Two Readers Win A Year Supply Of Eggo Products (+ 60 Additional Prizes)

eggo-1They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, I am not sure who "they" are but I am going to have to agree. I just can't get going until I have had breakfast each morning. My boys are the exact same way - they want breakfast almost immediately once they wake up. As you can imagine, that pretty much kills the possibility of me sleeping in on the weekends - tee hee.

Now you guys know I cook dinner almost every night so I try to keep in simple in the morning. I go for options that are quick and easy but still get my boys off to a good start. Waffles are often on the menu on school mornings. They are quick and hearty and my boys love them.

My little Jeb-a-doo would eat waffles pretty much every day of his life if he had the choice. He recently discovered that he could get "Chicken & Waffles" at one of our favorite restaurants here in Chattanooga. Since then, he is constantly putting in a request that I make the same at home. That boy is a nut...but, he likes what he likes and waffles are definitely on his top 5 list!

Well, the folks at Kellogg's® offered to send me some of their new Thick & Fluffy Chocolate Delight Eggo Minis and let's just say that they didn't have to twist my arm too hard. I was delighted to get them and my boys were very eager to give them a try. I think it's an understatement to say that they were a hit here at my house.

eggo-minisI asked them to give me their review. They told me to tell you guys that they were "very yummy" and that they "taste delicious." Well you guys know that I also had to taste test the new Eggo Minis too. I mean I have to be able to give you guys an honest review - right? I have taste tested them several times for you guys and will agree with my boys' review and add that the Chocolate Delight Minis have the best texture. Like the box says, they are super thick and fluffy. I am not a fan of waffles that are too thin or crispy. I like that perfect combination of a thick waffle that is just slightly crisp from toasting. These are that type of waffle. When you add in the chocolate flavor - it's a winning combination. I'll admit that I have popped one in the toaster for a quick chocolate snack while my boys were in school. What they don't know won't hurt them 😉

eggo-giveaway-IHPAre you guys ready for some FANTASTIC news? The folks at Kellogg's® also sent me some FREE product coupons to give away! I have a fantastic giveaway that you guys are going to love...there are TONS of winners!

  1. TWO I Heart Publix readers are going to win a YEAR supply of Eggo Waffles (awarded as 27 coupons for a FREE Eggo Frozen Product 8.7 oz + exp 12/31/14)
  2. TEN winners get 2 FREE Eggo coupons
  3. 50 winners get a $10 Publix gift card.

Entry is simple, you just need to complete the task below! You can gain three bonus entry as well (just make sure that you leave one entry for each — up to a total of 4 comments.) As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.  I will choose the winners on Tuesday 7/8 at 11:59 pm EST.



Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by the folks at Kellogg's®. All comments and opinions are my own! View the complete rules here.


  1. Angela says

    My kids love the chocolate chip waffles, but I like the mini waffles for my 2 year old.

  2. Sherri S. says

    My favorite has to be the Chocolate Chip waffles. They are so good my boys eat them without syrup!

  3. says

    Eggo Homestyle Waffles are mine and my kids favorite. I have NO problem getting the kids to eat breakfast when I serve them!

  4. KC says

    I love love love love Kellogg’s® Eggo® Nutri-Grain® Low Fat Whole Wheat waffles with just a little bit of honey on top. Simply the best!

  5. Diane says

    I like the French toast waffles, my husband likes the blueberry, and my daughter likes the chocolate chip. Thank goodness Publix sells them as BOGO frequently.

  6. Tracey C says

    I checked out all their flavors and think I like the thick and fluffy mixed berry waffles, they look so yummy!

  7. Roxanne Lattery says

    We are Chocolate Chip Waffle lovers in our house but agree that the Chocolate Delights look yummy!

  8. Heather says

    I love Original Thick n Fluffy. Put a little butter and powder sugar and you are good to go.

  9. Pat says

    I am a fan of the Buttermilk, but the thick and fluffy cinnamon brown sugar ones sound divine! 😀 And, I am a fan on Facebook!

  10. Caleigh says

    Blueberry, Cinnamon Toast, & my 3 year old LOVES the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Roll Wafflers!!!

  11. PEGGY says

    I have never tasted Chocolate waffles sounds good. Sometimes I even have waffles for lunch.

  12. Marisol says

    Chocolate chip is our favorite in this household. I like them on FB and I’m following on Pinterest and Tumbler.

  13. Marisol says

    Chocolate chip is our favorite in this household. I like them on FB and I’m following on Pinterest and Tumbler.

  14. Laura says

    I recently purchased the thick and fluffy cinnamon brown sugar eggo waffles at a recent BOGO sale at publix. I’m never turning back, they are the BEST!

  15. amy Rhoades says

    Leggo my eggo! Homestyle are the fav here! Liked of fb and followed on tumbler and pinterest!!!

  16. Alicia says

    We like the cinnamon toast minis :) I’m sure we will love the chocolate chip mini pancakes too :) Thax for the Chance !! God Bless !!

  17. Brandy Williams says

    Iam a homestyle lover whereas my kiddos have recently fell in love with the chocolate chip ones.

  18. Victoria says

    When I go to publix I stand at the freezer case and play Enie menie because I love them all! But ultimately I love blueberry waffles and kids choc chip waffles. I already like eggo on fb :) thanks for opportunities!

  19. Amanda says

    My favorite is the Thick and Fluffy. They are so light and airy, but toasted on the outside. I’ve had them with chocolate hazelnut spread, syrup, fluffy peanut butter, and fresh blueberries. I love them every single way.

  20. Angela says

    Well. this was the right kind of contest and review for my family!!As a family of 7, we are always on the go! our kids are 17, 12, and triplet 3 year olds. WE LOVE these products!! Kellogg’s are always the best nutrition wise and taste! Perfect fast crisp waffles, so my older 2, prefer choc chip waffles above all else and the triplets LOVE the home-style mini’s. AND I promise we have tried them all, these are just their favorite but they are all great! My husband and I take the blueberry waffles any day all day! Thanks for the great contests!! I followed on Facebook and pintrest, I don’t do the other:)

  21. Tonya says

    We really like to have the Homestyle Eggo Waffles, because we can customize them with our toppings!

  22. Barbara says

    Buttermilk is the favorite. Ego buttermilk pancakes and waffles are always in this house. Husband and grandchildren love them.

  23. Pamela says

    We have two faves in our house…the Nutrigrain Blueberry and Homestyle Thick and Fluffy.

  24. Inez Arias says

    Cinamon brown sugar are the best but my grand kids love the chocolate chips one. Liked on Facebook :) . Good luck everyone!

  25. Bonnie Rague says

    Kellogg’s® Eggo® Nutri-Grain® Low Fat Whole Wheat waffles because I can eat 3 for the same or less calories/fat than 2 of the regular. YUM

  26. Nicki says

    We love the chocolate chip waffles as well as Publix, so it’s a win-win if we are chosen…lol. Love your page, you help me out big time to save money every week…Thanks!

  27. Peggy A. says

    Followed on Pinterest…, woops…meant to say “liked” on Facebook in previous post

  28. valerie says

    We love the mini french toast waffles. They are sooooo yummy, my kids can’t get enough of them.

  29. Sue Gavin says

    Our favorite is chocolate chip waffles with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Yum. And I also enjoy these with a scoop of vanilla later in the day. Double yum.

  30. nellie says

    Being a creature of habit, i tried the buttermilk, love them and have never tried any other. so i am going to say buttermilk is my favorite.

  31. suzanne says

    I buy Nutri-Grain low fat whole wheat but I wouldn’t mind giving the chocolate minis a try!

  32. Vickie says

    So many great sounding mixed berry and brown sugar fave would be homestyle I would love a mix of all the others…hehe

  33. Laurel says

    I am following Eggo on Pinrerest. WordPress went crazy I’m sorry about the multiple Tumbler entries.

  34. Mary S says

    Wow Pick one? Guess that would be Blueberry (cinnamon is a very close 2nd) Love me soome quick and easy breakfast!!

  35. Grace says

    Homestyle Eggo Waffles are my favorite.

    I have already liked Eggo Facebook and am following Eggo on Pinterest now.

  36. Chris says

    My three kids absolutely LOVE eggo chocolate chip waffles! They typically go through a box a day! They even like to eat them frozen sometimes!

  37. Mandi says

    Blueberry eggos are my favorite! :)

    I also liked Eggos on FB and followed them on Pinterest and Tumblr!

  38. Carolann says

    I’m a purist! LOVE the original homestyle. Instead of syrup, I put a few teaspoons of yogurt on my waffles! SOOOO YUMMY!

  39. Robin says

    My favorite eggo is buttermilk, however of you ask my kids they’ll say chocolate chip.

  40. Andrea Cook says

    1. I like my Eggos toasted, no syrup and I love the Chocolate Chip ones! Just sweet enough…

    2. Also liked Eggo on Facebook.

  41. John says

    Blueberry is my favorite. But, I would eat them all as would the family. We aren’t picky.

  42. Melissa B. says

    Have mercy!! This is my kids DREAM COME TRUE sweepstakes!!! I have five kids who ADORE the choc chip waffles! We go through sooooo many boxes in a week!! Out of all the coupons I am desperate to get my hands on, Eggo Waffles are number 1 on the list!!

  43. Karyn says

    I love the chocolate chip ones and my kids like all of the lol….they aren’t picky :)

  44. Ginny Brock DeArmond says

    I’ve recently lost over 80 pounds, so that means eating whole grains. Eggo Nutri-Grain Waffles are perfect for me! Yum!

  45. M. M. Davis says

    My FAVORITE waffle EVER is the Kellogg’s eggo strawberry waffle!! They are sweet enough and I swear they always come out perfectly regardless of the toaster setting :-)))))) So pick me!! Please please pleaaassee :-)

  46. Blair says

    We eat home style at our house! But I’d love to try the new thick and fluffy chocolate minis!

    Liked eggo on Facebook

    Following on Pinterest

    I don’t have a tumblr:/


  47. teresa martinez says

    We really like the pankcake blueberry ones at our house. Liked on FB and follow on Pinterest!

  48. Michelle says

    I would likely feed my family the Nutrigrain Whole wheat. HOwever, my sweet tooth would love the thick and fluffy chocolate delight.

  49. brandi g says

    chocolate chip muffin because they are sweet and you don’t need to put syrup on them! I toast these and put ice cream on them as a dessert! Yum!

  50. Sandy says

    Chocolate Chip are a favorite with peanut butter & nutella, or topped with ice cream, or just plain.

  51. Kerry says

    We have four boys so it was hard for them to decide what is their favorite but I mostly by buttermilk eggo waffles. They are hands down the best frozen waffle brand. Yummy!

  52. Shayelyn says

    Holy cow – only one favorite? If I have to pick just one, I pick thick and fluffy cinnamon brown sugar. But I’ll eat any waffle you set in front of me!

  53. Stephanie Gillespie says

    I love the cinnamon toast waffles- I had them as a kid growing up and sometime I don’t even need the toaster!

  54. jayline says

    My kids and my husband which is a kid at heart love the fluffy waffle. They are new and when they treated them a month an half ago when they were on sale they loved it. well I would love to have a year supply just because that’s what I like to give the kids for breakfast easy and fast (lol) before school. I have a 6,4,and 3 year old and I’m going to have two in school next year which is great for me lol.. I always have to gather points to see if I get enough for a coupon so I can get them free, but grateful if I can get one. okay, Michelle Thank you for this its awesome. Fingers crossed and hoping I’m one.. Thank you, again and God bless!

  55. NancyNurse says

    I love the Eggo Minis. Have tried the original minis but will gladly give the new chocolate delight minis a try!!! Thanks Michelle!!

  56. Abby Wooten says

    My kids and I love the buttermilk waffles the best. Our favorite way to eat them is toasted with PB and sliced bananas on top. Nothing beats it!

  57. megan brooks says

    I love the eggo bites maple flavored!! I steal them from my kids all the time!!

  58. Beverly Young says

    My daughter and I just love the chocolate chip Eggos. Just toast them up then you can grab them and go. Doesn’t even need syrup lol!

  59. Chris Brown says

    I love the nutri-grain blueberry waffles… but i want to try the chocolate delight.

  60. Niddi says

    our favorite is the homestyle. I like to flavor up our syrup with a little fruit jam and warm it before pouring over. so good

  61. Lisa says

    My kids like the chocolate chip ones, but I also buy them Nutrigrain ones which they use to make faces with fruit, chocolate chips, and/or whipped cream.

  62. Melia says

    I like the blueberry ones! Although, I would like to try those chocolate delights!

  63. Janell says

    I have attempted repeatedly to follow Eggo on pintrist. My surface and I are not getting along today. I really need a new laptop. Give me credit, I’ve really tried. I keep getting error messages so I’m not sure if I’m following them or not.

  64. Anna Cowell says

    I just love the blueberry waffles! They actually taste like blueberries and are so yummy with fruit!

  65. Cristen says

    I LOVE the blueberry Eggos or for a special treat we make grilled Cheese with homestyle!

  66. Amy Butler says

    Following on Tumbler–oh, my! I may need to try some “new” varieties to make some yummy recipes!

  67. Jeanie says

    Eggo Wafflers Brown Cinnamon Roll rock! Somehow my kids missed them in the freezer and I was actually able to try em….now they are hidden from the

  68. Charlene says

    I like the buttermilk waffles, but I am looking forward to trying the chocolate waffles.

  69. Lindy says

    Homestyle is our go to waffle but I may have to check out the chocolate next time we shop

  70. Helen K says

    My favorite –french toast waffles.
    Also liked Eggos on Facebook!
    I don’t know how to use Pinterest
    or Tumbler. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  71. Dorothy says

    I like the Homestyle waffles with Amish Peanut Butter spread. Thanks Eggo and IHP for the great giveaway!

  72. Christy says

    Favorite in our house is definitely the cinnamon toast; also easier for little hands since they divide into 4 smaller waffles!

  73. tana forsythe says

    Buttermilk is my favorite. Liked on facebook, followed on pintrest, and tumblr! This would be great to win! :)

  74. Amanda says

    I love the minis & they are perfect for my ten month old son to chew on!! personally, my favorite are the Nutri-grain Low Fat Whole Wheat waffles because I enjoy eating healthy :)

  75. cassie says

    My favorite is the waffle bites
    Liked on facebook and followed on pinterest! Thanks!

  76. natasha says

    My favorite has and will always be Eggos Homestyle Waffles! Something about them tastes better than all the new varieties.

  77. cher r says

    Wow, so many comments. I regularly buy eggos. I get the Nutrigrain and Homestyle most often so I guess they are my favorite.

  78. Christo says

    I’ve always been a fan of the Blueberry but would definitely love to try the Chocolate Delight!

  79. says

    My favorite waffle is the cinnamon French Toast. This waffle has just the right amount of cinnamon to make it really fresh and yummy.

  80. chrystal says

    blueberry is my fav. My son loves chocolate chip, my daughter loves strawberry and my hubby loves homestyle. WE EAT A LOT OF WAFFLES!

  81. Amy W says

    Buttermilk!– I liked Eggo on Facebook and now following on Pinterest. My daughter would love to win this…a 2 year old dream. :)

  82. Jennifer says

    Thick & Fluffy mixed berry!! Just bought them and tried them and they were gone sooo fast that I forgot to get my reward code from the box before I threw it away :( so I missed getting my reward from that.

  83. rena j says

    I like the Kellogg’s® Eggo® Buttermilk waffles, I am a fan on FB, and pintrest.

  84. carla maire says

    Nutri Grain Whole Wheat Low-Fat waffles. Yummy! Liked Eggo on facebook and followed on Pinterest.

  85. Julie says

    Homestyle are the best! Very versatile… Can be breakfast, a sandwich or even a dessert!

  86. brianne says

    We love the maple minis because I dont have to deal with a sticky 1.5 year old after!

  87. Cara says

    Buttermilk or chocolate chip! Those chocolate ones look yummy though so I am so going to have to try them :). My daughter loves waffles on the way to school in the morning

  88. Jenn says

    Definitely the chocolate chip wins in my book…nothing better than a little chocolate to start the day!

  89. Laura says

    I love the Eggo Nutrigrain Low Fat waffles! Helping me stay on track with my healthy eating this summer!

  90. kristen mcclary says

    my favorite is buttermilk i have eaten 2 buttermilk waffles everyday for the past year i love buttermilk waffles i only use butter no syrup it tastes so good!

  91. Jessica says

    I like Eggo cinnamon toast waffles and the Eggo Homestyle waffles , and my kids like the chocolate chip waffles too .

  92. Shirley says

    Hard to choose one; my boys love the French Toast ones and I love the strawberry ones :) easy breakfast for on the go mornings

  93. Nancy says

    They have so many great varieties. My favorite is the Eggo Thick & Fluffy Cinnamon Brown Sugar waffles.