Awesome Coupon – $2 Off Publix Meat or Seafood With Florida Grapefruit Purchase + Free Grapefruit Spoons!

grapefruitI wanted to let you guys know about a fantastic new coupon. It comes at a perfect time for me as I just finished off a bag of grapefruit. I will happily grab more with the new big $2 coupon -

While I make sure my boys eat tons of fruit, I don't eat as much fruit as I should. Seriously, I used to go weeks just popping in a grape of two when I packed lunches. One of my resolutions this year was to increase my fruit intake. I am trying to eat at least one fruit each day. My fruit of choice is grapefruit. The sweet and sour taste just can't be beat. Plus just one-half of a medium Florida grapefruit or 8-ounces of 100% grapefruit juice are excellent sources of Vitamin C. They are naturally fat and cholesterol free and contains no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. That's a perfect little food if you ask me.

I usually do my grapefruit in the morning. It's such a quick and easy breakfast option. I usually do a plain grapefruit but every once in a while I get a hankering for a broiled grapefruit. Oh my if you have never tried a broiled grapefruit you should give it a try. A sprinkle of brown sugar on a grapefruit half plus a few minutes under the broiler and you have an incredible treat.

Don't be scared to use grapefruit beyond the breakfast table...Florida Grapefruit can be so much more. Visit the Florida Grapefruit Facebook page and find lots of great recipes that your family will love.

While you on the Facebook page, be sure and download your form to score 2 FREE grapefruit spoons when you buy a 3lb bag of fresh Florida Grapefruit or a 54 oz. or larger 100% Florida Grapefruit Juice. Pair the offer with the coupon and you have an incredible deal.

This post is brought to you by the Florida Department of Citrus.


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      The coupon is listed and linked above and does indeed say 5lb requirement

      The last paragraph is talking about the FREE grapefruit spoons…you only need to buy a 3+ lb bag to qualify for your freebies.

      Two different offers…coupon and MIR – they have different size minimums :-)

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