Weekly Totals 4/4 – Share Your Savings

spring-2Happy Friday everyone! I hope you guys have had a great week.

Well today was not the prettiest day but the rest of the week was gorgeous. I am so ready for the weather to stay nice and warm.  So I know my little flower bed is nothing amazing but it's a work in progress. I was just happy to see a little bit of color :-)

We had a house full of folks last week and my mom called to let me know that her and my dad wanted to come visit this weekend. I have barely gotten the house in order from last week. But I just love having company, so I told her to come on over!

I dropped by Publix to grab a few things. Not a spectacular week but I was very happy to grab some super cheap Coke Zero for my husband. He was a happy camper!

Powerade x 2 = $3.85 (two $1/1 IP)
Coke Zero 12 pk x 3 = 18¢ ($2/2 PQ + three $3/1 MQ)
Pretzel Crips = $2.50
Publix Syrup = $2.59
Aunt Jemima Syrup = $3.42
Publix Spinach = $2.49
Mushrooms = $1.50
Shallots = $1.89
Green Beans = $1.13
Broccoli = $2.50
Cauiflower = $2.99
Bananas = $1.51
Breyers Gelato = $1.25 ($1.50 IP)
Cod = $7.99
Milk = $4.19
Promised Land Chocolate Milk = 75¢ ($0.55/1 IP)
Philly Cream Cheese = $1.50
Claussen Pickles x 2 = $2.90 (two $0.55/1 IP)

I spent right over $50 this week. Right on budget...so another week of making the sales work for me. I had everything we need for the week. I was also able to knock out some drinks for the baseball team snack that I will need for next week

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up!


  1. Sarah says

    Hubby and I worked hard to tag team our grocery shopping this week, and I think this was our best week yet! We got just shy of $450 worth of groceries for $127 oop. I have to admit, I’m even impressed with how well we did!! I have to attribute most of our success to finally being able to use those $5 off $30 Winn Dixie coupons now that Sweetbay is officially replaced in our area.

    We went to town on the frosted mini wheats deal – 24 boxes — and we scored 5 gallons of free milk with the coupons from the advantage buy flier. Nothing like blessing your little sis and niece with some free milk! The cats are taken care of too since we got 10 of the arm & hammer cat litters with the $3 coupons, and we got some cheap tp with that lovely $5 digital coupon. Once I sorted things out into our budget categories, we had exactly $73 in grocery items — $2 under budget!!

  2. susan says

    Did 3 transactions, used 3 $5 off $25 Comp Q’s
    Here is what I bought and the Q’s I used:
    2) Calif Ranch EVOO 2/4.99, 2)Q-2.00
    8) Beneful BOGO 1.89, 4)Q-2/2
    4) Planters 2/5, 4)Q-1.00 and 2)Target Q-1/2
    4) Zatarains BOGO 1.09, 4)Q’s -.50
    2) Cabot Cheese 2/5.00, 2)Q’s -1.00
    2) Land O Lakes 2/5.00, 2)Q’s -.50
    2) Sundown Vit 3.59, Q-3/2, 2)PQ-2.00
    4) Sea Cuisine’s BOGO 6.69, 4)Q-1.00, 4)PQ-2.00
    1) Organic Girl 5.99, Q-1.00
    6) Stonyfield Greek Yogurt 1.00, 3)Q’s-1/2, 2)PQ-1/3
    Total before sales and coupons $117.12, Total OOP $7.30, Saved $109.82
    Best week for me in a long time, :)

  3. Linda says

    Your flower bed is gorgeous. In fact, I printed a picture of it to use as an example. Very pretty and thank you for sharing it!

  4. shammack1979 says

    My Publix Trip for 4/5/14 :)

    10 -(10 pk) kool-aid jammers – used Five PQ B1G1 & Ten $1/1 MFQ

    6 one gallon jugs hawaiian punch – used Two B2G1 PQ & Six $1/1 MFQ

    8 (2.6 oz) Right Guard Xtreme Deodorants – used Four B1G1 PQ & Eight $2/1 MFQ

    6 (18oz) Suave Lotions B1G1 – Used Six $1.50/1 MFQ

    4 Boxes Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes B1G1 – Used Two .50/2 (dbl to $1) MFQ

    10(4pk dbl roll) Angel Soft Toilet Paper – Used Raincheck from last weeks B1G1 & Ten .45/1 (dbld to .90 even though it sd DND)

    4(16oz/24 slice) Kraft Cheese – Used Two B1G1 PQ

    Used One WD $5/$30 Coupon

    Total B4 Coupons – $125.00 – My Cost After Coupons – $16.00

  5. says

    You guys are so sweet…It’s a work in progress. One day I will have a big beautiful flower bed. I kid my husband that I am going to send it in to Better Homes and Gardens when I am done–tee hee

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