Reader Spotlight – The Dream of Shopping at Publix

Today's Reader Spotlight comes to us from a Jessica, a stay at home mom who used to dream of shopping at Publix. Now she saves there regularly...and teaches others how to do it too!

Take it away, Jessica!

I started couponing in November and went from spending $600-$800 a month to $250. My hubby had just resigned at his second job in June and we had to start saving somewhere. I am a stay-at-home mom that homeschools and we stay pretty active. I honestly didn't know what I could do to help my family bring in an income without it costing me.

I love to share that I now make money for our family by couponing and the only taxes I pay are sales tax!

I used to dream about being able to afford to shop at Publix. I know that may sound silly, but I am a silly dreamer and love being a homemaker. Until about three years ago, we didn't even have a Publix close to my home. Just some hometown grocery stores and of course Wally World. Publix was like the big city prima donna of grocery stores in comparison. Clean, beautiful displays, and friendly customer awesome produce and free kid's cookies!

I remember posting my first Facebook picture of my "extreme couponing" haul from Publix. It was a picture of Special K deal I had worked very hard to put together. Everyone began asking me how to do it. I was spending hours sharing what took me months to learn, so a friend and I decided to begin teaching classes. It is fun and we even started a small local couponing Facebook group here in Birmingham. I love to share your articles and tell them to go check out your posts! I have learned so much from just making sure I am teaching what beginner couponers need to know. It is so rewarding to see my friends post their pics of grocery hauls and encourage one another to keep saving for their families.

My hubby is most encouraging in this new part of my life; he leaned over in church one day and said, "You are not an extreme couponer; God has given you a vehicle to be used to minister to your family." I adore this man! I will say that there have been ups and downs along the road of learning to coupon. You are right that everyone kind of needs to create their own style. I call our couponing group: Projects 31: Couponing for Your Real Family.

Knowing that my new stay at home job is making an impact outside of the walls of my home is most rewarding. People stand behind me in line and watch in awe. I love to pass out coupons to them for items they were going to buy at full price. A sweet older lady asked me to show her how to use the CVS Coupon Center the other day. She didn't even know what a barcode was. But she "bought" her candy for free before she left.

Sharing your knowledge and ministry to your family is the best way I can earn for my family and love on others. Thankful for the opportunity to minister and thank you for loving on my family!

Thanks for sharing your story, Jessica! 

I could really use a few new volunteers for the Reader Spotlight – so pretty please with a cherry on top...please write in if you have a story to tell! Your post can be about almost anything to do with couponing. You can tell us about a particularly good or bad situation you’ve dealt with as a couponer, about how you got into couponing or how couponing has impacted the rest of your life, you can make a list of things every new couponer should know…just about anything, really! If you think it’s interesting and it has to do with couponing, email me with your idea at contactiheartpublix @

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  1. Sarah says

    I love this post and agree that couponing definitely opens the doors for me to be able to talk to people who usually I would have nothing in common with.

  2. Samantha Downing says

    We have a savings group in my town. I too love iheartpublix and send all my beginners to this site and iheartkroger to help them get started. BUT we never would think of charging people to learn to use coupons. We feel its a way to give back to the community. LOVE!

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