Publix To Acquire Seven BI-LO Stores

publix-logoKev sent me a news release that Publix has entered into an agreement under which Publix is expected to purchase seven BI-LO-branded stores in North and South Carolina. The transaction is projected to close in October 2013 and includes seven leased stores as well as major equipment.

You can see the full press release HERE.

The BI-LO-branded stores that Publix will acquire from Bi-Lo Holdings include:

  • 8120 S. Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC
  • 12810 York Road, Charlotte, NC
  • 9815 Rose Commons Drive, Huntersville, NC
  • 158 Hwy. 274, Lake Wylie, SC
  • Fincher Farm Rd, Matthews, NC
  • 1735 Heckle Blvd., Rock Hill, SC
  • 2186 Cherry Rd, Rock Hill, SC

Grand opening dates for the locations will depend on the scope of the remodels. The acquisition will allow Publix to further enhance its footprint in the company’s Charlotte Division. The company continues to look at aggressive growth in the North Carolina market.

I have never shopped at BI-LO but I have seen several here in Chattanooga. Does this impact any of you guys? Maybe it means you'll have a Publix closer?

Thanks Kev!


  1. Melinda says

    The nice thing about BiLo (at least ours in SC) is that they are more generous about which competitor coupons they take. I love my Publix, but end up purchasing things at Bilo because I can use my Target, CVS, ect coupons there.

    • Donna says

      Yes, I very often get better deals at Bi-Lo because of their generous policy with competitor coupons and here they double 60 cents and under.

    • Lana says

      I am the same way. I can get much better deals with the competitor’s coupons and Bi-lo often puts the items on sale that I have Publix store coupons for. I also like that I am earning Fuelperks and it is before coupons. The personnel at my Bi-Lo store are friendly and helpful and rarely question my coupons because they coupon themselves. Good for my budget all around!

  2. Tara says

    I live in Chattanooga and shop at Bi lo from time to time because it is 2 minutes from my house but there is no comparison to Publix. Publix is without a doubt far superior.

  3. Cheryl says

    Bilo close to me closed down a few years ago, but I have recently started going to bilo in Chattanooga. I love their bogo sales. They are the only store that comes close to publix when it comes to sales.

    I dont know why the bilo in cookeville TN closed, I miss it.

    What bilo takes competitors coupons? I knew they doubled to .60.

    • Lana says

      My Bi-Lo in SC will take competitors coupons from every store in town. You should ask at customer service! It is not unusual for me to save $10 or more with competitor’s coupons in a transaction.

    • Odessa says

      All the Bi-Lo’s that I have shopped at here in Chattanooga take competitors coupons. The ones that I have shopped at are the Red Bank Bi-Lo, the 2 Hixson Pike Bi-Lo locations & the Signal Mountain Rd Bi-Lo.

  4. CindyC says

    Truly! I do 98% of my shopping at BiLo & Publix, and of that, probably 70% at BiLo for a few reasons. Here in SC, they
    1. Double up to 60 cents
    2. Accept coupons from every competitor in town, plus some that aren’t even near me. I recently made a killing on Nature’s Bounty & Sundown vitamins because Publix published a $6/2 coupon, Mfr published $2/1 coupons, and BiLo had a huge BOGO sale on their vitamins, which had the best prices in town anyway.
    3. Have the Fuel Perks program, so even without coupons, my groceries are earning me bonuses.

    I love Publix, too, but BiLo gets the edge from me.

  5. Susan says

    The Bi-Lo in my area is absolutely no comparison to Publix (South Carolina). The cashiers treat every coupon like it’s counterfeit, the selection of items is bad, the location is not very safe, and they don’t take Target coupons, even though there is a Target with a grocery less than 4 miles away. I wish Publix would buy this Bi-Lo but it will never happen in this market because everyone here thinks Publix is too expensive (which is not true).

  6. CindyC says

    I guess I’m fortunate then, in my area (Anderson, SC), with the BiLo’s. We have 4 or 5 BiLo’s, but only 2 Publix. And our Publix here won’t accept Target, even tho it’s in the next shopping center over!!

  7. Peggy says

    Here in SC, Bi-lo is buying several Piggly Wiggly stores. What a merry go-round! I like both Publix and Bi-lo but do more shopping at Publix because their BOGO’s are usually cheaper than Bi-lo. However, since Bi-lo doubles up to 60 cents, I often save those coupons for Bi-lo sales. Plus, they’ll take both a paper coupon and an e-coupon. Regarding Bi-lo accepting competitor coupons, mine will not take a general $5 off $50 or similar competitor coupon, only coupons for particular items. And, the store manager has to approve every single competitor coupon. That’s okay but I have to plan for the extra time for them to call the manager over.

  8. Sabrina says

    The story that they do not tell in the press release is that roughly 750 people will be flooding an already crowded population of unemployed. Not even the managers are safe from the machete hacking away at their ability to provide for their families. At my local store in Rock Hill, there is a couple with 4 small children who are both now looking for new jobs. I have seen tears, I have witnessed their shock and anxiety after receiving the memo on Friday.

    The CEO of Bilo says they will help them pursue options open at nearby stores…when 7 stores in a tight demographic close, especially with 2 out of 3 stores in a smaller area like Rock Hill closing, where will all of these displaced employees go? They can’t squeeze them in to the remaining store here in Rock Hill, which is smaller, in a less desirable area, and doesn’t meet the image that Publix wants to portray.

    This has left a tremendously foul taste in my mouth in regards to how Publix and Bilo are treating these people I’ve seen and interacted with nearly every day for years. Shame on Publix and shame on Bilo. You say you are seeking ways to bring your customers exactly what they want? When you have such blatant disregard for your most valuable resource – your staff – then you do not deserve my business.

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