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Enjoy the City Booklet Winn-Dixie-Coupons

The folks at Enjoy the City have another nice set of sale and bonus offers for us this week. With this sale, you can save 30% on all books, plus some great bonus deals, free shipping…and even an extra bonus! The Ultimate Savings or iEditions sold out with the last sale, so this sale is for the City books only….and you may want to grab them in case they sell out too!

Remember that most Enjoy the City books include (4) $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupons that many of you will be able to use as competitor coupons at Publix. Each book also includes tons of other money-saving coupons for restaurants, movie theaters, and more. Since the books don't expire until December 2014 or later, you have plenty of time to use your coupons if you order with this deal.

Here is a breakdown of the deals available with this sale -

"City" Book Bonus Offers - $14 per book with the 30% discount

  • Orders of 3 or more City Books will be doubled for free
  • Orders of 5 or more City Books will be tripled for free
  • Orders of 10 or more City Books will be quadrupled for free
  • Extra Bonus: Get 10 additional bonus books for every 10 books you order. That means you can get 50 books for the price of 10, 100 books for the price of 20, and so on.

Here is a breakdown of the cost for each deal -

Option 1:

  • Order as few as 3 books and get another 3 for free. Pay $42 for 6 books or $7 per book.

Option 2:

  • Triple Book Bonus Offer: Order 5 books and get another 10 for free. Pay $70 for 15 books or $4.67 per book.

Option 3:

  • Quadruple Book Bonus Offer: Order 10 books and get another 30 for free, PLUS get an additional 10 books for every 10 ordered…that means you get 50 books total! Pay $140 for 50 books or $2.80 per book.

Finally, once you're ready to place your order, just follow this step by step guide:

  1. Head over to to place your order.
  2. Click Buy A Fundraising Book.
  3. Select the City Book of your choice, then click "Add to Cart." (Remember to preview your books to see that they are the ones you want.)
  4. Use the code HEART to get your discount and bonus books…remember that the discount will appear on the next screen.
  5. Be aware that there are no refunds, adjustments, or returns on orders placed with a promo code!

As always, the Order Confirmation/Receipt you see from Enjoy the City will only reflect the number of books you order. Bonus books will not be reflected on the Order Confirmation/Receipt but will be fulfilled in the Enjoy the City internal redemption system. Allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  When the orders are shipped from Enjoy the City, you should receive an email from UPS to the email address you used when you placed the order.  (Be sure to check your inbox and spam folder for that email.) Enjoy the City Coupons must not be copied and that Enjoy the City coupon books purchased online must not be sold for fundraisers or on Ebay or other e-commerce including but not limited to Facebook or other social media sites. ORDER DETAILS APPLY: Click read more to see the details This bonus sale is effective 1/9/14 through 1/13/14 at midnight CST (order by 1/13/14 11:59 CST). Select markets (not all cities) are available. NO REFUNDS and NO RETURNS on books purchased with a promotional code. Allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. Free shipping in the Continental United States only. Markets/cities added to the basket will be received (special instructions and/or other requests do not apply). Offers are subject to change. Orders cannot be combined. In the event a market sells out, it may be reprinted or refunded depending on the market demand. *Note: the Order Confirmation/Receipt will only reflect the books ordered. Bonus books will not be reflected on the Order Confirmation/Receipt but will be fulfilled in the internal redemption system. ***Enjoy the City Coupons must not be copied. ***Enjoy the City coupon books purchased online may not be sold for fundraisers or on Ebay or other e-commerce. *** Enjoy the City is not responsible for re-shipment of undeliverable packages as a result of consumer errors made during an online transaction. ***Terms of Use at Enjoy the City applies.


  1. Kathi says

    I canNOT recommend this deal. I paid for 5 books December 10th from Enjoy the City. Receipt said they would arrive in 10-15 days. I have not been able to get my books, a refund, or even a response (e-mail or phone) after trying every day for 10 business days. NOT WORTH THE HASSLE!

    • lenkaj1111 says

      Sorry to hear that you are having such problems. Personally, I have ordered very large (office pool) orders from them 5 or 6 times, and have never had any problems.

  2. Jenny says

    Does anyone knows if the iedition is sold out? I have been trying to purchse it for a few days but it redirects me back to the city editions. THanks

  3. daisy says

    Is there a max to the amount of book to order? For example: i would like to order 50 tampa edition and 50 lakeland edition. does this mean i will get 90 tampa and 90 lakeland for $1,000

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