Publix Digital Coupons – How They Work For Extra Savings

publix digital couponsI have had a bunch of questions recently about the Publix Digital Coupon page. I thought it might be nice to post a little refresher (or an intro for any of you guys who might be new to using the coupons).

It's actually a very simple way to save. All you have to do is create an account then log in and select the coupons you would like to use. The coupons are available immediately once you “clip” them. They make it easy to do while you are in the store as well. You can always view your coupons and any new available coupons online from your mobile browser.

To redeem your coupons, all you have to do is enter your registered phone number at checkout or tell the cashier your registered phone number. Your coupons are electronically matched against your purchases and automatically deducted from your bill.

Like other digital coupon programs, you can not use a paper coupon and a digital coupon together. According to the frequently asked questions on the site…

Should a paper coupon be accepted for an item, the digital coupon will not be accepted and will remain in your account for future use.

I have been loading all the coupons as I see them pop up. I have to admit that really only check the site about once per week and then load them all at once. I like having the coupons just in case. There have been a couple of times where I have forgotten about a coupon and had a nice little surprise on my receipt. Also, some of the expiration dates are pretty long so I have more time to wait for a sale.

Now, will they ever take the place of other coupons? No, absolutely not. You see, we are limited to clipping one digital coupon per item and that coupon only reduces the price of just one item. So while a $1 digital coupon for Kandoo is great, if there is a sale - I may want to pick up three bottles! I still have to depend on my paper and printable coupons to make my budget work.  Another issue is that the digital coupons don't double. If I have a paper coupon that will double, I definitely want to use that one instead of the similar digital coupon.

kandoo-coupon-publixOften the coupons that pop up on are repeated over on the Publix Digital coupon site. Again, the digital coupon gives me another opportunity to save. So that big Kandoo coupon can be clipped AND I can grab the same $1 Kandoo Personal Care coupon as a printable coupon. Since I can print the coupon twice, I now have the opportunity to save $1 on three bottles of Kandoo Bodywash...extra savings!

I have to admit that I like having that paper coupon...I can see the deduction on the screen as I check out. The digital coupons do show up on the receipt but I like seeing that deduction as the cashier scans the coupon. I had a few issues at first with digital coupons not coming off at the register but haven't had any issues in quite a while.

tyson-publixAnother big question I often get is  - "Are the digital coupons Publix coupons?" So far all the coupons I have seen are manufacturer's coupons. Once clipped you can see that under the "Program" tab the coupons are listed as a Manufacturer Digital Offer. That means you can still combine the digital coupon with a store coupon (Publix or competitor) to save even more. So that Tyson coupon that I have had loaded since November of last year can be combined with the $1/1 package of Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches or Bread Bowls Publix Coupon in the Game Day Savings booklet to save $2 off a box of sandwiches for the boys.

So what do you guys think of the Publix Digital coupons? How much do you think you save each month with them?


  1. Carolann says

    My main problem with these coupons is that I ALWAYS forget to give my Phone # at checkout! After I get home, I realize that I missed out on the coupon! Then it’s too late. I live more than 30 minutes away from the closest store, so going back right away isn’t an option. :-/

  2. Fred says

    The first time I tried to use the digital coupon was for a high-value Gevalia Coffee coupon. It did NOT come off at the register, so I had to stand in line at customer service and show them that one of my digital coupons worked and the other didn’t.
    I’m very skeptical of the whole idea and my first experience didn’t reassure me at all.

    • irene says

      Same here. It was for $1 Suave shampoo. Stood in line with the e-Q pulled up on my phone. CS looked, but said she needed manager’s approval to refund Q amount. Waited a while, then they tried returning it and re-ringing, but still didn’t come off. This whole process took about 15-20 minutes for a measly $1.

      Afterwards, I thought it may have been a glitch since I stacked with a paper PQ and the computer doesn’t stack?

      • Lori says

        If the paper coupon was a, then that would explain why the digital coupon was not deducted.

        “Should a paper coupon be accepted for an item, the digital coupon will not be accepted and will remain in your account for future use.”

        You can’t use 2 mf. coupons no matter what.

        I use the digital ones AFTER all my paper ones, and have not had a problem with the digital one’s not being deducted. I sort of ignore the digital ones in my budget unless it’s a part of a deal that I am doing. Otherwise they are the nice “surprise” deduction.

    • Jennifer says

      I had my 1st Publix experience last night, I had 6 digital coupons downloaded to my phone & was excited to see how it worked….well….I have been frustrated ever since I got back home last night to look on my paper & see that only THREE of the 6 deducted. I did not have a paper coupon & I bought exactly what was stated & they weren’t expired…not a good 1st experience. My hubby wants me to go back up there to the customer service for an explanation but I am so frustrated & it’s only 2.00 ughhhh

  3. Emily says

    One more thing I have learned— when there are multiple offers for the same coupon (the Gevalia comes to mind–I had 4 digital coupons for Gevalia clipped at one time), the computer will take off the smallest coupon amount first. I bought 2 Gevalia and it took off both the 1.50 coupons, and I had to go back and buy 2 more to get to my $3 off.

    • mari says

      I’ve wondered based on my experiences with the digital coupons if they might come off based on expiration date–the coupon that will expire first gets used first. (It seems like I’ve had multiple coupons clipped for the same item before, and at least once a larger value came off before the smaller.) I don’t use the digital coupons enough to be certain, but that is my current theory. :)

  4. ginger says

    I love the digital coupons. The only draw back is no doubling so only pick high value coupons or ones you can not clip and if the cashier manually enters the clipped coupon you digital will still pick up so chance of extra savings.

  5. says

    Really, the digital coupons should be used as a “backup”. They do not seem to work when you are using both paper and digital coupon (even if you have one for each BOGO item). So, in most cases, you are much better off with paper or printable coupons. However, they are nice to have around when you are trying to make a fast grocery list switch to optimize the competitor coupon usage or you run out of an item (heaven forbid).

  6. Amy says

    I had my doubts about the Publix digital q’s when they first came out (after all, my Kroger digital Q’s rarely came off!) and resisted loading any for quite awhile. I finally loaded two Listerine Q’s ($2/1) some months ago and even told the cashier about them at checkout, adding that “they probably won’t come off!” Sure enough…they didn’t. :( She was nice and manually took the $2 off each bottle though. I havn’t loaded any since, and probably won’t. :/ It’s just one more thing to keep track of and, frankly, I don’t need one more thing to keep track of! 😛 😀

  7. kimberly says

    I called and spoke with the gal at corp about the coupons sometimes not working she was nice walked me thru a few orders the last 8 months or so ….They keep it all on file and know exactly which coupons you used and how many and she could go back forever as long as i used a loyalty card or phone number at checkout……scary huh….BIG BROTHER watching everything we do……

  8. Martina says

    I love Publix digital coupons, many times I used paper mfr coupons for the items I bought and the digital coupon also come off, so I saved double :)

  9. Cindy E says

    I haven’t been too happy with Publix digital coupons. Sometimes they come off and sometimes they don’t. I also don’t like that I have to remember at the end when the cashier deducts my paper coupons to put in my phone number for the digital coupons to come off.

    • Carolann says

      No Tara, they don’t double. One more reason to stick with paper coupons first, then digital as a last resort. Most importantly. . . .Don’t forget to give your phone number at the checkout or your digital coupon will not be deducted.

  10. Kevin says

    i use digital coupons as an after thought load them all and just put my number in at the end and see if it takes if not o well.

  11. penny says

    I do well with the digital q’s, select the digital coupons for items you would normally buy and for items you “might” buy IF you see they are a good deal, shop. When time to check out stay in control of your checkout, scan all the groceries, before presenting paper coupons , as the cashier is getting to the end of your paper coupons tell you you have digital q’s and enter your phone number in the keypad( this can be done at any time while she is scanning the paper but I wait til she is down to the end just to make sure my higher value paper q’s come off first. the digital Q’s can take a minute or two to ‘process” wait for it to post on the monitor, I never really know what digi-Qs I have clipped and some of my shops turn up no additional savings or , like most recent shop an additional $5 savings presented, I was very happy. Always thank your cashier for being patient with your coupon process. KNOW your store policies and maintain control of your coupon checkout in a congenial spirit, with grace and good manners.

  12. D says

    I’ve had some not come off, but others have come off even when I have a paper coupon for the same item. When I got double the savings (when I shouldn’t have) I asked Customer Service about it & their response was “if it took it off, then you just get extra savings”.

    My main issue is that you can’t remove them once they’ve been clipped so in the case of a better deal ($1 off an item instead of 50c), I can’t pull the lower one off so the higher one is used.

  13. Christine says

    I bought tea because I had a digital coupon but I didn’t get credit for it. I also had paper coupons for a couple of other products, and the digital coupons for them were applied, the paper were not, but the cashier still kept my coupons. I won’t be using digital again. They don’t work.

  14. Angela - KW says

    I LOVE THEM!!!! According to the coupon site, I’ve saved $56 since I’ve been using them (about 6 mos) but I know it’s more than that because I’ve had digital coupons taken off my order that were duplicates of paper coupons I’ve used and then the digital coupon got returned to my account so I could use it again – this has only happened a few times because I have a tendency to shop at the end of the sale. The first time or two I used them, there were a few hiccups but I haven’t had any problems lately. In fact last week I used a BOGO coupon and wasn’t sure if it would work for the variety I was buying, but it did so I was pleased. I especially like it when I clip a coupon for something I rarely buy & get the surprise savings when it comes off.

  15. amy says

    I don’t know if its right or not but I have a solution to only being able to use one digital coupon. We all have more than one phone number with family members and can sign up those phone numbers to use more than one coupon. Just split up your transactions and use a different phone number for each one. That’s only if its a high value coupon or simply you just need more than one to get what you need. I’ve done this and it works.

  16. Stephanie says

    Not thrilled with the program. I think it would be far more useful if it had store coupons loaded on the site rather than Manufacturers. I few times now, I’ve gone to add some coupons and found my high value coupons from my previous shopping trip still sitting there..meaning they were never deducted. By then, it’s too much of a hassle to haul the kids back to the store to complain. My Advil one was the latest not to deduct. I only use it as a last resort.

  17. Ubiquitous says

    I have experimented with them but am not particularly impressed. It’d be a lot more useful if they automatically applied each time you bought an item, like BOGO items. I can’t recall if I tried to clip a single coupon multiple times and then checked to see if it applied a digital coupon to each item or not. I have to test what happens if I use a Publix coupon for the same item or if it knows to accept the higher value if I use a digital and a paper MFC.

  18. Charles King says

    I bought three items last night specifically because of the electronic coupons. The coupons totaled 6.00.. They did not come off my order. I’ll head back to the store today and see what remedy is offered.

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