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jake-tummyHappy Friday everyone...I am doing a big ol' TGIF dance over here.

Well if I had typed this post yesterday, I would have said it was a typical week. A little busier than usual with the start of baseball but otherwise fairly quiet. It's funny how a normal day can change really quickly!

My oldest kiddo, Jake, woke up his usual silly self. He came upstairs then began reading as he ate his breakfast. When it was time to get dressed he was complaining that his stomach was hurting a bit. I suggested he try to go to the bathroom before he left for school. He seemed a bit out of sorts so I had my husband run my little one to school while I tried to figure out if Jake was really sick. I call him my "drama king" as he is a bit dramatic at times. That makes it hard to tell when he is really sick or just being a hypochondriac. It didn't help that I had planned a rare few hours to myself to go get my hair cut/colored.

After about 15 minutes, I decided that I would run him up to the doc in a box as his pediatrician could not see him until 3 pm. We got there and they saw him immediately as he was complaining about abdominal pain. The nurse looked at him then immediately walked out and brought the doctor in. The doctor and nurses all came in and after looking at him, they told me to take him to the Children's Hospital. Of course now I am flipping out a bit.

They had called ahead and so after the 20 minute drive over, they were waiting for us. We went straight back to a room. Jake almost immediately vomited and I could see that he was feeling better. The ER doc checked him out and decided that my little rotten egg was a bit "backed up."

Jake is 8 years old so I really don't keep up with how often he uses the bathroom. Am I the only one who has no idea how often my kid has a bowel movement? I guess I figured that since I didn't have to help him anymore, I didn't have to keep track of that stuff.  I guess I will need be on top of that a bit more.

So after a VERY unpleasant enema, we were on our way back home. Needless to say, my day didn't quite go as planned. As you can see by the picture above, he is now feeling fine. I think I have also calmed down a bit too...let's just say I was a nervous mess most of the day.

So while most of my week was pretty boring, today was a doozie. I have declared it a "do nothing except watch movies" kind of night and then I am going to sleep in tomorrow. AND from now on I will be asking Jake if he has pooped everyday 😉

As for my shopping this week, I did OK overall. Here's what I got over three trips...I did the gas card deal twice so far. I may go back again this weekend.

Hillshire Farm x 4 = $11
Dominex Fries = $0 (free prod Q)
Birds Eye = 5¢ ($1.25/1 IP)
Pictsweet Veggies = $1.50 ($0.50 IP)
Hanover Beans x 2 = $1 (two $0.50/1 IP)
Michael Angelos Meals x 6 = $0 (free prod q's --upcoming review)
Boston Butt $10.88 (2 pork IPs)
Hormel Pepperoni x 2 = $1.18 ($1/2 IP + $1/2 TQ)
Publix Hummus x 2 = $3.98
Milk $3
Friendship Buttermilk = 34¢ (blinkie & PQ)
Cream = $2.59
DiGiorno Parm = $2.50
Velveeta Singles = 50¢ ($0.50/1 IP)
Strawberries x 2 = $3.32
Bananas = $1.66
Spinach = $2
Salad = $1.25
Potatoes = $3.99
Apples = $3.99
Grape Tomatoes = $2
Pineapple = $3.99
Grapes = $2.51
Green Beans = $1.14
Green Onions = 75¢
Cuban Bread = $2.39
Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits x 4 = $3.46 (two $1.25/1 IP + two $0.50/1 insert)
Maggi Sweet Chili Sauce - $2.69
Old El Paso Taco Sauce = 79¢ ($0.50/1 IP)
Mahatma Rice x 5 = 15¢ (five $0.50/1 IP)
Hunt's Pudding x 3 = $5.98 (B2G1 PQ)
Lays Chips x 2 = $4 ($1/2 IP)
Mott's Snack & GO x 2 = $1 (IP & PQ)
Who Knew Cookies = $2

Ok so I spent about $70 after gas card coupons and a remnant gift card.  I know that sounds like a lot but I got a TON of groceries and it's really only $13 over my weekly budget I shoot for. Plus I will get a little cash back from ibotta. I was able to stock my freezer and pantry with items that we will use over the next few weeks!
So have you guys had a good week? Any excitement in your neck of the woods? Feel free to share your totals in the comments below or link up.


  1. Laurie D says

    My son (34 today) as a young child had “bathroom” problems. At that time I had3 kids so it was hard to keep track of bathroom calls. So when he did his thing I would put BM on the calendar to keep track. Just a suggestion

  2. Amy says

    Awww…what a traumatic ordeal for poor Jake! He sure looks as right as rain now, though. So glad he’s feeling better! 😀 (push water, even flavored is ok, as much as you can…that will take care of alot of these type issues!) 😉 Hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!

  3. Laura says

    Michelle!!!! So glad he is feeling better what an ordeal for you both:) glad you both are good and having a home day tonight and tomorrow which is probably much needed. Poop problems are the worst 😉

  4. Bridgette says

    My daughter had a similar problem but it happened too often so our pediatrician put her on Miralax. She took 2 oz of it everyday and it helped regulate her. She was on it from about 2 years old to 10 years old. We also monitored how much cheese, carrots, bananas she ate. Oh the things we experience as parents. Glad to hear that he is feeling much better. :)

  5. heather says

    I am an ER nurse, so you wouldn’t think in our house we don’t talk much about ‘bathroom activities”. One of my children had some same issues many years ago (hes 23 now) Once I felt he was responsible enough, I showed him where the ex-lax was, and told him he could take ONE if he had ‘issues’. If it didn’t help, he was to come tell me. It did wonders:)

  6. Maggie G. says

    Michelle, you are hilarious! I have been reading your page for years and watching your boys grow up. What you experienced is a very common problem with today’s busy families. Thanks for all that you do. Please, Please take it easy today.

  7. Steph says

    I’m glad he’s feeling better! And no, up until February of this year, I didn’t really pay much attention to my 9 year old DS’ bathroom habits. We are observing him for Celiac’s disease right now, so I have to know every time he goes now, otherwise I would still be oblivious unless he came to me and said something was wrong! Don’t beat yourself up over it :)

  8. Lana says

    I wish I had known when my kids were growing up that the best way to combat constipation is lots of water and eating some raw fruit first thing before any other food in the morning. Works every time.

  9. Natasha says

    Michelle you crack me up! I had to show your story to my kid as proof that all parents talk turkey about their kids while totally embarrassing them at the same time! My daughter almost couldn’t belief you told ‘all’ and posted his picture. The look of incredulity on her face was priceless! I always tell her to eat her vegetables so she doesn’t get all bunged up. Guess now I won’t have to remind her as much!!!LOL Glad everything turned out alright!

  10. Stacey says


    I had to share a few tips we use in our house since my son 8 years old also struggles with this as well. Since our son struggles with migraines, we deal with this issue a lot. We send a probiotic yogurt everyday for lunch with a few m&m’s as encouragement to eat the yogurt. My son is a frequent fresh fruits eater, but is not great at drinking lots of water. We send a reusable water bottle everyday with him to school and then see how much he drank at the end of the day. We reward in small ways if all his water was drank. We also allow him to add Gatorade powder to his water bottle as an encouragement to drink. At the end of the day when we ask how was your day we also if he had a BM as well. It has become part of our daily routine. We use Miralax if needed which we had to use for 5 years with our daughter. I feel your pain and sympathize with you completely as I thought my son was trying to get out of school by always complaining of stomachache. Hang in there.

  11. Connie says

    I’m glad your son ended up being o.k. My son has bathroom issues also (especially when coming back from Grandma’s). I make him eat a prune every single morning and the only thing he drinks at home is water (he has both milk and juice 2x each day at school), I also try to get him to eat a salad every single day. I will share this post with him to let him know what could possibly happen to him if he continues to eat so poorly at Grandma’s (since talking to her about what he can and cannot eat doesn’t seem to work even though I have explained to her the reasons why).

  12. says

    What a good looking little guy! So glad he is feeling better! I have a story very close to this but mine turned out to be roto virus.. may be off on the spelling but bowels are not something to play with! Thank you Michelle and handsome little dude for sharing your LIFE with us…. This is why you have over 100k followers…. your a faceless best friend that we all share….love and adore

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