Weekly Totals 4/18 – Share Your Savings


Happy Friday!!

My boys have been home all week for Spring Break so I have been a busy bee trying to get everything done. I think I must have been overdoing it a bit. As you can imagine, I spend a fair amount of time on the computer and I don't always pick the best spots to sit and type. Well it seems that my arm/shoulder decided that I needed to cut that out. I ended up at the doc yesterday trying to get some relief and it seems that I have massive spasms in my shoulder that's causing the pain in my arm--ugh. So, a steroid and muscle relaxer prescription is hopefully going to make it a bit better. Now, I just have to make sure I am not sitting hunched over on my couch doing matchups 😉

I am kind of bummed that we did not really do anything for Spring Break. The weather here has not been cooperative so here's hoping that Easter Sunday is better. I just checked the forecast and it looks like we should see clear skies with temps close to 80. I really hope that is the case so everyone can have fun egg hunts --without a jacket or a rain coat!

I did a couple of trips over the week to gather a few essentials. We will be headed to visit my parents this weekend for the family egg hunt. So while I will help her, my part will be minimal this year. I can handle the break!

Here's what I got this week -

Publix Butter x 4 = $8
Philly Cream Cheese x 2 = $1.50 (two $0.75/1 IP)
Milk = $4.19
Cream - $2.59
Sabra Hummus x 2 = $3.99
Athenos Feta x 2 = $4.89
Eggs = $1.89
Pam x 2 = $2.89
Gold Medal Flour x 4 = $7.96
Publix Apple Juice = $2.39
Mott's Apple Juice = $1.44
Heinz Ketchup x 2 = $3.49
Coca-Cola Zero 12 pk x 8 = $2.36 (sale + 4 PQ + 3 MQ)
Salmon = $8.10
Cabbage - $1.57
Jalapeños - 87¢
Onions - $3.69
Red Onions - 41.59
Zucchini - $1.70
Tomatoes - $2.50
Limes x 2 = $1.58
Lemon - 67¢
Garlic = 48¢
Watermelon - $1.60
Bananas - $1.27
Salad = $2

I got a gift card from a blogging event so I only spent $56.79 out of my budget this week. I was pleased especially since I was able to stock up on baking essentials plus get everything I needed for our meals!

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up!


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