Reminder Enjoy The City Books Sale – Great Savings Opportunity

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I thought I'd give you guys a reminder about the Enjoy the City sale going on right now. You have a couple of options on deals.

They are offering 80% off their 2013 CITY books or the 2014 Ultimate Editions+ FREE shipping with the code HEART at checkout. Plus, they are also offering double books when you order 25 or more, AND triple books when you order 50 or more!

The 2014 Ultimate Editions have an expiration date of December you will be sure to use all your coupons before they expire!

If you need some assistance - here is the scoop on how to order.

  1. Add the desired product (either 2013 CITY books or 2014 Ultimate Editions) to your basket.
  2. Update the quantity that you want
  3. Enter the promotional code HEART at checkout.
  4. You must click “Proceed to Checkout” to see the discount on the next screen. *So don't flip out if you don't see the discount on the first will be there once you go to the next page 😉
  5. Complete the checkout process and you are all done!

Be aware that in order to use the coupon code HEART, you must order at least 10 books. Keep in mind that the books get so much cheaper if you can take advantage of the double or triple books think about splitting an order with a friend or two for the best price!

Here are your deal breakdowns for this sale-

Double Books Deal

Order 25 2013 CITY books or 2014 Ultimate Editions
You get 25 additional bonus books for free
You pay $100 and get 200 coupons or $1,000 in savings

Triple Books Deal

Order 50 2013 CITY books or 2014 Ultimate Editions
You get 100 additional bonus books for free
You pay $200 and get 600 coupons or $3,000 in savings

If you take advantage of the double or triple books offer, remember that your Order Confirmation/Receipt will only reflect the original number of books you order. Your bonus books will not be reflected on the Order Confirmation/Receipt but will be fulfilled in the internal redemption system.

**Remember you can click on any book you want to buy to preview the book. All Ultimate Books include Winn Dixie coupons and most City books do too - just be sure to check before you order.

Enjoy the City Coupons must not be copied.  Enjoy the City coupon books purchased online must not be sold for fundraisers or on Ebay or other e-commerce including but not limited to Facebook or yard sale sites.

Order Details Apply – click read more to see all the details.

Effective 7/10/13 through 7/22/13 midnight CST. Select markets (not all cities) are available. No refunds or returns on books purchased with a promotional code. Any unauthorized attempt to resale this product can result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Please allow up to 4 – 6 weeks for delivery. Free shipping in the Continental United States only.  Markets/cities added to the basket will be received (special instructions and/or other requests do not apply). Offers subject to change. Orders cannot be combined. In the event a market sells out, it may be reprinted or refunded depending on the market demand.  *Note: the Order Confirmation/Receipt will only reflect the books ordered. Bonus books will not be reflected on the Order Confirmation/Receipt but will be fulfilled in the internal redemption system.***Enjoy the City Coupons are not transferable. *** Enjoy the City coupon books purchased online may not be sold for fundraisers.*** Enjoy the City coupon books may not be sold via Ebay or other e-commerce.  ***Enjoy the City is not responsible for re-shipment of undeliverable packages as a result of consumer errors made during an online transaction.***Terms of Use at applies.


  1. Rebrekkable says

    Are there 4-8 people out there who would want to split a triple books order? I don’t think there’s any way I could go through 600 coupons in a year and a half :)

    • Anj says

      Hi Rebrekkable,

      I’m in the same boat. I would love to split an order with anyone in FL. From where are you?

      • Rebrekkable says

        I’m in Central FL, in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area. If we can’t get a few more people in the next few days, are you willing to go halves? I can

        You can email me at
        Just put something along the lines of ‘Winn Dixie $5/$30 Coupons’ in the subject line so I don’t delete it.

        • Aniko says

          I’m in Florida too… I get in…I’m in St Petersburg… how many books you will have left if you guys share? (I don’t need much :))

          • Rebrekkable says

            I only need 150-200 of the $5/$30 coupons. That’s what, 40-50 books? If you know anyone else who would like to join us, that would be great! Price comes out to $1.33 per book.

            I figured I could go ahead and buy them, and you guys can send money via PayPal.

            If you want the books shipped to you, I’ll need that cost covered. Otherwise, I’ll cut the $5/$30 coupons out and send them to you in a manila envelope.

          • Ann says

            I would love to be included in this offer. I just need the coupons and can pay with Paypal. I live in Central Florida. Let me know today please as today is the last day for the offer. Thanks so much!

    • Rebrekkable says

      I plan on getting the Ultimate Editions. If you want to go in on the triple books deal with myself and a couple other people, I’d be happy to mail you the coupons and/or books; if books, you would need to pay postage, but I’m happy to send an envelope of coupons.

      • Aniko says

        Count me in then for 10 books for Winn-dixie coupons…that’s 40 coupons… $1.33 a book…so I owe you about 14 bucks… if you e-mail me your PayPal address when you received the books, I send you the money and my mailing address…I’m okay with the WD coupons only… is that cool?
        thank you…

      • r8l says

        Rebrekkalbe–thank you for your generous offer!! I will definitely let you know. I was interested in quite a few of the other coupons in the Tuscaloosa, AL books but obviously the winn dixie are the most important lol :) so I may get in on this with yall!

  2. Sandy says

    How long does it take for them to be shipped from the time you order? Never bought them before but glad I saw this on your site.


    • Susan says

      My latest order shipped next day. In the past year, two different times they didn’t ship for several weeks. So I’m not sure what you can expect.

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