Make One List Promotion Is Back – Free Rotisserie Chicken (+ One Reader Wins $100 Publix Gift Card)

p-g-make-one-listDid you guys noticed the new P&G Promotion in the sneak peek I shared on Monday? One of my favorite deals is back – the “Make One List. Make One Trip" promotion means that we get a FREE rotisserie chicken when we buy 3 participating P&G products.

How handy is it that we can pick up all the necessities and get dinner to boot?

There is so much required to keep a home running smoothly. Think about all the groceries, paper products, health & beauty items, and various other items we use each week. Planning ahead and shopping the sales are both critical to saving money. Having a shopping list is the perfect way to plan ahead. Add in some coupons and you can really start cutting that budget down tremendously.

Thanks to the “Make One List. Make One Trip” promotion, I can get all the things I need in one stop at Publix plus a little help putting together a delicious dinner in a flash! From 12/12 – 12/18 (12/17 in some areas) when you buy three participating products (that are already on sale) you will get a FREE Rotisserie Chicken (up to $7.99 value).

You can choose any of the delicious flavors of rotisserie chicken from the Publix deli. Just grab three participating P&G items and the price of the chicken will automatically come off of your bill at checkout. There are 10 participating items to choose from, so you can mix and match based on the brands you and your family love.

Check out the participating items and matching coupons:

1. Pampers Diapers, 18 to 37 ct, $8.99 
-$2/1 Pampers Easy Ups Trainers 
-$1.50/1 Pampers Cruisers Diapers 
-$1.50/1 Pampers Baby Dry Diapers 
-$1.50/1 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers 
-$1/1 Pampers Swaddlers or Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers (excludes trial/travel size) Publix Digital Coupon
-$1/1 Pampers Cruisers or Extra Protection or Baby Dry Diapers (excludes trial/travel size) Publix Digital Coupon
-$2/1 Pampers diapers or pants AND Dreft detergent 11/24/2013 RP Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
-$1.50/1 Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, excludes trial/travel size 
-$1.50/1 Pampers Easy Ups Trainers, excludes trial/travel size 
-$1.50/1 Pampers Extra Protection Diapers, excludes trial/travel size 
-$1.50/1 Pampers Diapers
As low as $6.99.

2. Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampons, 32 to 36 ct, $6.99 *eligible for the $15 wyb $50 P&G Rebate*
-$1.50/2 Tampax Pearl, Active, Radiant Tampons 
-$0.50/1 Tampax Pearl, Active or Radiant™ Tampon 
-$1/2 Tampax Peal or Radiant Tampons or Pearl Liners (16 ct+) Publix Coupon Stack Up the Savings Booklet
-$2.50/2 Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampons or Pearl Liners (16ct or higher) (excludes trial/travel size)
-$2.50/2 Tampax Pearl or Radiant tampons or Pearl Liners, 16 ct+ 12/01/2013 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
As low as $5.24 per box.

3. Crest 3D White Toothpaste or Whitening Rinse, 2 pk, 5.8 oz or 32 oz, $6.49
-$0.75/1 Crest toothpaste 
-$1/1 Crest Pro-Health or 3D Whitening Rinse 
-$0.75/1 Crest toothpaste Pro-Health or 3D White or Complete, Excludes trial/travel size, TARGET COUPON
As low as $4.74.

4. Always Infinity or Radiant Pads, 28 to 46 ct, $6.99  *eligible for the $15 wyb $50 P&G Rebate*
-$0.50/1 Always Pad 12ct or higher 
-$1/2 Always Radiant Pads or Infinity Pads Product Publix Coupon Stack Up the Savings Booklet
-$2.50/2 Always Radiant Pad or Infinity Pad Products (excludes trial/travel size) Publix Digital Coupon
-$2.50/2 Always Radiant Pads or Infinity Pads 12/01/2013 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
-$1/2 Always products
As low as $5.24 per box.

5. Gillette Disposable Razors, 4 to 12 ct, $6.49 
-$3/1 Gillette Female Disposable Razor, Any (Excludes Trial/Travel Size; Limit Of 4 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day) – 12-08-13 RP Insert (exp 1/31/2014)
-$3/1 Gillette Male Disposable Razor, Any (Excludes Trial/Travel Size; Limit Of 4 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day) – 12-08-13 RP Insert (exp 1/31/2014)
$3.49 after coupon.

6. Charmin Bathroom Tissue, 6 to 12 rolls, $6.99 
-$0.25/1 Charmin Ultra Soft 4ct or Larger 
-$0.25/1 Charmin Ultra Strong 4ct or Larger 
-$1/1 Charmin Bath Tissue Publix Coupon Stack Up the Savings Booklet
-$0.25/1 Charmin 12/01/2013 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
-$1/1 Charmin Bath Tissue, Any 9-Pack Or Larger (Target Coupon) – 12-01-13 Target Get Holiday Ready booklet (exp 12/31/2013)
-$0.25/1 Charmin
As low as $5.49.

7. Downy Fabric Softener or Unstopables, 13.2 to 77 oz, $5.99  
-$0.50/1 Downy Liquid or Sheets 
-$0.50/1 Downy (excludes trial/travel size) Publix Digital Coupon
-$1/1 ONE Downy Unstopables 
-$0.75/1 Downy laundry item 13.2 oz+, Unstopables or Fabric Enhancer 62 oz+, TARGET Coupon
-$0.50/1 Tide, Downy, Bounce, or Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, excludes PODS 12/01/2013 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
-$3/2 Tide detergent, Downy or Tide Washing Machine cleaner, excludes PODS 12/01/2013 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
-$2/2 Bounce, Downy Or Tide Laundry Item, Any (Excludes Trial Size; Target Coupon) – 12-01-13 Target Get Holiday Ready (exp 12/31/2013)
-$1/1 Downy Unstopables
-$0.50/1 Downy Product
As low as $3.99.

8. Tide Laundry Detergent, 50 oz, $5.99  
-$0.50/1 Tide laundry detergent 
-$1.50/2 Tide Detergents or Tide Boost 
-$0.40/1 Tide Detergent 
-$1/1 Tide Detergent (excludes Trial/Travel) Publix Coupon Stack Up the Savings Booklet
-$0.50/1 Tide, Downy, Bounce, or Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, excludes PODS 12/01/2013 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
-$3/2 Tide detergent, Downy or Tide Washing Machine cleaner, excludes PODS 12/01/2013 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
-$2/1 Tide detergent, excludes PODS 12/01/2013 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
-$2/1 Tide Detergent (excludes Tide PODS and trial/travel size) Publix Digital Coupon
-$1.50/2 Tide Products
-$0.40/1 Tide Products
As low as $4.49.

9. Cascade Complete Dishwasher Detergent, 75 oz or 26 to 32 ct, $5.99
-$0.45/1 Cascade product 
-$0.50/1 Cascade Publix Coupon Stack Up the Savings Booklet
-$0.50/1 Cascade (excludes trial/travel size) Publix Digital Coupon
-$0.50/1 Cascade 12/01/2013 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
-$0.75/1 Cascade Or Dawn Dish Care Item, Any (Excludes Trial Size; Target Coupon) – 12-01-13 Target Get Holiday Ready (exp 12/31/2013)
As low as $4.24.

10. Bounty Paper Towels, 6 rolls, $6.99 
-$1/1 Bounty DuraTowel 6ct Pack or larger (if included)
-$0.50/1 6-pk. or larger Bounty paper towels Target Coupon
-$0.25/1 Bounty Towels and Napkins 
-$1/1 Bounty Towels 6 Roll + or Napkins 160 ct+ Publix Coupon Stack Up the Savings Booklet
-$0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins (excludes trial/travel size) Publix Digital Coupon
-$0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins 12/01/2013 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2013)
As low as $4.99.

In addition to the deals, the folks at P&G are giving a $100 Publix gift card to one I Heart Publix reader

Entry is simple! You just need to complete the task below. As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.  I will choose the four winners on Wednesday 12/17 at 11 pm.


  • Leave a comment letting me know - what will you do with the time you save by getting  everything you need at one store?

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by P&G. All comments and opinions are my own.


  1. Kim says

    The time I save will allow me to get started on my holiday wrapping. It’s so nice to have a chicken ready to go for a quick dinner.

  2. says

    I am always most needed at home. When going the grocery store, it is a great thing to make only one trip. Then I am available at home for those who need my presence most!

  3. says

    I have about 20 new books on my Kindle Paperwhite that I have not had a chance to read yet. The time I can save by just stopping at one store instead of running around town will definitely be spent catching up on my reading.

  4. Jaime says

    My extra time will be spent with my family! This time of year it is so easy to lose site of what is most important, so it will be nice to have the extra time!

  5. Michelle says

    I will finish my Christmas shopping! I love that I can get all my shopping done at Publix, have a pleasant shopping experience AND save money!

  6. Hannah F says

    Let’s see here. 20 weeks today with baby number 1!!! Things have been super crazy!! I really need to get Christmas shopping done!! Yikes!! I need diapers, laundry detergent, and dishwasher detergent. And free supper? Yes!! Please! I need help! I love you P&G!!!

  7. Kathi Spence says

    With the time I save – I will be able to finish wrapping the gifts I have not wrapped and bake a couple batches of cookies. Thanks for the chance!

  8. laura says

    This time of year is very busy for me do to the fact that I work for ups so I’m always looking for a quick dinner. FYI publix has updated the computers in south florida so that the chicken comes of when they ring it up not like in sales from the past where it came of after they hit total.

  9. Bridgette says

    I will use the extra time to file all my coupons. I never get a chance to sit down, sort and file them. I carry around a gigantic totebag with binders (with some coupons neatly filed), but also ziploc baggies (thank you Publix for having those on sale this week BTW)full of coupons that I was able to clip but have yet to file. I need time to stop so I can sit down and organize myself. I had one mishap in the middle of Publix where my totebag tipped over on the bottom of my cart and one binder slipped out. Wouldn’t have been bad if it hadn’t slipped out upside down so that when I picked it up…all my coupons dumped out on the middle of the floor. So in the ziploc baggie they went….. :)

  10. Vickie says

    Bake another batch of cookies…make some homemade hot chocolate and then watch a family Christmas movie or Hallmark movie. Then, close myself up in the bathroom for a hot bubble bath and some alone time..I need that most hehe.

  11. Gabrielle MccRay says

    The time I save getting everything at one place will allow me to spend more time with my family.

  12. Holly says

    I will make ice cream cone ornaments (made with cones, soap flakes & foam balls) with my daughters with my extra time!

  13. says

    I will pick up this free chicken and bring it to my widowed neighbor(lost her husband last year due to a heart attack. She is home and is newly retired. It will make her day!

  14. Leigh says

    The time I save will be used catching up on cutting out coupons for future savings! Thanks for the great opportunity!

  15. Brooke says

    More time to spend baking Christmas cookies with my boys and depositing plates of them on neighbors doorsteps! Secret elf missions :)

  16. Cassie says

    The time will allow me to spend time with my boyfriend and kitties, don’t have to worry about cooking and the clean up time!

  17. Penny Thomason says

    I almost can’t express in words how thankful I am for you and your site!!!

    LONG story short, after five years of living with a guy (totally platonic, monetary situation) I came home on a Monday and found this person I tusted with all I did have, had up and literally abandoned me…stole everythng I had…(YES, including my BEAUTIFUL stock pile of my couponig hoard I had amassed over time) and simply vanished. Quit the ‘job’ he had and just left. He actually left his dog as well (CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT??? It’s bad enough he felt the need to do to me what he did…but to leave his fur-baby??? Now THAT’S UNFORGIVABLE!!!) and I’ve since (thank goodness!!!) found her an awesome, loving home.

    However, myself…not so lucky…until very recently that is.

    I’ve been a human ‘vagabond’ for the last four months, staying at family members while I could (all live WAY too far from my job…that I am so incredibly thankful to have) and even out of my car. NOTHING about my life has been ‘normal’ for months. The only thing I could still do that made me feel even the slightest bit ‘normal’ (I really do not like that word…it doesn’t even apply to temperatures anymore! lol) and kept me going was my couponing!!! :) Until I met a gentleman (and I do NOT use that word lightly) that I have been dating for some of this ‘vagabond time’ of my life. He found me a place to stay for VERY cheap (he rents a room, so even if I did believe and wanted to move in with him, it’s against his lease agreement) and though it’s NOTHING like what I used to live in or had, I am more grateful for this place and what I have now than I have ever been in my life.

    I will use this extra time and money I save to continue to clean my new place up and make my new guy the most AWESOME Christmas dinner he’s ever had!!! As we all know, the fastest way to a man’s heart IS his stomache!!! 😉

    Be grateful and blessed all, your world can literally be turned upside down in an instant :)

  18. Cheryl says

    I will spend my “saved” time with my grandchildren. Everyone’s schedules are so busy it is often days before I can see them.

  19. Mary says

    With all the time I save, I intend to make good of my promise to my 4 year old daughter and spend the whole day making Christmas cookies and candies for Grandma and Grandpa.

  20. Kristian W says

    With the extra time I’ll save, I’ll be able to keep my exercise regimen. I love running after work. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  21. Karen says

    I work full time and I try to make the most of what little time I have left in the day. I would spend it with my 3 little girls of course!!

  22. Faith says

    I plan on using all that extra time to bake Christmas cookies with my kiddos! Cookies, cocoa, and cartoons sounds like a plan to me!

  23. renea says

    I will be able to thoroughly enjoy my daughter’s chorus concert tonight without having to worry about rushing to make dinner as our free chicken will be our dinner with a couple sides and laundry detergent to boot! :)

  24. Melinda says

    With all the extra time I will be able to spend more time with my children and prepare for the Holidays and my sons 3rd birthday which is 5 days after Christmas!!

  25. AM says

    I would spend more time with my four kids and would appreciate not having to run around from store to store trying to get the most for my dollar. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  26. Kathy says

    Ahhh so much to do so little time :)
    I will definitely be spending plenty time baking cookies for my little ones class …40 kids plus 2 teachers Yikessssss!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a happy holiday :)

  27. Kayla S. says

    I get to go home for the holidays! I would use the extra time to pack and get the kiddos ready for the trip!

  28. jo says

    My extra time would be used taking walks around the neighborhood, checking out everyone’s holiday decorations and just seeing and visiting with neighbors.

  29. Stelga says

    I snag the extra time to start Christmas Wrapping – no not the song, but the presents :) because I always wait till the last minute. I always wish someone like the Rowan Atkinson character from Love Actually would offer to giftwrap for me.

  30. says

    spending more time with all my kids is a plus, we are a very busy household. I have 5 kids, and I am teaching the older ones to coupon!

  31. carmen says

    i will use the extra time to spend time with my kids making memories!! baking cookies and watching christmas movies! thanks for the chance to WIN!!

  32. Devan says

    With the time I save being able to purchase everything at one store. I will spend with my family enjoying the holidays!

  33. says

    I’m planning on getting that deal, which is wonderful and couldn’t have come at a better time! I have to work, so at least I know my husband will have something to eat, and with company coming, I’ll have lots of laundry detergent and paper towels. Thank you so much for doing this again.

  34. Tonya says

    I already do 99% of my shopping at Publix. I used to run all over getting the best drugstore deals and hitting the clearance racks with my coupons in hand, but then nursing school happened and I had zero free time. Publix became my store of choice and has continued to be!

  35. Heather says

    I will spend my extra free time with my 2 yr old and 8 month old! They would love some extra mommy playtime! Also some holiday baking of course. My little helper and I are going to make some goodies for the rest of the family. :)

  36. LT says

    Celebrating final exams and Christmas break with my 5 beautiful kids, before finally starting the Christmas decorations and baking!!!

  37. Julie M. says

    I will sit down (GASP!) and watch Christmas movies in front of our tree — one of my VERY favorite things to do during the holidays.

  38. Christina says

    The time will be spent making Christmas cookies, wrapping gifts and watching Home Alone and Christmas Vacation :)

  39. couponj says

    TAKE A DEEP BREATHE and then keep moving on to the next thing! Who has time to shop anywhere else but Publix anyway? Oh and why would you??? 😉

  40. LindaB says

    I usually shop only once a week at Publix. I like being able to buy almost everything I need in one trip and at one store, pick up prescriptions, buy postage stamps, buy a newspaper and pick up something from the Deli or Bakery as well as my regular grocery items. I spend the extra time I save from going to one store doing things I like such as reading, or this week I will be baking for the holidays some cookies and quick breads. Thank you for the chance to win this gift card. : )

  41. Alicia H says

    Be glad I don’t have to go to more stores and deal with more crazy people who turn even more psycho this time of year 😉

  42. Priscilla says

    This is such a great promotion! I love having a “meal” ready to pick up with other needed items. My Dad was just admitted to rehab in another city and this will help me to have more time with him and not worry about making dinner. Thanks P&G and Publix!

  43. says

    As most comments say it gives them time with the family,
    my children are grown and I work two jobs, so I have very little down time as it is, so shopping at one store instead of bouncing around from sale to sale, just plain saves me time that I don’t have between jobs and sleeping! I budget my time for couponing and then off to Publix for all the great savings! Thanks Michelle!!!! and Publix!!!

  44. Julia says

    I will spend the extra time packing for our holiday adventures! Trying to prepare my 4-year old and 7-month old requires me to use lists all the time, so I definitely appreciate this promotion!

  45. says

    I will use my extra time going thru my food pantry gathering some food for the needy. I gave my free chicken this morning from Publix to my neighbors who are an enderly couple. They thought Christmas had come early!!

  46. lisa says

    I will be greedy and take some “me” time. I will lay on the couch one afternoon and watch tv with some chips in one hand and tea in the other.

  47. christy says

    I don’t find that there is one store to shop at that truly saves me time. I have been really aggravated with Publix and their waffling policies of going to a uniform coupon policy and now that is out the window again and each manager at each store can make its own rules again. It has truly wasted so much of my time the last three weeks.

  48. Liz says

    As a single mother of three children who works full time and cooks dinner every night…this fantastic deal will allow me some time to breathe, enjoy dinner without the mess, and spend some quallity time with my kids!
    Family dinner time, to me, is the most important time together. Talking about the kids’ day in school, upcoming projects, things going on in the world, and just enjoying each others’ company is the highlight of my day.

  49. Sharon says

    Since I saved more time with a one-stop shop at Publix where I could stock up my pantry for the holidays; buy my Christmas cards and pick up dinner at the their deli I used my extra $$$ saved from my trip to treat myself to a nice pedicure at the nail spa!!!! Nov my feet feel ready to go for my cookie baking marathon :)

  50. says

    I will spend my free time with my husband, 11 month old son, my doberman and my cats. I thoroughly love to be able to get all my shopping done at one store.

  51. Rebekah says

    With the time I save I will spend more time with my son wrapping gifts and just enjoying the season!

  52. beth says

    With my extra time I will be on the couch with my husband (glass of wine) eating Publix chicken picnic style and watching ELf with our kids! The tree will be lit and the lights off. Perfect evening!

  53. says

    With my extra time, I will bake a batch of christmas cookies that I just don’t seem to have time for NOW! :) Thank you!

  54. angie says

    Relax and enjoy cuddle time with my daughter and chill as I am 8months pregnant, anytime I can get off my feet is a plus :)

  55. Kim says

    Kick up my feet and actually enjoy some TV that I want to watch besides sponge bob and disney channel!

  56. Cindy says

    I will bake more goodies while watching Hulu! Gotta multitask to get in your entertainment time during the holidays :-)

  57. Debra says

    I will use my “extra” time to reorganize my pantry and refrigerators. The sales have been so awesome that my cup runneth over. Once I’m straightened up, I can give all the overflow to my family, friends, neighbors and the church.

  58. Robyn says

    Sleep, lol. Love this! Do you know if we need three different p&g products or will three of the same p&g product work? Thanks!

  59. Laura says

    I did a bottle of tide, Downey and cascade. Volunteered at my daughters school all day so it was dinner tonight!

  60. Raquel says

    The most important thing to me is to spend time with family during the Holidays..I would spend my extra time making a Ginger Bread House with my 7 year old Niece that I adopted, while drinking her favorite Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and candy cane sprinkles on top. Happy Holidays Everyone.

  61. Susan W says

    I would spend the time taking care of my rescue dog and cats, and maybe get a chance to relax and sit down and eat a nice, leisurely, balanced meal.

  62. Angela says

    More time to spend with my 1 year old Carlie:) I use iheartpublix every week, today I spent $39 and saved $123! So thank you so much bc u save me time already by getting all the deals and telling me where the coupons are;)

  63. stephanie says

    I am looking forward to getting the toilet paper deal for my free chicken. My extra time would be to sit back with my kids and watch the holiday specials.

  64. kate says

    I would bake some Christmas cookies with my 2 boys. They love to help me bake and make mess in the kitchen.

  65. Lori Beck says

    I will spend my extra time taking my 9 year old Christmas shopping for his dad and grandparents.

  66. Stephanie says

    I will spend my extra time with my family. I love shopping for all of my personal needs and groceries at the same time and at the same store! I love Publix and LOVE P&G special offers :)

  67. Kessa says

    I will use that time to make awesome side dishes to go with the chicken! I love “Green Rice,” it’s a Savannah recipe and would be SO good with that Rotisserie!

  68. Kim says

    Cooking for a breakfast with Santa Saturday morning so I won’t have to worry with dinner on Friday night beforehand. :)

  69. Donna Holman says

    That’s easy! I’ll sleep! Just can’t seem to get enough sleep! The older I get, the less I sleep.

  70. Kristin says

    There are never enough hours in the day, especially this time of year. I will spend the extra time with my little boy and husband enjoying one of the many Christmas Events taking place this weekend.

  71. Stacey says

    I would spend the extra time making some family tradition goodies (Granny’s sprinkle cookes, oreo biscotti, muffins, and lots of chocolate goodies) to share with friends and family.

  72. Vikki Walker says

    The time I save by shopping at one store allows me more time with family and friends and more time to work on holiday crafts. Thanks for all you do!!!

  73. Kathy B. says

    The extra time will allow me to get to the kids sporting events and also continue to do volunteer work at their school. Love to shop Publix and I am truly grateful for finding this site. Thank you!

  74. Caitlin Parrow says

    Wow the possibilities are endless !! But to start it will mean extra time with my 5 wonderful children, one awesome husband and last but not least my 2 fury friends!! Whats not to love about that! : )

  75. Tiana says

    I will spend my extra time cutting the expired extra coupons that I have amassed from coworkers to send over to Coups for Troops. I’m sure that the military family I have been paired with can use the extra savings this holiday season, because they are shopping for small children.

  76. Paula Prewett says

    I look forward to spending time with family and friends during this Christmas Season. Saving time going to the grocery store will be much less stressful.

  77. Nancy Pitu says

    I would use that time to watch a movie with my little ones without having to worry about dinner, just relax, watch tv for a few minutes then play and be a kid with them :)

  78. Cindy Gilliam says

    I will spend the extra time making treats for the special people in my life & playing fetch with my dog Patches.

  79. Marie says

    I will spend my extra time decorating for Christmas and watching fun holiday movies with my kids and husband. I will also have a big frosty mug of egg nog in hand that I bought with the money I saved at Publix!

  80. says

    More time with my Autistic Son…I love going to Publix and doing it all in one shopping trip. I am with out a car right now so doing it all at once REALLY helps

  81. Bridget says

    What will I do with all the time I save…… let’s see…. I will spend the time with my family who arrived today from overseas to spend the holidays with me.

  82. Rachel s. says

    This will allow me to spend less time shopping and more time playing and enjoying my children! A few less stores I have to take them too.

  83. Susie says

    I would spend all my extra time with my brand new grandson – Born Monday 12-9-2013. What a joy!!!!!

  84. Sheila says

    My extra time would be put to good use on the iheart publix web site. Finding more deals printing more coupons and reading about everyone’s great deals that they found.

  85. Gene says

    By getting everything in one trip and one store
    I’m able to spend more time with my family and of course
    I heart!

  86. Beth says

    1 stop shopping at Publix means more time with Family we can finsih wrapping presents and volunteer are time at the shelter.

  87. Megan Lozier says

    I’ll have more time to spend with my family and the less annoyed my babies will be for dragging them from store to store for deals 😉

  88. Candy says

    Spending more time trying to find employment.
    Michelle, I am thankful for your website and all you do to help all of us.

  89. Kathy S says

    I would curl up on the couch with my 11yr old and watch Christmas movies. She is just discovering the movies I watched as a kid. I want to enjoy her company before I’m not cool to hang out with anymore. 😉

  90. Crystal Allen says

    I will use my time to finish my Christmas shopping, got to keep searching for all those last minute deals on the net.

  91. Stephanie says

    Maybe finally get to read and look through some of my magazines. I’m behind on all of my subscriptions. :)

  92. Allison E. says

    With the extra time I save by only going to one store, I am able to get the house clean before the kids get home, giving me more time with them.

  93. Faye says

    I would use that time to wrap a few presents, so I have less to do in the next two weeks as things start to get more frantic.

  94. kelly says

    My extra time would be enjoyed by trying to watch Polar Express for the 1st time with my 2 year old grand daughter !!

  95. Patty Bullion says

    I LOVE Publix and love getting everything in one place. Gives me more time to spend with my children!!

  96. Alicia says

    I always look forward to saving any extra time when I can. I am extremely grateful for this site as well as the convenience of picking up most if not all of my house hold items along with my weekly groceries, With the time I save I try to find something that will benefit my entire family.. Like looking up new recipes that I believe the whole family will enjoy, At this time of year I’ve been going threw closets trying to find gently used clothes to donate, this helps my family clear out room for new x-mas stuff and helping the community as well. I owe “Iheartpublix” a lot of gratitude for more time saved than I could even imagine! No Matter who wins I hope Everyone Enjoys Their Holidays! God Bless!

  97. Kendra Lakeberg says

    I will use the time finishing all my Christmas gifts what I’m making for all my friends!!!

  98. Tammy Moore says

    Collapse on the couch after all the madness of shopping, ever so happy that I don’t have to cook dinner!!

  99. Emilia says

    The extra time allows us to spend more time with the kids. They’re growing fast and every moment with them means the world to us.

  100. nancy hast says

    Spend it with my family always looking for a way to hve extra down time with my kids as a working mom its hard to come by! Thanks to you for all the families you have helped in so many ways.

  101. Kathleen Patrick says

    I would use it to let the kids play at the farm longer as they have such a wonderful time with the horse’s

  102. Kathleen Patrick says

    Take the kids to the farm and let them stay late as they o enjoy there time with the horses.

  103. Tomoko says

    I would rent a movie at Redbox and make a big bowl full of popcorn and snuggle up on the couch with my daugther to watch the movie together!

  104. Julia says

    I will use the extra time to finish my Christmas shopping!! UGH! I’m usually done by now, but am so behind this year!

  105. Melissa B. says

    For some reason, I am never able to save time!!LOL!! However, with this deal, I am definitely going to try to tackle our mound of laundry! Made even better with my fave detergent….Tide!!

  106. AJ says

    I will use the extra time to make more of my funny looking stuffed animals. It’s actually very relaxing.

  107. Anna says

    I would spend all this time by tackling long-due home projects, like painting the house, pressure-washing the driveway, and of course spending more time with my fave peeps – my hubby, a girl and two boys!

  108. says

    I will be making my special, secret family recipe chex mix (supplies bought at Publix, of course–BOGO Chex cereal, YEAH!) that I make for all friends and relatives. It is very time consuming but everyone waits for me to make this at Christmas and I just can’t disappoint them.

  109. Nicole says

    I will get my wrapping done early! I travel for Christmas and it never fails that I am still wrapping at midnight the night before I leave.

  110. Melinda Gray says

    I work 7 days a week so I would use the extra time to spend some much needed time with my family…;)

  111. Laura S says

    OMG, I am so far behind in both Christmas shopping and decorating the house this year. Plus I need time for extra cleaning to get ready for houseguests. Any time saver is welcome, I’m starting to panic!

  112. Allison Milford says

    I will spend time with my kids. We are so busy these days its rare to be able to just sit down and enjoy each others company! Thank you I Heart Publix!

  113. Kathy R says

    I always love the P&G promotion “Make One List. Make One Trip.” By dong most of my shopping at Publix, using I Heart to match up sales to my manufacture, Publix and Target coupons, really saves me time and lots of money. I will be using my extra time to have all my grandchildren over for extended visits during their Winter Break.

  114. says

    The time I save be getting everything at one store I spend with my family. Less time away = more family love!

    Iheartpublix makes it possible for me to not have to run all over the place or ever run out of items, as I don’t put off getting them when I see a good dead, because my bill is always so low.

  115. tanna says

    I should start wraping the gifts. I hate to leave it to the last minute, then I don’t do as nice of a job. Thanks for the chance!

  116. says

    I will have more time to shop for a local family that we just adopted for Christmas who is struggling financially. Thanks for an awesome opportunity!!

  117. Aggie M says

    Make an amazing Christmas day dinner for my whole family (parents and In-laws). Hopefully get to watch the Hallmark Christmas movies I have recorded :)

  118. Aggie M says

    Make an amazing Christmas day dinner for my whole family (parents and In-laws). Hopefully get to watch the Hallmark Christmas movies I have recorded :)

  119. Emily says

    I will think of more scenarios in which to put our elf, Jeremy. We are running out of too-high-to-reach spots.

  120. Amber Y says

    I am going to take my final in the blissful tunes of “mmmm” & “yummm” from the Mr. and little ones.

  121. Misty says

    Hey there! I would spend time doing Christmas crafts with my girls at home. Nothing better than time with my family!

  122. Kathy says

    I will use my extra time to clean up my house that my 4 kids continuously destroy and also get my coupons ready for next week’s sale at Publix! :)

  123. Rebrekkable says

    I would definitely be spending a little more time on the finishing touches of our Christmas stockings. The stockings are the main attraction for our Christmas morning!

  124. Lee says

    My boyfriend and I will be playing with my two cute kittie cats, while listening to some rockin’ Christmas songs!

  125. VIVIAB QUIROZ says

    First I want to say thank you for all you do and for your Awesome website!
    I live far away from my loved ones my family so, this Christmas they will be visiting me and my kids! I will have 12 family members coming over to stay for almost 2 weeks my stockpile is ready but the extra time will be spent decorating and cleaning the house for my family! Thank you God! Happy Holidays!

  126. April says

    The time I save will just give me more time to coupon, which helps my family during these hard times.

  127. Tara says

    Publix and P&G saves me time, money and energy, Publix by one stop shopping and I go home happy not mad or irritated. P&G by giving great coupons on great products that allow me to get my “business’ around the house done quickly, and cleanly. The extra time it gives me I spend with my aging parents.

  128. Blair says

    With the time and money I save from couponing with I heart publix and shopping at one store, I will be spending more time with the family including the new baby, doing more “holiday” activities together, and preparing to move into our new home right after the new year! :)

  129. Laura says

    I’m disabled and my husband was recently injured at work. He has a concussion and is unable to drive. Shopping at one store enables me to be able to spend more time assisting him with his medical problems at this time.

  130. Glenn says

    Consider using the time saved to donate blood at the American Red Cross – the need is very strong this time of year and the donations are typically down since donors have so many other things to do.

  131. Carolyn J. says

    I will be spending more time with my children, as our family has suddenly split up and so close to the holidays. They are my #1 priority.

  132. Desiree says

    I will use the extra time to spend more quality time with my grandbabies that I’m raising along side my youngest children and show them how loved they are with some home baked goodies.

  133. audrey says

    Shopping at one store for everything I need saves me time, money, and my sanity. With the prescious extra little time I save there I can spend it with my kids and pets. I can sit down with them talk about their day and cherrish the time I get to spend with them. We will play eith our fogd togethrr as a family before I have to go back to work.

  134. Margaret L. says

    I would spend this extra time saved to back cookies with my little one. It was always a tradition in my family growing up and we always made baked goods instead of buying gifts for our loved ones.

  135. Sharon R says

    I’ll be doing some prep work for my son’s class party at school – any spare time is good time! Thanks!

  136. Victoria says

    Perhaps cleaning out my sock drawer. I can relate to what you said about starting anew with the takealong containers.

  137. KC says

    I would use the time to bring in the holiday cheer for those less fortunate – my classroom of students.

  138. Abby says

    Hello! I would use the extra time to get my house ready for hosting my new in-laws for the holidays! This weekend will be the first time they have ever visited our home and the first time I’ve ever hosted a holiday get-together! Thanks to coupons and your website, I luckily have been able to stock up some items for this celebration without having to break the bank :-)

  139. Dhani says

    With the time I save by getting everything I need at one store, I would curl up on the sofa to read one of the boring books I have yet to finish with the hope of inducing a much needed nap!

  140. Felicia Ramirez says

    What a fun giveaway! What would I do with my free time (thanks to Publix get it all here, now) is catch up on my coupon organization. I’ve fallen way behind and that makes me a tad sad. Thanks for the chance!

  141. Rae Lynn Dennis says

    I will spend more time with my family. Also, would give me more time to read God’s word and in worship. Blessing to all this Christmas!

  142. Nicole Hammett says

    I was able to bake 60 cupcakes for the teachers at Emerald Coast Autism Center, 3 dozen brownies for my daughters class Xmas party AND had time to make homemade broccoli cheese soup. Thank goodness for the BOGO decadent dessert sale a few weeks ago as well as the BOGO Betty Crocker brownie sale!! Now all the people will have wonderful sweet surprise tomorrow as well as a toilet paper did multiple free chicken when you buy 3 P&G this week.. had lots of free time those days as well to get ahead on cleaning and wrapping presents!!

    BTW.. Love this page.. wouldn’t survive without it!!

  143. Dulce says

    I have been working overtime lately; getting everything in one store and even dinner with a free chicken is awesome. I will use the extra time to spend some time with my kids and husband 😉

  144. Hope Wright says

    The extra time will allow me to teach myself how to embroidery so that I can make my grandchildren appliqué and embroidered shirts for Christmas next year!!!

  145. Kayla says

    Spend time with my beautiful baby girl! It is hard to spend time while working full-time and Publix makes it easy since I can get everything in one trip!

  146. Lauren says

    I will spend more time with my family. It’s been a rough year when it comes to health. Every second I get with my family is treasured.

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