Healthy Savings Publix Coupons Available To Print

Healthy Savings

I thought I would give you guys a heads up that the “Healthy Savings” booklet Publix coupons are also available as printable coupons over on

Just pull up the weekly ad then look to the right under the additional ads to print the following coupons which are valid from 1/16 to 2/15:


  1. April says

    when I click on the coupon I want it just takes me to the publix website. I cannot find the coupon on the site. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

  2. Karen B says

    I need a little more info please, I went to additional ads & clicked on the blue ad & found no cps to print & went under the ad to the savings ad up here & found no cps to print???????????

    • DontMisUseQs says

      It’s not the blue ad, it’s the ad with the Woman eating fruit salad on it that says “Healthy Savings”. Hit next to go to the next page, click on a coupon and up pops a box. Click the green PRINT COUPON tab, and your printer box should pop up. Click OK to print.

    • TT says

      in the “additional ads” column, click the picture shown in this post. not the blue one, maybe under the blue one

  3. ocar says

    Is this like Publix Digital Coupons? Can someone explain how to use it? I print out it just like a list of coupons description.

  4. meg says

    Publix Digital Coupons are manufacturers coupons. These are Publix coupons. Click the individual coupons (in the weekly ad book that has a woman eating fruit salad on the front) and in the pop up box it will have a button that says Print Coupon. Click that. It prints like a PDF coupon, and you can change the amt to print out as many as you need. Hth.

  5. Maureen says

    Is there anyway the digital coupons can be printed off? There are some good coupons there but I do not seem to able to find anywhere that they can be printed. I’m old school …I like the paper coupons

  6. says

    The Publix Q for the Vitalicious coupon makes free pizza with the 50% off of 3.99 sale and the 1 dollar blinkie. Six year old Big Sis gets a free personal pan Pizza Hut coupon from school for reading so many books a month and now I have a “personal” pizza as incentive for my 5 year old. I love coupons and all you do for us, Michelle.

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