Orlando Sentinel Sunday – Thursday Delivery Just $1.15 Per Week


There's a new offer from the folks at My Orlando Sentinel. It seems that the Orlando Sentinel will be moving the inserts and the coupons to the Thursday paper very soon... if not already. So, they are offering a special to help you get your inserts at a great price -

There is a max of 4 subscriptions and that includes any subscriptions you currently have home delivered.

Here's the delivery area for the offer: Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake, Volusia, Marion and Sumter (only in Villages) and NOW we can offer it to BREVARD county!


  1. Lindsey says

    So this isn’t available for polk county then? And does that mean that if we are just signed up for Sunday delivery that we won’t get our inserts anymore once they make the switch?

  2. Val says

    Anyone think the Thursday paper price will go up? If you dont get more than two papers would it be better to just pick up every Thursday? Plus there is less wasted papers if you arent the type who reads paper but just pulls coupons and recycles.

  3. says

    POLK county is included in this deal and I will need to update the listings later today to reflect that.

    Will these subscriptions the inserts from Wednesday and Friday will be now on Thursday and your coupons will remain on Sunday. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. says

    Thanks! Just ordered for my parents who live in Brevard County…Rockledge, FL. Mom will be so surprised! Seems the good deals never include Brevard, County! Glad to get this deal!

  5. T says

    Just went on the myorlandosentinel.com site and it says that inserts will move to Thursdays but grocery coupons will stay on Sundays. I’m not sure if that is the same for the orlando sentinel, but I’m assuming so. I guess it forces people to buy the newspaper twice a week in order to get BOTH the inserts and the coupons. In this case, that makes it much more expensive to go without a new subscription.

    • Danny says

      I have clarification. Basically the sales flyers that were in Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Orlando Sentinel are combining into Thursday’s paper. Plus, pretty much anyone that gets the Sunday paper will now receive the Thursday paper too. There’s no change to Sunday’s paper or the coupons in Sunday’s paper, they are all still there.

  6. Ron F says

    Has anyone gotten this website to work?
    It is so full of bugs that I cant get it to work, I get errors at every click, via 2 different browsers. contacted the phone number listed and am forced to leave a message with no return call as of yet. contacted the sentinel through their contact number listed on their primary website and they know nothing about this offer. btw did anyone read the fine print “All subscriptions will receive the following papers in 2013: Nov 28-29 and Dec 25 as part of the current subscription.” this may be an old offer that has resurfaced for some reason, enter your CC at your own peril (even the authorize.net link doesn’t match up)

    • says

      We are aware of some of the browser issues and have fixed most of the issues that we were getting the other day. As far as the small print we are waiting on the sentinel to give us updated 2014 days so that we can update our disclaimer. Very sorry about not returning your calls as we are very small operation here in Orlando that offers these deals for the Orlando Sentinel and when we have big offers we get really busy.

      This is a current offer and I can assure you that your information in secure as we try and keep our ssl cert up to date.

  7. Danny says

    Received the Thursday Orlando Sentinel today. It had a ton sales flyers! All of the Wednesday and Friday flyers are now in Thursday’s paper. This means all the grocery stores that used to be on Wednesday are now Thursday . The dept stores that were in Friday are in Thursday’s paper too. Makes planning so much easier! There is no change to Sunday’s paper- the smartsource and redplum coupons are still in Sunday’s paper.

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