Goya Pricing and Coupons For The Upromise One or Many Offer

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Goya Upromise

I mentioned a few weeks back that there is a nice Goya One or Many Upromise offer where you will get a $5 deposit when you spend $20 or more on Goya food products. There are a number of matching coupons over on the Goya website, and I also got a bunch of Goya pricing for us today so that we can figure out our best deals.

No matter what you need, you should be able to get some great deals between the coupons and the One or Many offer! To take advantage of the offer, just head over to Upromise and load the offer to your Publix Upromise card. If you don't have a Publix Upromise card, you should be able to pick one up at your Customer Service desk. Just be sure to load the offer to your card before you shop!

Be sure to click  "Read More" to see all the coupons and Publix pricing!

Goya Printable Coupons

Here is the pricing I found at my Publix this morning:

Canned Drinks/Baking Items
Goya Agua de Coco, $1.19
Goya Cream of Coconut, $2.69
Goya Flan Mix, $1.49
Coco Goya, $1.99
Goya Guava Paste, $2.69

Canned & Dried Beans
Goya Canned Pinto Beans, $1.37
Goya Canned Red Kidney Beans, $1.99
Goya Cannellini Beans, $1.43
Goya Canned Pink Beans, $1.65
Goya Canned Green Pigeon Peas, $1.39
Goya Canned Black Beans, $1.19
Goya Dried Lentils, $1.55

Rice Mixes and Bagged Rice & Meal
Goya Boxed Yellow Rice, $2.49
Goya Boxed Rice & Red Beans, $2.79
Goya Boxed Mexican Rice, $2.79
Goya Boxed Rice & Black Beans, $2.79
Goya Medium Grain Rice, $5.79
Goya Corn Meal, $1.69
Goya California Pearl Rice, $1.39

Sauces, Oils, and Seasonings
Goya Sofrito Sauce, $2.49
Goya Recaito Sauce, $2.49
Goya Light Olive Oil, $4.75
Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $4.59
Goya Salad & Vegetable Seasoning, $1.45
Sazon Goya Seasoning, $1.49
Goya Cubitos En Polvo Caldo de Carne, $1.19
Goya Adobo Seasoning, $1.69

Goya Frozen Fried Plantains, $1.99
Goya Frozen Baked Red Plantains, $2.59
Goya Recaito, $2.79
Goya Sofrito, $2.79

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