Weekly Totals 3/28 – Share Your Savings


Happy Friday everyone.

This week's weather has been crazy. We have had warm days, a day where we had flurries and now today is a dreary mess. Have I told you guys lately how much I wish we'd settle in with some nice warm Spring weather? A little bit of sun and warmth would do wonders for my mood -- tee hee.

Well this week has been busy as usual. We have visitors at my house and are soon to have even more tomorrow. My husband's brother, wife and baby arrived yesterday and tomorrow his cousin, wife, daughter and friend will be here. I love having visitors so I am happy to have a house full of folks.

One perk is that we are talking about going out for pizza tonight if my kiddo's game is canceled due to weather. It is bad that I have my fingers crossed? We could go out and come back and do movie night and just relax. So, if anyone wants to send positive vibes my way...I'll take them 😉

My goal this week was to get the house ready for company while still doing all the regular weekly to-dos. My husband was kind enough to do a quick run to Publix this week so this is what he brought home. (I am happy to say that he stuck to the list 100%!)

No Yolk Noodles - $1.97
Green Beans - $1
Lemons - 67¢
Green Onions - 75¢
Jalapeño - 17¢
Mushrooms - $1.79
Potatoes - $3.99
Pork Chops = $4.65
Sirloin - $5.04
Cream Cheese - $1.89
Cream - $2.59
Milk $4.09
Publix Water - $2.50

His trip was right at $36 which is not bad at all. I might have to do a run tomorrow morning. You guys know I buy things on sale and toss them in the freezer. I could have sworn I had a couple of rolls of sausage in my freezer. I am planning to do sausage biscuits tomorrow morning so I have to find that sausage in my overcrowded freezer tonight or I will have to get up before everyone else. Then again, I can always whip up some pancakes--tee hee.

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments or link up.


  1. Jennifer says

    I decided to stock up on Coca-cola, Powerade, Crystal light, and Ziploc this week. I used the digital BOGO coupon for Big Bags stacked with the Advantage Buy Flyer coupons for maximum savings on Ziploc and produce. I also had a Rain Check for Taco Bell dinner kits I needed to use before it expired. Quite happy with $41.25 OOP and $107.68 saved.

  2. Fifi T says

    Does any1 know what M&MS size bags are bogo because I went to several stores and in none of them were they advertized as bogo? maybe they forgot to put the sign up? thanks

    • Lynn Lehr says

      I bought those M&M candies….they were a light purple bag of the individually wrapped bags(blue)inside, of 11.23 oz. MINI’s. I had to ask my customer serv. desk where they were. They were by the Easter candy up from…by the BOGO wooden bins. They have no more now and I asked and they’re not going to get more.
      I was there at my normal 7 a.m. to be sure I got the specials, as they sell out FAST.

  3. Amy says

    I couldn’t find them on the candy aisle at my store either, but I did find them on a special Easter candy display. The only kind that is included in the sale at my store is the light purple bag with individually wrapped M&M’s minis. 11.23 oz.

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