Facebook Changes & How Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any Publix Deals

Unknown-1I have received a bunch of emails and messages about folks not seeing post updates over on Facebook.

I will admit that I am so busy that I don't spend tons of time on Facebook but apparently they changed some algorithm last week. It seems they want pages and business to start paying big bucks in order to reach fans. I guess it's their prerogative, after all I don't pay them anything to have a page so I guess I can't expect them to bend over backwards to make sure folks get the scoop on what I share.

My main focus has been and will always be my websites. I don't plan on paying Facebook massive advertising fees so folks will see my posts.

Now, I know lots of you guys depend on Facebook for a quick update so this is affecting you guys. It seems that there are ways to improve the chances of you getting notices and seeing more posts.

Check out this little step by step guide -


  1. Like I Heart Publix on Facebook
  2. Hover over that like button and Make sure "Show In Newsfeed" is checked
  3. Next, Make sure "Get Notifications" is checked
  4. Then click "Settings" (under "Show In Newsfeed")
  5. A new pop up will show up and there you will click "All Updates"

Of course you can always check here on the site for all the latest and greatest deals available at Publix. I share so many good ones each day. I know being able to get quick notification of hot deals and coupons is important to you guys. We all know they can come and go very quickly. Hopefully this helps you guys get those posts back in your feed.

Don't forget, in addition to just visiting the site and Facebook there are other ways to get all my deals.

I know this is frustrating and lots of my blogging buddies are all very upset by the changes. I figure we have to roll with the punches. Who knows Facebook may not even be around a year from now...

Thanks to Kerry at Totally Target for the instructions


  1. Angela - KW says

    During one of the annoying FB updates about 2 years ago, they messed up a lot of my settings and it seemed to happen every couple of months. Because I got tired of having to remember which were the important sites I followed vs the sites I friended to get free samples, I set up lists for the Bargain Blogs & Couponing websites I follow. So far they haven’t messed up my list settings and it makes it easier to find the deals rather than scrolling through the stuff some of my “friends” post.

  2. Lily says

    Good for you for not paying massive advertising. Isn’t Facebook kinda played out anyways? On to the next BIG thing! lol

    • Sarah says

      I agree with you on the Facebook is played out. I deleted my main Facebook since I am tired of it and its drama. I still have a Facebook under an alias (so no one will add me) being used to get coupons. If it was not for coupons I would not touch Facebook.

  3. Shellie says

    I just wanted to share that audience would not select the Settings and All updates. That is something that is an option for the admin of the page to receive all the updates on your personal page when you post to your business page. All the follower needs to do is “Like” and select “get notifications” :)

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