Personalized Publix Digital Coupon Offers Possible – What Do You Think?

publix digital couponsJaclyn emailed with an article indicating that Publix is soon to offer some personalized offers via the Publix Digital coupon site. Some folks may start seeing personalized offers based on their shopping history. So every time you enter your number at checkout, they'll track what you are getting then push offers to your digital account.

This is a pilot program that they are testing, so not everyone will get those personalized offers. I certainly wouldn't mind getting the offers. I figure if it's for things I already use...might as well save a little extra. I'd love to start seeing some $x/meat offers  or $x/produce offers like I get from Kroger --that sure would come in handy!

You might want to take a second to make sure you have your account set up to get those offers. Be aware that doing this doesn't guarantee that you will get the offers but at least you'll be ready if they send them your way!

publix-digital couponsJust log in to your Publix Digital Coupon account then click "MY ACCOUNT" then "CHANGE SETTINGS". Look for the box where you can opt into the personalized offers.

So what do you guys think about the possibility of personalized offers? Are you a fan or will you not bother with it?


  1. Former Q Creator says

    I am a former corporate marketer, someone who used to create coupon offers for a living, and in retirement I have embraced couponing! Everyone should be aware that electronic coupons are a trap. Corporations love e-coupons because they are much cheaper for them as opposed to paper coupons. They also like the fact that they can control the number of items that we buy with the e-coupons. Publix loves the fact that they don’t incur the cost of doubling, and potentially they could eliminate store Qs. The best course of action for couponers is not to embrace e-coupons, or else we might see the end of the ability to stack Qs or to stock up when there are great coupon match-ups!

    • Sarah says

      I was starting to think the same thing. I have already seen places stop doubling coupons, stop stacking coupons, stop allowing the use of 2 coupons for a BOGO sale, and I just see e-coupons as a way to help this process be carried out. Plus, half of the time my e-coupons do not work. I have only used them as a last resort but have had the same concerns.

  2. Sue Gavin says

    I won’t bother with these specialized coupons because they are already very limited in quantity. They will be even more limited with this new system.

  3. poiuyt says

    This will only be good for couponers if we will be allowed to stack the EQs with MQs, like you can at Harris Teeter. If you can’t stack EQs with MQs(as is now the case at Publix), it won’t be helpful at all.

    Thanks to Former Q Creator for his input. :)

  4. Carolann says

    I’ve used the digital coupons only when they are for 1.00 or more, and only when I don’t have enough paper coupons for the amount I want to purchase. I don’t think I’ve used them more than 5 times. It just makes more sense to use a clipped coupon if it doubles, and you can use up to 10 at one time. So glad to read the input from Former Q Creator. It makes me feel good knowing this, because I haven’t embraced this digital system completely. I was actually thinking that I was being resistant because I’m older and not as much of a techie as some couponers are.

    • Shelly says

      I take a similar approach as Carolann – when the DQ is more than $1.00 and if I don’t have a paper coupon, I’ll use the digital ones. I see it as a supplement to my paper coupons rather than a replacement. Paper coupons give me the feeling of having more control and it’s easier to physically see what coupons I have sorted in my binder than it is to search the clipped coupons online. If they start giving me personalized coupons that I can use, I’ll certainly consider using them.

  5. D says

    I like the digital coupons because if I happen to forget there was a coupon for something it’s already stored on my “card” & I get SOME savings. It’s also handy when I’m shopping in another state (visiting relatives/on vacation) or away from my coupons.

  6. irene says

    In my experience, eQs at Publix have been very unreliable. Go to the customer service desk and they need to call for a manager’s override. It just hasn’t been worth the trouble.

    • Cindy E says

      I also feel that the eQs are unreliable. I have had a few times when they were not deducted from my total. If I have to print a copy of the eQs that I down-loaded to prove I have them it’s just a hassle. I’d rather have a paper coupon and then I know the cashier is deducting them from my total.

    • Cynthia says

      I totally agree. Only twice have my digital coupons been deducted. i have had to carry a printout of them and take it up to customer service to get reimbursed. It’s a hassle. Lately I just haven’t bothered and just use printed coupons. Very disappointing…

  7. pdnr says

    What happens if you sign up to receive digital coupons automatically and the next time you have a better paper coupon? For instance, if they give you a 50 cent coupon and you have a 50 cent paper coupon that would double, then you enter your phone number and it takes off the “undoubled” coupon and you can’t use the paper coupon that would double. Could you give them your paper coupons first and then after they have taken them, enter your phone number?

    • Tracey says

      I always wait until they are almost finished scanning all of my coupons before I put my account number in. I have had the same concerns as you did, and this seems to take care of it. I put my number in as they are finishing the coupon scanning, they total it and I slide my credit/debit card, then the additional e-coupons I might have come off and I am shown my updated amount due and that is what is charged to the credit/debit card.

  8. ubiquitous says

    I’m curious about the personalized offers. I use the DCs, but mostly when I don’t have enough paper ones.

  9. says

    Unfortunately the kinks are still in this system.Every time i enter my number, every time nothing comes off we have to look it up. this is in Atl ,takes a lot of time wish it worked better here!!!!!!!

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