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coupon question and answer

We've been answering questions for Ask I Heart Publix for over three years now, and we've definitely found that some questions keep popping up as new couponers write in. So every month we're going to feature a "Best Of" Ask I Heart Publix, where we post some of our favorite questions and answers from past weeks, months, and years.

Don't worry....we'll still be answering the new questions you guys send in, too, so keep sending in those questions! Just remember if we didn't get to your question this week...we will do our best to cover it another week!!

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Here are this week’s "Best of" questions:

  1. How will Publix handle a B1G2 Competitor coupon?
  2. How do you know all the coupons that you use in the ad? Where do you look them up?
  3. How do you know what competitor coupons your store will accept?
  4. How do you know when there's a good coupon being offered on Facebook?
  5. When an item that you need to stockpile goes on sale, about how many of that item do you purchase?

And here are the answers!

1. Blythe wants to know: At my Publix, Albertson’s is a competitor, so I am able to use coupons that they have ($5 off $50, ect), which is great. My question is this: Albertson's circulars often (weekly) include coupons for things like “Buy 1 Get 2 free London Broil, Identical or Lower Weight Only.” I’ve been nervous to try these out, and the last time I asked Customer Service something, they were short with me, it was Friday night rush time, so I’ve been hesitant to ask, but thought I’d ask you. I know Albertson’s hikes their prices up for these types of sales, but Publix won’t.

How will this work, or should I just bite the bullet and ask Customer Service?

Michelle: I am going to defer to Christy on this one as there are no Albertson's stores in my area. Though, I would guess that you would need to ask your specific store.

Christy: We had a few Albertson's in my town a few years ago and my Publix accepted them as a competitor (they have since all closed down). I was able to use the B1G2 coupons on certain items - my store required that they carry the exact item that Albertson's was advertising in the coupon (for example, I couldn't use coupons for "Angus" meats since Publix doesn't offer "Angus"), and they would only honor the coupon as a B1G1 rather than a B1G2.

That said, every store may be a little bit different and you are going to have to ask your Customer Service desk about how they will handle those coupons. You may want to plan to ask them on a day or time that you know they are not very busy. I will sometimes "cruise" the Customer Service desk - just walk by a few times and wait to ask my question when they seem the least busy. :)

2. Jill wants to know: How do you know all the coupons that list each week in the ad? Where do you look them up?

Michelle: I use the database here on my site. If you look at the top of the page, you will see the tab titled "Coupon Database." With the database, you can enter a product name and search to see if there are any matching coupons available. I think it is a great tool. Often I need a product that may not be in the ad. A quick search in the database will tell me where I can grab a coupon so I can save on any item...even those not on sale.

Christy: Yup, you gotta love that coupon database! It's very helpful when I'm trying to check out a deal....or, like Michelle says, when I need to buy something that isn't on sale!

3. C. wants to know: How do you know what competitor coupons your store will accept?

Michelle: You can always ask at your store. Folks at the customer service desk will always be able to give you the scoop. You may be able to find a little notecard in the front carousel (where you find the ads) that details the Publix coupon policy on one side and the competitor coupons accepted on the other side. Some stores even have the competitors accepted on a sign as you walk in the store.

Christy: Yes, check with your store's customer service desk and ask for a list of accepted competitors. The list of accepted competitors should not change much (if at all) - I think the only time mine has ever changed was last year when Publix released their official coupon policy.

4.  Lindsay wants to know:I was wondering how people know when there's a good coupon being offered on Facebook. Do you have to seek out a specific product's Facebook page, or is there someway to search for coupons that are currently being offered anywhere on Facebook?

Michelle: I wish there was an easy way to find the coupons!

I have "liked" a ton of companies to score coupons and or promotions so I see a fair amount on my page which helps. Of course I have some phenomenal readers who love to share deals so that is how I often find deals too. Pair that with emails from other bloggers and I usually get the scoop on the good ones. I share ones on the site that I think will last more than 30 seconds. The ones where they offer only like 400 coupons are pointless in my opinion and I don't waste my time posting about them 😉

Christy: I usually get my info from other blogs or from blog readers that email to let me know that there is a good coupon available. All it takes is one person to find a new Facebook coupon and it usually spreads through the blog networks like wildfire. 😉

5.Olenka from the comments wants to know: When an item that you need to stockpile goes on sale, about how many of that item do you purchase?

Christy: This really depends on the item, how low my levels are, how much we use in 3 to 4 months, how well it will keep, and how much space I have to store it. For example, I’m completely out of coffee creamer, so next time it goes on sale, I’ll buy 4 32 oz containers, because I know that’s about as much as I can store. However, if there’s a deal on 100% juice when we’re low, I’ll buy 8 or more, because it keeps well, we go through it quickly, and I can always find a spot for it.

Michelle:  I also go by inventory and then by usage. For non-perishables I will get as many as I can store!  If paper towels were super cheap or free I would buy as many as possible.  It is all about consumption...I buy based on what we use!

I hope our answers to these questions were helpful! Make sure you 'tune in' next week for even more Q&A with I Heart Publix. If you have a question you'd like to see answered, email me at


  1. Yadi says


    So I have been shopping at Publix for several years now and have always been able to use/stack a manufactures coupon along with a Target coupon. On the B1G1 I was able to use one of each until recently. On my last visit to Publix, I went to buy the Dial body wash and I had total of four coupons two of each. They wouldn’t let me use two target coupons. Is anyone else having a hard time using two target coupons on B1G1.

    • Lindy says

      My stores have limited the amount of target coupons for at least a year now. They are going ny the wording on the target coupon that states “limit one coupon or offer per guest.”

      • Earth says

        They have started going strictly by what the Target coupon says. If the coupon says, “one deal per customer” or “one per visit” or “limit two”, that is all they will let you do. The used to let you use as many as you wanted no matter what the coupons said. Our store (Orlando, FL) started checking the Target coupons for wordage more than 6 months ago, so you go more deals than we did if they just started at your store :) Peace and Blessings! <

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