New Upromise One Or Many Offers And eCoupons

Bagel Bites

We have some new Upromise One or Many offers and a couple new eCoupons available to load to your Publix Upromise card today. It looks like we will be able to get some nice deals on a number of items.

Remember to load these to your card quickly. Even though there may be a long expiration date on the offer or coupon...once a certain number of people load it, it will disappear. Be prepared for sales and Publix deals by grabbing these now.

New One or Many Offers:

New eCoupons:

Not sure how this program works? Check out my post that gives you the scoop on how this works at Publix.


  1. Stephanie says

    On a one or many offer, I know that a discounted price will obviously only add the discounted price towards the total. However do coupons count against your total on these products (I am guessing no, as they normally just say manufacturer’s coupon)? Do Publix coupons discount the total amount applied toward the promo as they are labeled?

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