Publix Digital Coupon – Free Neuro Sleep

BOTTLE OF NEURO SLEEPKristin emailed to let us know that there is another Publix Digital coupon for a FREE product at Publix. This time you can get a FREE bottle of Neuro Sleep.

I had no clue what this was so here's some info from their website:

Meet Neuro SLEEP, the first scientifically-based functional beverage that gives you the full night's rest you need the natural way. Our beverage engineers scoured the world to find the highest quality nature-derived ingredients that help you rest and recharge without the morning drag caused by traditional sleep aids.

Neuro SLEEP is available in three delicious flavors: Peach Apricot Original and our two new taste-bud teasers, Mellow Mango and Tangerine Dream. Each is a uniquely delectable way to get your natural beauty sleep.

Head over and load your coupon if you will use it. Kristin notes that these are located near the medicines and cough drops at her store!


  1. sarah says

    It took awhile, but I found them in the soft drink aisle. They are 2/$5, and come in a bunch of varieties like ‘energy’ or something, but since I wasn’t sure what exactly was included with the coupon (phone died so I didn’t have my digital coupons handy) I stuck with what was on my list. I’ll be interested to try it…apparently it has melatonin in it.

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