Great New Coupons Including Mahatma For FREE Rice At Publix

rie-publix-mahatmaWe have some awesome new RedPlum coupons available this morning. I am so excited to see that Mahatma coupon back. For those of us who can double, it means FREE rice right now at Publix.

Mahatma Rice, $1  +
-$0.50/1 Mahatma® White, Brown, Jasmine, or Basmati Rice 
As low as FREE if your store doubles!

Many of these coupons should mean some really good deals so grab them while you can. The good RedPlum coupons don't tend to hang around like others do.  I bet that McCormick coupon will make for a great deal too. I will look around after I print and post any other deals.

Off to fire up my old PC...I really wish they'd fix their printing and use something besides java!






    • Judy says

      I don’t know about large FL cities, but, often, if stores have a lot of competition, they double (and, sometimes, triple) Qs to get people in their stores. Of course, when one starts doing it, others follow to keep up with competetion. Most FL towns and small cities don’t have so much competition that businesses feel they need to double.

      Also — and this comes from many years of working in retail, in FL — the attitude, amongst business people, is that if people live in FL — AKA “the sunshine state” — they will pay the price (pay more to live here), like it or not.

      There are a couple stores that double i FL… a small handful…

      Some of my family members — in NY State and Pennsylvania — get double up to 99-cents! UGHHHH!!! I wish!!!… :(

  1. says

    I have problem printing smartsource and redplum on THREE computers. And my java is the current version they want.

    So I downloaded Opra web browser and guess what? no problemo printing up redplum and smartsource !

  2. AlabamaCouponGuy says

    Note: I just took advantage if this coupon and it is the Mahatma Valenciana rice that was on sale and not the regular rice (it all tastes the same to me anyways). But anyways the coupons work and I got me some free rice and some free mustard.
    Thanks for the work you do Michelle and I hope your son is doing better, many prayers being sent your way

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