Sunday Coupon Preview For 1/5 – Up To Five Inserts (Including Publix Coupons)

publix-game-dayIt’s that time again…head over and check out the Sunday Coupon Preview for 1/5. This weekend we will rack up and get up to FIVE inserts:

Roberto and Katie let me know that some of us will find those Publix coupons from the Game Day Favorites booklet in the paper this weekend. So we should have no problem getting them...booklet, printable and now via insert.

Keep in mind, coupon inserts can vary from city to city. Head over and check out the list to see all the coupons that you might find…and be sure to leave a comment if you spot a good deal at Publix.


  1. Patty says

    Glad we are getting them this way since the store closest to me will no longer give out coupon booklets including advantage flyers :(

    • Lori says

      I would find someone to talk to about that! The flyers are FOR the customers to use… can they get away with NOT giving them out?

      Call another store and ask for an area manager and talk to them. That’s just not right.

    • Chris says

      They should be giving out ONE or TWO flyers per customer per day if they hold them in the back. If you can’t get any cooperation from management, go to the Publix facebook page and let them know.

  2. Patty says

    Yes I have done all that and the answer is always the same it’s at the discretion of the manager . He claims that a couple was coming in and taking all the coupons to sell on eBay so he refuses to put them out. So aggravating!! Luckily there is a Publix on every corner where we live but this one is the closest

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