Coupon Question & Answer – Ask I Heart Publix 4/8

coupon question and answer
If you have a question about couponing at Publix, this is the place to find the answer! Each week my buddy Christy and I have a little coupon question and answer session here on Ask I Heart Publix. Keep sending in those questions - we love to answer them! Just remember if we didn't get to your question this week...we will do our best to cover it another week!!

Remember--there is a tab at the top of the site under "About" titled “Ask I Heart Publix” where you can find the questions and answers from past weeks!

Here are this week’s questions:

  1. What happened to the "Buy Theirs, Get Ours" promotion?
  2. Do you know when the next gas card promotion will be?
  3. Do you think this will affect the Publix coupon policy?
  4. What's the best way to share a deal I found?
  5. Has Harvey’s stopped issuing store coupons?

And here are the answers!

1.Nora wants to know: What happened to the "Buy Theirs, Get Ours" promotion? It has been a long time since I've seen one of those.

Christy: You know, it really has been a long time since we've seen one of those! I did a search and the last time we saw one of those was back in September of last year. I hope that Publix brings it back…that was a favorite of mine.

Michelle: I was just thinking about these the other day. I was hoping they'd start them up again to make my Try Me Tuesday posts a little easier--tee hee.  I do hope that they bring this back too!

2. Stella wants to know: I'm so mad at myself - I missed the last gas card promotion and I'm nearly out of gas cards! Do you have any idea when the next promo will be?

Christy: You and I are in the same boat! I wasn't able to shop during the dates of the promo last time, so I missed out. I'm down to my very last gas card. Hopefully we will see another one of those promos soon!

Michelle: It seems to be so random. I wish I could give you the scoop but I only find out right before I share it here on the site!

3.  Melia wants to know:I heard that Winn Dixie might start accepting competitor coupons. Do you think this will have any effect on Publix's policy?

Christy: I have heard that this has started up at some stores already. This will be helpful for those of us that shop at Winn Dixie from time to time…but I can't imagine it will make much of an impact on Publix except that make it certain that they will continue to accept competitor coupons too. We all know who we heart the most….so I have a feeling we will still be using most of our coupons at Pubix. 😉

Michelle: I don't think it will affect Publix policy at all. Competition is usually great for shoppers...often we see lots of deals, promotions and coupons. 

4. Darien wants to know: I found a great deal at Publix. What's the best way to share it with you?

I love when you guys share deals that you find! The best way is to email me at I often miss comments if it's an especially busy day and I don't hang out on Facebook that much. So email is definitely the best route!

5. Suzanne wants to know: Has Harvey’s stopped issuing store coupons? Seems like it’s been a long time since the last ones were listed on I Heart Publix.

Michelle: It has been quite a while since we've seen any Harvey's coupons. None again today...I am not sure why they have stopped sending them out? Anyone have the scoop?

I hope our answers to these questions were helpful! Make sure you 'tune in' next week for even more Q&A with I Heart Publix. We are really running low on questions to answer, so if you have a question you'd like to see answered, PLEASE send it in!! Just email me at


  1. Lanie says

    Depending on the area, the majority of the Harvey’s are being turned into Winn Dixie.

    Very upset about this. No instead of having 2 WD’s and 3 Harvey’s in town, we will have 5 WD’s. This town can’t substain 5 of them.

    • says

      Actually, most Harveys will remain as they are, though there are a few locations where they will change over to Winn-Dixie, including Brunswick and Valdosta. Most of the rest should stay as is.

      That said, I have no idea why the coupons have stopped, unless it’s just a decision by the new owners!

  2. Ubiquitous says

    They’re closing the Harvey’s in Tallahassee. I thought I heard Winn Dixie is going out of business too.

  3. Gissel says

    I read this about Harvey’s on BI LO website:
    “Great news! Bi-Lo Holdings and Delhaize Group have received approval from the Federal Trade Commission to proceed with the transaction in which Bi-Lo Holdings will acquire substantially all of the stores in the Harveys and Reid’s supermarket chains from Delhaize Group. We have been preparing for the integration of the store banners and store associates for many months and are delighted to now move forward and welcome them to the Bi-Lo Holdings family.”

  4. Blair says

    I think this had been answered before but if I had coupons for some items that slipped into the bottom of my purse that I didn’t get to use and I found them after I got home, did someone day you could take them and your receipt to customer service and they’d adjust it?

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