Publix Penny Item for 7/3 and 7/4

Publix Penny Item

This week the Publix penny item for 7/3 and 7/4 is Publix Tortilla Chips, 9 oz.

The Publix mystery item coupon is valid for one day only – the day your ad begins (either Wednesday or Thursday). The actual coupon can be found in your local newspaper on your penny item day!

As a reminder, Florida and other coastal areas do not participate in the penny item promotion. Please feel free to leave a comment below if your store offers a different item!


    • Ashley says

      So is the penny day item the same for every Publix. I am from Cleveland TN. I have never heard of the penny deal till just now. I didn’t get any coupons in my sunday paper for Publix Tortilla chips. Could someone explain this to me?

      • Rick says

        I shop at the Publix in Ooltewah, TN (waiting for the Cleveland Publix to open). The penny coupon is located somewhere in the first section of the Wednesday edition of the Chattanooga Times Freepress, not in any sales papers. I’m not sure about Cleveland newspaper(s). In bold letters, it says “See What 1c Gets!” The coupon directs you to go to the store to see what the penny item is that day. They are typically located on the rear end display of one of the isles (different isles depending on what the product is). Oh, and you must spend at least $10 to be able to use the coupon. I hope this helps.

        • Cassie says

          My newspaper doesn’t print the 1c coupon. Our stores just have a bin in the front with a sign, and we don’t need the coupon to get the deal. You have to spend $10, and it is limit one, though.

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