Eggo Winners Announced – All 62 Of Them!

winners eggoDrumroll please...

I have a bunch of winners to announce in my Eggo giveaway. There are 62 big winners - two of which are getting a year supply of Eggo products!

I loved how pumped you guys were about this giveaway. I had a great time reading your comments and seeing all your favorite varieties.  We are also huge fans of Eggo at my house so I am just as excited for all you guys who won. I'm not sure we could pick a favorite. Guess that means I need to stock up and try out a bunch of different varieties.

Hey - Leggo My Eggo 😉

Winners - Year supply of Eggo (awarded as 27 FREE product coupons)

  • kay (abdulieu@)
  • Anita Quinn (cpns2324@)

Winners - 2 FREE Eggo coupons

  • Blessie Nelson (blessienelson@)
  • Jessica (jotranscriptions@)
  • monica (ptchic99@)
  • Stephanie Gillespie (s.gillespie812@)
  • Christy (cmds228@)
  • Monica (monicae100@)
  • Teresa C. (tdcurrey@)
  • Joyce Beardslee (joyceannb41@)
  • Cindy (Cindylou76@)
  • Ruth (realcoolnana@)

Winners - $10 Publix gift card

  • Rebeca (becajoy24@)
  • Lianna Brewer (linana514@)
  • Kathy Snyder (Snyder@)
  • Ruth Ann Anthony (sweetann76@)
  • Brandy (brandy.marder@)
  • Brandy Williams (colecwilliams@)
  • Christo (christo34114@)
  • Gigil (virginial@)
  • Caleigh E (ceeveringham@)
  • Eliza (rbcurrey@)
  • Amber (thelilbritches@)
  • ali (alibooie@)
  • swissmiss (lmaahs@)
  • Vickie (floridagld@)
  • Bethany (Betsanders@)
  • Laurie (laurie_faraone@)
  • kara pierson (karapierson0324@)
  • Donna (Donnastreetmansingh@)
  • GINA K (glk2312@)
  • Cam (camc555@)
  • Greg Koehn (gregk671@)
  • Donna Shah (tomshah714@)
  • Brigitte (brigi2te@)
  • Masa (Masas@)
  • Joan Marie (joanmarieweiss@)
  • AndreaJ (andreajohnston1401@)
  • Melissa B. (MSBTNPsych@)
  • Stephanie G (sgandee@)
  • vickie kamerik (tuzwoo@)
  • CDebbie B. (savemelotsofmoney@)
  • Brittany (blok0924@)
  • Tracy (havingfun@)
  • Frances Miller (millerfranv@)
  • Rebekah (beks@)
  • Jesse (jesse@)
  • Robin (sarasotacouponing@)
  • Virginia (lambeggers@)
  • Verna (vhudson8@)
  • Abby Wooten (Abbywooten228@)
  • Julie Tobin (lovetobin@)
  • Stacy (stacy@)
  • Geri (g_m_moore2003@)
  • Heather (HTWebb@)
  • Deborah (deb@)
  • Dana (dhaigler@)
  • Ashley Tapia (sergioyashley@)
  • Mary D (mdav448@)
  • John (johnntr@)
  • Jrnna (mziniguez@)
  • naededo (naededo@)

I will be emailing the winners but please feel free to shoot over your info (name, mailing address, phone number) to me at contactiheartpublix @ (remove spaces). You will need to send from the email address which you commented with so I can make sure the right people get the right prize.


  1. Jayline says

    I’m happy for those who won.. It jus always seems like I never win these things.. Wanting to so bad.. I guess it wasn’t my turn… I hope all who won enjoy..

  2. Rhonda says

    Congratulations to all the winners. I didn’t win this time, but my mom and myself have won numerous times with Michelle’s giveaways. Keep trying and hope you win soon.

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