Publix Coupon For Some – $5 Coupon On Thanksgiving Flyer

Publix Thanksgiving couponContessa emailed to let the Atlanta folks know to check their paper for a Publix coupon. Look for a single page flyer insert advertising the  Taste of Thanksgiving. The flyer has a coupon for $5 off a $40 purchase valid through 11/15.

Contessa found hers in the AJC. If you got this one in another paper, feel free to share in the comments so others will know to check it out.

By the way, if you are shopping this weekend - check out their Taste Of Thanksgiving on 11/9 from 11am - 4pm. It sounds like they will be having sampling throughout the store. Some of you guys might  like to check it out.


  1. bernadette hamm says

    coupon is for subscribers only. These are not in the regular ajc papers sold at the market. Another reason you may want to get get at least the three day subscription to your house!

    • maddie says

      it’s probably ajc subscribers for certain counties.

      i’m an ajc subscriber but i don’t get it in my 3 day subscription,
      haven’t gotten any single flyer for any $ off during thursday.

      i’m in fayette county, and my other friends don’t have them too.

  2. says

    I get AJC home delivery and haven’t seen this flyer at all. What day was it in? Why do I always seem to be the one who never gets these coupons in my paper?

      • Lana says

        The News-Press in Fort Myers, FL. is the worst for leaving out coupons even in my home delivery paper. I get so mad when I hear what other people get & there’s nothing in my paper. Sundays are really disappointing when there are no Red Plum or Smart Source ones. Needless to say, we did not get this coupon, either.

      • joy says

        Publix main is in lakeland but worst is Ledger which is also in lakeland doesnt carry Publix ads like the one that came last week $5off /$50. i have to buy from tampa newspaper. Ledger only do insert of Publix ads like the green or purple but like single insert they don’t do it.

    • Kristin says

      You can email Michelle for clarification, but I believe that sharing the LU#’s is against her policy for this site. Most stores won’t take them anyway, you have to have the actual coupon. Just trying to help! :)

  3. Jennifer H. says

    I got it in my home delivered paper in Forsyth county. I have gotten the last two of these coupons, but was only 1 out of 4 before that.

  4. Joanne says

    I got it in my delivered paper. I live in Fulton County, but right on the boundary line. Gwinnett is literally across the street and DeKalb is about a block away.

  5. LindaB says

    The Gainesville Sun newspaper in Gainesville, FL has a sticker on the front of the paper for $5.00 off on $50.00 publix coupon good today through November 11. I picked up this in my local Publix today when I went grocery shopping and used it on my check out trip today. I don’t know if the home delivery papers had it or not because I don’t get the newspaper delivered during the week, only on the weekends. It is so rare to have these coupons in our local paper. So glad to have it today. : )

  6. NancyO says

    I went to the store to get the AJC for the $5.00 off Publix coupon since I don’t get the Thurs paper delivered. I looked through the paper and didn’t find any insert for Publix except their weekly add. Thinking maybe someone took it, I went to another location and again the same, no insert in the paper. I’m hoping it will be in Sunday’s edition as I have that delivered.

  7. Danielle says

    I have checked 3 different stores, one in Douglas County, two in Cobb and it was not at either store. Flyer was not in the delivered AJC for Douglas County either. UGH been a long time since we have gotten a $ off $ for Publix.

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