Reader Spotlight – Finding A Coupon Yoda

Today's Reader Spotlight comes to us from an anonymous reader who learned about couponing because of a random and impromptu coupon class -  and couponing has helped her to make financial strides in her life!

I grew up in a large family and a small town. We did not live a lavish life, didn't get everything new or what we wanted but there was always enough. Mom used coupons, shopped the sales, submitted rebates and shopped at yard sales for clothes when she couldn't sew them.

When I left home, I did a little comparison shopping but generally just bought what I needed at a big box store. My husband and I were blessed with two boys and decent jobs with good paychecks. We lived a life that included credit card debt as a normal thing. A few years ago, my husband decided leave his job to follow his dream of owning his own business.

The economic downturn hit and that along with other business issues had us using credit cards to cover routine purchases. Right around that time, our church sponsored a family event on a Saturday morning and even though the boys protested, I pressed them to go with me. A speaker who was to have covered the emergency preparedness class was unable to attend. Two ladies generously agreed to an impromptu "couponing class." They provided the basic tools including web sites and coupon sources.

The next morning I bought two newspapers and began scouring the internet and shopping. I over did it at first - trying to get all of the deals but I was hooked when I was able to buy 7 tubes of Crest tootpaste with EXACTLY 38 cents. Using couponing as a part time job for the past four years, I can see an end to our financial difficulties.

We have learned how to prepare great tasting and healthy food at home. We all realize that our budget won't always allow wants to be filled, however when an item is on sale with a BOGO and I have a coupon, it is possible. My whole family understands sales cycles and that a deal will come around again soon enough and if the item is frozen, we were recently gifted with a freezer that I am putting to work.

I thank God for all my blessings and coupons make it possible to share with others without spending much cash. I am most thankful for two ladies willing to stand up in front of people and share on that Saturday morning. I have been asked to present a "how to coupon" program at work and perhaps it will help others. I Heart Publix will be one of the top sites I recommend to the group for my area - thanks for all you do. I hope that everyone can find their own "coupon Yoda" to train them - like I did!

Thanks so much for sharing! 

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  1. pdnr says

    I firmly believe it was no accident that the expected speaker did not show up. God used those two ladies to help you and maybe others and now you are showing your thanks to Him by helping others with a class.

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