Weekly Totals 3/21 – Share Your Savings

fridayHappy Friday everyone!

The sun is finally out and it's a beautiful day here in Chattanooga. I am so ready for Spring weather to kick in and stay! I have one tulip that has popped up in my flower bed. I can't wait to see if the others start coming up too!

I think I mentioned that I had some dental work done last week. My mouth hurt for several days. I just assumed that I was dealing with some swelling. Well I suffered for a week and decided I couldn't take it anymore! I headed to the dentist to find that an area where they had to do a port for the pain meds had become infected. YUK!

I got an antibiotic and after only 4 doses, I am already feeling so much better! I could kick myself for not going sooner.

Besides our typically crazy schedule that was the only big event for the week. More baseball is on the calendar for the weekend and I am hoping to relax a little bit.

I actually shopped several times over the past week. I even managed to fit in a trip to take advantage of the gas card deal. I needed to pick up some stuff for someone (not part of my grocery budget) and grabbed those items, a few groceries AND 2 gas cards. I used the $20 in savings to cover my groceries. Have I told you how much I love trading cash for gift cards to get FREE money --tee hee!

Watermelon = $1.80
Zucchini = $2.09
Cabbage x 2 = $1.48
Green Beans = $1.68
Green Onion = 75¢
Cucumber = 75¢
Jalapeño - 17¢
Cilantro - $1.29
Tomatoes = $2.99
Grapes = $3.32
Lettuce = $1.79
Bananas - $1.51
Lemons - $1.99
Onions = $2.99
Strawberries = $1.67
Tilapia, $8.99
Publix Sour Cream = 95¢
Chobani - $1
Milk = $4.19
Jimmy Dean Sausage = $3.99
Planters Nuts x 2 = $2 (two $1/1 IP)
Pop Secret x 2 = $2.80 (two $1/1 IP)
Capers = $1.69
Black Beans x 4 = $2.40
Great Northern Beans = $2.29
Coca-Cola x 3 = $8.18 ($3/3 PQ)

Thanks to the gas card savings and a $5 Target home mailed coupon, I spent a little $45 for all my items this week. I am very please with my haul!

How did you guys do this week? Share your savings in the comments below or link up!


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