Kellogg’s Family Rewards – New Points & Newsletter Coupons That Print!

Judy emailed to share some excitement that the Kellogg's Family Rewards folks are partnering with This is great news for everyone (like me) who wasn't able to print the RedPlum coupons.

I got the same email yesterday that included two great Special K coupons that I could now actually print--woo hoo! So if you haven't been able to print your coupons - you can now! Remember the coupons in the email newsletters are high value coupons that are user if you want access to them, you have to sign up. Click the banner to get started.

Remember you can also earn a $10 Publix gift card when you enter 10 Special K codes. See the details in my post HERE.

Don't forget to save your boxes and enter the codes so you can grab your points. Those points can be redeemed for great things like super high value coupons. I always just toss mine into a plastic baggy in my drawer and then wait for double points day to roll around 😉

Also, I have a new code for you...enter the code EARNSWEETREWARDS to get 50 more points added to your account. Just click the banner above to get started.

Here is a list of points you can try to see if any are new to you -



  1. Meagan says

    Thank you for this post! I had been meaning to sign up and with the help of this post I already have 280 points with just these codes!

  2. Annette says

    Actually I’m disapointed that they have switched to I can’t print from I have tried everything. Icon comes up saying coupon has been sent to your printer and nothing ever prints. I have no problem printing with Red Plum. With the double points last weekend My rewards points are up to 11,050. Now I won’t be able to print those high value $1.50 coupons that I have earned.

    • Judy says

      Red Plum doesn’t ever print for me, except at is real excitement for me!

      When I can’t print Qs (even at, I turn off the printer (using the on/off button), wait a few seconds (10?), and turn it back on. They, often, start printing.

      If that doesn’t work, I “reset” the cables on the back of the printer. I unplug the the cables (1 or 2, depending on the printer), wait a few seconds (10?), and plug them back in. I wait — and they usually print. (I have to wait long enough to be sure the Qs have downloaded completely AND for the computer/printer to recognize the new (reset) connection.)

      Sometimes, I reset the cables, or turn it off/on, twice before they Qs print. Don’t be over zealous in repeating these measures, be patient.

      Test these methods on Qs you don’t care if you lose, won’t use. Then, print the ones you want. (Chances are, you won’t have to repeat these measures to get them to print.)

      Hope this helps — and works for you. :)

      • Peggy says

        Thanks for your suggestions. One way I can print Redplum coupons is to click on the icon to the left of the internet address that looks like a battery (forgive me – I don’t know the correct terminology to use) and click on “continue allowing.” I sometimes have to do that several times and when I hit it at just the right time, it prints the coupons. It sometimes involves a lot of time, but it’s worth it to me.

  3. Samantha says

    Hey everyone, I signed up for and they have some really great coupons on there. High value on kelloggs and Betty Crocker…

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