Fantastic New Mott’s For Tots Coupon For Publix BOGO – 8¢ Juice At Publix

Motts-for-tots-newYou guys might want to hurry over and grab the new Mott't for Tots coupon. It makes the juice only 8¢ in the Publix BOGO sale - wow!

Mott’s, Mott’s Plus, Mott’s for Tots, or Medleys Apple Juice, 64 oz, BOGO $3.15
-$1.50/1 Mott's for Tots Juice
Only 8¢ per bottle after coupon!!

Thanks to Sabine, Carrie, Christie, Jessica and Michele


  1. Nancy Tickle says

    anyone else having trouble printing @ haven’t been able to print for over a week. it either tells my the coupons have been printed or that I need to close firefox in order to print… check printer, alls good; have never ran firefox???

    • Reyna says

      Try to switch your web browser. I switch between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer when i have an issue like that.

  2. Kim says

    I am trying to print from a Mac but it won’t let me. I get a message that tells me to “uncheck keep printed documents”. Anyone been able to figure this out? It’s not my normal computer, so I am lost.

  3. Stephanie says

    I can only print 2 coupons :( I’ve restarted my computer and switched between browsers and the Motts for Tots coupon won’t pop back up.

  4. Stephanie says

    I was only able to print two coupons of the Mott’s for Tots..I restarted my computer and switched browsers :( any suggestions?

  5. Rebekka says

    I can get other coupons I selected to print, but for some reason the Mott’s won’t. I’ve tried multiple times and it doesn’t say limit reached. I haven’t printed them before either.

  6. Doug says

    My beef with this product is that it’s watered down apple juice. From their website: “We’ve blended 100% juice with purified water…”

    • Laura says

      That’s why it’s for Tots. I always water down my toddler’s juice to limit his sugar intake. But you can’t do that with juice boxes, which is why the Mott’s for Tots juice boxes are so great.

      • patrina says

        We do the same at my house. Even my 10 and 6 yearolds still drink it that way! No need in drinking useless calories and coating our teeth in sugar.

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