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jeb-eye-patchIt's been a busy week at my house. I have had  so many appointments this week...often several in one day.  I was able to finally get my hair cut and colored. Things have been so crazy over the past few months that I just haven't even had time to make a hair appointment. I was way overdue and so happy to get my all the gray colored--woo hoo!

We also got some news that was a bit difficult. We took my little guy to the eye doctor and they told us he has some big issues with one of his eyes. The medical term is Amblyopia...which basically means that his left eye doesn't function like it should. While his right eye is nearly 20/20, the left eye is 20/300. They are hoping that patching the good eye will help the "bad" eye get stronger and improve. He will also start wearing glasses everyday.

I have to admit I am a bit nervous. Jeb had some big delays when he was younger and has worked hard and made incredible progress. We were hoping we were getting past all the hurdles but it looks like we might have a few more ahead. He is being a trooper and even seems to be excited about the prospect of "wearing glasses like daddy." I just hope that excitement lasts past the 1st day 😉

If any of you guys happen to have experience with Amblyopia or glasses/patching, I'd love to hear any tips or suggestions. Jeb is 6 and very strong willed so I will likely need all the help I can get.

With the super busy week, I never had a chance to shop. I will definitely shop this weekend as I have no fresh veggies or fruit and will be out of milk by tomorrow. So this week I have a weekly spending of $0. I will count any shopping I do this weekend towards next week's totals.

How did you guys do this week? Share your savings in the comments below or link up your weekly totals.


  1. Kay says

    Sorry to hear that about Jeb. My daughter has the same thing and has to wear a patch and glasses. We just found out too. She is 12. So I pray the it helps strengthing her left eye. She has to wear it when she’s home and watching TV.

  2. Brigitte says

    I don’t have experience with the condition your little guy does, but I also have a 6yo that wears glasses. He is nearsighted. He is to wear his glasses when looking at anything over 4 ft away. I have him wear them also when he is playing on the 3ds or Wii. Apparently all this technology with computers and video games and kids knowing how to play them from birth 😉 it is causing a lot of kids to have eye issues. My son hates to wear the glasses, but lasik and contacts are not an option for his age. We finally had to tell him if we catch him without them on when he should be wearing them he will lose whatever he is doing at the time. So if he should be wearing them to play the Wii and he isn’t he is going to lose the option to play for a while. I have noticed if he doesn’t wear them when he should that he gets headaches. I wonder if that will happen to Jeb since his one available eye will be trying to compensate. I hope you have good luck with it.

  3. Amanda says

    My 6 yr old daughter has the same condition, we tried glasses and the patch and we are now trying just a contact in the affected eye to help since she wasn’t always wearing her glasses. We were also just told that there is a scan that they are doing now and can figure out if the affected eye is able to be strenghtened or repaired. Best of luck to you, I know many kids who have this.

  4. Dianette says

    Sorry to hear about Jeb. I have the exact problem however mine was never diagnosed so I have terrible eye sight in one eye. I have been told that is something pass down thru genetics so I take my daughters (7yr and twins 2yrs) to the eye doctor yearly. The oldest was diagnosed with misalignment, which is a type of lazy eye, last year. She was to wear the eye patch daily. She recently got eye glasses as well. I kept the patch interesting buying her a black one (pirate looking one)and she did well with it for a while so then I had to start stickers or decorating the patch. The glasses are a nightmare. She wont keep them on and she has broken two pairs in four months. I wish you all the luck with your little guy and pray that the treatment will help his eye sight.

  5. Tracy says

    I don’t know anything about the condition, but I would certainly get him a pirate’s eye patch to wear. That way, he will be super cool!

  6. Dana says

    My SO has the same condition. His parents didn’t make him wear the eye patch when he was a kid, and now the condition is basically unfixable in adulthood. He wishes they would have understood how important it was, because cosmetically, it looks like he has a lazy eye now, and he lost all depth perception. I know it might be hard to make your little one keep a patch on, but in the long run it’s the only real choice. I wish him the best!

  7. Melissa says

    My son was diagnosed with Amblyopia when he was 7. His vision at the time was 20/600. He had to patch his good eye also. He is not able to wear glasses due to the severeness of his condition. He wears a contact! I too was devastated when I found out! The good news is that in the 5 years since he has been diagnosed his vision has changed from 20/600 to 20/50 :) He still has to wear a contact and will the rest of his life. It was a struggle to have him patch his eye (he had to have it patched from the time he got up in the mornings until he went to bed at night). I see that your son is wearing the stick on patch….I went to walmart and bought the “pirate” patch in the pharmacy section! My son thought it was cool because he looked like a pirate :) I hope that your son has great success with the patch like my son did! It is only by God’s grace that his vision is like it is today!!

  8. diane says

    My nephew had this condition when he was around the same age. He wore a patch for a part of every day. Now he is 25, doesn’t wear glasses or contacts, and is a handsome, smart, well-adjusted man. It can happen!

  9. lisa says

    Don’t worry… The early detection is the best possible news. It has been quite some time, and do not remember all of the #’s, I had a lazy eye, and it was diagnosed around the same age as Jeb. My other eye’s sight was very poor. My lazy eye did in fact go away after a year or so. My vision still needed to be corrected. I still wear glasses, but surprisingly my eye sight over the years did improve. I remember wearing the patch, and still remember the fight I gave my parents not to wear it, but it did in fact help. Love to Jeb, and I am sure he will be just fine.

  10. Shayelyn says

    I don’t have any experience with the condition but my daughter is far-sighted in both eyes, both extremely different, and has to wear glasses. It hasn’t been the problem for us that I thought it would. On a side note, I remember a Peanuts cartoon that dealt with Jeb’s condition that I read when I was younger. I don’t know if that would help him or not, to see a comic strip dealing with his condition.

  11. Laura says

    My nephew had the same thing as did a friend of mine. Both had the patch gone before collage and are fine. I know your heart breaks when it’s your child who has the issue but thank goodness that you are an on top of it mom and caught it early. He will be fine. As for shopping…we are in the process of moving, yet again!. So I am trying to only buy the essentials. I don’t think ill be able to pass up the angel soft deal that starts tomorrow though. I’d love any tips you have on what you did with your stockpile and shopping while you were moving. Thanks as always michelle and little Jeb will be fine. He’s lucky to have such a great Mom! :)

  12. Ivana says


    I do not have experience in this particular diagnosis but nothing is more powerful than a mother’s prayer! Fast one day per week for his healing, believing that GOD, will heal him!!!!!

    (No offense, if you are not a believer :))

  13. Mimi says

    My daughter was diagnosed with this at the age of 5 and she is 15 now. She to wore a patch on her right eye and glasses but because she was so self conscious about the patch it was difficult to have her wear it during school hours. She always wore it when she was home. I tried may different kinds of patches so she would wear it without the fuss( i even made patches that attched to her glasses so the sticky wouldn’t bother her). I was told that by age 5 it was almost too late to correct. She patched for about a year and wore glasses regularly until about 4th or 5th grade. Now at 15 she has difficulty when she wears a contact because her brain has a hard time adjusting to the very different visions.Although her vision in the left has improved it could be better. Her right eye is soo dominate she sees better without correction. I regret that I did not force her to patch more and longer when she was younger, she may not have issues today. It is hereditary as my husband had the same thing. Your son may enjoy wearing the patch and that will be a great thing. The more he does the better the result. Good luck to you both!!

  14. Susan says

    We have had some experience with lazy eyes in my family (my dad, me and my son). My dad had surgery as an adult. I wore a patch for a year when I was about 8. I hated being different and I used to throw the patch away at school. I now wear glasses to read (over 40:( but I didn’t need glasses after age 12. My eye tends to wonder if I have to keep focus on something or in certain lighting. My son started wearing glasses at age 18 months! I was told by several doctors that surgery would not work because he was also far sighted. Well, after his eye doctor died we had to find a new doctor. His new doctor specializes in this type of surgery. He had the surgery over a year ago (age 12) and his eye sight has been improving with each visit he has had. :) She travels to offices in TN and AL, so if you decide you want a second opinion I would be glad to send you her information.

  15. Amy says

    I love your style, Jeb..you’re totally rockin that eye patch! 😀 Any eyes that pretty will be just fine..that’s for sure! Hugs, little cutie. <3

  16. April M. says

    Jeb looks like a superhero with his patch. I know a cool pair of superman glasses helped my friend’s son adjust to wearing them.
    Sending prayers.

  17. Alison says

    Those patches certainly look familiar! :) Our son has the same problem, same eye. He wears the glasses and a patch. Glasses weren’t too difficult, although at the beginning they dug into his ear because he wasn’t used to them, so we had to pad behind his ears for a while. The patch is definitely more of a struggle. He doesn’t wear it all day, so we try to have fun activities that he only gets to do when he’s patching. Seems to help. It’s a process for sure. Keep at it even if it’s a strugge-it’ll be worth it!

  18. Ali says

    Hey Michelle! I actually had the same issue as a child. Poor little guy! For what it’s worth, my mom would usually let me watch special tv shows while I wore the patch which made it seem a little less painful. However, I do remember getting headaches due to having to use my “bad eye.”. It has caused me zero issues in adulthood though other than just having better vision in one eye than the other. Good luck to you guys! I rarely comment, but truly appreciate all the hard work you put into our site. I also appreciate that you post healthy recipes and obviously feed your family wholesome food…so Many money saving sites focus on savings more than anything, so I really appreciate your balance of health+savings, too!

  19. says

    I SOOOO appreciate all the comments.

    I am now wondering if I should call the doc back to see how long we should be making him wear the patch each day. He told us 2 hrs min but I am wondering if I should do more. Wondering if 3 hrs is better than 2…if so we will shoot for a longer time frame.

    Thanks so much for the comments and the encouragement. I really appreciate it!!

    • loy says

      He Michelle,

      I really think it all depends on the seriousness of the individual child’s vision. My son was told that he has extreme farsightedness and has to patch for his lazy eye and to strengthen his left eye when he was four. We were only told to patch that one eye for at least 30 mins a day. A year later his vision improved dramatically, and to be honest we skipped a LOT of days. He just turned six and now we are being told that his vision has really improved since the last visit but we are trying to push him more and we also have to start patching both eyes for 15 mins. each daily, but the key is to get him to do activities that requires him to concentrate and focus. We patch and let him color in the lines of a coloring book, connect the dot, or practice handwriting. I also remember him mentioning legos. Any ways I figured that I could write to nexcare about his case to see if I could get some coupons for their eye patches (no luck) They do get costly…let me know if you find a good deal somewhere. I really prefer the adhesive patches over the straps or the over glasses one because my son is pretty creative when it comes to ways to use the good eye! As far as the glasses goes there are these amazing animal straps that keeps it on his face and also secures it from getting damaged very similar to these http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/200827247502?lpid=82

    • Alana says

      We were told 2 hours/day, but when we’re home and playing and he’s content with it on I leave it on until he says something.

  20. renea says

    Sorry to hear your little guy is going through this. My youngest daughter whom just turned 11 last month has Strabismus Amblyopia, which she also underwent surgery for in 2009 at All Children’s Hospital when she was 7 after patching, etc. was not effective for her. They ended up doing both eyes in surgery instead of just the one and the results were better than before surgery, but her one eye still turns in some and is more noticeable in photos, but not severe enough to risk surgery again.

    I take her in every year for rechecks and now I have to make her another appointment as she is complaining of vision problems/headaches recently so we can find out where we stand and what we can do to help her. It can be a grueling process….but sounds like they/you are taking the proper steps and I truly hope the patch/glasses will correct his problem in time and that no further steps will be needed. I wish the best for you all! <3

  21. Michelle says

    I work for an ophthalmologist and we see people with this condition on a daily basis. We mainly see patients over 15 cause there is a pediatric ophthalmologist near us who sees most of the younger patients. So I do not have as much experience with the little ones. But I have learned that the earlier the detection the better, so it is good that y’all caught it early. Make sure to keep up with the doctors orders and continue with eye exams to check everything. I will pray for your family!

  22. Jeannie Jackson says

    My son was diagnosed with Amblyopia when he was 2! Because sometimes its difficult to get a toddler to keep the patch on we have always used the eye drop called atropine. You put 1 drop in the strong eye in the morning and it basicly blinds that eye for 24 hours forcing the weak eye to work. We have several other eye problems as well including extreme far-sightedness, lazy eye, and trouble with crossing. So we have had to be on the drops on and off throughout the years. My son is 7 now and doing wonderfully. He is expected to not even need his glasses anymore around the time he starts high school.

  23. LeeAnn says

    If you are not already seeing a pediatric opthamologist find one right away!! My son was diagnosed at 8 the same as Jeb but the second opinion revealed while his sight in one eye was significantly worse than the other he was NOT ambliopic….at 13 he wears contacts and is quite comfortable! He did patch between the original and the second opinion but drawing on them and pirate eyes helped!

  24. Joan says

    My daughter was diagnosed with this problem at age 5. She also had to wear glasses but no patch because our ophthalmologist had a great technique that worked really well. He told us to paint the glasses lens over her good idea with several layers of clear nail polish. That had the effect of blurring the vision in the good eye so much that she was forced to use the weak eye and strengthen it. Same effect as the patch but no self consciousness or kidding from the kids. And no problem with compliance as she thought the glasses were cool. I don’t remember how long we had to blur the lens but I think it was few years. She wore glasses until high school mostly for reading and then no more. She now, at age 32, has 20-20 in both eyes. Good luck with your son.

  25. Joelyn says

    Hi. My son was diagnosed at three and I was worried about teasing and getting him to wear glasses. My Ped Optho put my mind to rest when he said that the younger they are the easier it is to get them to wear the glasses. He also said that his experience was that younger children tend to find glasses interesting and do not tease. We found both to be true. Ian has never had a problem wearing his glasses and to my knowledge has never been teased although he is nine now and I am sure teasing will begin soon. His first pair of glasses were traditional wire rimmed and I was at the eye glass provider every other month getting them tweaked and repaired. (Wrestling and glasses are not compatible.) I found RecSpecs at Sam’s Club eye center and have been thrilled with them. We have even had one pair for three years!! These are designed for sports and play, but Ian wanted to wear them all the time because he thought they were so cool! I suggest you add Transitions to the lens. Good Luck.

  26. Eyedr says

    There are two main causes of amblyopia: 1- eye turn or 2- refractive (big difference in prescription between the eyes). Most don’t require surgery, but some eye turn cases do. Most should be treated with vision therapy and surgery should be an absolute last resort. Patching is part of vision therapy, but there’s a whole lot more that can be done. This is where the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist is crucial. The latter are surgeons and, in my opinion, often jump to surgery sooner than necessary. I would strongly recommend you find an optometris who specializes in pediatrics/vision therapy. If they are affiliated with COVD, even better. You can search on covd.org to see if there are any docs in your area. This is a crucial age for fixing amblyopia. Depending on his particular case, there’s a good chance the vision in that eye can be restored to normal or near normal. I’m glad it was caught in time to help him.
    Also, don’t overdo the patching. Two hours/day is plenty. If you patch all the time, you’ll only harm his better eye.

  27. Sandy says

    I rarely write but right now I am writing just to let you know that you are doing much good for so many of us that you have no idea how many people like me are sending their good wishes to you and little Jeb and praying in their hearts for all to turn well for you. Best wishes and thanks a lot..

  28. Lori says

    At 4.5, in preschool, we found out my son had amblyopia too. He has a severe astigmatism in one eye and it was 2x as bad in the other. With glasses he saw 20/20 in one eye and 20/200 in the other. We followed all the doctors orders (make sure you are seeing a pediatric opthamologist). We patched for about 6 months and by the end he was very, very done with it but you have to be tough and force him to do it. He is now 7 and with glasses he sees 20/20 in both eyes and they said it would never get that good 20/25 or 20/30 in the affected eye. It’s been no problem to get him to wear his glasses. He knows how much better he can see.

    From what I understand it is very treatable if caught before 7 years old. Do small motor skills when he’s wearing the patch. And he doesn’t have have to wear the patch for the time all in one sitting but make sure he wears it for the total amount of time per day.

    Also we had no luck with the reusable or glasses covering patches. The glue ones from the drug store worked the best, just put it on your hand first to remove some of the stickiness before putting it on his face. It can get very irritating.

    Good luck!

  29. Sharon says

    Both of my children were diagnosed, and both wore patches. My daughter was sensitive to the adhesive in the cheaper brand, so we were stuck with the more expensive type. (We heard that some skin lotion before hand would help with the irritation-but it only made it worse.) My son was completely “cured” and was able to quit wearing glasses by the time he was 9, my daughter still wears glasses, so the impact and effects are individual. Good Luck!! (Oh, and because my son would bury his glasses in the mulch at day care-I suggest eyeglass insurance! We replaced a lot of glasses.)

  30. Jessica P says

    I have to say Jeb looks pretty cool wearing his patch. I know that’s the least of your concerns as his mom right now. But hopefully looking cool and wearing glasses like his daddy will encourage him to keeping using them. Plus, Superman/Clark Kent also wore glasses (or at least he did back in my day). So that makes wearing glasses even cooler, right?!

    I’ll be praying that wearing the patches and glasses will help to improve his vision. You said that Jeb has worked hard and made incredible progress so I’m sure he will continue to do well. It helps that he is a determined (aka strong willed) child! :-)

  31. Kelly S. says

    My son got glasses this past summer at the age of 6. He struggled at first keeping them on and he broke them five time in like 3 months! After those first few months of “newness” he is fine in them. What worked for us in the glasses department was 1. letting him pick them out. He wanted red glasses so that is what he got. We also got him a more subdued pair as a back up. 2. We went to Eyemart express, which is one of those get two pairs for cheap places. The reason was the money but they came with a free frame warranty so during those first few months when they were broken so many times it didn’t cost me a thing. However when he kept breaking them because he was playing with them I made him pay me $1 every time he broke them. That stopped soon. Good luck. It hard watching your son struggle. My son too has had struggles since he was born and I too was saddened when I realized he had yet one more thing to deal with. Kids are tough.

  32. Alana says

    My 3 year old was diagnosed with amblyopia and we got glasses and had to do patching. My suggestion is go to etsy(we have the soccerball felt patch from PatchMe on etsy) and get a patch that fits over the glasses instead of the adhesive type. There’s all kinds of options and I couldn’t see putting the adhesive on his face and would rather pay $13 or so than buy the disposable kind. One of our cousins puts the hazy kind of scotch tape over one lens of the glasses instead of patching. In only 6 weeks of patching we are 90% better and hopefully Monday we’ll be able to stop patching all together after about 3 months of patching. Hopefully you’ll get the same results in a short period of time!

    • Alana says

      And I forgot to add if he’s going to wear glasses, check out speccles.com for a strap, it’s an awesome product from Australia that a mom invented! It’s a discreet strap instead of the big elastic ones that don’t really work. It holds the glasses in place and does the job!!!

  33. Jenny Waits says

    I am 23 and was diagnosed with the same thing when i was 4. I wore a patch for many years whenever I was home it was on and slowly my eye improved. My only issue now is that if i am staring at something my eye can drift but that will be fixed when I have lasiks soon. Make sure to give him reassurance my parents used to give me a little prize such as a piece of candy or something once a week if I kept it on all day as I was supposed to. My one recommendation is look to see if you can find a fabric patch that will slip over his glasses sticky eyebrows are not fun. It will give better just give it time and keep it patched.

  34. Elissa says

    My son was diagnosed with amblyopia when he was about 5-6 years old. BUt fortunately he did not need to wear a patch, just glasses. He wore glasses all the time until about a year and a half ago. Over a period of about 4 or 5 years, his “bad eye” corrected itself to the point where he did not require glasses at all, but he has yearly eye exams to monitor. We are fortunate. I believe it is inherited. I had a muscle condition, called strabismus, with both of my eyes and my mother has amblyopia. Good luck. I hope you have found a good pediatric ophthalmologist in your area.

  35. Reyna says

    I personally do not know about that condition but my son stutters and it has become an issue with him both at school and home. I look at it always with positivity and know that he will adjust with the right tools and guidence from those that know and can help us all deal. Kids are great at adapting better than we are as adults, so he will be awesome with both the patch and the glasses! Your family are in my prayers!

  36. Patty says

    I had amblyopia as a child and was patched, had vision therapy and wore glasses for about 5 years. I had a pretty severe case but never needed surgery and by the time I got to high school didn’t need glasses anymore. I am 52 now so I’m sure the treatment has gotten much better. Good luck!! Praying for recovery for your little guy.

  37. Dannie says

    I’ve never had this or known anybody with this, but I have worn glasses since I was 6 so I can kinda understand how he feels. I did have some people pick on me for wearing glasses, but my mom’s support and encouragement helped me through it and now I’m completely fine with my glasses lol

    As for my savings, I didn’t do as well as I wanted to but I got what I needed and didn’t pay as much as I could have lol My total went from like $50 to around $30 after coupons and deals and stuff

    I’ll be praying for Jeb, I’m sure everything will be just fine! :)

  38. Lisa says

    My daughter was diagnosed with amblyopia after failing a lions eye screening. She wore glasses and was patched daily for a year or so. The dr who we saw at Vanderbilt said her vision is now 20/20 and it was 20/40 when we first started patching so her case was mild. My husband has amblyopia also although his was worse then hers and years ago they over patched kids and that can do more harm than good. I am glad you caught this early because the earlier the better outcome for him. If you have any issues with him wearing the glasses or patch let him draw a prize out of a prize box at the end of the week. I ended up having to do this for my daughter since patching her could be a struggle at times. She used to want to fall asleep every time we put it on and then it’s pointless so make sure he’s not sleepy when patched. Praying for good results!

  39. Nora says

    I have had a lazy left eye since 18 months old. Had eye surgery at age 3 and wore a patch for years. Unfortunately for me I still only use my right eye and have no depth perception.

  40. lily says

    I have this condition and have worn glasses since I was 2 years old! Had the patches, doc visits, etc. He will be just fine :) Glasses are cool and he can always wear contacts and in the future consider surgery.

  41. Kat says

    My daughter was diagnosed with amblyopia at her screening for kindergarten. We were lucky that her regular doctor caught that there was a problem and got us to a pediatric ophthalmologist ASAP. She was showing no obvious signs that anything was wrong. Her vision at the time was 20/20 in her right eye, and 20/200 in her left. The ophthalmologist explained it this way: your brain has to process two images (one from each eye) and blend them into one. If one of those images is crystal clear, and the other is blurry, the brain will pay attention to the good image and ignore the bad one, until the part of the brain that is receiving the bad image just shuts down because the rest of the brain is ignoring it, Just like if you were watching two TVs and only one had a good picture, you’d ignore the other one. So the problem wasn’t really that the vision in her left eye was horribly bad to begin with, but it was just bad enough that without correction her brain was ignoring the signal from that eye. Patching her good eye forced her brain to pay attention to that signal again, this time with the bad image corrected with glasses. It basically “woke up” that part of her brain again. She is now 18 and wears glasses with clear glass in the right lens and a corrective lens on the left. Or she wears one contact lens in her left eye only. You and I are lucky that this problem was caught when it was… by the time kids are 7 and older it is very hard to get that brain function back, and the next thing to go would have been muscle control on that side – a wandering eye and drooping eyelid. So, I know this is long, but my advice is this: CONSISTENCY! Once the novelty wears off he will think of 1,000 ways to avoid wearing his patch. We had some tough days, but when I thought of the consequences of NOT patching, it became easier to stand my ground and not debate it. A few tears and some resentment in the short-term were a small price to pay to save her vision.

  42. jane says

    my son was diagnosed at age 2 with the issue lazy eyes we patches for 3 years religiously and ended up having bilateral eye surgery at age 5 which saved his sight he is now 17 with great vision will always wear glasses and still has a ever soslight turn of the left eye. However we patched his eye 3 times a day and had to do the other eye as well and had him do things that required precision like coloring and light brights. I as well was diagnosed by age 5 and was patched for a few years. they talked surgery however i did not need it as my eye strengthened enough my eye dr thought i had the surgery done. However now in my 40s i can not see much with out contacts or glasses

  43. Sarah says

    I was patched a little kid and wear glasses now (mildly far-sighted in one eye and extremely near sighted in the other). I hated it at the time (self conscious), but my mom stuck with it and made sure I did my exercises, and it worked. I wear glasses, but the patch eliminated the lazy eye totally. Let him pick the glasses out out and it’ll help him wear them! Also, wearing the patch may give him headaches, but it’ll encourage him to wear his glasses. They take a few days to adjust to (the glasses, it’s like going from a little tv to hd, and his peripheral vision will need to adjust as well), but he’ll catch the hang it in no time. Just stick with it and be positive! Y’all have my prayers!

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