Ziploc Space Bags Publix Digital Coupon Is Back!

ziploc-space-bagsI have some good news - the Ziploc Space Bags coupon is now back on the Publix Digital coupon site. I know lots of you guys were bummed that you couldn't find it last week. I checked into it and the folks at SC Johnson got it back up and running. They even extended the expiration date to 9/8!

space-bags-publixI really can't say enough good things about these bags. Right now I am kinda living out of them - tee hee. I used the bags to start our move up to Tennessee this weekend. Our furniture hasn't arrived. So right now, whenever we need clothes, I just dig through the Space Bag. I was amazed at how much fit into each bag. I got all the boys clothes stuffed into one XL bag - amazing! Instead of clogging the car with big bulky boxes, the Space Bags kept everything compact and protected on the drive up this weekend.

Once the furniture is delivered I will empty the bags into the dressers and then use the bags to store some seasonal clothing. One good thing about the move is that it has given me a chance to de-clutter and organize a bit. I already have piles of clothes set aside that need to be stored.

The Space Bags are the perfect thing to keep the clothes protected until you need them again. Since they are reusable, you can alternate clothing each season. Once the cold weather starts up, you can store your summer clothing. Then use the same bag to store the winter clothing once the warm weather hits. The Ziploc Space Bags keep items clean and safe, protecting against bugs, moths, dirt, moisture, allergens, mildew and odors. Load the $1.50 Publix Digital coupon and grab your bags at a great discount.

This post is brought to you by the folks at SC Johnson. All comments and opinions are my own.


  1. Sandy D. says

    I wanted to add to how great these things are to use when traveling. My husband and I just took a motorcycle trip across country, and each of us has a tourpack we have to haul on our bikes with our clothes and ‘stuff’. Space is really limited… I use the smaller space bags to store the different types of clothing (riding shirts, after riding clothes, undies and socks, jeans, etc.). The space bags work really well, and when we were stuck in a driving rainstorm, the bags kept the clothing from getting wet from the rain that managed to seep into the tourpacks. Plus, it allows us to keep our packs organized and allows us to carry more in a smaller space.

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