High-Value Purina Printable Coupon – Moneymaker at Publix

Purina Pro Plan

David emailed to let me know that the great high-value Purina printable coupon that I shared a few weeks back actually matches up with this week's Purina One Smartblend BOGO sale at Publix. This is a great moneymaker deal that you guys may want to grab!

Be aware that when you sign up, the page says "Coupon good for $5.15 off any one (1) package of Purina® Pro Plan® brand dry Dog Food or dry Cat Food," but the coupon prints as $5.15/1 Purina Pro Plan, Purina ONE, or Purina ONE BeyOnd Dog or cat food, so it should be a match!

Purina One Smartblend or Special Care Premium Cat Food, 3.5 lb, BOGO $6.49 - $7.69
-$5.15/1 Purina Pro Plan, Purina ONE, or Purina ONE BeyOnd Dog or Cat Food (must sign up; coupon arrives by email)
-$1/1 Purina ONE Cat Food, 3 lb or Larger (Target Coupon)
-$1.50 off bag and two (2) 3 oz. cans of Purina ONE® Healthy Metabolism Cat Food
Free plus moneymaker after the high value coupon…even better if your store accepts Target as a competitor!

If you want to add this deal to your shopping list, click here.


  1. tammi says

    Yes it’s a match – got four bags yesterday and made over $5 on them no beeps. When I signed up the email came within 5 minutes.

          • Kelley says

            Get two bags of the cat/dog food for buy one get one free…Then you are allowed to use two manufacturer coupons (one per bag, even though one is free) and Publix also allows you to use a competitor coupon or Publix coupon on top of that (called stacking). Each Publix has a list of competitor’s coupons they will take so you would need to check with your Publix customer service first.

          • Betsy says

            I live in Georgia I got confused with the posts it seemed like I would be able to use 3 different type of coupons meaning the $5.15 off one, the $1.50 one and on top of that stack with Target.

            My store accepts Target coupons I am just able to use the Target one and then pick one of those other two.. I think?

            Thank you everyone for explaining I’m doing pretty good learning but still a bit new so my head gets all confused lol 😀

  2. Lee says

    @Betsy…for each bag of cat food you can use either the $5.15/1 MQ OR the $1.50/one bag and 2 cans. They are both MQs. You can’t use both of them together. Then you can stack the Target q with the mq.

  3. jennifer says

    I got the email, but when I click the link both crome and explorer tell me the page doesn’t exist? any suggestions, I really want this coupon

    • Jennifer says

      I just did it and I had to try twice before I got the link to work. I used a different email the 2nd time (one that I know is not already signed up for Purina emails), so maybe that’s the key?

  4. Betsy says

    How does Publix handle overage? do they give you the money or do they force you to buy other items to apply it to?


  5. Jeanne says

    According to a response I received from corporate, it is up to the store’s discretion whether they give you cash overage or apply it to your basket purchase. You can also buy a Publix gift card to eat up the overage if you’d like.

  6. Brandy says

    MAN I wish my store took Target. I always see those coupons and think of all the money Im missing out on saving because they dont!! And Target is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to my Publix too!

  7. Alicia says

    I got the email right away an used it today. Food at my store was 7.99 so two bags combined with target coupons an I got 4.30 moneymaker which helped buy my veggies for the week 😉

  8. 64bits says

    How are you people getting away with using 3 coupons at Publix?

    When The $5.15 Coupon Clearly states
    “No Other Coupon may be used to purchase the same Package(s)”.

    Correct me if i am wrong, but last time i checked “Target store Coupon” is considered as a other coupon?

  9. Victor says

    Great Moneymaker! Just combined this with the Proctor and Gamble promotion with the free chicken and beneful Dog treats and the Publix Bogo coupon Plus the 3/1 purina Dog treat coupons And a five off 30 winn Dixie coupons And paid $2.91 with tax

  10. Sharon P. says

    are you guys able to get more than 2 prints? I used another email, and got a second link, but it would not let me print those.
    Also tried on another computer, with no luck.

    • Stacey L. says

      I was able to print from multiple computers. But I used multiple e-mails as well. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

  11. Betsy says

    Just got this deal but the cashier was kind of annoying and only let me use one target coupon because the coupon says. “one per customer” not sure if anyone else has had this issue. This was my first time using a target coupon at Publix.

    • Lhartz says

      Generally each store goes by the verbiage on the competitors coupon. Target q’s state one per customer, so I can only use 1 TQ per item type. The cashier was correct in saying you could only use 1 TQ. Having said that, I’ve heard that some stores will take multiple TQ’s for the same item type so long as the # of TQ’s don’t exceed the # of items purchased.

      You’ll have to ask a store manager what their policy is.

  12. Amber says

    I printed these coupons last night and was exited for the deal. I went this morning and got 4 bags, the cashier used 1 coupon, then looked at the 2nd one and said, this is a fraudulent coupon and they do not take coupons that are over $5. The manager looked at them, then looked through her computer at the front desk, came back and said ‘these are on the fraudulent list and they won’t accept them! I was MORTIFIED!
    Has anyone ever heard of this before? The manager was looking at me as if I ‘knew’ these were fraudulent coupons. I was completely speechless, this has never happened to me.

    • Betsy says

      You’re right I should have asked :-(I’ve only been couponing for a month and while I’m getting awesome deals I feel like I’m making a few mistakes that I end up regretting. I got a good deal tonight since I combined the cat food with the wet food sale and the cat litter. I guess I should have asked the manager the policy. It does seem like not a lot of workers even know their own coupon policies which gets frustrating. Thank you all for helping me learn and sort things out :-)

    • Reyna says

      Amber, I have not yet printed my copy but curious to know, who provided the coupon. FOr example when they are printed from coupons.com there is a VeriFI symbol listed and you can tell them to go to http://www.verfi.com and enter in the scan number to verify that it is valid. I check them sometimes my self when i see a really good coupon even though i know i am doing nothing wrong. I just want to be sure that it works so that i can tell them to check for themselves.

      • Reyna says

        I just printed my two and it has the Veri-Fi symbol and it says its valid from the site. I would return to your local Publix and let them know of this. SOmetimes you have to teach the stores what to look for instead of assuming.

      • Amber says

        Thanks for the response. Now I am kind of annoyed with what happened. I was so embarrassed and they were accusing me of committing fraud. Friday morning, the cat food was FULLY stocked, I guarantee now the shelves won’t be because of this coupon and others were able to use it. I hate confrontation but i’ll be up there later on and tell them that this coupon is not fraudulent.

        • Cloggersmama says

          Same thing just happened to me in Conyers, GA. I was humiliated. I am not out to “steal”. I want proof that these are valid just to show them I’m not a thief.

          • Amber says

            I went in on Sunday and told 1 of the managers what happened to me on Friday, he sympathized with me and said they looked legit, I should have no issues. He asked someone else that I guess is higher than him and she explained to me about coupons being higher than $5 are almost always fraudulent and the coupons I had are def. photo copied! I went to the veri-fi website and each coupon said they were VALID, I showed her the print out, she then told me that it didn’t matter. She looked over the fraudulent list and said she does NOT see the $5.15 amount on the list but she does see $5 purina coupon on there. The guy manager said, “well then why wasn’t she able to use the coupons since they aren’t on the list?’ So he was on my side, the lady said she cant refuse me but they will probably not get paid for those coupons but if I want to use them, I can’t be refused.

            If anyone else has this issue, go back and show them a print out saying this coupon is legit!! I normally don’t say anything but I didn’t think it was right for them to humiliate me like that, especially when i’m in there store 2-3 times a week!

  13. Agata says

    I have signed up and nothing came to my email.. if anyone has extra that they signed up with another email and are not able to print please forward to aga kurt87 @ gmail.com (remove the spaces). Any help would be awesome!! Thanks!!

  14. Randye says

    Got this deal today…this is what I used: Got 2 bags of food for $7.99 used $5.00 off publix coupon in the Happy Holidays Flyer, and 2 $5.15 manufacturers coupon…so there was $7.31 overage!

  15. says

    SO. PURINA PRO PLAN $5.15 coupon not being accepted in my Tampa store – apparently it’s a fake…. anyone heard this yet. Manager tells me corporate sent an email and she shows me the board of all the other fakes too.. I’m like omg I went to there website and everything. She’s like I know… but the $3.00 Purina brand dog snack is real. I looked at the diff between the two and saw even though it’s color the fake logo is blurry and all the small writing is too…

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