P&G Go For The Savings Record Mail In Rebate Offer

Savings Record

I have yet another P&G mail-in rebate offer to share with you guys this afternoon. This one is called "Go for the Savings Record" and it will be starting up at Publix tomorrow! With this rebate, we can get a $25 Visa gift card when we buy $60 in participating products in a single transaction between 2/8 and 3/1.  We should be able to get a bunch of nice items plus earn a great giftcard too….I am loving all these opportunities to get cash back!

Here are the details for the rebate:

  1. Get a $25 Visa Giftcard by mail when you purchase $60 in participating sponsors products (see list of participating products below) between 2/8 and 3/1.
  2. Take a photo of your entire receipt, and text or email to px@dvrusa.com (For additional information, go here)
  3. You will receive a reply to provide your address where the gift card will be sent.

Here is the full list of participating items for the rebate offer. As you can see there are a number of participating products that are on sale this week including Kellogg's cereals for the 50% off sale this weekend…time to start planning another rebate scenario! :)

  • Coca Cola® Any Item
  • POWERADE® Any Item
  • Dasani® Water Any Item
  • Minute Maid® Any Item
  • Cheez-It® Baked Snack Crackers Any Item
  • Eggo® Any Item
  • Folgers® Coffee Any Item
  • Zico® Any Item
  • Jif® Any Item
  • Kelloggs® Cereal Any Item
  • Kashi® Cereal Any Item
  • Pop Tarts® Toaster Pastries Any Item
  • Smuckers® Uncrustables Any Item
  • Smuckers® (jelly, jams, preserves, or marmalades) Any item
  • Fuze® Tea Any Item
  • Fresca® Any Item
  • CoverGirl® Any Item
  • Vicks® Any Item
  • Febreze® Any Item
  • Swiffer® Any Item
  • Duracell® Any Item
  • Mello Yello® Any Item
  • Barq’s® Root Beer Any Item
  • TAB® Any Item
  • Bear Naked® Granola Any Item
  • Seagram’s® Mixers Any Item
  • Coke Zero® Any Item
  • Fanta® Any Item
  • Diet Coke® Any Item
  • Sprite® Any Item
  • Pibb Xtra® Any Item

Check out the sale items that match with this rebate in the weekly ad here or the Grocery Advantage Buy Flyer here.

I am rushing a bit this afternoon and haven't had a chance to read all the fine print on both offers, but I'm thinking there may be an opportunity to double dip with this offer and the Refresh & Renew rebate. As you can see, Vicks products are participating in both rebate offers. You just might be able to get a fabulous deal when you stock up on cold medication!

Here is the Vicks sale that will be going on with the new Grocery Advantage Buy flyer that starts tomorrow….let me know if you guys try it and it works!

Vicks Brand Liquid, 12 oz, or Capsules, 24 ct, $6.99
-$1/1 Vicks Cold & Flu Relief Item, Any (Target Coupon) (Limit of 4 Identical Coupons Per Household Per Day) - 01-26-14 Target Insert (exp 2/26/2014)
-$1/1 Vicks NyQuil Or DayQuil Severe Product, Any (Excludes Trial/Travel Size) (Limit of 4 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day) - 01-26-14 PG Insert (Exp 2/28/2014)
-Free Puffs, Any FREE WYB Vicks Products, Any (2) (Excludes VapoDrops and ZzzQuil) (Excludes Trial/Travel Size) (Limit of 4 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day) - 01-26-14 PG - valid up to $1.89 Insert (exp 2/28/2014)
-$1/1 Vicks Product, Any (Excludes VapoDrops And ZzzQuil) (Excludes Trial/Travel Size) (Limit of 4 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day) - 01-12-14 RP Insert (exp 2/28/2014)
-$1/1 Vicks DayQuil Or NyQuil Liquid, Severe Cold & Flu Or Cold & Flu, Any (Excludes ZzzQuil; Limit 4 Identical Coupons Per Household Per Day; Target Coupon) - 11-03-13 RP Insert (exp 3/31/2014)
-$1/1 DayQuil Severe Product OR ONE NyQuil Severe Product (excludes trial/travel size) Publix Digital Coupon


  1. Blair says

    So when we get credit for qualifying purchases, do we get credit for their msrp or the sale price/price after coupons? Bc another one of the rebates you posted is like that, which makes it harder to get the amount needed to qualify for rebate (esp if it has to be a single transaction)

  2. jen a says

    im new to this couponing thing so please forgive me if i sound stupid but this $25 rebate, would that $60 be before or coupons?
    im going shopping tomorrow and want to make sure to take advantage of this

  3. Debbie says

    “Purchase must be
    made in a single transaction at a
    Publix store totaling $60.00 or
    more before tax.” The way my Publix receipt is set up is that the products ring up, then the coupons come off and then the order total is shown with tax under that and then Grand total. So it looks like we must spend $60 even after coupons.

    • lee says

      no the rebate says just circle the product and price on receipt. you can total it. they give an example of a receipt with other products besides these and the total is only for the rebate products. your publix is not going to total just these items at the end for you. trust me its before coupons or they would have stated it in the rules.

  4. Valerie Way says

    Ask the cashier to do a subtotal before she starts scanning coupons so the receipt will show clearly that you spent the necessary amount before the coupons came off.

  5. Brigitte says

    Maureen over in the forum wrote the company and asked them if it was before coupons and the response was yes. So spend $60 before tax, then take your coupons off.

  6. Josh says

    If I spend at least $60 on qualifying products, can I submit for the $25 visa gift card –AND– the $20 publix gift card??

  7. lee says

    did my scenerio today paid less than $40 for 17 boxes of cereal and 7 boxes poptarts and 3 cases of powerade. submitted by email and already got my code and submitted it. got email saying gift card will be here in 6 to 8 weeks.

  8. lee says

    already did other $20 rebate 2 days ago. had to mail it because picture would not download on their site. spent $24 got 10 body washes, 5 shampoos, 2 tampoons.

  9. Ashley says

    When I send my pic of the receipt it keeps telling me that it cant be processed. Is there a form that I can mail it to them? Thanks!

  10. Dakotaroo says

    I was having the same issue with submitting my receipt. Am I missing something to get it to work? I would be happy to mail it but could not find that on the website.

  11. wanda says

    emailed my receipt, however the problem lies that you can’t get a close picture because the receipt is to long but they want all info. Keep being told to take a better pic..its even to long for my scanner :/

  12. Peggy says

    Wow… this digital receipt thing is a headache… I submitted my image of my refresh and renew receipt three or four times… and was told to mail it in… my savings record image has been rejected twice but I am waiting to see. Is there a link for the downloadable form for the savings record rebate… I do not see it on the website?? I’m afraid I may need it.

  13. Polly Hogsed says

    Mine has been rejected over and over! I emailed P&G and they said it wasn’t their problem as it was a Store promotion, not their promotion!!

  14. Angela says

    Hi, is it confirmed that the address is Kalamazoo MI. I have had issues with this rebate as well and I’m felling this may be the last time I try a rebate. Thx for the help.

  15. jen says

    I did my purchase today. 4 10 count uncrustables, 10 Kellogg’s cereals, 3 Powedades. 45.10 OOP. So $20 after the rebate. Not to shabby.

  16. Tamara says

    Mind was rejected several times. $60 worth of products I would not normally need should be rewarded with ease. The add shows 2 different emails and neither work. They both failed delivery after several attempts. I will mail to address. signed DISAPPOINTED!

  17. Jill says

    I had the same issue. I tried to send it through text and was given a Pin code, which didn’t work! Frustrating. Thank you for the mailing address but, I couldn’t download a form….. how do I send this!!!!

  18. Katherine says

    I tried to send my pic thru email & it failed multiple times. Since I haven’t seen a solution posted to this problem, I thought I’d share how I fixed it: My picture size was simply too BIG~ it was over 8 MB! I took my camera (I don’t have a smart phone) & found a place where I could simply reduce the size of the picture I took. It changed it in a snap to 251 KB. (I think that’s basically less than 1/2 MB?) Anyways, it worked! I attached the smaller file to an email & I immediatly got the response I was looking for! So, if you’re using a smart phone, maybe you can change the image size of the pix it takes or has saved. I think this is a nice rebate if we can just make it work! Good luck ladies!
    BTW, my reciept was also too long so I just folded it to cover the items that had nothing to do with the rebate. Good thing I grouped them all in the beginning of my purchase! I was sure to show the Publix name on top, date, purchase total and ofcourse my qualifying items too. But that’s how I solved that problem too! Hope it helps!

    • Katherine says

      Update! Wow. So they responded after all that work & said I didn’t qualify bc I had to get $60 pretax. I responded & re-submitted my receipt telling them to check thier math. My total pretax was $60.24. I cut it close, but I did it. Now they have sent my link and code. This has been one of the most aggravating rebates I have done! Good thing I stuck with it!!

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