Savings At Publix – Colgate/Palmolive Gift Card & Refresh Renew Rebate

summer-savings-IHPI keep meaning to share the new Refresh & Renew rebate but then I get busy and forget. I have had several folks send it in...don't worry I got all of the emails - my inbox is just a beast. Well, Jesila sent in the new Colgate Palmolive gift card offer so I thought I'd share both deals before I forget again!

Look for a new Colgate-Palmolive Publix coupon that will get you a $5 Publix gift card when you buy 5 participating products. The new one is valid through 5/23.

Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste
Colgate Max Fresh Toothbrush Double Pack
Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste 4 oz+
Colgate Total Advanced Mouthwash 16 oz+
Men’s Speed Stick 2.7+
Colgate Wisp 4 pack
Softsoap brand liquid hand soap 8.5 oz+
Irish Spring Gear Body Wash
Softsoap brand Body Wash
Softsoap brand refills 32 – 56 oz

refresh-renewAnother way to get a little cash back is with the Refresh & Renew rebate. You can get up to a $20 Publix gift card when you buy participating P&G products! Head over HERE for all the details and to upload your receipts.

Qualifying products are: Always®, Crest®, Gillette®, Herbal Essences®, Ivory®, Olay®, Old Spice®, Pantene®, Secret®, Tampax®, Vicks®, Vidal Sassoon®


      • Sheri says

        Thanks. I was wondering because I had bought a few items at Kroger recently. Oh well. I uploaded a receipt to this program and it instantly read the amounts and accepted it. So nice that it keeps track of how much I have submitted and how much I have to go.

  1. Emily Webster says

    I cannot find the Colgate/ Palmolive rebate form for the Publix gift card. Help. Searched under refresh and renew and it is for the other items.

  2. Emily Webster says

    Is this a coupon to look for in the actual store or online?? Colgate/Palmolive rebate card

  3. LISA, Hoschton,GA says

    Can’t find the $5 off 5 items Publix coupon. I think the stores pulled it because of the sale. Anyone find some ???

  4. karen batey says

    Can someone PLEASE give the LU# for the colgate Pamolive $5 gif5 card. I have the old one. Just dont know if its going to work with the new one..,,

  5. Emily says

    I went to 3 Publix stores and none had them. They acted like I had three heads. I broke down and ordered three off of Ebay. What is a LU#? I will post when I get them in the mail.

    • Vicki Moore says

      I went to 8 today in 2 different states and only one had had them before someone ripped everyone of them off.

      • Karen Batey says

        My Public excepted my screen shot I took of the coupon. Then they looked up the LU#. Said that they found it in the computer and that they’re willing to accept my screen shot and they know the LU#. I said, what the uLU number is but they won’t give it to me. That’s fine cause they gave me my gcs….

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