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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week.

It's been a fairly uneventful week in my neck of the woods. The big fun right now is that little league baseball season has started up. Our evenings and weekends are soon to be even more chaotic with all the practices and games plus Scouts. Then of course there are play dates, art class and my boys also want to add karate in the mix - oh my!

This is definitely the crazy busy time of year for me. As you can see by menu this past week, I am making easy meals to adjust for all the running around that's going on. You will likely see more of these kind of meals for the next few months. And for all of you guys who have commented and emailed asking about continuing the menu to match the Publix sale, I am going to do my best to keep it going. I am so glad you all found it helpful. Hopefully I can come up with good options to match the sales each week.

I did a little shopping last weekend and might try to run to Publix tonight while my oldest has practice. Here's my list. While I was able to use a bunch of things I had on hand, I did purchase a few of my menu items before they were on sale so I could have the recipes ready for you guys. Luckily I had a $25 Publix gift card from a promo here on the site to offset that extra cost 😉

Jennie-O Turkey = $2.99 ($1 insert)
Buns = $1.35
Sweet Potatoes = $1.11
Fresh Express Salad = $1.25 (75¢ IP)
Garlic = 38¢
Zucchini = 72¢
Squash = 72¢
Bell pepper = 80¢
Broccoli = $1.12
Bananas = $1.71
Tomatoes = $1.35
Cucumber = 79¢
Ham = $1.65
Publix cream = $2.59
Milk = $4.09
Pizza dough = $2.79
Oscar Mayer Turkey = $4.99
Publix Turkey = $4.99

I spent about $20 of my grocery budget after the gift card. Not too bad but I did forget a few items that I wanted to pick up. I am hoping to remember them tonight 😉 If I get a chance I will update the list tonight...otherwise I will just add it to next week's totals.

How did you guys do this week? Share your weekly totals in the comments below or link up.


  1. Anonimous says

    I managed to keep my mouth shut for the last few weeks, but…
    It is a little annoying that some people post links just to get backlinks to their blogs. I am a blogger myself, but all I want to do here is see what deals others are getting at Publix (hence the name of the blog), and I noticed that some people post multiple links to same pages under different names, or link to unrelated pages on their blog.
    I know that this comment may upset some, but COME ON, people!

    • sally says

      I agree and let’s be real, most of the things posted aren’t of the entire trip either. People tend to “stage” their shopping trips in order to make their achievement look bigger. It’s easy to do, just check out twice! Once, check out with the deal items and then again with the regular items that aren’t a deal (produce, meat, milk etc.). I don’t like it because some people don’t realize that’s what’s being done and think that they aren’t doing a good job because they can’t get their totals that low. I appreciate realistic trips and that’s why I love Michelle’s weekly trip post :)

      • Laura says

        Just saw this reply and I couldn’t agree more. I love Michelle’s sites…she’s not living off tic tacs and powerade for her weekly totals 😉

  2. Laura says

    I don’t even want to talk about totals this week..we just moved and I’m having to restock the fridge and freezer..yikes! I spent $220 but saved $180, I used to spend that every week though before this site so that does make me feel better! Hopefully can take it easy over the next couple weeks though. Thanks as always for the matchups :)

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