Weekly Totals 2/27 – Share Your Savings

Snow Day Jake & Jeb 2015Happy Friday everyone!

Well it’s been another week where the weather is the big news. We got something like 7 – 8 inches of snow on Wednesday night. My boys were elated and spent a good chunk of time outside sledding and building snowmen. Contrary to the picture above, they really did have gloves on at some point. Though, Jake did not wear his heavy jacket to play in the snow. You see he left BOTH of his coats at school. So he has something like 6 shirts on instead–hahaha!

I was happy to finally see some snow too. I figured it was time that there was actually a reason school was canceled–tee hee. My boys have only gone to school 1.5 days in the past TWO WEEKS!! While they love it now, I am not sure what the plan will be as far as making up all those missed days.

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that this is the last of the snow. I am going to attempt to try to get caught up on housecleaning and laundry this weekend. Not sure if I can get it all done but maybe I can start to get back on track.

Luckily I did get a chance to go to the store before the snow hit. I went right after I got the boys off to school. It’s a good thing that I went immediately as I was texted while I was shopping that they had decided to let the kids out early. If I had waited I would have had to take the boys with me – yikes! I try very hard to avoid shopping with them now if possible. They can kill my budget faster than anything. They alway seem to “need” so many things that they see. Plus, it’s next to impossible to look for deals when I am trying to make sure they haven’t wandered off to the toy aisle.

So, I did manage to get a few things this week. With the gas card coupon I was right about on track for the week.

Squash – $1.37
Broccoli – $1.59
Avocados x 4 = $4
Cauliflower = $2.50
Potatoes = $3.79
Bananas = $1.26
Mushrooms = $2.50
Spinach = $2
Celery = $1.99
Grapes = $3.50
Milk = $3.79
Sargento Tastings x 3 = $4
Publix String Cheese = $3.50 ($1 DQ)
Smithfield Bacon = $4.99
Eggs = $3.79
Publix Creamer = $1.99
Half & Half = $2.69
Stevia in the Raw x 2 = $4 (two $1/1 IP)
Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits x 2 = 69¢ ($2/2 PQ + $0.50/2 IP)
Lucky Charms x 2 = $2.39 ($1/2 IP)
Sparkle Paper Towels = $3.99 ($1/1 IP)

I was right at $50 this week. With the boys home plus some extra kids visiting (so their parents could work) everything is already just about wiped out. I am not sure if I will make it to Wednesday. I might end up having to grab a few things this weekend to hold us. It’s amazing how many snacks those kids need while they are home!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up!

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Weekly Totals 2/20 – Share Your Savings

friday snowHappy Friday everyone – I hope you have all stayed warm!

Boy, what a week! My kids were out Monday for President’s Day and then there were a bunch of weather scares and somehow my boys were out of school EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK! As you can imagine, my hopes for a productive week were shot.

I didn’t have time to shop and ended up having to reschedule a couple of my appointments. Now, the weather folks are saying something about snow tonight. I guess we’ll see if my weekend is shot too–tee hee!

My husband stopped by the store and grabbed us a few things but that was it for shopping this week. He was a trooper to brave the store as you know folks in the South have a tendency to flip out when there are threats of bad weather! He said it was a bit of a madhouse ;-)

He spent $38.28 for milk, fruits and veggies and a few other things to get us through the week. My little one has a birthday party tomorrow so he and I may shop afterward (as long as the weather cooperates!)

Hopefully some of you guys were able to get out and about. If you shopped, share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 2/13 – Share Your Savings

friday-13Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I hope you all have some fun planned! Nothing big planned for us as we will be headed to Atlanta on Sunday for my niece’s birthday. Luckily the boys are off school on Monday so I won’t have to deal with the typical stressors of Sunday night and getting ready for the week.

This weekend should be a little more low key than last weekend….it was a doozie. Jake’s birthday party was great and I think all the boys had a blast! I think we had a total of 12 boys who ending up spending the night. Hearing all those boys chatter all day (and into the night) was quite comical. Some of the conversations I overheard were just hysterical!

The kids did great but I found myself so tired on Sunday. I soon found that I wasn’t feeling bad because of the boys…I got hit with a stomach bug and spent most of the day just miserable. Unfortunately my oldest kiddo got sick on Wednesday night and ended up home yesterday. He was so sad because he had perfect attendance. He’s bummed that his chance to get that certificate is now shot. There’s always next year ;-)

Somehow I managed to pick up a cold too. I am thinking that maybe all those boys brought in a whole bunch of germs and my tired self just couldn’t deal. I’ll be fine and I guess it was worth it a Jake deemed his party the best ever!

I did do a little shopping when I went in to look for the unadvertised deals. I grabbed a couple of items for the boys’ Valentine’s Day parties but those come out of a different budget.

Craisins x 2 = $2.59
Quaker Chewy Bars x 2 = $2.79
Blue Diamond Almonds = $1.90
Limes x 2 = $1
Avocados x 3 = $2.50 ($1/3 printable)
Cilantro = 99¢
Potatoes = $2.99
Jalapeño = 35¢
Salad = $2.69
Cabbage = $1.69
Mushrooms – $2.50
Bananas – $1.31
Mission Tortillas = $1.09 ($0.50/1 printable)
Toufayan Pita = $1.39
Morningstar Farms x 2 = $2.35
Al Fresco Sausage x 2 = $3.50 (two $1.50 printable)
Liberte Yogurt x 4 = $1.80 (four $0.20/1 printable)
Kraft Cheese x 2 = $3.50 (two 0.75 printable)
Eggs = $3.79
Milk = $3.79

I was right around $50 this week. Since I had a few Valentine’s Day party items..I am estimating my tax.

How did you guys do this week? Share your savings in the comments below or link up.

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Weekly Totals 2/6 – Share Your Savings

Happy Friday everyone!

It a big weekend at my house…my oldest kiddo is turning 9 tomorrow. Jake is so excited and we have a big day planned. His friends will join him to watch the new SpongeBob movie then the boys will come back for pizza, cake and a sleepover. So at this time tomorrow I will have 10+ little boys running all over the house – YIKES! I am sure it will be fine but my mom is here to give me a hand just in case.

I am hoping that the boys don’t stay up all night. We have had 5  boys stay overnight before but this will be the largest group yet. Keep your fingers crossed that they all play nicely and we all get some sleep – tee hee.

The hardest part is trying to figure out what to feed them. I have never had to feed that many boys at once. My husband will pick up some $5 pizzas from Little Caesars for the party and right now I am thinking that I will do spaghetti or a baked pasta for dinner. Breakfast is tough…I think that I will make a big batch of biscuits and some sausage with a bowl of fruit. Maybe some muffins? I just don’t see myself cooking pancakes or eggs to order for that many boys. Any of you guys have ideas to feed a big group of boys?

I did a little shopping for things we needed as well as a few party supplies. The party items will come from a different budget so they are not included here. I did take advantage of that Capri Sun deal which came at a great time. 100% juice for $1.33 per box worked out great for the party! I should have picked up some of the cheap Pillsbury cookies for the boys but I totally forgot. I’ll pop some popcorn for the kids as a snack…maybe I can talk them into watching a movie at some point Saturday night to help them wind down.

The nice thing is that the party extras allowed me to get up to $50 and grab a gas card. I am taking the $10 savings off my grocery budget rather than my entertainment budget – nice perk!

Bananas – $1.73
Spinach – $2.49
Strawberries – $2.50
Grapes – $4.28
Blueberries – $3.50
Zucchini – $2.96
Plum Tomatoes – 68¢
Rold Gold Pretzels – $2.50
Celery – $1.50
Publix Party Peanuts – $2.99
Milk – $3.79
Eggs – $3.99

I am calling it $25 as I don’t feel like calculating tax to see the exact amount that was party vs grocery.

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 1/30 – Share Your Savings

il_570xN.355860002_cq0aHappy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week.

Nothing too exciting this week for us. It’s been a pretty typical week which is nice! There’s been so many interruptions to my schedule lately, I am happy that I was finally able to get a few things accomplished this week.

Jeb-a-doo has a birthday party to attend tomorrow and then Jake’s birthday party is next weekend. I can’t believe he will soon be 9 years old!! He’s getting so big…I can still remember him as my tiny little baby–sniff, sniff!

How cute is that spoon from Etsy? If you are like me you’ll probably be singing that song all night now. Sorry–tee hee! Did I tell you guys that I decided to go a month without sugar, most carbs and avoiding processed foods. Holy moly it has been a LONG month! I have to admit that I really do feel better plus I have lost weight! It hasn’t been the most fun and I wasn’t sure if I would really be able to do it. BUT…we are close to the end of January and so far, so good!

The hardest part is when my kids are around. Making Jake’s peanut butter & jelly sandwiches every morning is VERY hard to do. I am so tempted to take a huge bite before I pack it in his lunch box. They also love their desserts so whenever they are eating chocolate I want to run over and eat some with them. Somehow I have been able to hold back and suck it up.

I have also had to modify dinners a bit. I have never been one to cook separate meals for my kids but it was really unfair to expect them to join my husband and I on this big change. So, I found myself having to cook a few additional items for them to go with the other dinner foods. Nothing major…but it did mean more time in the kitchen and more cleanup. While they like most veggies and lean proteins, they also love pasta, rice, breads and such and I couldn’t just cut them off cold turkey.

Easy Roasted Eggplant ParmSurprisingly they liked many of the things that I just knew they’d turn their noses up to. My Easy Roasted Eggplant Parmesan was a huge hit as was my cauliflower pizza. While I am not going to completely cut out sugar and carbs past January, I am planning on dramatically reducing the amount of those that I eat week to week.

Just in case anyone is wondering…this wasn’t any specific diet or plan that we did. Really all we did was eat whole foods – lean protein, eggs, fish, veggies, nuts, cheese, etc. I can’t say I was totally sugar free for the month as their are naturally occurring sugars but I didn’t eat anything where sugar was added. Now, my goal is to not put myself in a sugar coma once I reintroduce it–tee hee!

So here’s my list for this week. You’ll notice some expensive nuts on there. I completely killed my stockpile of nuts over the last few weeks. They have been a perfect snack…so I decided to bite the bullet and kill two birds with one stone. I usually wouldn’t pay full price for nuts but figured I’d get my snack and make it a Try Me Tuesday…stay tuned for the results ;-)

Fresh Express Salad = $2.99
Bananas = $1.46
Eggplant = $1.61
Portabella shrooms = $1.99
Avocado x 2 = $2
Grape Tomatoes = $2.50
Cauliflower = $2.99
Zucchini = $1.19
Sargento Cheese x 2 = $3.49 ($0.50/2 insert)
Smithfield Bacon x 2 = $5.99 ($1/2 blinkie)
Buddig Turkey = $0 ($1 PQ)
Savannah Smoked Sausage = $2.25
DiGiorno Pizza x 2 = $8 (2/2 DQ)
Planters Cashews = $7.99
Publix Cashews = $5.99

I spent right over $55 this week but it’s everything I need for now so I call it a success!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 1/23 – Share Your Savings

weekly totals

Happy Friday everyone…I hope you guys had a great week!

Nothing too eventful here at my house this week. The boys were home on Monday for the MLK holiday and I was very happy for them to go back on Tuesday. While they loved the long weekend, I am desperate to get back on my routine. There have been so many things pulling me off my schedule lately. Here’s hoping that next week can be a regular week and I can start knocking out my huge to do list!

I got organized on Tuesday night and was able to get my shopping done when I walked the store looking for the unadvertised deals on Wednesday. Nice to be able to knock out two birds with one stone. I got another gift card so I decided to stock up on some items this week. (on that note…don’t forget to enter my giveaways over HERE)

I grabbed lots of veggies and things to stock my freezer. I got the boys lots of quick and easy weekend lunch options and of course my cheese. I actually might run by this weekend and get a few more blocks of cheese…I can never have enough here at my house!

Here’s what I got –

Avocado x 2 = $3
Fresh Express Salad x 2 = $4
Brussel Srout = $2.63
Eggplant = $1.47
Green Beans = $1.98
Mushrooms = $2.49
Kale = $2.99
Squash = $1.46
Limes x 2 = 80¢
Lettuce $1.49
Tomato = 86¢
Strawberries = $2.5
Bananas = $1.57
Palermo’s Pizza x 2 = $4.99 (two $1/1 IP)
Perdue Lightly Breaded x 4 = $13.96 (two $3/2 IP)
State Fair Corn Dogs x 2 = $2.40 (two $0.55 IP)
Cumberland Gap Ham = $1.80
Eggs 18 ct – $3.99
Kraft Cheese x 2 = $6.58 (two $1/2 IP)
Milk = $3.99
Hefty x 2 = $10 (two $1/1 IP)
Frank’s x 2 = $1.19 (two $0.30 IP)
French’s Mustard x 2 = $0 (two $0.50 IP)
Fiber One Cookies x 2 = $1.20 (twp $0.50 IP)
Dole Squishems x 2 = 80¢ (two $1 insert)
Mrs Butterworth x 2 = $1.99 (two $0.75 IP)

I was right at $40 after gas card coupons, my gift card and coupons. Not a bad week after all discounts.

How did you guys do this week? Share your savings in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 1/16 – Share Your Savings

c434600e59458c34448227073c1553dfHappy Friday everyone! I hope you guys have been able to stay warm this week. It snowed a bunch yesterday and it’s been crazy cold! Today is the first day we have seen the sun in quite a while.

My little guy came down with a fever on Tuesday so he was home with me Wednesday and Thursday. By last night he was feeling fine and he was to go back to school today. Well…last night I get the text that school had been delayed for 2 hours due to weather. Then, at about 5 am my phone starts buzzing letting me know that school had been cancelled. Plus, the boys are also off school on Monday for MLK so they are VERY happy kids!

Of course I thought I was going to start getting back into my routine…guess that will have to be next week–tee hee!

Other than that it’s just been cold. My boys and my dogs are going a bit stir crazy. None of them want to stay outside for more than a few minutes at a time. I am ready for some warm weather to come back. Yeah…I know, it’s still a bit early. I’d take just a few days of sun rather than the dreary overcast that we have had lately!

I did get some shopping done. Nothing too exciting and not really great deals but it was stuff that we needed. I noticed a comment a while back asking me why I never used too many coupons and never had all the great deals on my list that I share here on the site. Well..honestly it’s because I have a pretty good stockpile. At this point I am in maintenance mode. So I really only have to buy most things when they are a really low price. Most of the stuff that I buy week to week will be perishables and veggies.

My freezer is almost about to bust with protein at the moment. I have picked up 40 pounds of beef, 40 pounds of chicken breast and 50 pounds of fish from Zaycon over the past couple of weeks. All of  that should last us quite a while. I also still have a couple of turkeys, a bunch of the chicken thighs from a while back and some beef cuts from my farming buddy.

I also have a crazy full pantry. My parents grow a big garden each year and I am always happy to reap the benefits. I have jars of canned tomatoes, fig preserves, jalapeños and more. Many companies also send me lots of products to try…so those go in my pantry too.

All of that combined means that I only have to buy what we need and grab any super deals to replenish my inventory. I learned a long time ago that buying stuff just because it is a good deal is not always a good thing. I don’t want to deal with excess food — or worse…letting food expire before I can use it.

Also keep in mind that I have been couponing for a long time. I tracked our consumption on many things that we regularly use so that now I only buy what we will use. That means that here at my house we only need at most 3 jars of yellow mustard every year–tee hee.

So the things you see in my shopping lists each week is just what we need…no more and no less. Of course I make mistakes here and there but I have gotten pretty good at this shopping business ;-)

I got a little help this week thanks to a Publix gift card I got for a promotion (Remember you can win one too…go HERE).

Lemons x 2 = $1.33
Limes x 3 = $1.20
Mushrooms = $1.79
Red Onion = $1.12
Avocados x 2 = $3
Celery = $2.99
Spinach = $1.50
Cilantro = 99¢
Cucumbers x 2 = $1.49
Tomato = 76¢
Bell Pepper = $1
Philly Cream Cheese x 2 = $1 (two $0.50 IP)
Milk = $4.13
Hormel Pepperoni x 2 = $1 (IP + TQ)
Tyson Grilled = $5.99 ($1 DQ)
Publix Purified Water = 83¢
Pork Roast = $7.15
Le Sueur Peas = $1
Campbell’s Soup = $1
Publix Worcestershire Sauce = $1.99
French’s Worcestershire Sauce = $1.69
Quaker Chewy Bars = $1.40
Del Monte Fruit x 4 = $3 ($1/2 PQ + DQ + IP)

After my gift card, I was under $4 for the week. I’ll take that!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up!

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Weekly Totals 1/9 – My 2015 Budget


I hope you guys have had a great week. We have been trucking along just fine.

My oldest son has had a buddy here for a couple of days. His mom is having some issues that the docs can’t quite figure out. They are now thinking it might be her gallbladder. While she is in the hospital, we are more than happy to let one of her kiddos hang out here so she can focus on getting better. Jake was thrilled that he was able to have a sleepover on a school night…quite a rare treat!

Other than that, we’ve just been trying to stay warm – holy moly it’s been so cold! The boys finally went back to school this week which is a good thing. They need to learn and I need to get back on my schedule. I love them dearly but I really need some time without constant interruptions in order to get all of my to-do’s done!

This was also the week that my husband and I sat down and finalized our 2015 budget. If you have been hanging out with me for a while you probably know that I am a category budget person. That means that I set specific budgets for various spending categories. Heck, in some cases I even have subcategories. Once my goals are set, it’s just a matter of data entry each week. My husband and I record everything. I have found that it is the only way to really see where the money goes. I also like to see those graphs and watch my progress.

Now sometimes I have to split the spending over several categories. For example, those times when I go to the grocery store and pick up snacks for baseball, classroom parties, etc… I pull those fund out of my grocery budget and those go into the “Kids Extracurricular” budget. That can be tricky but I still find that it makes the most sense. Split category spending can also be my way of evening out some excess spending. In the end I guess it really doesn’t matter…I mean the money is gone but week to week, month to month and year to year it is a VERY eye opening to really see where the money is going.

I also see it as a critical component to formulating the budget for the new year. It just doesn’t make sense to randomly make up numbers and hope that they will work. Being able to work off previous numbers helps me ensure that the budget I come up with is successful. Now that doesn’t mean I am always spot on and as you will see…many times I end up going over what I set up. The good thing is that often I end up under budget in other areas so it often evens out.

For 2014 we were over budget in almost every category. While it doesn’t thrill me, it was a big eye opener and really made us think about the reasons and what it would mean for 2015.

First, we entertained a LOT this year. Entertaining at our home in Georgia meant that we’d have a couple of friends over for dinner but rarely more than 6 – 8 people at a time. Well, we have a pool at our new home in Tennessee…we could easily have 15 – 20 people over on the weekends in the summer. I love to entertain and wouldn’t change a thing…but I didn’t plan accordingly when I wrote my budget back in January of 2014.

Another cause for an increase in spending just has to do with my kids getting older and bigger. It was much easier to “control” them when they were little. Now when I say control I just mean that they really didn’t have opinions on their clothes, foods, and the like. Now that they are getting bigger they often give me feedback and make many more requests than they ever did in the previous years. My boys are both very good kids and I want them to feel like their opinions and requests matter. Allowing those small choices allows them to have their own voice and hopefully will help them be more independent. Now that doesn’t mean that they get everything they want but I have been conceding to certain requests and in doing so I am spending more money. Heck just adding their $5 weekly allowance to my budget is $520 PER YEAR!! See I told you those little amounts add up quickly!

I know this is just the beginning…soon I expect them to want cell phones, designer clothes and cars–YIKES!! Guess I’ll deal with all of that when the time comes.

This past year my grocery spending was $3246 which is almost $400 more than I anticipated. Now that is only $62 per week which is really not bad but remember I have separate categories for entertainment which also includes some of our meals. While it’s not a terrible number, it’s the most we have spent in many years.

Some of the blame is on me. I have been very busy this past year and often not able to be on top of things like I would normally would. As we were going over the numbers I felt guilty for about a minute. Then I stopped and said…no way! My husband and I both agreed that my time is valuable. I am not one to sit around watching TV or just being lazy. I am in constant motion all day long whether it be with the sites, kids, dogs, household chores, cooking, shopping and more. I am super productive and don’t need to spend all of my time worrying about pinching every single penny. I am content with being frugal. That means that I try my best to save money but still allow myself the freedom of a splurge and/or give myself a break every now and again. My sanity is important and you know…life is short so I am not going to beat myself up over money.

This year we are increasing many of our budget categories. In all honestly about 90% of them. Not by a ton but I need to make sure that my goals are realistic. If I am going to be successful I have to make sure I am not setting myself up for failure from the beginning.

I’d love to hear how you guys did this year. What are your goals for the new year? If you don’t have a budget, I’d encourage you to sit down and just start small. Maybe work on an area that you’d like to improve and set a small monthly goal.

Share your weekly (or yearly) totals in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 1/2 – Share Your Savings

happy new yearHappy New Year! I can’t believe it’s now 2015…time flies!

I had planned to do my yearly wrap up today but we have been so very busy. We ended up having a New Year’s Eve bash here at my house. The prep and clean up took a little time as we also had friends over for New Year’s Day dinner and of course to watch the bowl games. I am still trying to recover and catch up on my sleep. I am looking forward to maybe working in a nap tomorrow at some point.

With all the festivities, I am having a hard time keeping track of what day it is. I went to the store several times this week but really it was to check prices and get some pictures. I grabbed some things but many of them were party supplies that will come from my entertainment budget. In all honesty I just haven’t had time to separate the receipts yet.

I am hoping to get it all figured out this weekend as I will be finalizing my 2015 budget. I have a feeling I was over budget this year so that may impact what I do for this coming year. No decisions have been made yet but the numbers that I end up with will definitely help me make my decisions.

It’s funny because now that the boys are getting older I think I am going to have to re-evaluate how I structure my budget. I have also been entertaining more since we moved to Tennessee. I know for fact that I blew that budget this year! The fun thing will be deciding if I am going to just increase my overall budget or try to steal some funds from other areas and have to tighten the money belt a bit?!

We have lots of long term and short term goals and so the decisions we make over the next couple of days are very important! The key is balance and hopefully we make some good choices so that 2015 is a successful year!

Nothing really exciting shopping wise for me…my store was out of cheese so I didn’t get to stock up. I forgot my DiGiorno pizza coupons yesterday so I will be going back to actually shop for the coming week.

I’d love to hear your totals and also any goals and budgeting plans that you guys have for the new year. Share it in the comments or link up.

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Weekly Totals 12/26 – Share Your Savings

weekly totalsHappy Friday everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful week and a very merry Christmas! My boys were so excited that I think they didn’t fall asleep until after midnight on Christmas Eve! Well…they fell asleep around 9 pm but then my oldest got up at 11:30 pm thinking he had slept all night! He was very bummed that he had to go back to bed…he just knew it was already morning.

We have been relaxing a good bit this week and enjoying some down time. We have watched several movies and I hope to be able to sleep in a little bit tomorrow.

Our new puppy is getting much better about needing to go out in the middle of the night. She actually made it to 6 am three nights this week! Those middle of the night wake ups have been really messing with me. I love to sleep and can be a little bit grumpy when I don’t get enough rest.

I am not sure what our plans are tomorrow but I have a feeling my boys are going to want to go spend some money. They got several gift cards from relatives and they are burning a hole in their pockets. While I am tempted to make them hang on to the cards for a while…I know that they could get some good deals right now. I’ll make my decision tomorrow…they may forget about them by then- tee hee!

I really didn’t need to pick up too much this week. We had a bunch of leftovers from my family Christmas get together last weekend and I made a ham for dinner yesterday. As you can imagine there have been lots of casseroles, pot pies, pasta dishes and sandwiches. No need to waste that food! I did have to get some produce and milk today. My little one has been demolishing apples and bananas so I had to restock.

I also grabbed a Try Me Tuesday and our New Year’s Day dinner fixins’.

Apples – $3.99
Bananas – $2.29
Watermelon – $3.18
Strawberries – $2.99
Broccoli – $2.85
Onions- $2.69
Milk – $4.13
Collard Greens – $1.25
Black Eyed Peas – $1.85
Salad – $2.50
Eggs – $2.79
Publix Popcorn Chicken – $7.99
Perdue Popcorn Chicken – $8.99

I was over $50 for that small list but with the boys home from school the chicken will come in handy at lunchtime!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.

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