasn’t sure if I would really be able to do it. BUT…we are close to the end of January and so far, so good!

The hardest part is when my kids are around. Making Jake’s peanut butter & jelly sandwiches every morning is VERY hard to do. I am so tempted to take a huge bite before I pack it in his lunch box. They also love their desserts so whenever they are eating chocolate I want to run over and eat some with them. Somehow I have been able to hold back and suck it up.

I have also had to modify dinners a bit. I have never been one to cook separate meals for my kids but it was really unfair to expect them to join my husband and I on this big change. So, I found myself having to cook a few additional items for them to go with the other dinner foods. Nothing major…but it did mean more time in the kitchen and more cleanup. While they like most veggies and lean proteins, they also love pasta, rice, breads and such and I couldn’t just cut them off cold turkey.

Easy Roasted Eggplant ParmSurprisingly they liked many of the things that I just knew they’d turn their noses up to. My Easy Roasted Eggplant Parmesan was a huge hit as was my cauliflower pizza. While I am not going to completely cut out sugar and carbs past January, I am planning on dramatically reducing the amount of those that I eat week to week.

Just in case anyone is wondering…this wasn’t any specific diet or plan that we did. Really all we did was eat whole foods – lean protein, eggs, fish, veggies, nuts, cheese, etc. I can’t say I was totally sugar free for the month as their are naturally occurring sugars but I didn’t eat anything where sugar was added. Now, my goal is to not put myself in a sugar coma once I reintroduce it–tee hee!

So here’s my list for this week. You’ll notice some expensive nuts on there. I completely killed my stockpile of nuts over the last few weeks. They have been a perfect snack…so I decided to bite the bullet and kill two birds with one stone. I usually wouldn’t pay full price for nuts but figured I’d get my snack and make it a Try Me Tuesday…stay tuned for the results ;-)

Fresh Express Salad = $2.99
Bananas = $1.46
Eggplant = $1.61
Portabella shrooms = $1.99
Avocado x 2 = $2
Grape Tomatoes = $2.50
Cauliflower = $2.99
Zucchini = $1.19
Sargento Cheese x 2 = $3.49 ($0.50/2 insert)
Smithfield Bacon x 2 = $5.99 ($1/2 blinkie)
Buddig Turkey = $0 ($1 PQ)
Savannah Smoked Sausage = $2.25
DiGiorno Pizza x 2 = $8 (2/2 DQ)
Planters Cashews = $7.99
Publix Cashews = $5.99

I spent right over $55 this week but it’s everything I need for now so I call it a success!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 1/23 – Share Your Savings

weekly totals

Happy Friday everyone…I hope you guys had a great week!

Nothing too eventful here at my house this week. The boys were home on Monday for the MLK holiday and I was very happy for them to go back on Tuesday. While they loved the long weekend, I am desperate to get back on my routine. There have been so many things pulling me off my schedule lately. Here’s hoping that next week can be a regular week and I can start knocking out my huge to do list!

I got organized on Tuesday night and was able to get my shopping done when I walked the store looking for the unadvertised deals on Wednesday. Nice to be able to knock out two birds with one stone. I got another gift card so I decided to stock up on some items this week. (on that note…don’t forget to enter my giveaways over HERE)

I grabbed lots of veggies and things to stock my freezer. I got the boys lots of quick and easy weekend lunch options and of course my cheese. I actually might run by this weekend and get a few more blocks of cheese…I can never have enough here at my house!

Here’s what I got –

Avocado x 2 = $3
Fresh Express Salad x 2 = $4
Brussel Srout = $2.63
Eggplant = $1.47
Green Beans = $1.98
Mushrooms = $2.49
Kale = $2.99
Squash = $1.46
Limes x 2 = 80¢
Lettuce $1.49
Tomato = 86¢
Strawberries = $2.5
Bananas = $1.57
Palermo’s Pizza x 2 = $4.99 (two $1/1 IP)
Perdue Lightly Breaded x 4 = $13.96 (two $3/2 IP)
State Fair Corn Dogs x 2 = $2.40 (two $0.55 IP)
Cumberland Gap Ham = $1.80
Eggs 18 ct – $3.99
Kraft Cheese x 2 = $6.58 (two $1/2 IP)
Milk = $3.99
Hefty x 2 = $10 (two $1/1 IP)
Frank’s x 2 = $1.19 (two $0.30 IP)
French’s Mustard x 2 = $0 (two $0.50 IP)
Fiber One Cookies x 2 = $1.20 (twp $0.50 IP)
Dole Squishems x 2 = 80¢ (two $1 insert)
Mrs Butterworth x 2 = $1.99 (two $0.75 IP)

I was right at $40 after gas card coupons, my gift card and coupons. Not a bad week after all discounts.

How did you guys do this week? Share your savings in the comments or link up.

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